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The Last Guardian - 10 Things You Must Know

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Text Comments (111)
The voice of the boy is deeper than the one right now. am I the only one that noticed that
Hidden Danger (1 year ago)
At 0:55, did he aay be hating, hating, behaving, or beheading I couldn't tell
Fox Die (1 year ago)
behaving lol
Hidden Danger (1 year ago)
Ivy Lum (1 year ago)
This will be the game that I will treasure the most since it almost didnt make it out, mad respect to Ueda for creating this beautiful series especially this game, these types of games are very rare to come by now, hope the next generation gets to see or play these games
LIQUID SNAKE (1 year ago)
in 2006 Ueda has been working on it. Started concept arts and video presentation.
LIQUID SNAKE (1 year ago)
10 years in the making damn it!
Nether Fel (1 year ago)
Nothing new
Stipan Lisica (1 year ago)
Whats the lore?
Frozen Fan (1 year ago)
lol no spoilers
faithful harambe (1 year ago)
why is it called the last Guardian
Tobias Frolov (1 year ago)
There's a lot of different theories, here's mine. Based on the statues that can be found in the ruins, we can infer that people used to live there and that they had a mutualistic relationship with the Tricos. I think Guardian refers to the function that the Tricos served in that time. In the game, our Trico is the first one in ages who actually protects a human. Hence the Last Guardian.
Fox Die (1 year ago)
+Chrinik If only it was...
Chrinik (1 year ago)
He´s definately not the last...
faithful harambe Because Trico is the last guardian
Fox Die (1 year ago)
Why is YouTube called YouTube?
Starfish_central (2 years ago)
Having played the first two games when they were released for the PS2 I have waited a very long time for this game. Some have said that there are some issues with the camera angles but frankly I don't care. All games have some flaws and Fallout 4 had loads but still enjoyed the 1300+ hours I have played it (standard vanilla game with no dlc). Too many good games coming out! Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last Guardian but to name a few.
Griswald (2 years ago)
Top 6 things you need to know about any game from this series. 1. Someone you know and love is definitely going to die. 2. You will probably cry. 3.The devs are twisted fucks. 4. There's a possibility that theyll all die. 5. Hell maybe they'll trick us and let them both live. 6.Number 5 more then likely wont be true.
ToastyCrow (2 years ago)
I'd get the game If only I had the money
L3murL0rd (2 years ago)
I want to know if is thier gonna be combat i wonder thier has to be it jus be all about training trico to help you like if this is actually gonna be like shoadow of the colossus its needs to have some type of fighting element right or is it just me cause it showed he got kidnaped by somthing so maybe the boy learns how to fight or somthing lik that
bramthesmooveboss (2 years ago)
Love it!
kimisho soup (2 years ago)
This game is going to be a breath of fresh air. 10 years to develop you will get your 60$ worth with story alone.
MrTophatreaper (1 year ago)
kimisho soup well that's basically what it is..
John Volt (2 years ago)
Long wait? I just found out 😄
TheShining Katana (2 years ago)
Does this game have anything to do with shadow of the collosus
oooodaxteroooo (1 year ago)
oh, wow. my goat has horns as well!
poff W (2 years ago)
SotC is many years before Ico, at the end of SotC Wander is turned into an infant with horns. Which means Wander was the first of the line of children born with horns, and remember Ico had horns.
Eke Clout (2 years ago)
SotC had nothing to do with ICO, so probably not.
Trugo314 (2 years ago)
I feel like there will be nods to it in this game, or something of the like. Or if you mean does it tie in with the story of Shadow of the Colossus, I don't think so. That game's ending was very satisfying and I don't think anything needs to be added. But who knows I'm just speculating.
Michael Phillips (2 years ago)
It should be a good gaming experience no doubt. I just was always hoping for another Shadow of the Colossus game, with Colossi, but this will do, it looks nice.
