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10 Worst Celebrity Endorsed Video Games Of All Time

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For better or worse, you can buy these video games which have been endorsed by celebrities. These are the worst of the worst and will leave you phoning your sponsor if you play any of them. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming Entries: 10 - Prince Interactive 9 - Shaq Fu 8 - Playboy Mansion 7 - Revolution X 6 - Home Improvement: Power Tool Persuit 5 - Queen 4 - Nsynch 3 - Make My Video 2 - Rap Jam Volume 1 1 - Spice World
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WhatCulture Gaming (7 months ago)
EDIT: YO YO I KNOW IT'S LL COOL J - I'M JUST NOT USED TO USING THE WORD COOL BEFORE ANY NAME BEGINNING WITH J. You guys still think I'm cool right? Hello all you lovely bumps and lumps, It's Jules here and I just wanted to thank you all for helping us pass 750K subscribers! Let me know what you thought of my list and what you'd like to see further down the line. We're rolling out some new types of content soon so hope you're excited! As always, Love and gropes, Jules xoxoxoxoxo
Carlos Dominguez (6 months ago)
WhatCulture Gaming ii
S Creep (7 months ago)
Nah I think you are gay 5:30
WhatCulture Gaming How did you miss an ENTIRE word? "Cool" is not hard to miss.
Sukara24 (7 months ago)
You're cool. That's why I subbed
Wack Johnson (7 months ago)
WhatCulture Gaming You fucked up nigga
Robin Guess (21 days ago)
Lmao that last game looked shitty
Michael Hall (26 days ago)
I swear i only watch these videos for the funny shit Jules says and does, plus he's sexy AF
Robbie Littlefield (27 days ago)
I still have my copy of shaq Fu, as a kid it was actually pretty cool, also art of fighting was pretty good
simon Mckenna (29 days ago)
Bruce Willis Apocalypse thought that would be in here, and the shaky game with good ol' Shaking Stevens
ZoanBlade90 (1 month ago)
3:44 Looking back, I remember liking Al Borland and Wilson more.
Jamie Howard (1 month ago)
Tim Allen is a tool. That's all that needed to be said.
Thomas Baxter (1 month ago)
Make my video. Still will never know who they were aiming for with those. I owned the INXS one and still dunno why I had it.
Christian4life86 (1 month ago)
I played the hell out of Revolution X when I was a kid - home console
Karl Mjolnir (2 months ago)
Well, hey, at least they have some of the worst celebs as well (like Tim Allen)
PizzaOps (3 months ago)
Kru Khaotik (4 months ago)
Def jam vendetta, nba street v2 where you got to play as nelly and the st. Lunatics. Backyard wrestling having icp and their friends. The list is endless
Kay Jay Ramone (4 months ago)
Revolution X was and still is a great game!
Michael Hathorus (4 months ago)
You need to reach back...further back: Journey Escape for the Atari 2600 was absolutely UNPLAYABLE!
Charles Mitchell (4 months ago)
Yeah, you do know that there is a sequel/reboot of Shaq Fu coming out soon right?
THE BROTHERHOOD (4 months ago)
Video put together OK they just need to get rid of you.
BU3 D (4 months ago)
Revelation X was a great game in the arcade.
Thomas R (5 months ago)
Tell us how you feel? how you really really feel?
ROUSH4203 (5 months ago)
Do you think shaq is a robot?
Minister (5 months ago)
I had a terrible wu tang tekken type game
StreetsFKFB FKFBeatz (5 months ago)
shaq fu and rev x arcade classic lol
StreetsFKFB FKFBeatz (5 months ago)
and rap jam was the shit lol
Ss Finch (5 months ago)
I used to like Brittany Spears and remember having a Brittany Spears dancing game for the ps2 I regret my childhood decisions ;-;
Irish Moneyingham (5 months ago)
Playboy mansion is actually a pretty good management game. And if I remember correctly, it had Jose Canseco in it too. Lol
ertyui wertyui (5 months ago)
Learn what an endorsement is
GazaSpartan908 (5 months ago)
Shaq Fu was fire 🔥🔥
drunkNpublic (5 months ago)
i liked, the playboy mansion lol.....home improvement wasnt entirely shit, but the title is what made it even worse. the rest..trash
Hayden Pepin (5 months ago)
the incredible hulk game with mountain dew everywhere better be on this
auneakeffect (5 months ago)
all these types of videos are produced the same exact way, so unoriginal and bland.
