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CF60: Fortnite Switch At E3? Big Teases, Best Games, Smash Bros., and More!

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Will Fortnite Switch FINALLY come out to play? Is E3 going to bring us lots of new Smash Bros. Switch characters? What about this mysterious Purple M tease? Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (341)
Wildpants (9 hours ago)
For smash, I think they will show new modes, the new versions of old characters get shown off, and they will show a few new character trailers.
James Keith Tampus (5 days ago)
This is what happen when a console don't have any content to cover.
gambites3 (5 days ago)
What if they remade Zelda 2
MaxCulture (5 days ago)
I just got a mid roll ad that cut off Gabe talking about the Switch so that YouTube could show me an ad featuring Gabe talking about the Switch. 👀 SwitchForceception!
Micah Hendrix (5 days ago)
i want always want zelda ports. i want skyward sword without motion controls
odeh Amarin (5 days ago)
You guys! Don't you think they might show some mobile game Zelda?
Eddie P (5 days ago)
Even with fortnite being free I don't see it coming to the switch. The game is constantly updated. Does anyone remember the issues others had releasing large updates on the switch?
CricketStyleJ (6 days ago)
I wasn't even thinking of a Joycon Pro. I was just speculating that they were going to do some small fixes (better connectivity, etc.). A Joycon Pro would be cool though. They have done much weirder things with their controllers...Labo for one.
NiNNiN811 (6 days ago)
SwitchForce, I love everything that you do on your channel, but I was wondering, if both of you could choose one game that you would want to be shown at E3 that hasn't been announced already(ex. Don't say smash or Yoshi) or would you want a new I.P with its own unique game, also(question for Gabe, because he is awesome) which ninja turtle are you going for in the finals of the splat fest tournament?
Yord (6 days ago)
arms gets boring really fast
Neatqt (6 days ago)
xenoblade 2 is OBJECTIVELY top 10. its that good and im not even a huge RPG fan.
Travis Stindt (6 days ago)
Omg my comment made it into the episode. To clarify it was meant to be announced before in a Pokemon direct then only played during treehouse. Not announced at E3. They did this with Sun and Moon. Revealed during its own direct then played during the Treehouse portion to show off the game. Also, kudos on pronouncing my last name properly 😸
Dylan Gameplay (7 days ago)
I think they will announce fortnite how they announced rocket league
JoyCon Nation (7 days ago)
I hope they don't waist time with fortnite at e3 I hope they just show it off work some exclusive content and be like "it's in the eShop available now" then move on
JoyCon Nation (7 days ago)
What I'd like Third party: Fortnite Pubg (if it can run on mobile it can run on switch) GTA 5 Overwatch First party Smash (duh) Yoshi (I've never played a Yoshi game) Pokemon (literally couldn't care less but other nintendo fans do I guess) Bayonetta 3 Metroid prime 4
shadow6543 (7 days ago)
I just want RE7 and RE2 Remake :( C'mon Capcom I'll be your friend And TEW 1&2
shadow6543 (7 days ago)
Why is no one talking about Garage? It's an excellent twin stick horror shooter very fun
SmashBrosFan 89 (7 days ago)
Hey Switch force, How hyped for #E3 2018
Michael Gaspara (7 days ago)
Why complain about fortnite on switch, like you don't have to get it
onomeister (7 days ago)
Thank you Zach & Gabe for the advice at the end of your video. I always look forward to these in all of your videos. I'm going through a tough time in my life so both of your advice really hit me hard, but in a good way! Switchforce fan... OUT!
Nate Menzel (7 days ago)
Guys it’s obviously Mintendo64
AkA Rocky (7 days ago)
For next comment force, we want achievements
Louis DellaLucca (7 days ago)
This is the first time I’ve seen an entire commentforce. I like it. A lot of topics were discussed and I look forward to the next one
Nuno Tiger55 (7 days ago)
How do you guys change the conversation to games from juice?
James Michael (7 days ago)
I agree 100% with your final thoughts, those are important matters. Keep it up!
yoshi nugget (7 days ago)
18:49 Something beginning with M huh.. MMM ummm uuh ... ... ... Wait.. *MONOLITHSOFT* I need me xenoblade 1 and x remasters. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Barney The Brioche (7 days ago)
I’m thinking there could be a 2019 top down zelda so even though Nintendo said 2018, I feel there will be a few things announced for 2019
Connor Dennis (7 days ago)
I think the reason why Yoshi and Pikmin 4 are coming out late is so the can have Nintendo Labo be implemented in their games.
