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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #1 - The Trail

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #1 - The Trail (Exclusive Track) Composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Percival. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Official Soundtrack - http://youtu.be/ckxd7HKhD54
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Tyler Campbell (1 day ago)
I disliked this song but it goes out to the entire playlist. Not the single song is named correctly. I burned the entire album to my pc. It's sad when everyone gets the soundtrack for free with the game & yet can't even title the song correctly. I don't know who this person is but the need to rename ever song to the correct name.
Łężniś - Leznis (7 days ago)
63 people who disliked are autistic and gay lol
Stathis Mrd (12 days ago)
4 years later i still listening to it day by day!!! EPIC!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Michael Ibrahim (18 days ago)
I’ve been on a Witcher OST playlist and looking at the logo I noticed things I hadn’t seen before. The red marks are pretty obviously resemble monster claw marks and there are 3 because it’s the Witcher 3, but the red part also looks like a wild hunt rider’s helmet, with the white circles for the eyes. Even cooler though, if you look at all the marks on the logo, you can see that it’s the outline of a wolf with a red, bloody muzzle
Quake was good (29 days ago)
This game is also good. *sips Yup, another classic.
Márk Szabó (29 days ago)
Fűűűszeeer 0:01
Eli Angel (1 month ago)
Why I'm a Crying?
felipe jatobá (1 month ago)
This game is the eighth wonder of the world, what a work of art
Noob Saibot (1 month ago)
Kozak nuta! :)
Jestem Dimitri. (2 months ago)
The dislkes are from Eredin followers.
FAF (3 months ago)
Best part 0:24
laabitres (3 months ago)
One of the best tracks in the game
Martin Yang (3 months ago)
witcher 3 sucks
Reptus (3 months ago)
Your mom too ;)
Skids All Day (3 months ago)
Skids All Day (3 months ago)
Youtube will take away the link but you probalbly know what im on about already.
Artem SHARAPIEV (3 months ago)
заряд славянской энергией
Calek (4 months ago)
Heeeeee, heeeeee, he he he he, hee he he, heee, heee heeeeee heeeeee!
Iluminati Studio IS (4 months ago)
Poland is power !!!!
friendfris96 (5 months ago)
Mousen on stage (5 months ago)
I try really hard but I can't prevent myself from hearing "SWISS AAAAAIR" at the beginning, and that makes me giggle like an idiot everytime I hear this song
Luis Gomez Acosta (5 months ago)
Trail - Lyric: HEEEH-EEEEEEH eeeh Eh-eh eeeeh heeeeeh! eeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeEEeEeEeEEHHHHGGGH-HEEEHEEEEEEE AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGJJJJ ....no? oh well, i give it a try . ___ .
Donquixote Doflamingo (6 months ago)
Track 21 it's what you're looking for probably
Corvus Mercer (6 months ago)
Epicness. I want to punch a tree now
Lesnik (6 months ago)
I saw some coments about not presenting tradition on this contest,and it is true that eurovisin is going down on quality becouse of that.Dont forget that some countries are ashamed of their tradition,or dont have one .And then came Denmark and Serbia with their ethnic stuff like this and they got to the finals :DD.Even if they are not on the top of the list of the manys, the two of them presented their country not a genre of music like the others,I meen the songs are godd an all,but i dont see a country in there ..In the other hand if u listen Danish song they will took you on the travel through their country with it,u will became a Dain,or a Viking without undarstanding the lirycs in this case english not danish.The same goes for Serbia they added some efects of the modern music but the ethinc part that sounds like monastery and folklor(traditional) mix is makeing this song alive.Serbian song will not get u pumped or make u dance but it will make u have gosebumps all over ur body and this same goes for Denmark.Well good luck in the finales !!!!
Lesnik (6 months ago)
am i going to get copy right for this soundtrack if i use it for video?
cheap champagne (7 months ago)
I might have broken my mouse by clicking on replay button too much. Also, loving your profile pic -- Leeroooooy Jenkins!
