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Top 14 Most Awaited Upcoming Android/iOS Games 2018

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Thank you Joycity for sponsoring this video. The War of Genesis is a newly developed game from Joycity that features characters and lore from the original War of Genesis game series. With a focus on strategy and management, The War of Genesis will also introduce massive guild battles for the first time. Its an upcoming games will launch this year. New best high graphics upcoming games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere Here I brought Some of the amazing upcoming games with great graphics 2018 has to offer let me know in the comments which one you're waiting for? 최고의 다가오는 안드로이드 iOS 게임 最高の今後のAndroidのiOSのゲーム
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Text Comments (227)
Bil.L the G (2 months ago)
The last night is console games
Izuku Midoriya (4 months ago)
Waiting for overwatch mobile.
Debajit Jit (5 months ago)
where is crysis 3 ?????
CCBB YT (5 months ago)
Hello Neighbor Full Game act 1-3 is coming to play store in July 27, 2018
Gian Catera (7 months ago)
what about fortnite
WWE HIGHLIGHTS (7 months ago)
On wich mobile you play all these games
Qø zero (7 months ago)
Inside plese on android
Bryan Jonathan (7 months ago)
Where is Oceanhorn 2 the games's graphics is as good as Zelda Breath Of The Wild
Oneeyed King (7 months ago)
I’m hyped for that fortnite rip off can’t wait for those shit graphics
Game Boy (7 months ago)
Hey bro where that awesome intro
fact of health (8 months ago)
Can we play pubg online & offline both.
Braydon Carranza (8 months ago)
Bless looks cool
Aditya Kumar Nayak (8 months ago)
how do you get trailers or gameplay i want to start a gaming channel like you i want to add game trailers or gameplays without copyright strike how can i do that. How do you post trailers and gameplay and monitize them without copyright strike. please tell me i need help.
Kecoak Salto (8 months ago)
its more likes top 10 crashing phones games on android/ios
Agariot Gaming (8 months ago)
I already have pubg subscribe to me and once I hit about 40-50 subs I’ll say how it’s pretty easy
Goponel (8 months ago)
Great collection
The Noob Gamer (8 months ago)
Omg devil may cry
Xero Gaming (8 months ago)
PUBG is released on android visit my channel i got a video on how to install it is developed by tencent
Ren Dude (8 months ago)
Bns? Lol?
Storm Goldeluxe (8 months ago)
I want GTA4
Hyper Fleetway (8 months ago)
can't wait for tauceti unknown origin
SupremeKingYT (8 months ago)
Lazy Bear (9 months ago)
Im so Hype for this
ItzFrost 8879 (9 months ago)
Im waiting for DMC 5 But they are Had another Plan and Im so Happy about The DMC Mobile :) thx vin For telling the information :)))
Make a list please, thanks
Santosh rajoria (9 months ago)
Wating for oceanhorn 2
Fed Nahuel (9 months ago)
Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is already released in global version.also i was expecting a footage of FF XV Pocket but no :( that quantum attack looks meh, I'm interested in fps thing there
Sheila Rushfield (9 months ago)
can't wait for 'Devil May Cry' to release :3
Hentai (9 months ago)
same here😊👌
RankZone (9 months ago)
Awesome game 👌.You always motivate me to post videos like you.😇
Kaunain GameHacker (9 months ago)
Is playdead inside really comming for android
Ehhh h (9 months ago)
Yes, it is already released on iOS, so the Android release will be very soon.
Zywczak 12_- (9 months ago)
Top best car crash games for android
Vinnie Sifter (7 months ago)
Zywczak 12_- if you mean S8 or OP5T that’s not a good phone
Gopnik with Vodka (8 months ago)
Norbert Żywczak the question is why do you want a car game with crashes,because people with better devices tend to stay away from those types of games crashy cars games sound like shit
Zywczak 12_- (8 months ago)
Welsh Games I have a good phone. I just ask him to record games with car accidents
Gopnik with Vodka (8 months ago)
Norbert Żywczak i wasn't trying to be funny ,is your device shit?
Zywczak 12_- (8 months ago)
Welsh Games you are not funny
Haider IRAQ (9 months ago)
A Boi With Drems (9 months ago)
Can you do best games that you and another can play on 1 device?
SWEET MEMORY'S FOR ME (9 months ago)
hii.. Upload this how to play happy chicks game local wifi multiplyer.??
Ora ng (9 months ago)
oceanhorn 2 just like zelda breath of the wild
Fox River (9 months ago)
Most of these games look awesome. I hope they all get global release especially identity v.
