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SnipperClips PLUS Coming This Year! MORE NINTENDO DLC!

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Nintendo Switch is getting more DLC this November, in the form of SnipperClips Plus! Hitting retail for $29.99 and eShop as a $9.99 add-on, this DLC adds 30 stages, new visual styles, and a new shapes mode! Are YOU excited for more co-op chaos? Were YOU surprised by this announcement? Let us know in the comments down below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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Text Comments (69)
gaming on whatever (9 months ago)
can you update the original?
Johno Daz (11 months ago)
Yo guys nice video. I am so happy SnipperClips is getting a big update/DLC and a physical version aswell :-D.
Positron (11 months ago)
Alright, I don't know what most people like to play, but I do know one thing. Whether it's Smash, or Mortal combat, or Street Fighter, NOTHING comes close to the top-tier MLG level of the SnipperClips dojo.
PLAYwithGregg (11 months ago)
DLC for Snipper, is a no brainer. Looking forward to this.
Josh Owens (11 months ago)
Should I double dip for this game, cause I like all my games physical that have a physical release
GameCompleters100% (11 months ago)
Is snipperclips plus going to be a physical copy?
Josh Owens (11 months ago)
GameCompleters100% ya
VoluXian (11 months ago)
My friend and I had *a ton of fun* playing through SnipperClips. Buying the DLC is a no brainer!
Julia Boon (11 months ago)
Do you get the full first game if you buy plus?
LegendOfIP (11 months ago)
Julia Boon Yes😀
Kitty Chan (11 months ago)
Wheres my snipperclips maker ill pay $60 for that........NO $100
Kitty Chan (11 months ago)
SNIPS AND CLIPS coming your way November 10
IAN 63 1/3 (11 months ago)
Fuck nintendo, i bought the digital copy at launch thinking theyd never make a physical release
ThunderSurface (9 months ago)
PLAYwithGregg (11 months ago)
Why the heck would you want a physical?! yuck
Noah Morgan (11 months ago)
Wondering if Snipperclips Santa will be generous this holiday season 🎮😫
SpadeZap (11 months ago)
Lord Anzu (11 months ago)
I have to say that I now do not regret procrastinating buying Snipperclips. I'll just buy this XD! In all seriousness though, I am kind of surprised about how soon this is coming. Usually these "Deluxe Versions"(if you will) of games don't come out 7 months after release of the original. I am not really mad or anything I am just weirded out. Will definitely look into buying this. Thanks for telling me about the physical release, and have a good day.
Bronson Hewitson (11 months ago)
yes fuck yes
TreS041 4 (11 months ago)
Listened to gabe and picked up snipper clips a few days after I got my switch. No Regrets
Cosby (11 months ago)
May be better for me than Odyssey!
Christina Pittsley (11 months ago)
Super excited!
Master-Smash Sandoval (11 months ago)
Andrey Makarov (11 months ago)
Master-Smash Sandoval it's a lot of fun!
Cry_Baby 69 (11 months ago)
Master-Smash Sandoval DO YOU OFTEN PLAY WITG OTHER PEOPLE? YES: BUY IT NO: Don't... just don't
Andu 12 (11 months ago)
It should be free dlc
ETFbvbAA (11 months ago)
Mario Odyssey looks absolutely amazing.
ETFbvbAA (11 months ago)
I loved this direct. And Doom omgg 💕💕
KirbyIsDatBoi (11 months ago)
Hi people are you hype for the new switch content?
Sarcastic slob (9 months ago)
Yes.... My body and wallet cant handle much more
Echang Wang (11 months ago)
What a weak direct, no games that anyone wanted or cared about. I poured 300 dollars into a console that still barely has any games.
EverythingEvo (11 months ago)
Silley Doggo Arms is another big one
EverythingEvo (11 months ago)
Silley Doggo Barely any games? Botw, Mario kart, splatoon 2, mario rabbids, sonic mania, overcooked, minecraft, rayman legends, fast rmx, etc etc etc. There are too many damn games to be honest
Involuntarily Sour (11 months ago)
Who else wants party panic and move or die to get ported to the switch
Cruz 51 Dinoco (11 months ago)
On game Stop it says it requires at least a 32gb micro sd card and a internet download in the description for 2k18. I think that means there's gonna be no cartridge and just a download code in the case? If so why can't they have it released with other consoles. Either way downloading the game on friday
CaptainGroot (11 months ago)
The direct was basically a recap of stuff we knew but a little more information and more game announcements
Gavin Visco (11 months ago)
They better have Pro Controller support...
GameCompleters100% (11 months ago)
ik i got 2 pro controllers and the joycons i never take of my console
Wild Doge 90 (11 months ago)
Gavin Visco you changed your icon?
Collcroc123 (11 months ago)
It's such a ripoff. The original game was $20, but shouldve cost $10. Now they're charging another $10 that shouldve been in the original game?
Technic 12 (11 months ago)
Fuck off, troll?
Steven Sketches (11 months ago)
Hi Guys I just wanted to say if you want to see what kind of things I do you can see it. :)
Nintendo Freak (11 months ago)
Everybody is sad that there was no smash. But im glad. 1. Becuase I think I have spent enough of my money already and 2. I want them to make a brand new smash for the switch, so that I can enjoy it in it's full glory. Not the same old wii u version
Lawson Whitford (11 months ago)
Dude, it's CRAZY that Doom and Wolfenstein 2 are coming to the Switch! That's some good third party support!
GameCompleters100% (11 months ago)
ETFbvbAA (11 months ago)
Lawson Whitford yessss!❤️❤️❤️
Lawson Whitford (11 months ago)
No word on the Zelda DLC oddly Not complaining Lots of good news from the direct
Sam (11 months ago)
Well the 4 Champions amiibo are coming November 10th, and they're connected to the dlc I think, soo maybe the DLC will come out around then?
Qwerty Psg (11 months ago)
Rune Hawkins (11 months ago)
This direct was a bit wimpy. It was all so boring except that little pinch of Kirby and all the Mario. I just thought it was a bit weak. Just my opinion! So hyped for Mario!
UnoriginalValol (11 months ago)
I was actually pretty satisfied. What part didn't you like? I'm not hating, just interested to know.
Scali Cali (11 months ago)
don't forget the pokemon news
GameCompleters100% (11 months ago)
Master-Smash but minecraft looks shit
Master-Smash Sandoval (11 months ago)
Kitty Chan True. Also will it be like the pocket edition, console edition, or pc edition?
Kitty Chan (11 months ago)
Master-Smash Sandoval it was a suprise I saw the upcoming thing say Craft on 3ds and I instantly went to Minecraft but im like nooooo they would've definitely had it by now if they could so I dismissed it and then........ Minecraft (New) 3ds Edition and im like ohhhhhh that makes sense but no one will even buy it its too late and I have already bought the game too many times
IceRGodZ (11 months ago)
Jerome Michaux (11 months ago)
1st view too! On my favourite YouTube channel as well!
August Elliott (11 months ago)
I beat this game in line an hour... I wish the DLC was free, it would really bring more life into the game.
Agent3 (10 months ago)
how will they make money??
Agent3 (10 months ago)
Nahh cause how will they make money then??
Kakakarot Cake (11 months ago)
August Elliott yeah I fell you, I definitely won't be buying the dlc, it should be free :/
The Uberizer (11 months ago)
Did you see Virtual console is coming Hype anyone
PlaySerious (11 months ago)
The Uberizer Not Virtual Console, Arcade Archives
Jerome Michaux (11 months ago)
Julie Cahoolie (11 months ago)

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