The Noise Rank (5 months ago)
Shaq Fu was dope. Completely functional game. cool characters too... its just that one of those characters is... shaq. He can be in a game if he wants to. It wasn't as good of a combo fighting game as Marvel vs Capcom or something but it was enjoyable. (it did just fine in a pinch. lol)
THEREALDEALDUDE22 (5 months ago)
What are the best? Tom clancy?
bish0p2004 (5 months ago)
"Using video games to get your jolly's is sad..." said while women (and probably the soyboy commentator and writers of this video) all over the world get their jolly's from romance novels.
Lan Astaslem (5 months ago)
why are british people so susceptible to the disease of top 10 videos on youtube. Are you so devoid of any originality that you must pollute the american invention of youtube with retarded limey bullshit like this
Nicholi (5 months ago)
So I thought Shaq Fu was based on a movie. I thought I remember going to the theater to watch it with my cousin in the 90's. I was wrong and after a bit of googling it turns out Shaq Fu is getting a sequel to be release in 2018. How odd.
marc 1234 (5 months ago)
bruuuuuuhhhhhhh shaq fu wasssss the shit when i was a kid then again i played on a wood grain tv
marc 1234 (5 months ago)
ummm did u play any of these games at time of release cause some were good or is this just a celeb games vid where knock out?
trollol (6 months ago)
I'm gay and I played Playboy on ps2 when it came out even bought the strategy guide , other then huge not making out with the guys the big booby cheat etc was funny and it played like Sims 😂😏
007Bace (6 months ago)
Damn you got me at pre-existing lag LMFAO!
Cristopher Hartsock (6 months ago)
How bout Yo Noid!
Mclovin 2018 (6 months ago)
Queen Latifah worst fucking rapper ever. Then i must be an actor another story another time. Always forever Obeseseeeee in the 80s and 90s were going to take 100 lbs off you in a video game character and give you some money what do you think? Could you pass the foot long hot dogs please.
Matt Britton (6 months ago)
I agree with all the games on this list, expect Shaq Fu. Shaq Fu is my shit yo.
???? ???? (6 months ago)
And it's ll cool j ya weird talking bastard. Because ladies love cool j and not your videos
???? ???? (6 months ago)
No one likes me
???? ???? (6 months ago)
Shaq fu was awesome. Also, I think you're over exaggerating on a lot of these games when we played them as kids. Ur jokes were bad, and your voice is frustrating to listen to. Hope u get rid of that negative outlook one day. Xoxo you know u listened to Nsync u son of a bitch. We all did
???? ???? (6 months ago)
I have a micropenis
AnarchoHumanism (6 months ago)
Pre-existing LAG!!!! rofl!!
xax23 56 (6 months ago)
He's right queen made we will rock you and bohemian rhapsody with are absolutely gorgeous songs
Mike Jons (6 months ago)
Spice World... had a nude code.
Evil Dude (6 months ago)
prince, that artist formerly known as being alive.
Gecko (6 months ago)
I loved revolution x and bought a snes and a copy to have it once again couple of years ago :D
bcherbs (6 months ago)
Deadliest Catch-- Alaskan Storm !--- Worst TV Game adapt by far !! Try it , you'll see...
Curlyfries 925 (6 months ago)
How did Shaq Fu not rank any higher?
Ian Mills (6 months ago)
jackass had a howler of a game little britain the game was shit there was a shit game based around a shit tv program aswell: pimp my ride
mike all (6 months ago)
Shaq fu isn't that bad and in the 90s the context applied. Avgn made it unpopular
James Harvey (6 months ago)
What about that Iron Maiden game?
simon payne (6 months ago)
I mean princeVSzombies wud have been better
MrNateSPF (6 months ago)
Aerosmith game was awesome!
Sonic Guyver (6 months ago)
What about "KISS: Psycho Circus" for the Dreamcast?
B. Henderson (6 months ago)
Tim Allen grunt.
Polygon Mew (6 months ago)
Shaq Fu is awesome. You cuntheads.
Rolltron (6 months ago)
You are a tosser
HacksignKT (6 months ago)
I liked Revolution X...
Pongo Peter (6 months ago)
I remember watching the ad for the Spice Girls PS1 game.
Combatzx2 (6 months ago)
I was waiting for the parappa the rappa reference.. good job yo. nailed it.
