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POST SCRIPTUM - Official Trailer (New World War 2 Game 2018)

1288 ratings | 82294 views
POST SCRIPTUM - Official Reveal Trailer (MMO World War 2 Game 2018) Post Scriptum is a first-person simulation shooter that provides an authentic WWII combat experience. Focusing on historical accuracy, large scale battles, a difficult learning curve and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork. STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/736220/Post_Scriptum/ ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (270)
roger piero (11 hours ago)
I want a third person world war game.
Kuzan (4 days ago)
fuck off changing the release date all the time just set it back to 18th of july fuckers
Adrianna sanchez (6 days ago)
Glorifying bloody brother wars.
French Dominator (8 days ago)
The 78 dislike are for BF V transexual
Borkaman87 (8 days ago)
why is call of duty featured in discription?
spreadthehate (8 days ago)
To bad the game runs like crap in this early stage, do not buy it right now and wait a couple of months. You can't see shit, like 100m away it's all a blurry mess.
Aden Mann (10 days ago)
Better than bf5
Majkol (12 days ago)
this game s gonna be on PS4 or not ?
Crue (16 days ago)
Clothesline made of steel hahaha 0:32
Eric Cartmam (16 days ago)
So is it confirmed for consoles
Gerpar (15 days ago)
Nah, this tweet here https://twitter.com/PostScriptumGam/status/915248068706148352?s=19 basically says that the technology isn't there yet. It could mean one of two things, the hardware is too weak, or there aren't enough buttons on the controller.
SneiderMcCluck (17 days ago)
Going to buy this instead of that BF5 garbage.
sine nomine (17 days ago)
Hopefully they will implement the feature to move your head separately from your body, like in the Arma series. It adds so much and I couldn't live without it any more.
Music Yiroe (17 days ago)
Song name pls
M Rifqi Raihan Lubis (17 days ago)
Battlefield remake?
rebelsoldier284 (18 days ago)
Looks waaay better than what we've seen from Battlefield V. Fingers crossed this sees a console release at some point
jacky BelgianGamer (11 days ago)
not coming to console to many buttons to press
Biger o Dino (18 days ago)
BF5 chora sangue
Turning (18 days ago)
0/10 Not enough claw women in this game. Totally unrealistic.
Giany Jhon (21 days ago)
World War 2 Have Games Army Greeks In Games WW2 History 1940 Italy vs Greece Greece win Battle Bad Italy Nzai
7 7 (26 days ago)
VoidWalker (27 days ago)
I was excited until i saw the soldiers running at the end. Horrible animations.
fortnite manchild (28 days ago)
Why can't this be for Xbox? I need it. PLEASE! somebody help the peasants.
Raidon Sub (28 days ago)
You call this accurate? wheres my female Jewish pansexual nazi with a mechanical hand and dual wielding pistols? No but seriously this game looks great
Kier Luke (28 days ago)
Graphics need to be looked at. Building blows up, washing stationary. Sherman has square body when shot at by Tiger. Or was it a Tiger that was destroyed by a historically inaccurate fact. Can't kill a Tiger from the front.
The Person (25 days ago)
its only in Early Access.
bAsicAllygr8 mus!c (29 days ago)
looks gud, but too much WW2 right now
Gr4ntTheBoss (29 days ago)
Save your 60 dollars for an actual World War 2 game kids, fuck Politically Correct Field 5.
Sahara Yang (29 days ago)
BFV = WW2 game we need This game = WW2 game we deserve.
Jung Future (29 days ago)
Graphics suck
Play 4 victory (29 days ago)
tasidar3 (29 days ago)
Huh what's this, no woman on the British or German forces? They must be taking this time period seriously.
KANGZ (29 days ago)
better than shittyfield 5
dd7aa (29 days ago)
Can I play as Germany?
Majkol (29 days ago)
This game s gonna be on Ps4 please say yeah
arkadiusz majer (29 days ago)
where are black gay trans womens ?
Alexandr (29 days ago)
Funky173 (1 month ago)
Is this the Battlefield we all want?
Xerivex (10 days ago)
This isint battlefield - not even close to it. Its not a game for the masses, but for those that want a teamplay - oriented shooter. The solo player is worthless in this, just like in Squad.
Christian Haynes (29 days ago)
Funky173 obviously
vu dat (1 month ago)
Graphic like shit
GlisteningKintamas (29 days ago)
The graphics aren't bad for not being a triple A title
Fuckidifuck nigga (1 month ago)
BFV is way better
MATEXHD CHANNEL (29 days ago)
Some Weirdo hahahaahahaha
Joseph Bailey (1 month ago)
No screaming women in the Third Reich army? Fuck this game.