-OCTO- pus (9 months ago)
Finally some good quality games, i hope sd 835 can manage these games smoothly. :)
ms master (9 months ago)
DubTap OFFICIAL (9 months ago)
Pubg Mobile :)
Eliya Nofia Weni (9 months ago)
Reza Penipu Goblok
Eliya Nofia Weni (9 months ago)
Handoko fp Hahaha Maap Nama Aq Fazil Orlando Bukan Eliya Novia Weni
H.F .P (9 months ago)
Eliya Nofia Weni ngomong apa kamu!!!
brbl (9 months ago)
Is there any pubg like game that can be played offline?
Dan Lorilla (8 months ago)
Thug Gamer (9 months ago)
Dude 😂😂😂
brbl (9 months ago)
Seyyid Razeef AI
Seyyid Razeef (9 months ago)
brbl bro how can pubg be played offline if the game is all about 50 people battle at a time?it is a online multiplayer game
Syd Talatala (9 months ago)
Damn! This games look dope as hell it can be played in PC! Its future for gamers!!!!
aryaツ (9 months ago)
Seyyid Razeef (9 months ago)
arya ツ jedi survival attack pubg
Seyyid Razeef (9 months ago)
arya ツ pubgm is actually out....
aryaツ (9 months ago)
Seyyid Razeef lol i hav played it kid, its worse than SURVIVOR ROYALE , PUBGM has better mechanics
Seyyid Razeef (9 months ago)
arya ツ bro try 'rules of survival' it is exactly like pubg and good quality
Long Long Man (9 months ago)
Can't wait for these games to hit playstore. I fear some of these games might be taken down for copyright infringement. Lol
SKS TOXIC (9 months ago)
And pubg
SKS TOXIC (9 months ago)
れʊggモ匕 ɴᴜɢɢ I can't find you
SKS TOXIC (9 months ago)
れʊggモ匕 ɴᴜɢɢ Ok my name is Tymin13
Nugg Nugget (9 months ago)
toxic_panda _yt Thanks i have pubg now add me if u want NuggetNugg
Nugg Nugget (9 months ago)
toxic_panda _yt oh that's easier :/
SKS TOXIC (9 months ago)
れʊggモ匕 ɴᴜɢɢ I used we chat the green one you must install we chat sign up then use it
SKS TOXIC (9 months ago)
Payday crime war and the game at 6:15 it's just like fortnite
SKS TOXIC (8 months ago)
Steele wait there not coming to android😭😭😭
Haider IRAQ (9 months ago)
toxic_panda _yt yeessssss 😍😍
Yuugen Gaming (9 months ago)
u forgot blackdesert mobile if i didn't miss it since you have bless
Yuugen Gaming (9 months ago)
VinIsHere bullseye
VinIsHere (9 months ago)
+Han Walk3r oh.. I actually downloaded the trailer to feature it in this list I don't know how did I forgot that..
Big Star (9 months ago)
You wont propably even read this.. but.. It would be a heck nicer and easier if you would put a time stamp in the descroption at the link to the game. A one that just "takes" you to the time.
suicide (2 months ago)
Big Star true
Paradox Facter (9 months ago)
Looking forward to payday although PUBG is to late to join I have already found a Mobile game called knifes out that I already Injoy playing more than PUBG on computer
Novedila Anduada Manal (8 months ago)
Steele you are very wrong my homie rules of survival is the best battleground on mobile and also pubg mobile
Novedila Anduada Manal (9 months ago)
And rules of survival is better than knives out haha
Storm Goldeluxe (9 months ago)
its not knifes out its "Knives Out" amigo
dip Patil (9 months ago)
well some of the games are already on ios.
baldEAGLE1903 (9 months ago)
Any recommended open world HackNSlash available on G.play atm ?(Except Hit, Ireblood,Evilbane or Shadowblood) ?
Game Spirit (9 months ago)
honkai impact 3
Tegar Nusantara (9 months ago)
The last night is not coming to mobile devices
Tegar Nusantara (9 months ago)
VinIsHere i don't have the link to the original post on twitter. But here's a discussion talking about it http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=316006
VinIsHere (9 months ago)
+Tegar Nusantara for real? can you share the post? I found on tap tap guessed it would come, would be great if it does looks really cool
Tegar Nusantara (9 months ago)
VinIsHere wait but i've searched on a forum and just find the answer. Raw Fury confirmed that it's a fake claim on their twitter. So basically the game is not coming to mobile devices :')
Tegar Nusantara (9 months ago)
VinIsHere holy cow
VinIsHere (9 months ago)
+Tegar Nusantara You can pre-register here https://www.taptap.com/app/74431
Dracula ;.; (9 months ago)
Where to download the last night????
