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PS Vita Unboxing: Why I Bought One in 2018?

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AQUA BLUE PS Vita 2000 also known as ps vita slim! I never gave the PS Vita a chance. But after getting a PS4 my interest was piqued for remote play as well as all the titles I could play that I was not even aware of! Here is why I bought a Vita, the abandoned system, in 2018. "Furious Freak" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Erica Griffin (6 months ago)
I bought mine off Amazon. The switch controllers were a limited edition from Colorware.com. You can't buy them anymore =/ actually they are selling some right now! Go look!
BLAZINGikari (21 days ago)
Are close to making the review?
Blitzkill Tv (1 month ago)
Erica Griffin )
The Cookies! (1 month ago)
where do you find one?
Tristan Miklosh (2 months ago)
How much did this one cost
Stephen Collins (3 months ago)
Erica Griffin vita or Nintendo switch I'm just getting one
Randomninja47 (3 hours ago)
That vita looks sexy. Love the colour.
james m (12 hours ago)
Can you download resident evil 1-3 on vita?
Q.PLAYS (1 day ago)
Limbo, Another World, Resogun & Tetris Ultimate are the only good games on the Vita.
Antonio González (3 days ago)
After a coworker let me borrow his Vita for a week, I found a great deal on an 1000 White model on eBay, but couldn't resist getting the 2000 Metallic Red two weeks ago; my son and I have been playing Tearaway and Odin's Sphere nonstop. So much fun it takes me back to when PS2s had just came out; why did we wait so long to give the Vita a shot I wonder?! Prices really Have come down in 2018, so I do take that as a plus.
Why she bought it? Cause she wanted to
Jonathan Black (5 days ago)
I hope the ps4 is a handheld that has a hidden insert disc thing like the PSP and I also hope its backwards compadibal with ps4 games...somehow
Sam Gourhan (5 days ago)
Mad respect to you fine miss,for I also have purchased a PS vita this year. I currently own a 2000 model with many of its finest games
daniel_da_ rager (6 days ago)
An Oversized Brick (7 days ago)
Do ps vita games play on psp 1000, 2000, or 3000?
erickus36 (8 days ago)
Is it true that with the Japanese ones you cannot get access to the US store but only the Japanese one?
Smoke Gaming Channel (8 days ago)
i had 3 vitas tbh eveytime i sld it i still buy aused on still have one now its the most underrated handheld everyone who bashes it probsbly havent tried one stick with ur shit mobile games lol
Kaden Rouse (8 days ago)
I have a question which is the main reason I haven't bought the thing already. Can it run games like Assassin's Creed or GTA (older versions obviously). The main reason I want one is to play Fallout 4 on the go, and if it needs to be connected to a PS4 to play Fallout 4, It would negate it's benefit of being mobile completely, and then I would need a ps4 and a Vita (correct me if I'm wrong).
Josh Valle (8 days ago)
Was very intrested in an older console but im settling on a ps vita. Love the dual sticks as well as touch. Great helpful video. GORGEOUS BTW!!!!!!!
Joshua Mutart (9 days ago)
Uh remote play doesn’t work at all. No matter what the connection speed. It’s terribly glitchy. Don’t use that to sell the system.
Teddy Chen (9 days ago)
Make sure to pick up Persona 4 Golden. It’ll be the only game you’ll need for the system for a while.
LexOfficiel (9 days ago)
i have a psp,even OLDER than ps vita
Shun Pillay (10 days ago)
Glad to see some love for the Vita. I love it so much that I have ... err ... three. One as a daily driver, one as a backup should my daily driver break, and a PCH-1000 because it’s a piece of electronic artwork I want to marvel at forever. Love the Vita!
After purchase my first vita should be delivered tomorrow.
Siam Mahdi (10 days ago)
Pls pls pls make a video of installing games
C05MIC infinity (10 days ago)
The vita was beautifully designed sony get back in the game devs make some smashing content!!
Kevin Lewis (11 days ago)
Is it difficult to setup since it is from Japan, or does it offer easy language selection?
neonplayer (12 days ago)
She's sooo cute 😍😍
Devin mccampbell (13 days ago)
I will have one soon
Joe Reynolds (13 days ago)
I just bought one today! Yippee! Been after one for ages, I've still got my PSP with about 30 games, loved that! so had to get a Vita, these will be worth a fortune in the future..
RasenShuriken反重力 (13 days ago)
filthyfrank female version who reviews tech
Juan M (13 days ago)
Get one for the nostalgia. Like yeahyou can play PS1 on emulator but if you want a real handheld experience then psvita is the way to go. Purely hardware wise I actually find this more premium/mature than the 3ds. But to each his own. Have both love both.
JASONIC OFFICIAL (14 days ago)
I have two of them one is black and one like that color blue with 7 games on them
Javier Navarro (14 days ago)
That is one beautiful looking Vita!!
Alex Torres (14 days ago)
Good vid lol but ur hands are really pruny js...
Fendera (15 days ago)
very loud, way over the top music in 3, 2, 1.... 3:07
SamS dz (15 days ago)
Brandon Brown (17 days ago)
Sony will take down online games and no longer support or produce physical games or onkine hardware for Vita in 2k18 as rumor has it. Stock up on physical games fast. They will kill the console entirely this year.