Nick Webb (7 months ago)
Siiiiiise, sise tek imam eeeee.
Biff The Banana (8 months ago)
It's been long enough for a remake right? Right?!
ken kaneki (9 months ago)
Yessssssssssss( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Philip Ray (9 months ago)
This and Nier Automata are the only games I feel ashamed of for picking up on sale. They more than deserved their full asking price.
Sasanék Rintin (10 months ago)
One of best RPG game!
Khorne Bezerker (11 months ago)
2:07 best part.
INCA-Channel (11 months ago)
This game and also the soundtrack are awesome! Masterpiece!
39 wild hunt members who are salty that they died and disliked this
Mehmet KIZILAY (1 year ago)
sinkiy (1 year ago)
Find me a better sound track I dare you.
Cyka Blyat (3 hours ago)
Corvus Mercer (22 days ago)
Uh... Halo 2? Not better by much tho, imo. Halo never made me want to punch a tree
Roxy Vincenzo (1 year ago)
Epic song!
RAW-Gamer (1 year ago)
I bought the game yesterday on Xbox One, I'm not a fan of RPG games, but this one looks unbelievable good
Arian Almufti (1 year ago)
RAW-Gamer best decision of your life
Asan Ali (1 year ago)
I just realised the claw marks between the word Wild Hunt actually ressemble their leader's helmet. Now that I see it it becomes so obvious...
Melone Katt (2 months ago)
I thought it resembled CD Projekt Red's logo lmao
Borknut the Third (2 months ago)
And the number 3
Gatito Sepsi (1 year ago)
The best game in the history
هزيم الرعد (1 year ago)
One of marks 21 cen
Darth Revan (1 year ago)
"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
y is it this whole game and song remind me of xena warrior princess like 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍✔✔💯💯
Maciek Gdaa (1 year ago)
Słyyyyszeee xD
FlyingMachine86 (1 year ago)
"Sweatshiiiiirt!!! Sweeeeaatshirt..."
Eddie Winchester (1 year ago)
2:00 the uniqueness that is witcher ost
whoisfirefly (1 year ago)
Dislike = skyrim fans
Josue Montero (10 months ago)
Cem Çetinkaya im Skyrim fan and y love the witcher
Alex Martinez (1 year ago)
Dwarfy (1 year ago)
my first time playing The Witcher 3 and how big of a noob i was because it was my first one in the franchise. Dont worry, i have played 2 now but i hear 1 isnt worth playing (i hear its dated and very linear and the combat style is ass.)
Ahmet Erken (6 months ago)
GameBreaker (11 months ago)
4 months late so I don't know if this will be helpful but personally I disagree that witcher 1 isn't worth playing. The combat system is outdated for sure but the story more than makes up for it. And if you wait a few months, CDPR will probably give it for free again so I'd say it's worth installing it and seeing if you can get into it :)
Guilherme Ribeiro (1 year ago)
28 viewers are monsters and didn't like the song
Does anyone else want this to play over the opening credits of the Netflix Show?
Corvus Mercer (22 days ago)
+m4ti140 the fact they cast a Polish girl for ciri runs that straight into the ground
Bongibot (2 months ago)
if they get rid of the slavic themes I'm not watching the show. Won't be the same without the kick ass music.
TechnicalHotDog (2 months ago)
m4ti140 Jumping on completely unconfirmed rumors with that one
m4ti140 (2 months ago)
It won't, Netflix is getting rid of all the slavic themes.
Finlay Sandham (2 months ago)
Avacado's Constant (1 year ago)
I checked the playlist and there is no "pam pam pa ram". Absurd.
Manly Generation (11 months ago)
Avacado's Constant *Fart Noise* HA HA HA HAA!
the one who farts (1 year ago)
people that dislike this are probably either wild hunt members or eternal fire
Date Masamune (1 year ago)
The best game ever made after dark souls series for me :)
Mariano Ramirez (1 year ago)
epic music!!!
