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Uncharted 4 Gameplay - The Extended E3 2015 Demo

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Here's the full Uncharted 4 gameplay demo from E3 2015, including a bunch of stuff that we didn't see during Sony's press conference. Be aware that it does end with some mild story spoilers! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (271)
Rohan (2 years ago)
What's the name of the song at 7:00?
paulTHEboss (2 years ago)
Ok fuck it getting a PS4 for this, Nathan-Drake-Collection, TLOU and Bloodborne.
AzureDragon97 (2 years ago)
9 years have passed since Drake's Fortune and we still don;t have any blood splatter effects........makes the shooting segments feel unrealistic *Next Gen*
Zel (2 years ago)
il get this game, play it once, love it, then never play it ever again.
I love naugthy dog
The Anmol Sharma (2 years ago)
Best Gameplay demo ever......ahhhh definitely fucking yes
nicolas salva (2 years ago)
Uncharted was the reason why i bought a PS3. Now it's gonna be the reason for buy me a PS4
Peter Michael (2 years ago)
Last Of Us vibe is blatant. Sully looks just like Nate and his bro here, is this intentional and the big reveal is that he's their father? (or did ND just reuse Nate's model, age him and add a moustache). After the armoured truck explodes, bystanders gaze at it but don't even look in the direction of the two guys on the motorbike who just narrowly escaped death.  Elena now looks like an extra from Last Of Us.  In the car Nate's arms are clearly messed up and look burnt, and he gets covered in mud earlier on, but later he's clean and perfect.  Nate has always been lucky surviving all-sorts but this is about as unsubtle as it gets.  Lack of splashes from the car driving over water. Nate now has a brother - making the story very "personal".
Aaron Reyes (2 years ago)
nice game
Rambo uk (2 years ago)
Like see this come to Pc made me want to buy a ps4
Niko Ozden (2 years ago)
It seems like most PS4 exclusives would make better movies than games...
Julian Des Marais (2 years ago)
15 minutes of a game that will probably take at least 7 hours. Can't wait.
TheGooseinator (2 years ago)
Naughty Dog has a thing for armored trucks XD
Raphael Antony (2 years ago)
All this engine, lighting effects, textures ... I can hardly believe that this actually is an in-game. Don't f*ck with me, Eurogamer.
Eric _S22 (2 years ago)
13:46 , I was waiting for Sam to say they kept it all in One Piece.
Vampirerockstar (3 years ago)
yay another generic third person shooter
Lithus17 (3 years ago)
Guess I gotta buy a PS4 now. PC snobs...eat shit ;)
Illya Vanblaricum (3 years ago)
this will be a fantastic game
Darian James (3 years ago)
Sully's most likely going to die and drakes brother is probably a traitor
j ha-nocri (3 years ago)
This game looks like another crappy AAA title with poor game-play and good graphics. Made for broad audience (read kids and stupid ppl)
MrRaboyto (3 years ago)
I would watch this in a cinema nevermind play it
JRev X (3 years ago)
So excited, I'm going to be in a constant state of freak mode until spring of 2016 I <3 Elena
sam kent (3 years ago)
i love this game
lucky88shp (3 years ago)
This is one game franchise I wish was ported to PC....
Shamad Kazi (3 years ago)
ELENAAAAA is a little ugly but i could work with itttttt
JustOverYonder (2 years ago)
I think she looks more stunning than uncharted 3's
Christie Taylor (3 years ago)
Nolan North and Troy Baker together at last.
REALityCHECK82 (3 years ago)
This makes Rise of the Tomb Raider look last gen
[Esto es mejor que el porno :{0]
zohaib ismail khan (3 years ago)
I think they should collaborate with rockstar games and develop the new Grand Theft Auto :p
Andrew Bazinet (3 years ago)
dimkacracker (3 years ago)
how important is the story in the past games to follow this games story? I never played the 1st 3 and have a ps4 so I will probably get this.
carpetfluff35 (2 years ago)
+Adrian|PG Or play the collection on PS4.