The Grimwar (2 years ago)
Maybe Wander will return? If he does will he be enemy or ally?
cyberfennek (2 years ago)
this game looks fantastic :)
Mako Filippidis (2 years ago)
Now they can focus on a remake of sotc with added colossi
jaxnitsua1200 (2 years ago)
a full decade bro
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
And it will be worth all 3650 days that we have had to wait. lol
Victor Reginald (2 years ago)
This game is exactly like Falkor and the boy from Neverending story. But now you play a real life version of that. You can imagine how hyped I'll be now :)
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
I can't help but think of that movie too. Actually, this game reminds me of "The Spiderwick Chronicles" "The Last Airbender" "The Never Ending Story" "Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom" all rolled into one. I have never been so hyped for a video game. So yes, I can imagine how hyped you are. LOL
Black The Nerevarine (2 years ago)
I didn't play the firs two games, but I am hooked for this like crazy!!
Restless gamer (2 years ago)
you can get ps now for 7 days or for a month and than you can play both of those games on your ps4
jaxnitsua1200 (2 years ago)
you need to play shadow of the colossus if you can. still my favorite game ever. i bought a ps3 just so i can play it in hd.
OHIOspikey (2 years ago)
I would still love to play it, but I doubt that I will get the opportunity. I have been an exclusive PC gamer since the ps3 was released. I would love to see a PC release, but I doubt that this will ever happen. Shadow of the Colossus was awesome, and ICO looked really cool too but I never played it. It is really nice to see that this game has still been in the works, and is finally being released. I have been hyped for it since it was announced, and deliberately searched for it to see if they were still working on it. I was hoping that it would be cross platform though, even though I knew the original release was to be an exclusive ps3 game.
Black The Nerevarine (2 years ago)
+OHIOspikey Playstaion 4 are getting pretty cheap lately. At least in my country.
Badger boi (2 years ago)
jesus, whats the name of the track that plays through out? this music is amazing, someone please tell me
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
What is that music that plays at the very end of this video?
kidecchi (2 years ago)
cant escape the castle? shoulda just used mobile cover
iluvwanesworld (2 years ago)
I'm more excited about TLG than any other game, even more than FF 15. I'm really hoping they release a collectors edition
thunderbird pyre (2 years ago)
I want to play this game so bad. But it HS to be released first XD
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
11--You will also be disposing of many of those dream catcher cage thingy's throughout the game. I bet Trico was captured & imprisoned in one of those when he was small. That's probably why he has a fear of them. We will probably find that out in a flashback or maybe in the opening cut scene.
The Kyle Flex (2 years ago)
take your guess's now as to which h one of them will die at the end because judging by the studio who are making this game one of them will die at the end.
PS3GamerSyKe (2 years ago)
Been waiting since its initial reveal back in 09'. I'm hoping for a PS4 Bundle version or maybe a Limited Edition version at least. I'll need 3 of them please XD
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
There is no such thing as "for free". Free is free, it's not "for" anything. Having said that, I can't say anything to you that would convince you this is a fun game to play. The reason is that it's not the type of game that you like. You've made that clear. All I can say is that this game is not like "The Witcher" or "Assassin's Creed" or "Resident Evil". In fact there has never been a video game quite like "The Last Guardian". Trico ( the cat-bird griffin ) will behave just like as if it was a real animal. Unlike A.I.'s in most other games, you won't be able to control Trico. You will be able to interact with him, but he will still act totally independent of what's going on in his surroundings. That's what's going to be the real focus & heart ache of this game. Sure, it will be fun to do battle with enemies with Trico's help. Sure, it will be fun to explore the ruins & solve puzzles with Trico's help. But the player will fall in love with Trico just like it was a real pet. This is possibly going to be the most emotional action/adventure game ever made. If you love animals or even have pets of your own, you just might want to give this game a try. When Trico looks at you with those sad eyes & whimpers for you to help him, you won't be able to walk away. And thus your adventure will begin.
Roberto Ortiz (2 years ago)
+PS3GamerSyKe And I have to say I wouldn't even take it for free.
Roberto Ortiz (2 years ago)
+PS3GamerSyKe Thanks for answering... Now I understand that even though it is a high quality game, it's just something I'm not into whatsoever.
PS3GamerSyKe (2 years ago)
+Rheazen WTF I think story is one of the best aspects. Not to mention story book like visuals- ideas. I'd also say that people who are into ancient times, with a creative minds like this type of stuff. It's like magic. there's just something about these kind of games that grab your attention. it's good emotive quality gaming. friendship and danger. This is one you have to try when it finally releases this year.