NCGNexus (1 year ago)
19 members of the wild hunt disliked this video
Brixen Chright (1 month ago)
58... they're growing Get Ciri
Giovanni RODRIGUEZ (8 months ago)
Alifengali (1 year ago)
00:00-02:49 best part
Borknut the Third (2 months ago)
What’s your problem with 2:50?
Warden-u 48 (1 year ago)
Alifengali Agreed.
SHANA DRAGNEEL (1 year ago)
a quien no le puede gusta esta ost?? e visto 17 dislikes, noo sabeis lo que es la buena musica ¬¬
Arloc World (3 months ago)
ben Es Español tioooo
ben (1 year ago)
What language is this? Nilfgaardian? Away with ye, black'un.
Nathan D (1 year ago)
Kamila (1 year ago)
Zaraza. 15 osób się pomyliło i klikneło nie to co trzeba.
Random Guy (1 year ago)
badass ost
Stefan Z Khorinis (1 year ago)
ja też słyszę i się nie chwalę
Gay Pudding (1 year ago)
Nexsus Archon (2 years ago)
is it wrong to play darksouls while listening to this soundtrack?
Styx (4 months ago)
no its not play witcher 3 and listen to this music u gay cunt
Your Fellow Finn (5 months ago)
No nah
SexyDuck (1 year ago)
easdae 1212 only listen to the boss themes shuch as slave knight geale.
cool gamer (1 year ago)
I do not agree with that statement
Evan (1 year ago)
yes cuz dark souls has better music
Abdelrahman Samir (2 years ago)
just give me a sword and cut my face then leave me in the forest
Abdelrahman Samir (1 year ago)
+Arjen Hartink like the witcher he have cut in his face
Arjen41 (1 year ago)
Abdelrahman Samir why cut your face?
Dylan Palmer (2 years ago)
The 15 people who disliked this are deaf and blind, and accidentally hit the dislike button.
Tyler Campbell (1 day ago)
Maybe because none of the songs are named correctly.
Boris Ifiantepia (5 days ago)
+Face de Crâne True but to be fair there are a lot of bot accounts on YT designed to dislike videos all over the platform
Face de Crâne (2 months ago)
or thei just don't like it.
Aniket Bhai (3 months ago)
57 deaf and blind, and accidentally hit the dislike button
Miguel Diaz Velasco (8 months ago)
Stone (2 years ago)
song of storms was always my favorite, great track thanks for uploading
GAMEOST (2 years ago)
you're welcome :)
dark soul of man (2 years ago)
Best thing about this game=characters
The Dovahk (4 months ago)
dark soul of man eh, I'd say Mass Effect has better characters.
Your Fellow Finn (5 months ago)
dark soul of man best thing about this game = gwent
Gerard Ferrer (8 months ago)
Best thing about this game = everything.
GenericYoutubeNameHD (1 year ago)
JOEL AND ELLIE and this goddamn soundtrack
Edward Kenway (2 years ago)
definitely best game in the last 10 years for me
N7 Torp (7 months ago)
I've been addicted to gaming since I was 5 years old (23 years) and The Witcher 3 is the best game of all time in my opinion. Near perfection on every level
Daniele Scutaru (1 year ago)
Edward Kenway Last 25
Cargal (1 year ago)
last 17 years for me. This is the BGE
Brandflakes (2 years ago)
there's a map in trouble I'll mark it on your settlement.
philipp plein (7 months ago)
Reading this comment made me realize again how much fallout sucks and witcher 3 not
LEX (8 months ago)
By Preston (a.k.a. glitchy Garvey) modded by youtube.exe stop working 404 in prrrrrogresssssss ssgdhyfdswsfhjkuggfdsxfvvgedxsagjydxwsvgfdcgjk c ectx cnn j. Gcf c fdsz&2_)6##&!):(&#( .l.