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
It's pretty important. If you don't want to buy a PS3 just look up the story so far.
Lenny (3 years ago)
just amazing
joker3053 (3 years ago)
Tomb Raider > Uncharted
joker3053 (3 years ago)
+The Khool Guy Its alright mate , I kinda hate consoles & you might know why but still when you said u were gona buy ps4 was kinda disturbing anyways its your decision and hope you enjoy both the titles .. cya have a gr8 day .
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
+joker3053 I merely made a non-insulting joke. I had no intention of targeting or insulting you. Anyway, apology from my side. Have a nice day.
joker3053 (3 years ago)
+The Khool Guy I never said uc is for gays you are the one who insulted my cmmnt in the first place and now this is what you get.
joker3053 (3 years ago)
+The Khool Guy WTF mate !!! Ok tell me what you play on ?? If I dont play on consoles that makes me poor ?? Lmfao !!! Well I can buy consoles every day whenever I want !! . Btw u can call me poor I dont mind bcoz poor people work really hard unlike you who likes showing parents money lol what a loser!! . Beside all!! if you are gonna buy a console (big achievement for you, hats off, amazing ) then fuck you , you are a true insult for the pc community , becaz of douches like you games on pc are havin hard time I think those insults were at right place I dont regret. Well about the your argument stuff with how lenghty they are shows how much free time you have and probably jobless . Now bring it on , be my guest bitch!. you know what ur a .... just leave it I have work to do .
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
+joker3053 I'm a PC gamer myself who is going to buy a PS4, so YOU shut the fuck up. You don't even know what I play on. Being an exclusive does not mean that it is not a winner. That is as stupid as it gets. And stop using the word 'gay', you homophobic fuck. Stop acting like a 12 year-old immature Nicki Minaj fan. You said it was your opinion to call Tomb Raider better, yet you say 'gay' when someone says Uncharted is better. What a fucking hypocrite. And I'm not poor like you who can afford only one system. If you haven't played a game, then shut the fuck up. And oh, go on. Rip me apart. You cunt. I typed a simple non-insulting joke that you had to turn into an argument. (And learn to properly input prepositions.)
Seramics (3 years ago)
9.04. I know its game, it doesn't have to be realistic, just plausible is sufficient... but come on...flying at someone who is blasting AK 47 at you and survive unscathed? Could do better with the timing there.
IncoRabbit (3 years ago)
+Seramics Then again, he was getting shot from the side. You can even see the marker.. so, I guess that could substitute....?
Seramics (3 years ago)
+sandu vieru i think u need to understand, what "plausible" really means.... 
Seramics (3 years ago)
+Adrian|PG plausibility my friend..... is different from outright invicibility
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
If you've ever played any uncharted game, you'll know that nothing kills Nathan Drake. *example: first 5 minutes of uncharted 2*
Hedro Juarez (3 years ago)
Jesse Hon (3 years ago)
i'm sad that i don't get to experience everything for the first time with me as the player...
Ferrero Rocher (3 years ago)
Scuffy P (3 years ago)
Someone's in trouble with the misses.
JaByZki (3 years ago)
What's the difference to the PS3 games?
Zarikk (3 years ago)
lol i had no idea uncharted was this unrealistic i thought it was super serious, seems interesting now
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
Oh ok. Yea Uncharted is kind of insane at times.
Zarikk (3 years ago)
+Adrian|PG im not joking iv never played uncharted always been a xbox guy till this gen
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
I can't tell if you're joking or not.
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
+random guy The last of us is serious. Uncharted has more of a blockbuster feel to it.
WacKo (3 years ago)
Wow this is awesome! I hope this gameplay demo is just the appetizer in the game and have way more intense action on the other mission. This year its PS4 > XboxOne
rasinshuriken (3 years ago)
since i have played the 3 uncharted 3 games, i can say that the 2nd half action is exactly the way it was in u2
rasinshuriken (3 years ago)
and the truck that was following them behind while drake was blind-firing, remember that from U2?
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
Well... I mean he hijacks a car. That's kinda similar I guess.
