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Minecraft: Hunger Games - Episode 1 - Death by Sticks!

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Text Comments (491)
Elijah Weaver (1 month ago)
dont swear please
thewildwolf 21 (1 month ago)
This video made me mad saying gay as a bad thing 👎
aidan dean (3 months ago)
Nicholas Gonzalez (7 months ago)
You said a bad word
Axon (7 months ago)
Loved the vid plz just put on the armor when you get it, it’s very annoying when you don’t
Taylor Donaway (8 months ago)
First of all i love this video because Cody won then Joebuzz won! Second, please stop saying bad words.
Techno Penguin (8 months ago)
Rosie Perica (8 months ago)
you guys swer
Jade Bleich (9 months ago)
Too much swearing :《
Maria Agnes (9 months ago)
cody why you always forgetting a armour
anthony Chan (9 months ago)
Language do not say bad words
Ethan Timo (10 months ago)
Joe family freindly or else your opponents will curse you out to
Ethan Timo (10 months ago)
Family freindly remeber cody
Taquayzsha Te Ahu (10 months ago)
This video was the first time I heard Cody swear lol
Amy Sexton (11 months ago)
stop using
Gina W (11 months ago)
Can you stop saying bad words
Kala Carter (1 year ago)
he does not cuss on his channel now
Zach mac (1 year ago)
It looks like Joe has a big head at the intro
Zach mac (1 year ago)
If u look at The perfect Angil
Army Guys paint (1 year ago)
Can you let me in your grop Cody
Danny Liedecke (1 year ago)
jing jing Hayes (1 year ago)
Abdoulie Ceesay (1 year ago)
so long ago
Triple S (1 year ago)
New word added to the English Dictionary 2017 "Diddly Squits"
Lage Pixel (1 year ago)
He side a bad word
Kal Slater (1 year ago)
stop swearing or i will not subscribe
HardcoreNinja (1 year ago)
I thoughtthink that this was kid friendly
Emily S (1 year ago)
Stop swearing
Adlantic Kaboom (1 year ago)
Love your videos
Terrance Brown (1 year ago)
do more hello naber
your videos are so awesome thanks for making these videos well I love you guys I just love you thank you so much for your vids your channel has probably stop literally the most spiders if it hasn't you are still the best YouTuber ever
your video so awesome seriously I love them videos I even got the shirt or advantix thanks for making videos love heart love you babes so much
Anthony D’Elia 24 (1 year ago)
No!!! Joe Died :( Hopefully Cody wins, For Joe!!!!
Anthony D’Elia 24 (1 year ago)
No!!! Joe Died :( Hopefully Cody wins, For Joe!!!!
Anthony D’Elia 24 (1 year ago)
Hopefully they are the last 2 so they battle it out! I have 5 bucks on Cody
Tanya Sheen (1 year ago)
i miss minecraft
Zombie Queen_6 (1 year ago)
The end was bird vr bird
master jose plays (1 year ago)
i though Cody never cursed :((
GENJI SHIMADA (1 year ago)
How dare you joe you killed the baby 🐔😰
Mayson Mcclure (1 year ago)
albert zalavarria dude shut it
GENJI SHIMADA (1 year ago)
Noooooooooooooooo the ugliest chicken won
Erik Zhongwijaya (1 year ago)
Sir Shankin (1 year ago)
There's a version where you have a team of 3 members, then classic where it's just teams of 2.
Bro yo Yo (1 year ago)
Bro yo Yo (1 year ago)
Erik Zhongwijaya noon They wont
Shinobi RIOT (2 years ago)
do you know how many minutes does the vid takes 21!!! lol
Assemble Hawler (2 years ago)
Cody you can use your ender perils to escape
Christian Pieper (2 years ago)
There is a compass so you can see where the middle is
RoyalDestroyerGaming (2 years ago)
Whos watching in 2016
SonicSlayer 500 (2 years ago)
i seen joes ulgy face
Dominic Fernella (2 years ago)
did he say the f word
Chicken Chicken (2 months ago)
aidan dean so what if he did
Chicken Chicken (2 months ago)
aidan dean so what if he did
Chicken Chicken (2 months ago)
aidan dean so what if he did
aidan dean (3 months ago)
Dominic Fernella so what if he did
Maita B (2 years ago)
why didnt you use the golden sword.
charlie's funnel vlogs lel
Paint Face who cares it's just the Golden sword
yuki yandere (1 year ago)
TheBobis Sisters g
Bro yo Yo (1 year ago)
TheBobis Sisters yah
+sam shipton true
Stephanie Stith (2 years ago)
Amber Weber (2 years ago)
hey dude I don't want to be mean but your lucky this is a old video my rule when I start making videos is never swear on camra
cole pressley (2 years ago)
They've done it before. So.....
