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ARMS All Characters Trailer | ARMS on Nintendo Switch

999 ratings | 78966 views
These ten fighters are but the first to appear in ARMS with more on the way after the game releases. But for now, let's see what all of these have to offer shall we? Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (181)
Princess Donut_Unicorn (3 months ago)
The one an only ramen God "THE 🍲 💣" MIN MIN (Better than ribbon girl
You have Gay (3 months ago)
The genji mains playing the ninja dude
Hunter Freymuth (5 months ago)
9:38 Misango 10:38 Lola pop (I wish)
Dee lucky#7's (5 months ago)
TwinTelle and MinMin are *T H I C C* MinMin is *T H I C C* 'cause she eats a lot of Ramen.
USApyon206 (7 months ago)
just a stitch (8 months ago)
I mostly use twintel
Rip Tider (8 months ago)
Where Luffy at?
Just Shinbi 고양이 (9 months ago)
I have two penises
Gentry the Hedgehog (1 month ago)
Just Shinbi One for Min Min one for Twintelle lol
Dee lucky#7's (5 months ago)
I'm glad I know you're joking.
khanoon the eevee (9 months ago)
I love byte&barq
904 mappy (9 months ago)
あまいのりんこで! ひなたのうどんで! タンブリンアップ!
904 mappy (9 months ago)
904 mappy (9 months ago)
904 mappy (9 months ago)
904 mappy (9 months ago)
904 mappy (9 months ago)
904 mappy (9 months ago)
Miya (10 months ago)
I like how Kid Cobra's just doin' it for the views lmao
Antoinette Torres (11 months ago)
I might get this for Christmas. It looks like a fun game and the characters are awesome! 😃
Eva Gale (11 months ago)
Is it me or Helix's scream is funny: 1:40
aly.leigh (1 year ago)
damn min min t h i c c
Gentry the Hedgehog (1 month ago)
aly.leigh Twintelle T H I C C
herooflegend27 (1 year ago)
The voice of master mummy is the japanese voice of daruk from breath of the wild!
The Kingslayer (1 year ago)
ARMS all Character Trailers but every time it says "charge," it gets increasingly verbose.
Cryoprel (6 months ago)
Russell Arrington this isn’t the shitpost your looking bud
Swordmasterrap Gaming (1 year ago)
my favorite is helix
D J (1 year ago)
Can we just bring back Power Stone?
greatnine greatnine (1 year ago)
Where is little Mac
Green PowerRanger (6 months ago)
greatnine greatnine Little Mac does not have ARMS.
Shawn Roan (1 year ago)
are they amputees
Sincerely Otaku (1 year ago)
Team Twintelle!
Ryolu Celestial (1 year ago)
Nah team Min Min
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
Sincerely Otaku...yaaaaaaasss!
Memey tychoon (1 year ago)
Spring man has a fidget spinner
RockyHorror Gleek (8 months ago)
Datrlrykowlguw no.....a fidget spinner has three stem swhile a boomerang, which is older than a fidget spinner has two. A boomerang is thrown then comes back to you.
Enkeria (1 year ago)
08:44 the reason you are watching this.
ComradeAli (1 year ago)
İm a helix main
ComradeAli (1 year ago)
MY main is heliz
Peter Doan (1 year ago)
0:00 - "The Bouncer," Spring Man 0:55 - "The Scrapyard Scrapper," Mechanica 1:51 - "The Student of Stealth," Ninjara 2:49 - "The Grim Creeper," Master Mummy 3:46 - "The Speed Demon," Kid Cobra 4:44 - "The Airess," Ribbon Girl 5:40 - "The Ramen Bomber," Min MIn 6:37 - "The 'Man' of Mystery," Helix 7:38 - "The Clockwork Cops," Byte & Barq 8:39 - "The Silver Screen Queen," Twintelle
r-j-m _lab (1 year ago)
Manuel vasquez galvez (1 year ago)
(Cuando veo a Twintelle) ....¿Cerebella, eres tu?