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
+rasinshuriken Its definitely inspired from Uncharted 2, but far from "exactly the same".
69er (3 years ago)
Yes I remember the part in U2 where you have to hijack a jeep.....
Henry Rahardja (3 years ago)
wow...simply wow. I just hope Naughty Dog could somehow pack all of that awesomeness under 70 GB. Their game is always have the best graphics in ps3 but by god they are BIG. Maybe they need to learn the black magic of CD Projekt Red that could compress the whole The Witcher 3 in just 25 GB
Naughty Dog.  Nuff said.
zen mastah (3 years ago)
It is fucking silly how good this looks. Jesus christ.
Hat Dag Cat (3 years ago)
Seems interesting, except it lacks depth.
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
It's just a gameplay trailer, why would it have depth...
Scuffy P (3 years ago)
+Hat Dag Cat One thing the Uncharted games have is depth, mainly through the characters and the environments. Uncharted is a lot of things to a lot of people, but being shallow certainly isn't one of them.
Kyrie Fan (3 years ago)
+Hat Dag Cat how so? Have you played uncharted 1-3?
el sharawy (3 years ago)
Im.confuse is.this.nathan.drake? Or chuck fucking norris??
Petra_Kalbrain (3 years ago)
Uh-oh. That look on Elena's face at the end... I'm married and I've seen that look before. _[in Nathan Drake voice]_ That's not good.
Purple Clouds (3 years ago)
Nothing about this impresses me.
Mpoufi Collins (3 years ago)
+ave383 yy horizon is gonna be good.. like "the last guardian" 
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
+ave383 yawn...
Purple Clouds (3 years ago)
+Supersheriffen You are the perfect example of a disappointment so you would know.
Purple Clouds (3 years ago)
We shall see. I was interested in Hroizon
Mpoufi Collins (3 years ago)
+ave383 it is said to have more emotion and details than "the last of us" did.. and the story-line mmh sweet.. so it doesn't have to impress you.. uncharted is not going to change after three whole episodes (as for the gameplay I mean).. no, but it's going to be the best game out in the market.. well uncharted and tomb raider of course
NovaMage (3 years ago)
rachenar (3 years ago)
Wow. Looks amazing!
Francisco Trejo (3 years ago)
Wow! this make me doubt, Xbox one or PS4 😱
Dango Unchained (3 years ago)
so good! The part where Drake is inside the burning car was a real stand-out. The facial expressions, the moving steering wheel. Much realism
Mike G. (3 years ago)
Six bitter Xbox fanboys.
Giwrgos pas (3 years ago)
boring to play but good to watch it on youtube as a movie when it comes out.
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
+Giwrgos pas You see me trollin...
Fran.Romero (3 years ago)
+Giwrgos pas Ok.
Alex Love (3 years ago)
Xbox exclusives don't even compare. This is coming from an Xbox One owner so please, no stupid console war. I mainly own it cause my friends have it but I like to own both and get Playstations when cheaper. Can't wait to get PS4 on black friday so I can replay TLOS and Uncharted trilogy in anticipation for this! I'm so excited!
Z (2 years ago)
"No one's hyped up for Gears of War 4" You brought hype into this.
John Tran (2 years ago)
You could say that about every game...And plus you can't bring hype into this because xbox owners will hype up an xbox exclusive...Same as ps4 owners will hype up ps4 exclusives.
Z (2 years ago)
+John Tran Gears of war 3 was one of the best, judgement was the letdown, even then it was a good game.
spidersilva147 (2 years ago)
+John Tran There's millions of people that still love Gears of War just look up anything about Gears of War Ultimate. Gears of War 4 hype will build more holiday 2016 when it's closer to release
John Tran (2 years ago)
+spidersilva147 For Gears of War not anymore. No one's hyped up for Gears of War 4 anymore because Gears of War 3 was such a let down.
Refik Mehmeti (3 years ago)
this will be in my top three best games ever
TheGoldfish (2 years ago)
+refik mehmeti You haven't been gaming long, eh?
