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PS Vita Unboxing: Why I Bought One in 2018?

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AQUA BLUE PS Vita 2000 also known as ps vita slim! I never gave the PS Vita a chance. But after getting a PS4 my interest was piqued for remote play as well as all the titles I could play that I was not even aware of! Here is why I bought a Vita, the abandoned system, in 2018. "Furious Freak" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Erica Griffin (8 months ago)
I bought mine off Amazon. The switch controllers were a limited edition from Colorware.com. You can't buy them anymore =/ actually they are selling some right now! Go look!
Sleepykinq Fan (1 month ago)
Do you know where i can get games for it i still have mine (and i have tearaway in card like you)because i didnt know they still sell those and the games please tell me(i have the original=all black psvita)
Hitler Nfriends (1 month ago)
+Erica Griffin sexy mommy.
BLAZINGikari (2 months ago)
Are close to making the review?
Jaylyn Luther (3 months ago)
Erica Griffin )
The Cookies! (3 months ago)
where do you find one?
demon shadow (1 day ago)
Your voice sounds like a nerdy guy in high school with acne.
jorge reyes (4 days ago)
I have one but is black
Ricky campos (5 days ago)
That's really cool
Jaden Abed (7 days ago)
8 months.... WHERE IS THE REVIEW !!!
Jaden Abed (7 days ago)
+Erica Griffin Hey Erica, thank you very much for the immediate feedback ! I personally own the Vita and love it , it's just a huge disappointment that Sony murdered it. Really wanted to hear your opinions on it haha so thank you very much !
Erica Griffin (7 days ago)
Unless you want to play roms illegally, which I will never show or recommend on this channel, or play the plethora of odd JRPGs released, look elsewhere!
Erica Griffin (7 days ago)
Don’t buy the vita. It fell through in every promise. All the PS One games I wanted to play don’t have US license so can’t buy them. Remote Play is just crap and doesn’t work well. The PS4 ports are fuzzy and very low polygon count. The switch continues to get games and even ones I wanted on the vita. So I have since bought them and play them on the switch. Man, Sony.
Erica Griffin (7 days ago)
Honestly, this has become a total disappointment and I threw it on the back burner
indian Railways (13 days ago)
Hey I want WWE 2K17 or 18 game how can I get it for PS Vita .... Please Tell Me... Didi...... I need ....
Isaiah Robinson (17 days ago)
Møøncakeøfficial (18 days ago)
Now that I'm older, I want the vita. Had a 3DS as a kid.
TriplePProject (18 days ago)
Half of the likes are because she's female... just sayin. ;)
Noob Dapanda (18 days ago)
I wish I got that one
Noob Dapanda (18 days ago)
I really like PS vita sad thing I don't got one :(
PreVolt (19 days ago)
I should get one for my birthday. I've always wanted one back then.
Ng wei ming (19 days ago)
William George (20 days ago)
You're the kind of girl us nerds are dying over. 😂
SuperChiko4000 (20 days ago)
It looks awesome
chris hart (21 days ago)
Just seeing this video i would say if you own a ps4 done get a switch and get this....that portal hot spot playing feature is awesome. Too bad i only have nintendo products haha but still neat.
Retrozocker (21 days ago)
Bought my one too in 2018. Using it most time for remote play. Just amazing. Can finish my Yakuza titles while my wife is watching TV, Haha
leyjh (21 days ago)
I cloudn't even afford it😔
Gamer Boy (22 days ago)
Exactly some people hated on me because I bought a vita so i showed ur video and they regreted it LOLOOOOOL
P O (23 days ago)
I cant wait for your review vid!!!
Fevos Man (23 days ago)
My portable gaming device has games like Secret Mana. Woo hoo! * cries *
richard booz (24 days ago)
Just hack it to save money on the SD card lol, cause if you hack it you can put a micro SD card
THE_GHOST_RICAN (26 days ago)
I just bought one today can't wait till it arrives on Nov 29 looking foreward to get my hands on it.
KaijuDice (27 days ago)
Tearaway is such a good game, you won't be disappointed! Both the story and gameplay is fun and creative, the creators of this game did LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, both great games.
Outspoken terms (27 days ago)
Anyone buying a vita nowadays just buys it because it’s cheap and easy to jailbreak. The games are $20 and going up if you’re buying used from a used game retailer and the game selection is less than the 3ds, psp, ps4, ps3, Xbox , and well pretty much everything else in the store ( each of the game stores I’ve been to I’ve only seen 30 or less vita cartridges for sale and the cheapest vita game is $15 and it’s pretty average like a nhl Game fit the vita or wacky looking platformer game .
you have reason having invests in this console
Samuel Lessman (28 days ago)
Let's not forget with moonlight you can stream you PC games to it
Krypt DaLa Krymm (28 days ago)
Cool video
Tha Pume (28 days ago)
"Why I Bought One in 2018?" Because time travel is not an option?
PRO GAMER (29 days ago)
Can it play fortnite switch version?
antroidi (30 days ago)
Is Peter your cousin?