RED entertainment (7 days ago)
What I though Zach liked snipperclips!
RED entertainment (7 days ago)
Arms is great!
Oboewan Gaming (7 days ago)
Nintendo's holding a tournament using the new Smash Bros game. So, you'll see that then and less will be in the presentation.
Hahaha I watched that movie when I was five and I still remember alidar
Kaden cows (7 days ago)
Perhaps the purple on the Liam's tease means Nintendo will make Gamecube joycons with Mario, Megaman, and Metroid editions.
3dzlime (7 days ago)
Loz ocarina of time and majoras mask HD bundle for 40$ would be dope
S'DAS (7 days ago)
I mean Zelda botw is now a year old and dedicated Zelda channels are now just trying to entertain themselves with botw. Don’t get me wrong Zelda Botw is a fine piece of art, but now in 2018 Zelda is looking kind of dry, with Mario having odyssey, Mario kart and Mario tennis aces. It seems odd to only have 1 Zelda game in the 2 years of the switch, while Mario has 3 or more
Bleach (8 days ago)
When is E3 ?
Green _ (8 days ago)
With the smash coverage, I think we get 2 character trailers with 2-3 new and/or returning characters each a gameplay trailer and more new characters during the Treehouse
Seamus Hurley (8 days ago)
Do you think Spyro will be announced on switch in the same way Mario and rabbids did at e3 last year?
Unslayed Ranger (8 days ago)
All I need is a starfox game
Isaiah Hudson (8 days ago)
So everyone's just gonna forget terraria for nintendo switch?
Trey Smith (8 days ago)
I get people want the 3ds to die and I did too. Then I bought a new 2ds xl. Trust me you don’t want it to die. Also there really isn’t a big difference in it being dead and it getting the games it’s getting. All it’s getting are ports. That’s not using many resources at all. This is why I think the switch and 3ds can be side by sode
Phoenix Pineapple (8 days ago)
What if they had a Pokémon direct a little before e3, kind of like they did last year.
Phoenix Pineapple (8 days ago)
Watermelon juice! Aka, water
King Lunala (8 days ago)
I can't walk out side without seeing somebody doing one of the fortnite emotes.😂
jonathan 22392 (8 days ago)
Wahhhoo thanks for including my comment this week switchforce! I appreciate the feedback. Keep up the great work SwitchForce!
Stef (8 days ago)
Where are the discord qeustions
Thomas Hodgetts (8 days ago)
Ares S. (8 days ago)
I dont think zelda is at e3 either, but i still have a small hope for ww hd/tp hd for switch. That would be awesome in my opinion. Personally i dont really care about SS, i really loved the story but the game itself just was boring and i struggled to get through it. The only reason why i finished was because of the story.
Ian Edwards (8 days ago)
I want gang beasts on the switch! It's the perfect indie game for the system... do you guys think it will come?
VoluXian (8 days ago)
12:09 That was slightly impressive, despite how casual the gameplay is lol.
NintendoNXViewer (8 days ago)
14:00 It's Ocarina of Time's 20th anniversary, so i guess that means were getting Majora's Mask HD or Skyward Sword HD this year! liam robertson is obviously teasing the Mexus, a Nintendo funded WWE three man stable to be featured on RAW MMM!
The Elite Bros (8 days ago)
Do you guys know that there is an ARMS demo now?
Johno Daz (8 days ago)
Quality CF Zach n Gabe and Comments as always guys. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 too me is the 3rd best Nintendo 1st party title on the Nintendo Switch. Fantastic advice like usual :-) 👍. 4th Edge Out.
Adam Ashbaker (8 days ago)
Can you please starting doing reviews for Indies again?
Red Shark (8 days ago)
Waluigis mansion, waluigis purple, M mansion
BuffDedede (8 days ago)
That person who like dino games try out ark it's coming and I love ark it's all about Dino's!
BuffDedede (8 days ago)
Nevermind I just saw it
anything70sfan (8 days ago)
DINOSAUR is my favorite! Gabe has been disowned.
anything70sfan (7 days ago)
Maria Hidalgo thanks!