Refik Mehmeti (3 years ago)
+Supersheriffen top three best games ever are uncharted 4 the last of us and gta 5 for my opinion
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
Oh i know its going to be awesome, Naughty Dog never disappoints. But top 3 best games ever? thats a tight list... Im gonna have to play the game first :)
Refik Mehmeti (3 years ago)
+Supersheriffen you saw man the video you know the game will be awesome
Averagejoe (3 years ago)
+refik mehmeti You can see into the future ?
Loboscuro13 (3 years ago)
ale fernandez. GAMES (2 years ago)
+Loboscuro13 del 10:02 en adelante parece una CG en tiempo real, impresionante ND lo que puede hacer con ps4, estoy segurisimo que esto no es el maximo potencial y que todavia habra que explorar mas para poder encontrarlo lo mismo paso con el uncharted 1 que fuel el primero en ps3 y despues te fijas en lo ultimo de ND que es de last of us, hay un cambio brutal espero que con ps4 suceda lo mismo saludos ;)
MarcTheLoneGamer (3 years ago)
That. Was. Awesome. And is Nate's bro being played by John Cusack...?
mgs108tlou (3 years ago)
+MarcTheLoneGamer It's hard to hate 'em lol
MarcTheLoneGamer (3 years ago)
Hahaha :) Sounded like him though Of course it would be Troy Baker.
mgs108tlou (3 years ago)
Troy Baker lol
william allen (3 years ago)
Does anyone know the type of motercyle Sam and nate ride in the game?
Marcos Cabrera (3 years ago)
Va salir para play 3?
Gaston Galilea (3 years ago)
+Marcos Cabrera No, solo PS4.
Padlock Jones (3 years ago)
Why the fuck didn't they show this at the press conference
Order. (3 years ago)
one thing is certain. most beutiful game I have EVER seen
Char Aznable (3 years ago)
incoming graphics downgrade guareenteed
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
+NaziSled I'm a PC gamer, and I also think you're a butthurt fanboy who bashes anything that he can't play. This isn't Ubisoft, fanboy.
mgs108tlou (3 years ago)
+NaziSled Good thing Naughtydog doesn't make shit games! We don't have to worry about that!
Char Aznable (3 years ago)
great to see all the sony fanboys out in full force, even if this game was shit you'd still buy it
mgs108tlou (3 years ago)
Have you ever played a Naughtydog game? Oh wait you haven't. The trolling attempt is pathetic. Try again on a few hours.
Hfajardo97 (3 years ago)
+NaziSled Why are people so idiotic nowadays. This isn't Ubisoft, the graphics will actually look even better in release. Stop being a follower.
Schindlers fist (3 years ago)
3:13 Just look at the facial expression on the man who gets upper cutted through the wooden thing . Incredible !!!
Mohak Dutt (3 years ago)
That truck reminds me of my ex
B L (3 years ago)
The motorcycle chasing just Tomb Raider Legend
Catalin Paiu (3 years ago)
Take this Tomb Raider 😂😂
Vulture153 (3 years ago)
+Catalin Paiu To someone who bought a ps4, yes. To everyone else, as I said, it's existence is worthless though.
Catalin Paiu (3 years ago)
Ok but uncharted is still better
Vulture153 (3 years ago)
+Catalin Paiu You don't get it? A game that is only available on one of three platforms is worthless to two out of three people.
Catalin Paiu (3 years ago)
+Vulture153 what?