由香裡Yukari (30 days ago)
The sole purpose of my PS VITA is to play visual novel games. It's my own guilty pleasure console.
Kusanagi Areritzkyo (1 month ago)
Hey Erica thanks for sharing your experience on Vita.. also because of this video, I'm kinda enjoy with the Vita and didn't want to let it go and anything.. thank you and you have make my life better.. =D
Vagelis T (1 month ago)
Erica can you tell me the song plzzzz...;)
TragestyX (1 month ago)
Just picked up the original at a pawn shop for $80. This is my next buy.
ToxicTragedy1 (1 month ago)
The only complaint I have about the vita is the memory card, they corrupt soooo easily. My original card corrupted a few months after I bought the system and the replacement that I bought actually just corrupted beyond repair two days ago. I've had it for almost 4 years so I guess that's not a bad ratio but the cards are so expensive it still hurts to replace. Other than that I love it.
Leon S. Kennedy (1 month ago)
I'm one of those people that haven't yet owned a PS Vita and after seeing this video, I know now what to buy for myself 😊👍
A-L-T-A-I-R (1 month ago)
Vita was not bad.Only developers didn't use it full potential.But Sony probably could make it little more powerfull.
Matty B (1 month ago)
One word describes the Ps Vita.. "Legend"
Matty B (25 days ago)
+Yankeesfan1212 Sheidy cause you don't have one
Yankeesfan1212 Sheidy (25 days ago)
Matty B it sucks
R_ Reveley (1 month ago)
Love tech porn hand modeling and outdoor music spectacular lol
R_ Reveley (1 month ago)
I have my original PSVita it's the best handheld ever made. It deserves the best games. My favorite game franchise for Vita is Soul Sacrifice.
Vagelis T (1 month ago)
Who knows the song ? 2:27
Elvin骆彦佑 (1 month ago)
Got it last year
美美張 (1 month ago)
Could you do the detailed review of ps vita screen quality and compared with the Nintendo switch? Thank you!
Cristhian Morán (1 month ago)
is it true that for remote play, it is better to use the fat version to take advantage of the Oled screen? Thank you
The Asylum (1 month ago)
What type of game s..............run on PS vita
liviaworldoriginal (1 month ago)
as it the rumor of ps5 i think im gonna buy ps vita now and wait to see whats this next console
Christopher Harrison (1 month ago)
X she won't come back she shouldn't be my ,X in my opinion
Axel Estrada Soler (1 month ago)
It's even better with Henkaku and pkjg aka. (homebrew and freeshop) I find myself playing with the ps vita more than with the nintendo switch or any other console (no criticism, i also love the switch) so yeah, the ps vita is one of the best consoles for me now and btw, i agree that the ps vita is NOT dead.
Kenzie Garrett (1 month ago)
I bought one back in May of this year lol
QS outdoors & gaming (1 month ago)
should I get the 1000 or 2000 because I want the metal trim, but I dont know the sturdiness of the 2000
Oddreign Odd (1 month ago)
I own both the fat and slim PS Vita. It's still a cracking game console. I play all my Vanillaware games and use it to play my PS4 games
Isaiah Robinson (1 month ago)
Cherrie (1 month ago)
I got the Vita when it came out back in 2012, the console was good but there were only about 5 good games, the rest were terrible
psp420bam (28 days ago)
That's how all systems work in the beginning until games build up when people rarely like every/most games. I got 2 games at psp and vita launch then got several games a year until sony stopped putting AAA games on vita 3 years later due to continued poor system sales which sucks but otherwise I am happier with vita than I was psp
Grumbystone (1 month ago)
I will buy it too 2018
jave rubio (1 month ago)
she pretty
Devilry Games (1 month ago)
Just bought one on the 1st. PCH 1101. Only owned the slim. Already got 2 games so i can play offline until i get internet back 👍
Ultra Gamer (1 month ago)
"There is some documentation That I can't read" 😂😂😂😂 Perfect😂😂
red crimson102 (1 month ago)
I love the vita but tell me, where did u get those joycons please?
Mimi P (1 month ago)
I love Vita, just bought slim model yesterday. My old fatty one still working perfect after 5 years. Ps Vita titles+PsP and Ps one compatibility, still a looooot of fun.
Ghumman Awais (1 month ago)
I am poor i cannot afford it
Ghumman Awais (1 month ago)
Ghumman Awais (1 month ago)
Wil you give it tome
Rare Tiger (1 month ago)
Before I watch the video it’s cause you smart
weldsj (1 month ago)
I have a 64 Gb with my entire collection upon it. I'm wondering if I should by a 2nd or just deal with not getting one and eventually getting what ever comes next. Any rumors of a next playstation portable? Maybe when Switch 2.0 without the heat warp issue is in my future.