Alexandr Mk (1 month ago)
Red orchestra is better
The question is.. is this the game where you can finally play as germans as an equal normal nation?
GlisteningKintamas (29 days ago)
JustSomeTimber1nTheLake oh sorry I misunderstood
but i meann Single player cmapaing..
GlisteningKintamas (29 days ago)
JustSomeTimber1nTheLake a good example would be the Red Orchestra series
which one?
GlisteningKintamas (29 days ago)
There are games where you can play as Germans on equal grounds, they're just not the games that are advertised lol
Tyler Jakovac (1 month ago)
Tyler Jakovac (15 days ago)
Gerpar wow that sucks
Gerpar (15 days ago)
From what we know currently, PC only.
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
Tyler Jakovac Only Pc
F4jLip (1 month ago)
At least it looks real not like in battlefield 1 and 5 trailer
Jaboodles (1 month ago)
This will be getting my money not the new battlefield!!
Andrew M (1 month ago)
This is more like it. Ww2 games shpuld be authetic. Not a tranny in sight.
VikingReclaimer (1 month ago)
Satyadeep Borah (1 month ago)
Another WW2 game. I miss COD MW series very much now.
Mark Pippin (1 month ago)
We need this for PS4
kek lel (1 month ago)
That Tiger looked so good!
Yoshi Desu (1 month ago)
Ghilled Kid (1 month ago)
Is like squad
Ghilled Kid (1 month ago)
Is like squad
Saitama (1 month ago)
Not another ww2 game..
Domonoasis World (1 month ago)
I legit thought that this was another Battle Royale game.
GlisteningKintamas (29 days ago)
That's how bad the fad is getting
Ps4 release ? Or just on pc ?
jacky BelgianGamer Aahw fuck 2 bad man i would realy wanna play this but i am a ps4 player thanks for the info bruh
jacky BelgianGamer (11 days ago)
just pc
Reynard Misae (1 month ago)
This makes battlefield v look like a walk in the park
K Julian (1 month ago)
wtf? youtube sorted this video as COD WW2 clip
Mike TW17 (1 month ago)
Guys this is gonna die just like Verdun did
The Person (25 days ago)
its not that dead.
joel (1 month ago)
i bought this game as its only open on test weekends, its still a work in progress but the game is amazing as it is rn
joel (17 days ago)
i'm more of a pilot too, but the combat and state of the game appeals to anyones taste
Kshitij Kumar (17 days ago)
joel I'll be sold if they add player controlled planes, I am something of a pilot than a tank commander
joel (28 days ago)
no worries my g, even tho it is still a work in progress i strongly suggest buying the game
0 0 (28 days ago)
joel alright thanks man
solid snake (1 month ago)
The graphics is fuck !
Thomas Celestin (1 month ago)
It looks like Brothers in Arms 😀
Sam L (1 month ago)
it pretty much is but multiplayer, i played it.
Jake Rutigliano (1 month ago)
0/10 No swastikas. Or at least not any that I have seen. By the way, I wonder if Dunkirk is in this game?
Gerpar (15 days ago)
Eh, it's a minor detail, and if it were added, most EU players wouldn't be able to legally download it.
Political correct police states* is the correct term for the countries and that's not a good reason to ruin it for the rest (majority) of us
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
Jake Rutigliano Swastikas are forbidden in some countries so it won't be fair for the people who can't buy this game because of this.
GlitchGaming YT (1 month ago)
Jake Rutigliano probably not as it is set in holland (operation market garden),so no dunkirk
Deus Vult! (1 month ago)
Where are the black female nazis?
What about my wheelchair using black transgender homosexual Jewish ss troops?! This game is racist as Fuck
doubleP (29 days ago)
How about the lesbians with robotic arm-prosthetics?
Brian Friedman (1 month ago)
where are the fluid transgender gay nazis?
Cisco Jr (1 month ago)
Where are the British?
FiniteAutomaton (1 month ago)
lol is this a mobile game?
FiniteAutomaton (29 days ago)
shouldnt you be cleaning up the slushy machine mohammed?
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
FiniteAutomaton I hope you're joking.
Derek Fendrock (1 month ago)
Wow a WWII game that’s coming out and doesn’t look like a joke.