Mark R. (3 years ago)
+Santiago Vásquez Gómez No, 100% no, the animations and the way the controls worked aren't even in the same league! The gameplay of the last tomb raider was so constrained and limited to incredibly tiny areas. (that game actually was no good at all)
diegox mikami (3 years ago)
R.I.P XBOX Just saying!....
spidersilva147 (2 years ago)
+Black Wolf I did play for hours earlier and Uncharted 4 looks to be a good game but Horizon will have to live up to the hype too in order to compete with Xbox next year
Black Wolf (2 years ago)
+spidersilva147 Oh, that's so funny, I forgot to laugh... If the One is so fantastic, why don't you play right now, instead to watch a video of the wonderful Uncharted 4... Bitch...
spidersilva147 (2 years ago)
+Black Wolf The only games I'm looking forward to on the Delaystation 4 are Uncharted 4 and Horizon Xbox One has Scalebound, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Recore, Cuphead, Below, Phantom Dust And they're all interesting and unique. The Sparsestation 4 doesn't even have a decent lineup this holiday lol
Black Wolf (2 years ago)
+spidersilva147 Gears of War 4 is the only one to be interesting... And Quantum Break was an idea I got from a dream, so I don't know if I must be anger or happy about that game...
spidersilva147 (2 years ago)
Scalebound, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, Recore, Halo 5 R.I.P Ps4 just saying :)
crayz1978 (3 years ago)
Only reason why I'll be getting a ps4
fouadfouad (3 years ago)
amazing video, naughty dog guys are so talented !
Kobi (3 years ago)
Those facial animations...INSANE! EDIT: Those animations...INSANE!
Opatschi (3 years ago)
Damm Im a XO owner but i will buy a PS4 for this now the time is coming to get one^^
Pemphro (3 years ago)
It does look beautiful.
AnalogFoundry (3 years ago)
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
+Md Ray I'm buying a PS4 next week because THIS game convinced me to. (Four words: Game of the year.)
AnalogFoundry (3 years ago)
+The Khool Guy That's Naughty Dog at their best! Can't wait to play this.
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
It's so fluid and beautiful that it almost feels as if you're watching a pre-rendered cutscene. Just amazing.
Tony, The Stark (3 years ago)
Oh god! I can feel the hype flowing in my veins!
Tiago Goulart (3 years ago)
Looks amazing. This might actually convince me to buy a PS4
Tiago Goulart (2 years ago)
+Don Johnson I don't know man. The only thing it has going for it are the exclusive games. I don't wanna pay 50$ to play online (and I know we get games, but they often don't interest me). Plus, 30 fps on almost every game bothers me. I'm happy with my gaming pc
Mature Gaming Channel (2 years ago)
+Tiago Goulart buy a ps4 or I'll beat your face in. report back to me once it's been bought.
RedVIII (3 years ago)
Those ingame models, holy shit. Compare that to CGI movies like Final Fantasy Spirits Within. This here looks even better.
Garrett (3 years ago)
You're lying to yourself if you go and say this isn't impressive. This looks truly incredible.
kilnose (3 years ago)
I don't understand why didn't they show this at E3?. This is the best moment of this gameplay!!!!!
BatemanPatrick2 (3 years ago)
When that tap-the-triangle symbol appeared at around 10 and a half minutes into the video I panicked for the briefest moment trying to find my controller. I'm not even playing the game and I'm still completely immersed.
Galloping FUPA (3 years ago)
I was watching this on my PlayStation I spammed triangle
unitor699 (3 years ago)
downgrade expected next year
IncoRabbit (3 years ago)
+Md Ray If anything, even better. PS4 can handle the graphics.
AnalogFoundry (3 years ago)
+IncoRabbit (Phinkleputt) Even that's not gonna happen man... Downgrades happen on multiplat games this a first party title... So expect the game to look as they show here or even better by the time it launches.
IncoRabbit (3 years ago)
+unitor699 If anything, they're just lower the textures. This is Naughty Dog we're talking about here.
The Khool Guy (3 years ago)
Ubisoft, you really have broken people's trust.
[ blue ] (3 years ago)
+unitor699 Well, considering its been upgraded from last showcase, this is the worst its going to look.
Cypress Willow (3 years ago)
And I hope that all they show. Anyone who was hyped for uncharted 3 had basically played the set pieces already. Don't get me wrong, I loved the airplane and boat set pieces but they were both shown in entirety in trailers. Uncharted doesn't rely on being an interactive movie. It has some of the best third person gameplay out there and the multiplayer is one of the best competetive games I have played. Would love them to do a cs go inspiered competetive mode. I'm pre ordering Nathan drake collection for the multiplayer beta
Robin Säve (3 years ago)
The game looks awesome and the cutscenes looks amazing.
