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You Can FINALLY Use My Nintendo Points on Switch Soon!

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My Nintendo rewards have been missing from Nintendo Switch for some time now but that is about to change with an upcoming update for the service. You will be able to use points towards actual eShop purchases which is really cool! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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Livetuber (3 months ago)
it was released and now its removed
Deion Greenaway (4 months ago)
I see👿 tell me about it
Pearl's TubeTube Channel (4 months ago)
Weird. When I tried buying a game with them, it said I didn't have enough, even though the eShop said it was "100+ Gold Points".
CthuluSushi 11 (5 months ago)
It doesn’t help that they go away after the end of each month
K G-ray (5 months ago)
Can someone explain why I only have 530 points (5.30$) even though I've purchased 5 digital 60$ games? Shouldn't I have 1,500 points (15$)?
Tommy Stålesen (5 months ago)
i hope maybe we can buy themes with gold /silver points
Jaxon And Jacob (5 months ago)
Niko Zarzani (5 months ago)
Hi all, DO NOT REDEEM GOLD POINTS NOW!!! I just have an exchange with the Nintendo Customer care: My fist email: "The website states that for each physical Nintendo switch card I will receive 1% of the the value in discount. However I am receiving roughly 14 gold points for each game (that I paid 60€ on average) which is just 0.14€. It really seems a ridiculous amount and the math is not coherent with the examples you presented on your website (i.e. 250gold point for a digital content, which should be at least 50 gold point per card). It is really confusing..." Their answer: "Thank you for taking your time to contact the Nintendo Contact Center regarding your My Nintendo points. Please be aware that the change to how My Nintendo Gold Points can be redeemed on Nintendo Switch eShop and the change of rate of Gold Points will begin early March 2018. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you have any more questions. Kind Regards, Emanuele Nintendo Contact Center" My second email: "Will the rate change affect points already redeemed (but not spent)? I followed the instructions on your website and redeemed all the gold points for my games just yesterday! I hope you will convert my golden point with the correct amount when the changes will take place, it isn't fair to publish in that way the chance of redeeming points if a month later you change the point rules... Kind regards," Their answer: "Thank you for your reply. As stated on our web-page, the update will begin in March 2018: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2018/February/Coming-soon-spend-My-Nintendo-Gold-Points-in-Nintendo-eShop-on-Nintendo-Switch--1337159.html Therefore, it has not started yet. I'm sorry to inform you that the update will not be retroactive. Plus, once My Nintendo Points are redeemed, they cannot be refunded. I thank you in advance and, should you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Kind Regards, Emanuele Nintendo Contact Center"
SquidKid05 (6 months ago)
I'm guessing 500-1000 Gold Points for a game, but that's my theory.
Tommy Stålesen (5 months ago)
a game like botw will cost around 6000 gold points
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk (6 months ago)
Soon isn't good enough because after redeeming them I now have no choice but to buy a bucnh of pointless wallpapers before the end of the month. Only nintendo would let you redeem points and then only be able to use them 13 months later
Forza (6 months ago)
this is great now i can freaking spend all my 500 gold points :) wonder what i can buy
Tommy Stålesen (5 months ago)
you can buy a game for like 6 dollars
Michael Smith (6 months ago)
Except we can't use points for switch yet.......
nowonmetube (6 months ago)
Oh I'll gladly use YOUR Nintendo points
SquidKid WoOmY (6 months ago)
Ahh yes what i was looking for (@ @) ~[]/ ( )
jfmthuglove (6 months ago)
👊🏿👊🏿bout time
Guy Elnathan (6 months ago)
Mark my words, this means virtual console is coming SOON. Time to buy some Nintendo stock (actually a year ago was an even better time).
Pieguy 2119 (6 months ago)
This could mean they are adding backgrounds to the home menu since you can use my Nintendo points on 3DS for them.