A Boi With Drems (9 months ago)
Graphics is what I care the most
Matthew Riola (7 months ago)
Porygon-Z gangstar Vegas beautiful graphics shit physics and gameplay.. GTA sa bad graphics (without mod) but great story and gameplay
Porygon-Z (7 months ago)
Beautiful graphics w/ shit gameplay will be a disappointment.
Braydon Carranza (8 months ago)
Technical Waqas (9 months ago)
Hey vinishere life is strange will relese for android??
SAIDKHAN (9 months ago)
Technical Waqas yes,March or April
Kappa (9 months ago)
Some of these are too good to be a mobile game
Games Legend (9 months ago)
Coming some 😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheDaRkPhOeNiX (9 months ago)
I love android❤️ and these game developers❤️❤️❤️... Tauceti looks like horizon zero dawn theme... this is SICKKKKK😍😍😍😍
free fire squad (9 months ago)
Plis nesecito subscristores porfavor plis ayudame
free fire squad (9 months ago)
Plis nesecito subscristores porfavor plis ayudame
Elijah Coppage (9 months ago)
I really want identity 5 and payday crime war
9:05 wow....Kinda waiting for it
1:32 really?
TheDaRkPhOeNiX (9 months ago)
Macro Trinity yeah.. it was announced
LeeTravius Mckay (9 months ago)
Vin, Are you Japanese or Korean?
miggy pimentel (9 months ago)
Monster hunter
Party 1004Man (9 months ago)
İos 😎🤩
Trọq Hữu (9 months ago)
8:27 really?
Sir Shadow (9 months ago)
List of the Games: Joycity Bonus: The War of Genesis 1.Playdeads Inside 2.Devil May Cry 3.Project Bless 4.Payday Crime War 5.Dissidia FF Opera Omnia 6.Sky 7.Identity 5 8.Blade & Soul Rev 9.Quantum Special Attack 10.Oceanhorn 2 11.The Last Night 12.Tauceti Unknown Origin 13.Windowers Sky 14.Playerunknown's Battlegrounds PLEASE MARK THIS COMMENT SO EVERYBODY CAN READ IT
ChrisrO (9 months ago)
Omg pubg <3
BYR Gaming (9 months ago)
Arghhhh when the payday crime war release,i have waited so many long time
Meme Lord (9 months ago)
RG Romey Gaming same dude like wtf the E3 got released on 2016
Ej_Pw 24 (9 months ago)
OMG Tauceti😍😍
Avangarda Sada (9 months ago)
Well, nothing so special, maybe only Tauceti.
L Rookie (9 months ago)
Vin... if you maybe find upcoming MH For android please make it a vid
M E M E M A C H I N E (7 months ago)
Little Rookie yes please
Sivapoojith Bommareddy (9 months ago)
Playdead's inside
Serif Caglar (8 months ago)
Sivapoojith Bommareddy in kkk2jedix
The NRooR Channel (9 months ago)
Hyped for tauceti
FESTUS CHANNEL (9 months ago)
Subscribe channel aku pasti aku akan subback
All game from this videos so perfect.the last knight graphics very unique.im waiting for play all
seem2002 (9 months ago)
Finally a sponsor. Vin deserves it.
Legado Gamer (9 months ago)
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
Heyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
You know me
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
Tauceti unknown origin its collllllllllllll i wan,t that
K_ Crazy (9 months ago)
Ronaldo Baculi ma come cazzo scrivi
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
The last ningt its cool
EV animations (9 months ago)
EV animations (9 months ago)
This was so awesome!!!
EV animations (9 months ago)
Wait Joycity sponsored you that's awesome I liked there games especially Gunship Battle it was fantastic
Ronaldo Baculi (9 months ago)
Is that real i can,t wait to play all this game omg its cooooooll
Soul of Cinder (9 months ago)
Pugb mobile ? Impossible. DMC ? Impossible. Video fake as fuck.
DManiac (9 months ago)
old school runescape is also coming
Pechenka 7EUS (9 months ago)
The legend of Zelda?
Irakli Gazashvili (9 months ago)
Payday <3
Ankit Bairagi (9 months ago)
Devil may cry 😍
Shady Gam3r (9 months ago)
Cant wait for blade and soul rev and PUBGM
DamiWol Taylor (9 months ago)
curtis francis (9 months ago)
Play dead inside and most definitely DMC
Ronin (9 months ago)
Nice! Most im waiting pubg & devil may cry!🔥😍
Alif 25 (9 months ago)
omggg i hope have offline game in this video😅😍😍😍😍
AndroBeast (9 months ago)
OMG devil may cry for Android amazing
Seym 一百個 (9 months ago)
Some of the games won't even be translated to english until 2019.

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