尾生子煦 (1 month ago)
cuz its hacked end of story
justin edge (1 month ago)
Sony is killing off the ps vita in 2019 so I'm gonna get one but I'm still a true Microsoft fan
CryBite (1 month ago)
My vita with how much I use it stays charged up for about a month. And only two little "boubles" barelly noticeable different shades of black if its dark and the screen is black. And thats where it got hit once pretty hard (bubbles or marks on the display not the glass.) Only 2 problems I have with vita is not many game genres that I personally like = openworld = Fallout 3 would kill me I'd pay anything. And the memory sticks are still very insane. I'll try sd2vita but idk if that works for 3.65.
Randomninja47 (1 month ago)
That vita looks sexy. Love the colour.
james m (1 month ago)
Can you download resident evil 1-3 on vita?
Q.PLAYS (1 month ago)
Limbo, Another World, Resogun & Tetris Ultimate are the only good games on the Vita.
psp420bam (28 days ago)
I prefer shooters and hack n slash. My favs on vita are cod,killzone,uncharted,unit 13,resident evil revelations 2,the walking dead,god of war,ninja gaiden 1-2,spiderman and I have need for speed for racing. Assassins creed liberation is decent too
Antonio González (1 month ago)
After a coworker let me borrow his Vita for a week, I found a great deal on an 1000 White model on eBay, but couldn't resist getting the 2000 Metallic Red two weeks ago; my son and I have been playing Tearaway and Odin's Sphere nonstop. So much fun it takes me back to when PS2s had just came out; why did we wait so long to give the Vita a shot I wonder?! Prices really Have come down in 2018, so I do take that as a plus.
Why she bought it? Cause she wanted to
Jonathan Black (1 month ago)
I hope the ps4 is a handheld that has a hidden insert disc thing like the PSP and I also hope its backwards compadibal with ps4 games...somehow
Sam Gourhan (1 month ago)
Mad respect to you fine miss,for I also have purchased a PS vita this year. I currently own a 2000 model with many of its finest games
daniel_da_ rager (1 month ago)
An Oversized Brick (2 months ago)
Do ps vita games play on psp 1000, 2000, or 3000?
erickus36 (2 months ago)
Is it true that with the Japanese ones you cannot get access to the US store but only the Japanese one?
Smoke Gaming Channel (2 months ago)
i had 3 vitas tbh eveytime i sld it i still buy aused on still have one now its the most underrated handheld everyone who bashes it probsbly havent tried one stick with ur shit mobile games lol
Kaden Rouse (2 months ago)
I have a question which is the main reason I haven't bought the thing already. Can it run games like Assassin's Creed or GTA (older versions obviously). The main reason I want one is to play Fallout 4 on the go, and if it needs to be connected to a PS4 to play Fallout 4, It would negate it's benefit of being mobile completely, and then I would need a ps4 and a Vita (correct me if I'm wrong).
Josh Valle (2 months ago)
Was very intrested in an older console but im settling on a ps vita. Love the dual sticks as well as touch. Great helpful video. GORGEOUS BTW!!!!!!!
Joshua Mutart (2 months ago)
Uh remote play doesn’t work at all. No matter what the connection speed. It’s terribly glitchy. Don’t use that to sell the system.
Teddy Chen (2 months ago)
Make sure to pick up Persona 4 Golden. It’ll be the only game you’ll need for the system for a while.
LexoOfficiel (2 months ago)
i have a psp,even OLDER than ps vita
Shun Pillay (2 months ago)
Glad to see some love for the Vita. I love it so much that I have ... err ... three. One as a daily driver, one as a backup should my daily driver break, and a PCH-1000 because it’s a piece of electronic artwork I want to marvel at forever. Love the Vita!
After purchase my first vita should be delivered tomorrow.
Siam Mahdi (2 months ago)
Pls pls pls make a video of installing games
C05MIC Studio (2 months ago)
The vita was beautifully designed sony get back in the game devs make some smashing content!!
Kevin Lewis (2 months ago)
Is it difficult to setup since it is from Japan, or does it offer easy language selection?
neonplayer (2 months ago)
She's sooo cute 😍😍
Devin mccampbell (2 months ago)
I will have one soon
Joe Reynolds (2 months ago)
I just bought one today! Yippee! Been after one for ages, I've still got my PSP with about 30 games, loved that! so had to get a Vita, these will be worth a fortune in the future..
RasenShuriken反重力 (2 months ago)
filthyfrank female version who reviews tech
Juan M (2 months ago)
Get one for the nostalgia. Like yeahyou can play PS1 on emulator but if you want a real handheld experience then psvita is the way to go. Purely hardware wise I actually find this more premium/mature than the 3ds. But to each his own. Have both love both.
JASONIC OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
I have two of them one is black and one like that color blue with 7 games on them
Javier Navarro (2 months ago)
That is one beautiful looking Vita!!
Alex Torres (2 months ago)
Good vid lol but ur hands are really pruny js...
Fendera (2 months ago)
very loud, way over the top music in 3, 2, 1.... 3:07
SamS dz (2 months ago)
Brandon Brown (2 months ago)
Sony will take down online games and no longer support or produce physical games or onkine hardware for Vita in 2k18 as rumor has it. Stock up on physical games fast. They will kill the console entirely this year.

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