MyDbzfan9000 (6 months ago)
You have to buy games to get the points, thing is you will have all the games you wanted by time you get up to about $100-$150 points
Miss FluffyBunz (6 months ago)
Glad I got my switch last month 😂
ZakAshChan (6 months ago)
That... Is a confusing title.
Zmonee eey (6 months ago)
Well they’re gonna do themes, right? That’s probably all we’ll be able to use em for.
jjemerald (6 months ago)
I remember going to my local game store, and asking for all of there club Nintendo points, then they’d did through 3ds boxes because they didn’t care xD
RaZvaNn Ionescu (6 months ago)
I already bought some games, i won't get coins, right? :'(
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (6 months ago)
What is nintendo points? I just got my switch but I haven't played any of the previous nintendo console so im clueless
Daniel Estrada (6 months ago)
What’s that game at 1:27
Nothing Special... (6 months ago)
So you have to get 100 $60 games within 12 months to get a free $60 game lol
Tyler Ford (6 months ago)
Wow finally I have so many coins they are about to expire
N-3480 (6 months ago)
The exchange rate is too low
Michael Echeverria (6 months ago)
2:03 Hells to the yeah I am, though I don't have a Nintendo Switch. You don't say?
Josh Haiworonsky (6 months ago)
I imagine that a significant OS update will come with this eshop addition... possibly 5.0 by March?
Daniel Sauvé (6 months ago)
Grammar Pedant Alert: using "finally" and "soon" in the same sentence seems contradictory to me, if not a little clickbait-ish. "You can finally use My Nintendo Points" would imply that it's something that can be done as of this video's posting, whereas adding "soon" muddles the issue. If an eye-catching and click-motivating word is necessary, why not have gone for "We'll SOON be able to use MY NINTENDO POINTS on Switch!" instead?
MetalSmasherGaming (6 months ago)
Right on time for the Switch's 1st anniversary! Good on you, Nintendo!
BorisDG (6 months ago)
Since this is happening, expect Switch OS Update aswell.
Animester2040 (6 months ago)
To be honest, I miss the old system where you could buy game with them not this 10-30% off junk. I also liked it when you could buy real physical items also, why can't we go back to this that many preferred?
Chris Faulkner (6 months ago)
That’s right Nintendo ride that right our until all your early adopters coins have expired from launch
Bob (6 months ago)
I thought for a sec that it was available today
OptimusRiv (6 months ago)
og87 (6 months ago)
Ooooo does this mean themes have been confirmed?? Cause they always give you the opportunity to buy themes for mobile and stuff......mmmmmm
Jem The Reverend (6 months ago)
Jesus, finally. Sitting on 1400 Plat and 450 gold with nothing to spend it on all year
og87 (6 months ago)
Last Gen Gamers (6 months ago)
I've been super stingy about using my gold coins as I dont buy digital often as a result I dont get as many gold coins. Which is kinda Crap they do that but I see the incentive go digital get more out of it.
Daddy D (6 months ago)
kelbo360 (6 months ago)
Shame about all the points that have already expired 😐
Markr13 (6 months ago)
Yeah hopefully u an buy actual good games even if they’re just Eshop games. None of the TRASH that they offer now
Cesar Hernandez (6 months ago)
I only have 84 gold coins, but I'm glad the coins aren't expiring march
Binja Fuller (6 months ago)
I have 2000 gold points. So, I assume that means I will get a two dollar discount on a game that I already own.
Tommy Stålesen (5 months ago)
2000 gold points = 25 dollars
MobileDecay (6 months ago)
Yeah if I buy every game in Switches library I will have enough to buy an indie. Too bad I'll already own every game on Switch. Ah fuck. 😞
Dhiraj Payton (6 months ago)
Turky Alasiri (6 months ago)
At least make themes so we can buy them with the points, anything useful.