Kinda wish there was one more female
RockyHorror Gleek (8 months ago)
The correct term is shaken, Not shook. They did just add s new female character! Lola Palooza, now including five girls! One of them is even a female of color!
beybladegeek usa (1 year ago)
The correct term is shaken, Not shook. techically BB and Helix are asexual but i can understand where you are coming frm
TheInfernityZero (1 year ago)
I need this announcer for my power point presentations.
TheAndyMan (1 year ago)
Let's see, we got "Slinky Bal Boa", "Not D.va," "2 Chainz," "Duct Tape," "Snake Man," "Princess Reach," "Knees Weak, Arm's Spaghetti," "Deoxyz," "Robocop & Luma," and "Etika's New Waifu?"
Trash Lord (1 year ago)
TheAndyMan Dude, we all know Etika's ARMS waifu is Min Min. #minminforthewinwin
Oboewan Gaming (1 year ago)
Now, I'd love for the use of Miis for this. My Monkey D. Luffy Mii will fit right into this game.
Brandon Espinoza (1 year ago)
Twintelle looks like a human Mega Lopunny, very cute, Nintendo!
Ryolu Celestial (1 year ago)
You know...now that look at Twintelle a second time aside from how THICC she is you aren't wrong. She look like Mega Lopunny..... one of my fav Megas
Harry Lin (1 year ago)
Why is DNA Man called "Helix" in English version?
Harry Lin (1 year ago)
+beybladegeek usa Oh, that's why
beybladegeek usa (1 year ago)
Harry Lin It's a joke on the Double Helix depiction of DNA molecules
Ronald Rivera (1 year ago)
ivan saldarriaga (1 year ago)
Will there be more later on?
H2GKMO (1 year ago)
ivan saldarriaga Yes One more is out Now!
Master3530 (1 year ago)
I have ideas for 2 new characters. I don't know how to name them so I'll just steal names from other games, lol. Warwick He's a werewolf. Grab damage is 170. Ability 1 is lifesteal. Each performed attack heals him by certain ammount of hitpoints. Ability 2 is dash in any direction, when he comes in contact with an opponent while dashing the dash will stop but opponent will take damage. He can charge dashes just like punches. Charged dashes are longer and do more damage. Weapon 1 is Trivolt. It's an electric variant of that weapon. Weapon 2 is Fire Guardian. It's a fire variant of that weapon. Weapon 3 is Cerber, it's a new weapon. It homes on enemies and attaches to them. There's no impact damage but you can mash the button as fast as you can for quick succesion of bite damage, 10 damage per bite. It's attached only for a few seconds. It uses stun element. Plantera She's a humanized plant. Grab damage is 160. Ability 1 is burrow. She can burrow underground for a few seconds to dodge any attacks. When she comes up below an opponent she performs a grab. Ability 2 is seed drop. When she gets hurt she may drop some seeds that grow into 4-legged venus flytraps instantly. They rush at opponents and bite them. They die in 1 punch. Weapon 1 is Ivy Whip. It's a stun version of Slapamander and Slamamander. Weapon 2 is Boombrella. It's an explosive version of Umbrella. Weapon 3 is Flower, it's a new weapon. After hitting opponents it spawns spores that do impact damage. They last for few seconds. Flower uses blind element.
Space 78 (5 months ago)
Master3530 Plantera...hmmn. Did you get that from Terraria ?
Green PowerRanger (6 months ago)
Master3530 Wrong channel dude! You're supposed to comment these ideas to Nintendo's channel!
Master3530 (1 year ago)
The Medieval Ghost Who said how many damage does flower do? Cerber can be nerfed. Plantera's grab can be dodged, it's not guaranteed. There's only 1 flytrap at a time, plus it's more like 5 per round. Warwick shouldn't be able to charge dashes cause that's too much. Dash damage is only like 20. Grab idk, it could be toned down if it bothers you.
The Medieval Ghost (1 year ago)
This characters are broken af. Warwick has high grab damage, can dash anywhere, dash does damage, and heals by attacking, making him WAY better than ninjara and master mummy combined. Plantera has decent grab damage, can burrow for a few seconds for a guaranteed grab (that does extra damage), and has the chance to spawn 4  helpers that are basically barqs The Cerber and flower are also very broken arms, cerber could do 180 dmage in 3 seconds, and flower could do 120 damage with the bonus of blinding the opponent.