IceyJeffery GT (2 years ago)
that intro i died XD hahahahahahahahahahahaahha
Hammock Joe (2 years ago)
2 million kids have subscribed 😂 judging after the comment section tho
kjanaking penguin (2 years ago)
wat u talking about. he the meaning of best
Pennygggh Saxtonggfu (2 years ago)
The dimemind minecart
Aryan Mohammadzai (2 years ago)
Aryan Mohammadzai (2 years ago)
Jacob Lopez (2 years ago)
Why Did Joe say Dont kill me we\
Voilturez (2 years ago)
The day before my birthday :)
Jessie Turner (10 months ago)
James Blake (2 years ago)
Ela Main (2 years ago)
I love cody and joe love
Harjoven Rana (2 years ago)
why do you say does words
Amber Weber (2 years ago)
it so cool i like hungergames yeah!
sangheli warrior (2 years ago)
i hat u codic🐧
sangheli warrior (2 years ago)
Anna Gds (2 years ago)
abbiiey neyra (2 years ago)
Hi I'm George i love your videos
FrynohotdogGaming (2 years ago)
Hey Atlantic craft can you plz tell me that game name so i can play minecraft just to say you guys are awesome
Steven Zweifel (2 years ago)
don't say bad words please
The E chagers Nguyen (4 months ago)
Cody has his rights
byron simpson (4 months ago)
no swering
Elijah Steenbergh (9 months ago)
It’s America
Sir Shankin (1 year ago)
Don't cry about someone's language in a nation of free speech on a social medium made for the sole purpose of self expression. I know you posted this comment over a year ago, but it looks like no one told you what you really needed to hear, and that's the fact ya' don't need to force how you think onto others, bud. If you're a kid, I understand buddy. I was the same way as a kid when my parents said a 'bad word', but when you grow up..? You realize they're just... words. ^^ They don't hurt you in any major way.
FrynohotdogGaming (2 years ago)
i saw your lifeboat video maybe you want to play with me plz put me into your video
Crazy Bacon (2 years ago)
Joe. Is hilarious Funny and not the brightest
Crazy Bacon (2 years ago)
Carol Jarrell (2 years ago)
Cody you should play terreria
CHARMING CHAPS (2 years ago)
can you subscribe to my channel and i will subscribe back
David Esquivel (2 years ago)
Good job joe
Dean Shipwright (2 years ago)
luce block shanges pleace
kkuelor (2 years ago)
You guys didn't see the chest
kkuelor (2 years ago)
You guys didn't see the chest
kkuelor (2 years ago)
You guys didn't see the che
kkuelor (2 years ago)
you guys didn't see that chest
Amir concepcion (2 years ago)
It's a name tag Olson check out my YouTube channel it is The Amiros egsacly how I spelled it
Kitty of Yore (2 years ago)
Amilcar Oxlaj (2 years ago)
joe your stoopid
Anna Gds (2 years ago)
hey you soupit
Hazel Masongo (2 years ago)
re o
Kopa The lion (2 years ago)
+robert brennan I think he was joking
Robert Brennan (2 years ago)
+Amilcar Oxlaj im reporting you
Bradley Shaffer-Ortiz (2 years ago)
littlekelly find it in crazy craft the stasu
robot knight (3 years ago)
cody how do you know there were 5 people left?
Andy Albertson (3 years ago)
cody can you chat?
chuck hatman hatman (3 years ago)
try terraria please
Karinà Villalobos (3 years ago)
Cody wy do you hang AUT with stowed little
Maxwell The Eevee (3 years ago)
SG is my cool game
Pixel Puppy (3 years ago)
+TheAtlanticCraft Hey guys! :D I Have noticed that you have a chicken and a penguin but not a puppy? I would love to do some collabs with you so if you want to help me change my life please reply and I think we'd do awesome together. Thank you so much and God bless :)
Dennet Flores (3 years ago)
What's ur phone number
SlimePlayZ Games (3 years ago)
The compass is for spawn look at the red
Sara Eagle (3 years ago)
Go gobuz
ACEVLOGSYT 654 (3 years ago)
And my gamer tag is bubba man 2008
ACEVLOGSYT 654 (3 years ago)
Your awesomeness makes me happy
ACEVLOGSYT 654 (3 years ago)
Scunlex hs (3 years ago)
Joebuz and Cody you ah nice
Xyazos (3 years ago)
you should play on hypixel hunger games
Alli Jollie (3 years ago)
Put on your freaking armor
Bella Leija (3 years ago)
Love u guys u I love the movie the hunger games I have seen all of them even mocking jay part 2 I want 2 be the atlantine of the week so plz pick me. Go atlantines!
Markie Rodriguez (3 years ago)
🐔 🐧 Joebuz Codymavirick
Nita Pugkhem-George (3 years ago)
In the movie surfs up were you the voices of the penguin Cody maverick and joe the loony chicken or did you Copy the names! Hmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

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