Nico Suave (6 months ago)
If you ever do a best celebrity endorsed video game list I vote Def Jam FFNY for number 1 I’m actually surprised that Def Jam icon didn’t make this list
Jawanna Man (6 months ago)
You fucked up by not putting that KISS FPS on this list. That was actually worse than most of the games on this list. Shaq Fu really wasn't bad if you had someone else that knew the game. Got old fast tho.
smokinhalf (6 months ago)
Atari 2600 journey escape
Dustin b (6 months ago)
What about Bill Lambert’s combat basketball. That game was a dumpster fire
Matthew Smith (6 months ago)
Spiceworld? that was farking game?? EEK!
Mike The Scott (6 months ago)
L L J.......bwahahaha
TickleGrenade (6 months ago)
This is fairly accurate.
DARK DRAKONIS (6 months ago)
Boondoggle T (6 months ago)
Sims urbz for gamecube was god aweful.
JBernert (6 months ago)
If you are going to throw a pic of Tim the Tool Man Taylor in your thumbnail, I'm gonna watch.
Stuart Dawson (6 months ago)
Done right I would have loved the prince game. Some one make it again but good.
Anthony Chobot (6 months ago)
6:07 That's'LL Cool J
Anthony Chobot (6 months ago)
2:53 1996 I was 13
Ariq Ullah (6 months ago)
That was your chance to say "Shaq Poo"
EZ Flames (6 months ago)
I loved the Home Improvement game 😢 I have no shame
Diego Gätjens (6 months ago)
0:43 Absolutely yes.
Kevin Thompson (7 months ago)
There was an arcade game in the 80s called Journey, which on the surface sounds interesting, until you realize it's Journey the band. Each member had their own special moves as you went from level to level, doing I'm not sure what, but it seemed to be fighting aliens or something. Also, a company called ThrillXXX makes some games that would make Playboy Mansion seem positively progressive: you produce XXX hard core porn movies, with all the cliches and uncensored gynecological close ups you could imagine. Easier just to Google some porn, in the end.
kathartik (7 months ago)
fuck Jules is an insufferable twat on both the wrestling and video game channels.
Kyle Bell (7 months ago)
you come off annoying as fuck lol lame ass jokes
I only knew about #9, #6, and #3 but ALL 10 of these games sound horrible by the way you described them.
Sukara24 (7 months ago)
Honestly, I liked playing Revolution X. Lol
Robbie (7 months ago)
Prince and great...and in the same sentence
RainingMetal (7 months ago)
I wonder what a Krusty the Clown game would be like.
RainingMetal (7 months ago)
Neat. But I obviously meant if Krusty the Clown endorsed a game within the universe of Springfield. You know, since he's such a cheap licensing hack?
There actually is one, it's called Krusty's Fun House https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krusty%27s_Fun_House
adultmoshifan87 (7 months ago)
You should check out Cheggers Party Quiz on PS2 and Wii
vjjgsgkhe dsgkpgxeseu (7 months ago)
Revolution X was awful for both Sega Saturn & snes
Nugharbor Blvd (7 months ago)
I feel like having the word "worst" in the title is redundant. I,ll bet y'all can't do the opposite of this video and find 10 games that were endorsed by a celeb that is a good game. I've got 10 bucks on it!!!
Colton Reinsvold (7 months ago)
I played the arcade version of revolution x when I was a kid and I thought that game was awesome
Matthew Scheich (7 months ago)
It's S-N-E-S, not "Snezz," you wonky testicle toucher!
Jayda Brown (7 months ago)
Prince had a video game???? O_O
Anthony Chobot (6 months ago)
Jayda Brown Yes he did
Timothy De La Cruz (7 months ago)
I gotchu bro. Shaq Fu? More like Shaq poo!
Brandon Faldalen (7 months ago)
Does Jules actually think he’s funny? His jokes are pretty cringe..
Hank Hill (7 months ago)
Any Top 10 list involving video games, narrated by an Australian guy is always terrible :\
Shawn Bird (7 months ago)
Shaq Fu, more like Shaq BOO! amiright?
Lewis Jones (7 months ago)
IDK why Shaq Fu get such a bad rap.. it was actually decent
Nate Harris (7 months ago)
Anthony Chobot (6 months ago)
Nate Harris 2nd
ñaño zerta (7 months ago)
which fucking celebrity in playboy mansion?
Wack Johnson (7 months ago)
Did this nigga call him LL J?
Magen Cates (7 months ago)
Yeah right...your younger sister😂
astrodomekid (7 months ago)
Why the lack of time dedicated to *NSYNC: Get to the Show? Never played the game, but *NSYNC was my favorite band when I was a kid and I still enjoy listening now and then.
Willie B. Hardigan (7 months ago)
Revolution X was an awesome game
Anthony Chobot (6 months ago)
ismokkekkush420 It's it

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