Roberto Ortiz (2 years ago)
+PS3GamerSyKe Dude, I'm beggin' u... Tell me what's the "FUN" part of this type of "GAMES"? I mean, I love video games regardless of the console... Im a guy who grew up playing games from super mario bros, all pokemon from gameboy (not DS) to resident evil, need for speed, smash and I could go on but I made my point... I like "FUN" games and after trying so hard to like this crap and games like the witcher, assasin's creed... I just can't... And I'd like to know... What is the fun part of playing games like this?
Fangurl Friday (2 years ago)
This game looks incredibly boring. I'm not too keen on the flat graphics, the greyish lighting (unless it's the user's chosen lighting for this video) or the repetitive gameplay, whilst I understand that this is supposed to be a puzzles and riddles game. Still. You could say that about any game with graphics like these, like Silent Hill or The Last Of Us to a certain extent. I'm trying to find a list of good games for the PS4 to convince myself that the only good game on it won't be The Last Of Us - which incidentally I already own on the PS3, have played to death, and won't be re-buying. So far, I haven't found anything. This game looks like a mobile game that's been ported to the PS4 and put in HD. Very disappointing.
Mindmaker55 (2 years ago)
Wow in 2016 you can't have opinions people will come rape you for an opinion. Come on people it's an opinion 😅
NVK ARTS (2 years ago)
Ugh people are such assholes when it comes to graphics. They're fine the way they are, the gameplay looks amazing too, so there really is no reason to complain.
CometCourse (2 years ago)
Bloodborne you jackass.
John Smith (2 years ago)
+Mamacrow Helps Ikr
Mamacrow Helps (2 years ago)
+John Smith agreed, it's sad that someone even say something like that. at first i though he was just joking like sarcasm but man... he has no taste at all
DaJackal (2 years ago)
reminds me of Falkor from Never Ending Story!
bob loblaw (2 years ago)
+DaJackal that was my first thought, oh the nostalgia
kylemanpower hulk (2 years ago)
game seems fun but the companion reminds me too much of a dog and i hate dogs. but then again, i hate horses and i still like shadow of the colossus!
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
If it makes you feel any better, Trico is a cat/eagle hybrid. Fumito Ueda has mentioned this in numerous interviews going back as far as 2007. And yet so many people continue to refer to Trico as bird-dog or monkey-bird-dog. It's really annoying. The word "Toriko" ruffly translates to cat/bird/rat. Just as "Gojira" ruffly translates to whale/dragon/gorilla. I have nothing against dogs, but Trico reminds me more of a cat & a bird just as he is supposed to be. If you watch a cat closely, they move & behave very much the way we see Trico behave. Dogs don't act like that. I will agree though that some of the whimpers that Trico makes do sound like that of a dog. In either case, "The Last Guardian" is going to be a very unique & emotional gaming experience. It should easily win 2016 GAME OF THE YEAR even if it doesn't look as polished as "Uncharted 4".
Flying Guy (2 years ago)
+kylemanpower hulk Lol
kylemanpower hulk (2 years ago)
or hate them even more :D
Flying Guy (2 years ago)
+kylemanpower hulk :P Stop hating animals. I hope after this games you'd come to like dogs ^^.
ChingBlingtheKing (2 years ago)
I'm gonna fucking organism when I get my hands on this
Guidosaur (2 years ago)
+ChingBlingtheKing lmao
Aaron Morgan (2 years ago)
finally! I'm excited.
usernamedkjah (2 years ago)
You might need to reevaluate the word "must"...
rajib shamim (2 years ago)
I thought this game will be kinda like 'avatar the last airbender' nd i gues im in the right track about this.?¿
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
I don't know if you missed anything. However, it would be interesting to know what your thoughts are as to what will actually happen in this game aside from what we already know. Here is 10 questions you can give your thoughts on if you decide to make another video. 1--Will you have to play the entire game multiple times in order to accomplish certain goals? 2--Will Trico's horns & wings grow as you progress through the game? 3--Will it be impossible to get a good ending on your first play through? 4--Will the shrine/temple from "Shadow Of The Colossus" make an appearance? 5--If so, will you be able to climb all the way to the top this time? 6--Will there be a song sung in English during the end credits? 7--Will the boy obtain any weapons to use in battle with colossi such as in the previous game? 8--Will you encounter any characters from the previous games? 9--Will there be more than one solution to solve many of the puzzles? 10--If Trico is eventually able to fly, do you think you will have to control Trico in an aerial battle at some point? Bonus question--Will "The Last Guardian" win game of the year?