Maria Hidalgo (7 days ago)
Nice profile pic
Nura BinTTrax (8 days ago)
Is anyone going to be trying the new point and click game being released this week - Mystery of the Hudson Case? I wouldn’t mind seeing hidden object games like the Dark Parables series or some of the games from Artifex Mundi come out on the Switch given its touchscreen. I have a soft spot for those games.
David V (8 days ago)
Fortnite isn’t that good or fun
N Train (8 days ago)
Can we get a 2D superMario/Luigi game where we can collect moons and throw cappies around?
DMS R6 (8 days ago)
They’re not making a d-pad because the whole thing is that you can break off a Joycon and share it with a fruend
David Lopez (8 days ago)
Wait when is E3
David Lopez (8 days ago)
Pzuh (8 days ago)
The crossplay in fortnite is only when you queue up with somebody in a PC lobby. If you're just playing solo or with other switch players, then it will be only Switch players.
Pzuh (8 days ago)
That's how it works for both consoles and mobile anyhow
Asher Coates (8 days ago)
Hey Switch Force. Remember that purple teaser from Liam Robertson with the magnifying glass? That was teasing a new video series he's doing about video game history/mystery, not some leak. He just posted one about a cancelled Bionicle game on Did You Know Gaming (go watch the intro of that video)
Asher Coates (8 days ago)
Side note: I was that "some people supposed mother"
joey leonard (8 days ago)
Honestly i want pubg on switch. Pubg in my opinion is way better then fortnite
Gamer4 LifeWD (8 days ago)
I don't care if I'm in the minority, very few Indies interest me, I'd rather have Virtual Console or equivalent in the Eshop than the mobile game garbage we get each month. For every great Indie like Shantae and Striker Gunvolt we also get a match three game or some lame puzzle game. The Classic Minis are not readily available, at least they could sell those games on a cartridge once they sell out, so we don't have to buy it at an increased price from some slimy scalper. I don't care if they call it "Virtual Console", but their classic games should be available to EVERYONE, not just people who have their previous consoles or the hard to get Classic Minis.
CAPPED By a cap (8 days ago)
Please put comment force on iTunes
Brandon Perry (8 days ago)
One thing I just want to say.... Nintendo never said Virtual Console was coming to the switch, They also never said they would not be releasing the games under a different name. Virtual console is dead, but, its silly to assume nintendo is leaving the money the can potentially make with a VC style service on the table.
Caden Holbrooks (8 days ago)
Do you think they will announce new Pokémon players for smash bros when they announce the new Pokémon switch game.
Jerson Moran (8 days ago)
Why people hating on fortnite being on switch? if you don't like it don't get it. But for the rest of us. we getting it. 🙋 Also if people want virtual console why not get a Wii u?
BulletTime Duck (8 days ago)
Do you think the reason they have delayed Nintendo Switch Online is because they were unsure whether or not the Nintendo Switch would suceed or not. If the Switch didnt do well they would just keep online free or a lot cheaper
Samantha C (8 days ago)
I think if they announced a Zelda game at E3. I would think it would be twilight princess.
Ozzwald Boland (8 days ago)
Characters I want for Smash in no particular order: 1) Ribbon Girl 2) Bandana Waddle Dee 3) Ninjara 4) Tom Nook 5) Urbossa 6) Cranky Kong 7) Doomguy 8) Snipperclips (duo) 9) Rabbid Mario 10) Dr Eggman (we need more badass villains)
Weston Gibson (8 days ago)
Ozzwald Boland I want ribbon girl for sure, but idk how likely it is
Nintendø Guy (8 days ago)
The amount of awkward silent pauses in this 😂
Cody Victor Lucas (8 days ago)
I’m betting that Nintendo will release GBA classic with Mother 3 as a surprise inclusion, ala Star Fox 2 for the SNES
Zack The Sackboy (8 days ago)
Tbh I don't know what to think about Fortnite. It's community looks so cancerous, however, the game doesn't look bad. I haven't played it on PC idk why, but if it will be on Switch, I'll give it a try.