Courtney's Corner (17 days ago)
Sometimes... I get my brothers vita and play for at least 18 hours😂
Evan Whitehead (18 days ago)
2:45 holding that one handed outside right after getting it LOL
Everlasting (18 days ago)
Just got mine :)
Everlasting (15 days ago)
I managed to pick up a used one for 150 at a game exchange. I did want to buy new but.. 150.
Fendera (15 days ago)
nice :) which color did you get? I'm going to order mine in a few days, the aqua blue one.
KrazyKrzysztof (19 days ago)
I love the blue one but i like to just play the games on my vita tv.
Hans Arano (19 days ago)
I really hope in my place in Canada can have more games store to buy sometimes i went to 5 store of gmes but only 2 of them sell games for psvita and bad thing was they only sell 4-6 games.
Daniel Mihalko (19 days ago)
One thing you can do with the vita memory card now is get sd2vita which allows you to use a mini USB card with vita
Daniel Mihalko (19 days ago)
I just bought one of these used, came with a ton of awesome games, I'm loving it honestly. It's bigger than I thought
Rob Kyle (23 days ago)
I just bought my first Vita and I am extremely excited to experience its unique library of games. I purchased the 1000 model with the OLED screen and not the slim...but I'll most likely purchase the slim later this year alongside the remote play grip.
Craig Keighley (24 days ago)
How have you got on with you vita? I honestly dont play mine much because of amount of ps4 I play but when I do play it, the games are incredible. Really is a fantastic system. Pretty much only play jrpgs on it. Also downloaded a lot of psp jrpgs. Im sad that it pretty much gets no store updates in the uk now. Really wanna finish off my persona collection and get 2 and 3 but im not paying £25 each for them which is the current cost. Patiently waiting for a sale. Overall great system
TheMadMan Waters (24 days ago)
Happy days found my ps Vita and now it's up and running
Paladin Andrew (24 days ago)
Felicitations on your Vita. Recommend getting some grips. It feels so much better. I got hamhands though. There are some grips that "act" As R2 and L2 buttons. Finally, recommend playing Divinity in remote play. Use the vita as your controller. It just feels so much better. Cheers
#Team Sia (25 days ago)
My vita hasn’t been used in so long
Bima Sudiarto (26 days ago)
I sold my Nintendo Switch and New 3DS XL. That's how much I love my Vita. I also bought PS4 for remote play. It's fabulous!
Chris Carrion (27 days ago)
Subscribed :) thank you for obsessing about your gadgets the way I do!
Mark Joseph Tuplano (27 days ago)
Damn! And thats what we called "the real girl gamer" ..
Ronnie (1 month ago)
That looks like a nintendo switch knockoff
David Kurniawan (1 month ago)
I still don't get it, why would any producer kill their own products!? Like seriously, it's a father killing sons and daughters between Sony VS PSV. I love mine, it works just fine. So yeah, Sony can be pissed off whatever they want, if the fans said it's alive, it is alive. :3
MrViral20 (1 month ago)
Well look at Nintendo, they killed off their autistic child the Wii U...
_ JAKEDOWN951 (1 month ago)
I got an original for $96 on ebay, vg condition. Persona 4 machine.
Georgio' Rodger (1 month ago)
hey Julia wheres JP? did he buy one too!?!?!
bharyanto haryanto (1 month ago)
Hi beautifull, can i meet you in Bali?
AngryGingerKyky (1 month ago)
I got 2 Vita's. 1 modded and 1 not. The modded one I use for PSP games and old school emulators.
Илья Шигин (1 month ago)
"Vita" is the Latin word for "Life". At least engineers at Sony knew what they were doing.
denizlyn (1 month ago)
hi my friend I like your video about the PlayStation vita
Thought Police (1 month ago)
i disapointed because i knew you were nintendo fan :DD
Dajuire Matthews (1 month ago)
Why would you buy a PSvita in 2018, I buy a Vita if its was 2050
Chromwell A (1 month ago)
Are you the same person that hosts HellthyJunkFood channel?
ASMR sugarprincess (1 month ago)
My bro has the same exact thing
Mallorie Tucker (1 month ago)
Where can I buy the 2018 model the ps vista
OJ KR31TZ (1 month ago)
Has anyone ever told you you look like Julia from hellthy junk food
Game Tuts110 (1 month ago)
To play all the anime games obviously!
Elfman joe (1 month ago)
haters be like "the vita has no games" ~ me "your wrong, play the vita you dump shit"
AtGmailDotCom (1 month ago)
Minecraft and Call Of Duty Declassified are the most alive vita games in 2018 especially minecraft I can find a mini game match easily or some friends to play with also it is updated a lot with new add one and new features
Lee (1 month ago)
As of today the only reason to own a Ps Vita is if you are really into Japan RPG's.
salvador (1 month ago)
I remember playing killzone and freedom wars on this... Great times
Henry Miller (1 month ago)
I wanna lick you down from your head and your toes ... Your so sexy..... I love you Erica.