Rifqy Pradhana (2 years ago)
The game it self has not been released yet dude so is there any person beside the developer it self who can answer most of your questions ?
crystal moody (2 years ago)
So the people who lived there built beautiful architecture and connected it all with rickety bridges ?
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
+crystal moody No. The bridges are rickety because they are so old. In reality, they should not even exist anymore. If you ever visit old castles that have been let go for hundreds of years, all the wood is usually gone. Only the thick stone & brick frame of the castle still remains.
BlackArro Cartoons (2 years ago)
Great summary, thanks!
Patrick Mimnagh (2 years ago)
Looks interesting. If the price is good I'll get it. :D
Kakashi - Leonhart (2 years ago)
+Patrick Mimnagh you know it's gonna be at least 60 $ , like any other big tittle
pc master race
JoseMR2k11 (2 years ago)
I can agree with that but like, for example FF13 took 5 years to hit steam and it looks amazing on pc..... pc almost always getting the short end of the stick. even the multiplat games were pc broken, batman MKX just to name a few. pisses me off bc i wanna play everything on a pc tbh
jaxnitsua1200 (2 years ago)
that's completely false, this only really applies to console exclusives.
JoseMR2k11 (2 years ago)
to bad almost every single developer could give a shit about pc :(
marcellbuscemi (2 years ago)
Can't wait for this game!
TomatoDragonPSN (2 years ago)
The one thing I do know...day 1.
wolfflow (2 years ago)
You guy have a hell of a channel here.
William Larsson (2 years ago)
11. will be delayed to 2017
Jeremy Probst (2 years ago)
Rekt lol.
Bradley (2 years ago)
hey mush I didn't knew you had another channel
777 (2 years ago)
It really breaks my heart to say this but... I don't think this game will be good :(
ChingBlingtheKing (2 years ago)
It will.
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
+777PharmD777 What are the things that make you think it won't be good? As for me, I'm going to go into this game with the thinking that this is an older game that we never got to play until now. Approaching it with that mind set will certainly allow me to forgive the graphics if they aren't up to PS4 standards. Quite honestly though, I think the game looks fine just the way we've seen it in the footage released so far. I can only imagine that the finished product will look even better. The one thing that I'm really hoping the game will offer is a chance to change the way it ends with multiple play through's. It's safe to assume Trico will either die or somehow be separated from you by the end of the game. But maybe you will have a chance to reunite with Trico if you can upgrade Trico's abilities the more times you play through the game. Although the previous two games didn't end differently no matter how many times you played, you were at least given new things you could do. I'm sure the same thing will happen this time as well. And maybe that might include changing Trico's fate.
777 (2 years ago)
+Tim Madone Yes..
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
Do you still feel the same way now that 5 months have passed & you've seen new footage of the game?
Ahmed Saeed (2 years ago)
is that mush? O.o
Tim Madone (2 years ago)
+Ahmed Saeed What does "mush" stand for?
William Wang (2 years ago)
Jegyo J. (2 years ago)
The Last Guardian is 2nd when it comes to my most anticipated games of 2016. I really hope that they do release it this year.
Jegyo J. (2 years ago)
+Juses Crust yeah I am getting a bit worried, as there hasn't been any news about this game. This better comes out this year!
Neon Eviscerate (2 years ago)
+Jegyo J. I will find Ueda and punch him if this doesn't come out this year!
Exox Concept (2 years ago)
Nice vid like always!
Jovan Sanchez (2 years ago)
GAMECROSS you know what vid you should do is tell the ps4 community that they can play dragon dogma online. Research about its awesome!!!! <<< T.T
Jovan Sanchez (2 years ago)
+Adi Bejleri only translate in PC but not for ps4 but there is websites to help you out
Adi Bejleri (2 years ago)
+Jovan Sanchez Is it in english?
Jovan Sanchez (2 years ago)
There simple vid on it all you need is a Japanese account<connect to Japan sever< and go online to capcam online games
Trent Feda (2 years ago)
Trent Feda (2 years ago)
ermagerd first to comment
Trent Feda (2 years ago)
ermagerd first to comment

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