Attila Stiebel (3 years ago)
Charles Patrick (3 years ago)
...........and Elena is incovenient again. I mean, on the first one they didn't wanted to take her, but she still had to get the pictures for her lost treasure documentary. On the second one, she was filming for a TV program, but she got on the Nate's hunt. On the third one, she was a resource to get Nate and Sully into the city without knowing why. And on the fourth one... well, now i'm sure she's always on their second plan.
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
Well, she's Drake's wife now. I'd be surprised if we didn't get to see her.
Anthony McNeil (3 years ago)
How in the hell could Drake lie to Elena...all of that beauty and you're choosing to lie to her...she looks pissed...
Anthony McNeil (3 years ago)
+Connie Hollenden​ Didn't think you would like some of these videos lol...but I'm glad that you do =)
Boophpoi (3 years ago)
Wow very good game and amasing graphic. I like the James Bond Daniel Craig style how he fight. The faces looks just like real. Too bad its not come out on pc.
Dante Cassar (3 years ago)
fucking great game....
Hybrid (3 years ago)
holy shit that's amazing
Discord (3 years ago)
Well, it's one damn impressive... interactive movie :/
IncoRabbit (3 years ago)
+kentriz182 Heyyy, heeeyyyyyy.. Call of Duty has a good story. You know, the one where an enemy country threatens America, and then a war breaks out. It's happened since CoD 4 xD
Galloping FUPA (3 years ago)
+kentriz182 I hate call of duty xD. If you want story, this game has got it. I am not saying the whole game is gonna be like this. Uncharted is know for set-pieces, why would they show off a long gameplay shooting section when they can show off an epic set-piece at the world's biggest gaming event... E3 
SeverdSeouL (3 years ago)
+kentriz182 Except Call of Duty has the exact same over-the-top explosive set-pieces and linear storyline, did you forget? Not that this game is bad.
Hfajardo97 (3 years ago)
+gamez12100 This is why this game is so awesome, most people can't tell that almost all of this is gameplay and you have full control since it plays out as a movie
kentriz182 (3 years ago)
Seriously? Go play your call of duty or other twitch shooter button mashing games. My favorite games are the story driven experiences.
Johnny da goat (3 years ago)
That chase reminds of terminator 2, but Nathan abiliy to jump over a man holding a rifle makes me think he's the one made with a exosqueleton made of steel.
Everlong Raider (3 years ago)
Great graphics, but overhyped much? The first half was better in my opinion.
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
Over-hyped? I don't know, maybe it's just me but everyone I've talked to about this game has never even heard of the games neither this one. It's really annoying.
Everlong Raider (3 years ago)
+deftonesssTR Well, I meant the driving chase, from the truck. I agree, the stealth kill section was better though.
deftonesssTR (3 years ago)
+Micky Byrne If you mean the previous gameplay with the climbing and stealth kill, i agree.
Uber BARBIE (3 years ago)
Ur opinions wak mate.. Clearly a fucking epic game and those graphics.. Ho shit.. Nothing can top that
Buttonz Vids (3 years ago)
3 went down hill a bit from 2 because they focused too much on big sections, but this one? From this it looks Uncharted 2 level, who knows, even better? Looking forward to this!
mazaisvilijs (3 years ago)
wow looks way more fun than gta5
Gangreen167 (3 years ago)
theultimaterom (3 years ago)
Seriously, I've played all of the previous three games in the series and I see nothing ground breaking except for an on rail vehicle segment. Looks bland as for now.
