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The Top RPG Games Out Right Now

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If you enjoy RPG games a need some new game inspiration look no further than this video. I have gone on a hunt and found the most popular RPG games out there that everyone should enjoy. Don't forget if you're like me and like to save money on games, you can save up to 60% Off (sometimes more) by using this GUIDE - https://gift.101nootropics.com/cheap-game-guide/ My Gaming Blog - https://gamesalike.com/ Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/aLZ7rn My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oli_clarkee/?hl=en RPG Games Talked About In This Video: Mass Effects 0:45 Destiny 1:25 World Of Warcraft 2:00 Path Of Exile: 2:38 Star Wars The Old Republic 3:10 The Witcher 3:46 Bioshock 4:25 Borderlands 4:48 Dark Souls 3 5:28 Dota 2 6:08 Dragon Age 6:47 Skyrim 7:19 Fallout 4 7:47 Final Fantasy XV 8:27 Horizon Zero Dawn 9:05 If any of your favorite RPG games have been left from this list, make sure to mention them in the comments below so that everyone can check it out. Have a great day, Oli.
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