DinoCola (1 year ago)
there's another princess in trouble, I'll mark it on your castle
Loije Lozada (1 year ago)
coolguyhentaisenpai theres another abandoned settlement with leshens that needs our help
coolguyhentaisenpai (1 year ago)
more of a crossover
Noice dreams (2 years ago)
Makes me proud to be Slavic
Cold B (2 years ago)
Nagelfar (2 years ago)
masterpiece of a game
Teks111 ! (2 months ago)
+Spheregrid2 no he's not right... the ost is also a masterpiece
Dante Taikutsu (4 months ago)
Angus MacGyver Wait a few years
ken kaneki (9 months ago)
Angus MacGyver come to me
Corpulent Allgod (10 months ago)
I wish I had the power to erase my memory. I would play Witcher 3 again and again until I die.
Sephiroth VG (1 year ago)
It doesnt get better this THIS
Marina Pancorbo (2 years ago)
the most epic soundtrack that i never listen
Civic Line (2 years ago)
This game one of the best soundtracks ever made
DinoCola (1 year ago)
well this is basically just regular music you hear here in East Europe
Jason (1 year ago)
This is definitely one of my favorite soundtracks. Right up there with Doom's soundtrack
Olivia esddms (1 year ago)
Civic Line Hey, game of the decade. I have no idea how people drink the EA coolaid after this...
Jack Traister (1 year ago)
Torgny Haartveit This or Metal Gear Rising.
Torgny Haartveit (2 years ago)
You misspelled "this game has the best soundtracks ever made"
Max Himbigger (2 years ago)
What the shit this is good take my money.
Butcher of Blaviken (2 years ago)
ok. who the fuck disliked this
GentlemanBystander (1 year ago)
Patrick Thomas (1 year ago)
Bethesda employees
Nabil (1 year ago)
CAT BRO This is not because I don't like this boring game that I'm playing Minecraft I'm not a kid. I prefer GTA than Witcher 3 less boring for sure. Oh I forgot you can play Gwint in Witcher and explore a giant empty map great...
Jean Kirstein (1 year ago)
Nabil ye u probably play only minecraft and gta the worst shit ever xDdd
Eddie Winchester (1 year ago)
people who cant accpet that this is the goat
Stefan Z Khorinis (2 years ago)
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
Olivia esddms Blah blahblah bah BLAH BLAH blah blah Blah Bluuu Bu bla
Olivia esddms (1 year ago)
Annie R. Nocturne Eh. To brzmi _egzotycznie_ dla obcokrajowców. Wszystkie te sz i cz są trudne.
DrVictor (2 years ago)
Co nie zmienia faktu że i tak jest zajebisty soundtrack.
Annie R. Nocturne (2 years ago)
Polacy to ają trochę przekichane przy takich soundstrackach bo brzmią troszku śmiesznie XD
GenericYoutubeNameHD (2 years ago)
This intro just made me think, wow this games gonna be a blast. And sure as hell it was
Crash Overide (1 year ago)
Love the game, can't wait for the next sale on GOG so I can get the first 2 cheap as well as the expansion for 3. Wonder if Skyrim is on GOG... be nice to pick it up on one of the 75% or free flash sales they have from time to time.
Loije Lozada (1 year ago)
GenericYoutubeNameHD astronomically universal.... game of the year? more like game of the century
DEADtoRISE08 (2 years ago)
+GenericYoutubeNameHD no it wan't it was a journey, an unforgettable one epic one
Noor Mohamed Atia (2 years ago)
yes your so right thought myself too
Cole Hartgrove (2 years ago)
+GenericYoutubeNameHD Twas one wild ride if I do say so myself.
SenkinPLAY (2 years ago)
legendary !!!!
Ricky Whipple (2 years ago)
Amazing! Legendary! Congrats to the composer🙂🎧🎧🎼🎼🎧
marc mckernan (8 months ago)
Ricky Whipple he needs to do the series
Karsen Harper (2 years ago)
I get shivers every time
Cuntayylmao (3 years ago)
Wow this is so good!
DrVictor (2 years ago)
Wiedźmin. Z polski

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