ImEpic. (6 months ago)
Lukeye 7 (6 months ago)
This is what I saw because I’m on mobile... YOU CAN FINNALY USE MY NINTENDO ON SWITCH when I tapped on it, SOON FUUUUUUUUU
Lucas Reimer (6 months ago)
I’m hoping for themes with silver or gold points
1020Afonso (6 months ago)
“You can’t finally use my Nintendo points on switch!” yeah... we never had that here in Europe :|
Levi Lapierre (6 months ago)
Y do they make the coins expire y not keep them on forever also something u didn't say in the vid is that they amount of coins u get when u buy a physical game is going up a lot I'm talking 16 to 60 y hasn't it always been like that and also y r the rewards so bad. My Nintendo is trash
Joe Donnelly (6 months ago)
Finally at least I get to use my points that I got from the release of the switch before they expire
Alan Thompson (6 months ago)
I like that we can finally use them but hate that I have to use them so quick because all the games I bought all of last year they're going to start running out and I was trying to hoard them. So if they don't have anything cool or fun to use my gold points on they're going to start disappearing now since I collected them since breath of the wild release in March of last year Bomberman also those gold points are earned her now going to disappear if I can't find something to use them quick
K Bruh (6 months ago)
My switch points gunna expire as soon something good happens I have to use them asap then
Mark Andrews (6 months ago)
I have 744 gold points and 1300 platinum points. I try not to let any expire so I do use them ocassionally on my 3DS but looking forward to using them on my Switch now!
Wil Haynes (6 months ago)
Club Nintendo was the best could get first amibo or figurines before sold in the stores....
Lego Dude (6 months ago)
But it is a really cool feature
Lego Dude (6 months ago)
Omg i have been waiting for them to announce that for soo long but i have to wait till march😶
Trunks Strife (6 months ago)
I'm losing a few gold coins before march Dx
ColtonLives 2017 (6 months ago)
Does anyone know if Hyrule Warriors is going to be a hard case or not??? (I know, random question)
ZakdagamerTM (6 months ago)
*thank you Nintendo*
Zachy Be (6 months ago)
could this mean switch themes?
Bearman 3600 (6 months ago)
Enjoying the clickbait
Tarrec (6 months ago)
Johno Daz (6 months ago)
Very nice video Gabe(SF). I haven't used my MyNintendo coins for ages so I am excited too actually be able too use on the Switch for games and hopefully themes aswell when they start coming. 4th Edge Out!!
NintemdoNoah489 (6 months ago)
i only have 20 points so i wont be using this
Kalen McNamara (6 months ago)
The Nintendo of America tweet says that you will only be able to use them for *select digital games* in contradiction to the tweet from NoE. Like so others can see!!!
Butthead McMonastery (6 months ago)
you get 1 norwegian kroner for 10 points :/ The big games cost 600kr, so you'll have to get like 6000 points to get a full game :( Edit: this means you will have to buy 20 digital games to get a full game :((((((
Halifirien (6 months ago)
I hope this sets the stage for themes on the Switch.
Chiiin Thanos (6 months ago)
I already redeemed my points from all my physical copies Basically if anything cool comes out after March I’m screwed
Benjigoo (6 months ago)
Yesssssss I've been Saving up for so long!!! Wait...... Not until March?!?!?!
OfficerBob (6 months ago)
Noob question: How can I check my total Nintendo points and expiration date?
mudkip games (6 months ago)
Time to spend my 700+ points dang I had mutch wii u games
Game And Roll (6 months ago)
videogames-and-stardust (6 months ago)
I'm so excited for this! I have found that in the past I've been able to find things to spend my silver points on, but none of the perks for gold coins really interested me so I'll actually have a reason to spend them
Archeage 3.0 (6 months ago)
1 Gold per Cent?! You gotta be joking.
Nicholas Gaming (6 months ago)
I've bean waiting!