Don’t R34 Kanna (1 year ago)
Damian Strupiechowski woro the werewolf and plaina the plant idk it sounded better in my head
Seems fun, if I could only get a switch...
Mathias Chrome (1 year ago)
the boomerangs in use look like fidget spinners... those of you who didn't see this already probably cant unsee it now. so damn you Nintendo and your "hipness".
HeroOfTheEmblem (1 year ago)
refonyte2000 It's a boomerang. It's supposed to spin. #YoYosForLife
refonyte2000 why do some people hate the fidget spinners
MrPancaeks (1 year ago)
Cryostasis (1 year ago)
00:00 - Spring Man 00:55 - Mechanica 01:51 - Ninjara 02:48 - Master Mummy 03:46 - Kid Cobra 04:44 - Ribbon Girl 05:40 - MinMin 06:36 - Helix 07:38 - Byte and Barq 08:38 - Twintelle
Shant Mir (1 year ago)
Nicole Sanchez thiccc
Cryostasis 8:38 Nicki Minaj
lonely boi (1 year ago)
should add a spring dragon THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME . oh and TWINTELLE IS T H I C C.
Simon Fredrik Lund (1 year ago)
if you just count characters and arms there are just 180 combinations
ThePandaFrenzy (1 year ago)
+Simon Fredrik Lund​ Yes, in the demo versions that have been shown so far. At the end of the latest nintendo direct they showed Helix switching between tons of ARMS and said you can reach around 6000 combinations!
Simon Fredrik Lund (1 year ago)
each character can only have their own arms and they have three different arms so there is 18 combinations with each charakter and there are ten charakters so 180 combinations.
ThePandaFrenzy (1 year ago)
Simon Fredrik Lund That's only with the preset ARMS for each character. Every character can have every ARMS and there are probably more unlockable ARMS we don't know about
Stephen Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Space Allen (1 year ago)
Helix's arms look OP af
Master Frillish (1 year ago)
Space Allen You have unpredictable, bouncing blinders, powerful, quickly charged ice dragons, and a literal shield
KingToll (1 year ago)
Another Rosalina & Luma cancer character, oh joy!
Mercy (1 year ago)
i thought i was the only one who thought that
Mercy (1 year ago)
KingToll XD
Dragonwolf (1 year ago)
😁 🥊🥊 👱🏻‍♀️🤜🏻 👏🏻 👊🏻👊🏻 👱🏻‍♀️ K.O
Dragonwolf (1 year ago)
Guillermo Sevillano-Pino emoji abuse...
Jam Toon (1 year ago)
I want this so badly. ;-;
Aetheri (1 year ago)
I'm legit torn between half the cast... Ribbon Girl Ninjara Minmin Helix Kid Cobra
Don’t R34 Kanna (1 year ago)
Aetheri #MinMinForTheWinWin
Dragonwolf (1 year ago)
Triforce Metroid me too
Soul 101103 (1 year ago)
Ummm...who invited nicki Minaj?
Kamryn C. (1 year ago)
Random Channel2 LMFAOOOOOO
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
+Random Channel2 apparently Nintendo has barbz....😂😂
Amelia Williamson (1 year ago)
anyone else notice how 1. 4 girls and 6 guys, 2. all the girls have the same body type while the masc characters have wide body variations, and 3. almost all the girls have a typical sort of stereotype for their character? i mean with the guys we have a ninja college student, a robot cop and his dog, a mummy, and a cobra boy; meanwhile for girls we have a movie star, a pop star, a token "smart girl," and the daughter of ramen-store owning parents. idk nintendo if ur gonna be trying to rival overwatch maybe you should have more variation in body types and backstories that arent traditionally feminine?
Gentry the Hedgehog (1 month ago)
Amelia Williamson Are you SERIOUS? Can’t we all just enjoy a game for what it is anymore??
Mystified0wen (8 months ago)
Amelia Williamson do you notice the female characters have a bigger ass / boobs then the rest of their bodies ( minus the hair/ arms )
The Kingslayer (1 year ago)
As a dude, I find women way easier to design, but harder to write for. And most Nintendo employees are guys, so...