Dalton Lamb (8 days ago)
I have a theory that Nintendo is using Michael Scott’s theory on gossip, and they are the ones releasing all of these leaks making us always look at leaks very skeptically
MetalStriker (8 days ago)
Dear SwitchForce, maybe at E3 Nintendo could release a Super Zelda Maker along with Super Mario Maker. What are your thoughts?
Bryan Bendickson (8 days ago)
Pokémon was in the treehouse in the past they can do it again
zionich (8 days ago)
I got MHGU. Its Switchmas for me so what ever gets announced is just bonus gifts!
Eat peepee nigga (8 days ago)
Another super Mario bros or Mario maker port at e3 I’m calling it
Splat Pat (8 days ago)
I've never played fortnite so it being on switch would be my chance
Fluffy Pug (8 days ago)
I really want jurassic world evelotion in switch
Black Mamba (8 days ago)
Fortnite is not going to die out, game will only get better with limited modes & don’t forget the game is still early access. Also, Save the world will be free soon as well which will also bring in more players.
General Hux (8 days ago)
Black Mamba thats exactly what i tell the ppl who say fortnite is just gonna die out. Epic games is making smart decisions and they arent oversaturating the game with content.
Bastiaan verheul (8 days ago)
They are gonna anounce link crossbow training HD in stead Skyward sword HD!
UDSlusher (8 days ago)
Both the top 25 video and reading the comments was really entertaining to me I hope don’t let comments prevent videos like it in the future
luisfernandolt (8 days ago)
Hopefully Wii Fit trainer is taken out of Smash as well as Palutena lol
Owen stroud (8 days ago)
19:13 Metroid other m deluxe
Gtayoshi (8 days ago)
I would like to see an Earthbound collection released Mother 1(Earthbound Zero) Mother 2(Earthbound) Mother 3(unreleased 64 version) Mother 3(Gba version)
backup368 (8 days ago)
When was the last time, if ever, where Nintendo announced a port at E3?
DDub 64 (8 days ago)
and uh...shut up Zack. u had to have ur faggy way to bears cuz u like it but its a 4$ game n to choose over xenoblade 2 was what I saw wrong with ur list. I mean dude set to bears....so what it might be good . cool but to put it up there with breath of the wild OVER a xenoblade 2....come on dude
SHUTTLE BOY (8 days ago)
Maybe a gameboy classic with mother on it? Would make sense considering a big selling point for the snes classic was unreleased star fox 2 was on it
DDub 64 (8 days ago)
m4..... 4 m's.... metroid prime 4...
DDub 64 (8 days ago)
did u guys not see that gamefaq guy come out n say "me n my brother just made a list of stuff that could be likely n we figured nintendo s online info reveal wuld most likely 100% b on a Monday. so the 7th or the 14th. yep we guessed it. pretty much a joke" ? u guys don't do your homework b4 talking
Aldo Barraza (8 days ago)
Gotta love how the only thing gabe and zack is they love switch
Zachy Be (8 days ago)
couldn't n64 be tied into purple
Alexander Martinez (8 days ago)
We don’t need Fortnite, we already have Splatoon: Battle Royal being announced
JoyCon Nation (7 days ago)
Alexander Martinez no we don't (I'd freaking love that) but that's completely incorrect
Ace of Cards 101 (7 days ago)
Photo Nerd (8 days ago)
I only own 3 xenoblade pro controllers, and all special editions of it physical version. In short BOTW was my first zelda game, xenoblade 2 was my first xenoblade and I can tell you xenoblade 2s story made BOTW look like a snoozefest, however the zelda combat was more fun.
Robert Smith (8 days ago)
I worry Fortnite on switch could cause issues. It's been killing multiplayer games left and right, do we really want Splatoon 2 having competition on its own console? Just a thought.
Jazzman (3 days ago)
They market to different audiences. Besides, they can get both, especially if Fortnite ends up being free.
ThePaulg123 (7 days ago)
Competition is healthy and fortnite on the go but with good controls is gonna elevate the switch up another notch
sefv tvtt (7 days ago)
Splatoon won't die because of fortnite they are Sorely different. You sound like you want splatoon to die.
Cesar Toledo (7 days ago)
Robert Smith killing every thing lol kids are playing fortnite the most and casuals when time passes there is going to be alot of battle royal games and people are going to get tired of battle royal games just like call of duty

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