Ox King (6 months ago)
Can't we not just change goldcoins to bitcoins on a 1:1 convertion ratio? 😇🤑
Rustic Rambo (6 months ago)
So we can't use them like the title says. Hmmmm
Alex Harvey (6 months ago)
This is the worst possible implementation it's going to come to spend $60 and save 60 cents versus the 30% discounts on 3ds or WiiU games and even indie games that can be bought with a couple hundred gold points. According to the equivalency in other countries the math ads to something like buy 100 games and get one free. On top of that going forward physical redeemtions get more points so fuck every year one adopter because everyone else while get more points when they buy the games you bought on day one
Fonzy Lycanroc (6 months ago)
totally excited!!!
john craw (6 months ago)
Night (6 months ago)
I bought at least 10 games is that going to be enough even for one game.
Kahrah Noel (6 months ago)
Now THAT'S AWESOME! I wonder if I can use My Nintendo Points coins to purchase DLC?
Tomo Saki (6 months ago)
Kahrah Noel Like what they are currently doing for Mario Kart 8 Wii U version? Yes, that'd be great, as I am slow getting funds into my eShop account.
The Leader Of The World (6 months ago)
how do you get My Nintendo gold coins?
Tomo Saki (6 months ago)
The Leader Of The World Buying games for 3DS, Wii U (I think), or Switch.
MagicianNG (6 months ago)
I buy most of my games physically, so the coin system really means little to me. I sure do miss the physical gifts you could get through Nintendo. Statues, posters, limited edition controllers, etc. All the current coin system does is entice people to spend money on digital-only games and content.
Tomo Saki (6 months ago)
MagicianNG You still get Gold Coins for physical Switch games, as long as they are not too old.
Gambling Prince (6 months ago)
I mean hopefully theyll offer indies and backgrounds/themes as they do with the 3ds and wiiu, not only currency
Maxitsu24 (6 months ago)
my points expired already becaus i could not use them , this is stupid crap...
OfficerBob (6 months ago)
Maxitsu24 How can they be already expired when the Switch hasn't been released for a full year?
Dodo Bravo (6 months ago)
I'm so confused. So we can use the points after March but we will lose our current points??
Tomo Saki (6 months ago)
Alex Loqué Not me I don't think. I joined My Nintendo later than anyone else did I think.
venom okada (6 months ago)
Andrew MacGowan (6 months ago)
I got a code for Gunman Clive HD Collection last Saturday, but I can't stop playing Super Mario Odyssey/Pokken DX :D Guess I'll try to find time for Gunman Clive HD before E3 as I plan to replay Wii U games throughout my library to celebrate the success of the Switch. The life of Nintendo goes on my brothers!
Pikmin Puck (6 months ago)
This point system is still redundant and garbage. Nintendo should get rid of it.
sizzurp.mp3 (6 months ago)
I miss Club Nintendo
Dragonfly M (6 months ago)
Thank god i can get free switch games
Derek DeSmet (6 months ago)
Dont get to excited I bet this will ONLY BE ON INDY GAMES??? Best guess the games you actually want that are 49 or more will be the 30% my nintendo discount. I think this is to help the indy developers more then anything else.
Nintega Dario (6 months ago)
Remember when you could use coins to get games for free and even get physical prizes, oh Club Nintendo, how I miss you.
SalsaSpartan7 (6 months ago)
Club Nintendo was dope compared to my Nintendo. I was able to get Majors Mask, Smash 64, Starfox 64 & the 25th anniversary Zelda posters.
The Kirby Guy (6 months ago)
You were supposed to review the games but people typed in random stuff. If they actually typed what it told them to Club Nintendo would've stuck around
Alex Harvey (6 months ago)
On 3ds you can get free indie titles for the number of coins it's going to cost to get a dollar off on a switch title
9Tailsfan (6 months ago)
Not all of them where that great. Most of the games I bought didn't even qualify to get points. I usually buy pre owned or 3rd party games. So it took me ages just to get to Gold level. The only two prizes I got was a pink Animal Crossing hand fan (never played the series just liked the fan) and the giant AR card.
Myy100 (6 months ago)
I can finally use my 554 Gold Points and 960 Platinum Points... yay.

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