InfiniteWolf - 580 (1 month ago)
It’s still trash. I got a used one and when it came, it was still in mint condition, the box was wrapped up and most importantly, I saved money. Too bad Xbox won’t make one of these.
THE AMV (1 month ago)
I want one
Great gear ... good luck baby
animegirl16091 (1 month ago)
I actully perfer the original oled cosmic red psvita i dont really like the light blue color on the psvita it looks fake and cheap to me in my opinion. and the oled screen doesnt get much burn ins. and the oled screen isnt that old.
Lorendon Colaire (1 month ago)
I holding my vita still so Incase don’t bring back big games for it .expensive sd cards kill the vita man. Sony sold it too expensive
Jcantu4 123456789 (1 month ago)
I have the original vita but would like the slim blue one
Erik DeWitt (1 month ago)
I love the old OLED one soo much, have one regular black one then had to get a Final Fantasy X limited white one from Japan (which is the newer, lighter model w/ LCD screen)...but for pure picture, nothing beats the heavier original OLED model 1. Vita plus PSP pretty much covers everything I need on the go, then just throw in a 3DS if you have the money and you got ALL your bases covered. But Vita is such untapped potential, wish they didn't abandon it when they did! (Imports and Indie physical releases are still going strong believe it or not, I have ton of Limited Run, and Play Asia ones on the way and they keep releasing em, just lot of the games aren't everyones cup of tea).
Bima Sudiarto (1 month ago)
It is finally SUPER worth it to buy one in 2018, regardless of version. One can actually play *ALL* PSX/PSP/PS Vita games in existence.
Parlin (1 month ago)
honestly,the modding/hacking community is what keeps this handheld alive..im still using it for homebrew game..
Kingowlzzz MSP (1 month ago)
I’m going too buy one too play The Danganronpa series and the corpse party, final fantasy I have a thing for older games but should I purchase one? Or what other hand held device should I purchase?
Combat Rage (1 month ago)
Who cares it's a portable play station
Colin Helms (1 month ago)
i have one but it got wet so it doest work anymore but I got mine 2017 but now I have ps4 and the ps4 is way better than the psvita
Goblinlight104 (1 month ago)
I want one.
Jack (1 month ago)
It was such a great system, let down by the lack of quality games and Sony's support. It really could've been something good. I have the first edition with the OLED screen and I still say the graphics on a few games are fantastic. Although I did hate the touchpad on the back. Look at Nintendo. The graphics on their DS systems are so outdated, but they pound it with such good games that it's held its ground. Sony let us down with this release.
Sliw Sys (1 month ago)
why not 3dsll? i've just buy a new 3dsll. psvita do not have much game
Sathish Kumar (1 month ago)
Mannsy83 (1 month ago)
I just saw your comment on the metal gamers video and then this popped up..freaky
Chris Gray (1 month ago)
Love mine, got it a week ago.
Xiuhcoatl (1 month ago)
I own both generations of the vita and Honestly i prefer the 1st gen ps vita because it came with an oled screen, gave you truer black colors, too bad they switched to lcd on the 2000 ps vita in order to increase the battery life, I however have a battery external pack adapter that come with grip handles!! now my 1001 ps vita last longer and has a better screen! (If you're tech savvy you could also open up your vita and upgrade the battery with one with a higher capacity mAh) If you compare both screens The 2nd gen lcd screen gives you "washed out" colors compared to the original Oled which gave you true deeper colors like black,dark blue etc....similar to how plasma televisions gave you truer black colors.(which died too) why must everything good die! oled>lcd PS VITA I LOVE YOU!!!! SONY YOU'LL HAVE TO PRY MY LIMITED EDITION WHITE GLACIER OLED 1001 PSVITA OFF MY KUNG FU GRIPPED HANDS BEFORE I BUY ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR LCD 2000 PS VITA!
Shanalee Edwards (1 month ago)
you have the slim psvita like me
TheKeithvidz (1 month ago)
NES catriges save games. Vita ought to be so instead of price gouging memory
Preston keeling (1 month ago)
You are awesome on every video thank you for always taking time my sister is gonna be Soo happy I got her what you always help me with
Rodney Coleman (1 month ago)
They should continue Naruto Ultimate ninja impact on this system
lifehackertips (1 month ago)
1:10 the streaming from ps4 is very poor. If you do get it working, any text is far too small to read so focus on games that never have any words
😭😭😭 wy i dont hawe mony for bying ps4 or psp or vr jusy ican see the game plays on internet
Bobby Rashford (1 month ago)
CM Boys (1 month ago)
Why do ppl still pay for vita games? Just homebrew it.
Dj Dj (1 month ago)
Hi sexy
Iddimu Akhkharu (1 month ago)
Thx erica! Im planning to get mine too. This really helps.
Jeremie Lariviere (1 month ago)
I traded in my Vita for some credit for Switch games... I did keep my PSP Slim, though... Plenty of great PSP games.
arnold oliver (1 month ago)
You got me hooked I'm buying won right now
Jireh Sy (2 months ago)
Hi! What camera did you used to shoot this vid? Thanks yow! 😊😊

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