No Name (3 years ago)
+Rom I agree with you although youtube isn't the right place to discuss things like this because you will be hounded with all the little kids whose mindset is different to that of an adult. See when you looked at this all you see was more of the same and seeing as more of the same was becoming very tiring there is nothing here to catch your interest. To a child however it's the best thing ever because the graphics are slightly better and everyone knows they have decided to make Uncharted 4 because they have fresh new ideas that couldn't be done in previous games. See when you are the age of some of the people who are telling you to kill yourself then you haven't yet learnt that sequels are almost always poorer than the original as the main reason for making them is money rather than fresh new ideas. When you are that age you haven't yet realised that sequels are made when the creator has ran out of new ideas. So to a young child who hasn't experienced a tenth of the amount of games you have played over the years they won't realise why you are feeling jaded. Also the fact that they don't have any disposable income which means they have to beg parents for a new PS4 instead of you know, just buying it when you can be bothered makes them believe your jaded nature towards this game is routed in jealousy that you don't own PS4 because that's exactly how they act over games/items they don't have direct access to. Even taking all that into consideration, the little retard who told you to go kill yourself really does need a boot in the balls, silly little fucker. In any case I agree with you, this looks exactly like Uncharted 3.5 which leaves me feeling meh as I was indeed tiring of the franchise. It's obvious it's filling the "family" entertainment niche like say a PG 13 rated movie does.
AdrianPG (3 years ago)
Try harder. Anyone who has played the Uncharted games recently or when they came out, can EASILY see the hugely obvious changes and amazing improvements compared to the previous games. Your not fooling anybody.
Anthony McNeil (3 years ago)
+SeverdSeouL No, he is a troll because if he see nothing "groundbreaking" then he is either trolling or he does not realize the "groundbreaking" details in this game from the previous iterations. Example...the level design. It's more dynamic and open compared to the other games in the series. In a relatively linear game, to have an open level design in which you can take different paths to get somewhere is not an easy task to do. In the car section you have a variety of different paths you can take that will eventually get you to the Tower. You don't notice it because of how seamless the flow of the level design is. Again, there is no HUD, no visual indicators that points you to go left or right. You see a path and you can take it. Many games have a hard time implementing that type of level design. Second example is in the first portion of the Demo when Drake and Sully are in cover and Drake move next to him and instead of Sully's AI knocking Drake out of cover or impeding his forward movement, Drake simply moves around Sully *while* staying in cover and Sully *also* stays in cover. People overlook small, minute details like that. For the Uncharted series and for many other third person shooters. AI for your partner's usually suck. Example three...which is really what this generation of gaming is about is seamless transition from cutscene to gameplay. You have seen it from many games this generation. It is intended to keep the player fully engaged and in the moment. I can give two shits if he doesn't like the game, but to say that there aren't any "groundbreaking" achievements in this game (as a series) is something that shows me that you don't know much about gaming or you are trolling like the majority of people do on the internet. I've played The Last of Us and after seeing that AI improvement, which seems small to some, but when Ellie has blown my cover many times because she bumps me out of cover, or when I move to her and she gets out of cover and ends up being spotted. I had to praise Naughty Dog for doing something "groundbreaking" with the AI that many people simply overlook. So I wasn't calling him a troll because his opinion differed from mine, I called him a troll because he obviously wasn't looking close enough. Some of the most "groundbreaking" things are usually the things most people overlook. I hope *this* comment clarified my previous comment.
SeverdSeouL (3 years ago)
+Anthony McNeil So he's a troll because he doesn't conform to your opinion?
Hfajardo97 (3 years ago)
+Rom Nopes
Danil (3 years ago)
Nathanael Young (3 years ago)
Wow this looks stunning and fun to play
Antonio Innocente (2 years ago)
+deftonesssTR Keep in mind that a lot of what you think is a cutscene or automatic is actually gameplay
deftonesssTR (3 years ago)
+Daniel Moung oh..no problem
Daniel Moung (3 years ago)
+deftonesssTR Sorry dude, I meant to post to someone else.
deftonesssTR (3 years ago)
+Daniel Moung you really have no idea, right?
Daniel Moung (3 years ago)
+deftonesssTR Stealth? Maybe a little here and there lol. What do you think this is Splinter Cell or Hitman?
Stroya (3 years ago)
Troy and Nolan have been in lots of games together recently, haven't they?

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