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7 Exclusives Microsoft Xbox One Games of 2018 & 2019

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our list of 2018 and 2019's most anicipated games for Microsoft Xbox one x & Xbox one . List Of Games : # 1 : Gears 5 00:00 Release : 2019 # 2 : Vigor 03:22 Release : Q3 2018 # 3 : HALO INFINITE 04:35 Release : TBA # 4 : CRACKDOWN 3 06:16 Release : 22 Feb 2019 # 5 : FORZA HORIZON 4 07:50 Release : 22 Oct 2018 # 6 : Ori and the Will of the Wisps 09:40 Release : 2019 # 7 : TUNIC 11:27 Release : 2019
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Text Comments (14)
Gilles M. (13 hours ago)
Crackdown 3 is cringey AF
YT Anonymity (2 days ago)
I hope you just release all these game on your Xbox only. Don't release them on PC.
YT Anonymity (1 day ago)
Back in the day Microsoft have great line up on OG Xbox and X360 and they really did to released their exclusive on their console platform only. That's why OG Xbox were great following with X360. But now..... their line up is getting worse. Lack of exclusive and some of them were released on PC such as Crackdown, Gears Of War, State Of Decay and Forza Horizon 6. In addition, some of their huge upcoming exclusive game for Xbox One have been cancelled such as Scalebound, Phantom Dust, and Stormland. These game are supposed to be a deal for released them on Xbox One only as their exclusive title but it have been ruined.
YT Anonymity (1 day ago)
FIVE SALEM They must have better line up just like they did on their predecessor. If they get an exclusive they should release it on Xbox only instead to release them on PC too. Releasing them on PC would ruin an exclusive title for Xbox. That's why Microsoft have worst line up in this gen now on Xbox One cause they have lack of exclusive and some of them were released on PC. LOL what a worst line up they are. Exclusive meant for one platform only. That's a deal for exclusive for its platform.
FIVE SALEM (2 days ago)
lol both are microsoft did you ever heard microsoft windows ?
Cave Man (16 days ago)
this is not enogh to compete with sony they need more AAA titles.
YT Anonymity (2 days ago)
Cave Man I agree. Xbox One is already have powerful hardware and they need more AAA title too
Rayman Legends (23 days ago)
YES. Halo, Gears, Forza and Crackdown are big titles to be hyped. Ori and Will of the Wisps is also cool for an indie game. I also can't wait to see two new ips (Tunic and Vigor)...
YT Anonymity (2 days ago)
Rayman Legends And they should release them on its platform only. They shouldn't release them on PC. It would ruin an exclusive title
Fava4 (27 days ago)
Halo and gears are Xbox legendary shity series , learn from Sony what are real fun games
Gustan Binder (12 days ago)
Dude, if you're a little ps4 fanboy... Why are you watching a Xbox video?
Hyderabadi Narendra (25 days ago)
no pubg on ps 4 and ps can't run 1 k
Ferarri Brown (2 months ago)
Holy shit some of these look fucking sick.
e efilysp (4 months ago)

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