Scott Clark (1 month ago)
Please release this on console. This would destroy battlefield v
sreach1991 (21 days ago)
This game is a slow pace combat you can't just rush the enemy and hoping to score a kill you need to realize is create for those who needs to communicate with other teams and have good eye sight to spot and give accurate detailed information of enemy location/position to let your friendlies nearby know to beware of the enemy's location and to proceed with caution in the army/Marine corps they train you to use your brain to think and start your plan of attack, squad and post scriptum are slow pace and communication is KEY to helping your team win the battle even typing doesn't work as often cuz nobody wants to read chats during in-game matches it's distracting
Bence 70170 (29 days ago)
MrMav i did not Say its not shit
MrMav (29 days ago)
Just a shitty arcadey AAA game
Bence 70170 (29 days ago)
Mohammed Lamouri pc doesnt deserve New god of war lol
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
Scott Clark Console doesn't deserve this masterpiece.
Kimoon Nam (1 month ago)
Way better than BF Virgina
MATEXHD CHANNEL (29 days ago)
Kimoon Nam Vagina*
Summe Apollo 593 (1 month ago)
i hope this game are coming for the ps4
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
Summe Apollo 593 Only Pc
Dieno 101 (1 month ago)
Like ea I don't feel so good
D3RP TV (1 month ago)
I just realised this is squad but re skinned as ww2
Rex-Dylan Baker (29 days ago)
Don't forget German role-playing in chat. If the insurgent forces in squad have taught me anything, it's gonna be a good time
Lasse Helweg (1 month ago)
I am actuelly fine with that, No need to learn any new controls, just enjoy the settings
Nebo8 (1 month ago)
Well it's the same dev so yeah
Alex Gonzalez (1 month ago)
D3RP TV good
The Hiphopopotamus (1 month ago)
Ummmm... this game says that it's realistic, but where are all the disabled female British snipers? Or the black transgender German troops? Not even a single non-binary pansexual other-kin tank commander? Seriously?? These developers need to seriously consider the violence they're committing against non-gender conforming people of color by purposely excluding them from video games they'll never buy or play. I'm literally having a PTSD episode because these bigots have the nerve to claim historical accuracy and refuse to pay tribute to the literally billions of non-cis-hetero disabled women that bled and died on the front lines of Normandy. I'm literally shaking in rage right now.
The Person (25 days ago)
are you being sarcastic?
Gr4ntTheBoss (29 days ago)
Major König (29 days ago)
Top comment
NapoleonBonaparte (29 days ago)
"other-kin" lol wtf
Nolan Buell (1 month ago)
i love you
Ryan Mccleave (1 month ago)
Who else came here after seeing that shity battlefield trailer
Howard (13 days ago)
Matthews Gaming Zone lol triggered fucking faggot stupid motherfucker cunt you crybaby motherfucker whore
why do I exist? (22 days ago)
Ryan Mccleave first trailer was shit but you gotta admit bfv look really good same with the details and how effects can interact with objects lioe snow going around a wall
Reynard Misae (1 month ago)
Matthews Gaming Zone Triggered
Dj Sweg (1 month ago)
Ryan Mccleave this guy
Jonathan G (1 month ago)
Anyone else here cuz of Battfield 5? Liberal garbage, lol
mAh black Jewish tranny ss Nazi soldier with one arm!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
King Marre (1 month ago)
Well i am buying both
Maestah (1 month ago)
"Authentic World War 2 combat" - 4 British tanks charging a Tiger I in Fury Style....
Tom Meakin (14 days ago)
That was also a Matilda.... Which I don't think were ever used by the allies post D-day lol
Connor Branscombe (1 month ago)
Cutie Fox, not defending Fury but in that movie it the Tiger gets 3 kill shots lol.
Ffionn Cutie fox (1 month ago)
Maestah well atleast here the Tiger 1 can kill with a single shot
Maestah Those charging tanks got their asses kicked by the Tiger I
Karl S.R (1 month ago)
Asi tendria que ser el trailer del battlefiel v este juego es un ejemplo de como se hacen juegos hambientados en la segunda guerra
Robyn (1 month ago)
Better than Battlefield Vagina.
o mpampas sas (17 days ago)
Co play gay of duty
Kutay Sezer (24 days ago)
Here we can see a really original and well thought 12 year old joke
Ishmael 420 (1 month ago)
Matthews Gaming Zone you're replying to every comment that's anti battlefield. Triggered much faggot? Kill yourself
Liberty Prime (1 month ago)
Matthews Gaming Zone *you're
Robyn (1 month ago)
Go fuck yourself.