Don’t R34 Kanna (1 year ago)
Amelia Williamson why rival overwatch they litteraly only share that its a fighting game
Perfectionist (1 year ago)
Grana Banana (1 year ago)
meh *goes back to playing overwatch*
RemixerUltimate (1 year ago)
Grana Banana this isn't a competition.
Toon The WindWanker (1 year ago)
"Oh ramen gods why must you forsake me?"
AwesomeG46 (1 year ago)
Hyper Sonic (1 year ago)
The game is called arms but we have a character who's using hair. This reminds me of a character in MK who also uses hair but for the life of me, I do not remember.
Hyper Sonic (1 year ago)
katspawz That's the one! I loved using Sindel back in the days.
katspawz (1 year ago)
Paranormal Pete (1 year ago)
I feel this is feels very unbalanced. Some very Op moves and characters.
Cryoprel (6 months ago)
Lyn Is Hot ogre porn
Jochem Wokkem (1 year ago)
Sigurd Sandmand Over powered
Gurdemand (1 year ago)
What are OP?
Jochem Wokkem (1 year ago)
Paranormal Pete every character can have every arm, you just have to unlock them
EmeraldBlade98 (1 year ago)
Gentry the Hedgehog (1 month ago)
EmeraldBlade98 #JOYCONBOYZ
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
EmeraldBlade98 oh ok...
EmeraldBlade98 (1 year ago)
Lola hp it's an etika thing. He just calls her that on streams because of min min or whatever. It's just a joke. But I actually agree with you lol
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
EmeraldBlade98...not true,it's not her fault she's E X T R A T H I C C.
Roston11 (1 year ago)
"Arms" But...but that is hair.
antonio Machado (1 year ago)
Roston11 arms are the fists not the actual arms at lest that's what I've heard
Pepto Abysmal (1 year ago)
Slenderfoxx37 ah I had the same thought
PinkSneaselGirl (1 year ago)
'Arms' can also mean weapons, which every arm is.
Anonymous 20 (1 year ago)
Roston11 the mutation really affected her o the weirdest way.
Slenderfoxx37 (1 year ago)
Roston11 arms made from hair...have you heard of Bayonetta sir?
TheLoreSeeker (1 year ago)
I guess mix matching the arms is great.... but in a fighting game I always enjoy having secret characters to unlock. Looks like this is everyone.
AashawnFlareon (1 year ago)
TheLoreSeeker pretty sure the boss character at the end of arcade mode will be unlockable
Felix Gray (1 year ago)
Umm why is nickimanja in this game
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
Felix Gray Nicki Minaj*... but apparently Nintendo has barbz
Michael Dust (1 year ago)
wonder if this game will do well after its release
Majora-Flash (1 year ago)
PLEASE VOTE, THIS IS IMPORTANT http://www.strawpoll.me/12988053
Miya (10 months ago)
Anonymous 20 Lola Pop Get with the times, grandpa
DeadbeatJuice Cx (1 year ago)
Jerrika Minaj (1 year ago)
XD Twintelle is winning...#MimMinInTheBinBin
Angrio (1 year ago)
Anonymous 20 but helix is 2 :P
SCREWHEAD281 (1 year ago)
Lazy Trevor (11 months ago)
Laidy (11 months ago)
Master mummy is the thiccest tho.
Shant Mir (1 year ago)
Screwhead_281 its hugggeeee
DmarcusBaus (1 year ago)
Screwhead_281 *EXTRA THICC!*
Anonymous Waddle Dee (1 year ago)
"Try attacking from the front with a Tribolt, and then from the side with a Boomerang! How does that strike you?" Probably hard. And painfully.
Donnel Waddle Dee (1 year ago)
Waddle Dee That's what he does best.
Anonymous Waddle Dee (1 year ago)
Donnel Waddle Dee Not as much trauma as getting clobbahd by dat dere Dedede.
Donnel Waddle Dee (1 year ago)
Waddle Dee Yeah I'm pretty sure it induces blunt force trauma.
Carlos Vasquez (1 year ago)
Dragonwolf (1 year ago)
Carlos Vasquez goodbye

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