Patrik Kárai (1 month ago)
Good game but wtf this computer needs.
Lotoskaiserin 49 (1 month ago)
Better than battlefield trailer :(
Wyatt Earp (7 days ago)
MasterFaust you need to grow a set of balls
Miles Dreemurr (18 days ago)
True... too bad this game is not for consoles too....
wachira duangjit (23 days ago)
Joonas kalliokoski (28 days ago)
Athenos im sorry to say but there were more civilian deaths than military
Demicleas 2 (1 month ago)
MasterFaust your a white supremacists for assuming someone is sexist see i can do it to.
talon goodbaer (2 months ago)
NoOb bolado (2 months ago)
weird character rig lol
justa throwaway (1 month ago)
Not as weird as Battlefield V(agina)
inferno squad (2 months ago)
Enough of this ww2 cash grab bullshit
Redwolf1204 (2 months ago)
looks better than whatever cod ww2
Ian Sosa (2 months ago)
Pocket club grandmother spring math deep index complex tribal ancient German CEO.
1967ModZeb (2 months ago)
Will need a console release. No one plays on PC anymore. Also has a risk of being both incredibly difficult and boring.....Just ask Operation Flashpoint.
Gerpar (15 days ago)
"No one plays on PC anymore" Why does steam have 5 million daily active users then? Source: Steamcharts
F4ME VORTEX123 (1 month ago)
1967ModZeb Jesus you’re a special kind of stupid
Curry (1 month ago)
you're talking garbage... statistics show us otherwise. Also the "price" argument has been shown to be false over and over again... geez people never learn.
Legion (1 month ago)
GR8 B8 M8....I R8 8OUTOF8....
Solid Sapphire (1 month ago)
What the a actual fuck dude 😂
The OGgamer (2 months ago)
Stop with the WW2 fps already! Where are the modern combat fps games!
Modern fps As in every fps game these last 10 years except like 3 games? You are clearly retarded
Demicleas 2 (1 month ago)
The OGgamer we what ww2 not shoot at the general direction of your enamy similator modern war is boring as fuck if you look at any war footage you would see the opposing forces would shoot at the general direction of there enamy never hitting echuther.
Esteban Singh (1 month ago)
The OGgamer they are coming. Watch ww3 trailer
Gass Gonzalez (1 month ago)
The OGgamer (1 month ago)
- Ronfy oh I do play Black Ops 3 cause Treyarch is the only CoD developer who hasn't made a bad CoD multiplayer or zombies!
Daniel Volosin (2 months ago)
I like, gimme a console release please...
Gerpar (15 days ago)
Now you know how us pc gamers feel about console exclusives...
SuburbanOdin (27 days ago)
British_Imperialism Fuck you
weed75 Black (29 days ago)
SANESSS "harmless fun"
Rex-Dylan Baker (29 days ago)
There are way too many things to manage for controls for this to be on consoles. On top of leaning, you've got the map button, map zoom, 3 different voice channel options, 3 text chat options,fire rate, scope sighting, squad leader commands/building, grenades, and 6-7 different inventory items. I just don't see that working on a controller
British_Imperialism (1 month ago)
A Minuteman somebody is mad that they don't have unlimited mod capabilities
你他媽的 (2 months ago)
Y otro juego más....... por dios......
brokennoah (2 months ago)
"...provides an authentic WWII combat experience." Do I get to scream and cry in agony before going in to shock after my legs get blown off ?
Alexander Raborn (11 days ago)
thats rising storm 2: vietnam
German Alonso (29 days ago)
Suutari4 cod ww2 gore is lame and toned down when I see someone's leg get blown off I don't feel Disturbed
Jack Finnigan (29 days ago)
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 yes
German Alonso (29 days ago)
Play red orchestra 2
Suutari4 (29 days ago)
That happens in WW2 multiplayer so it's possible
Ethan (2 months ago)
I read this post scrotum at first lol
ciro lima (2 months ago)
Primeiro hehe
stay focused (29 days ago)
So is this for pc only?
Mohammed Lamouri (29 days ago)
stay focused Yes
RIGENSTEIN (2 months ago)
just had to unsubscribe from another trailer channel because they started posting spoiler content just to get more views (no trailers, just spoiling bosses and stuff). Please never degenerate into that type of channel.
At1aNt (2 months ago)
Мало что понятно из данного ролика, в чем соль?

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