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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Nintendo Switch Review

893 ratings | 32971 views
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Text Comments (283)
Emily Grace (29 days ago)
I honestly didnt see any advertisement for it! Ill be getting it for my Switch.
CustardChucka (1 month ago)
I don't really understand from the review why you didn't give it a 10/10. I thibk I would , I have to say I think this beats out Mario odyssey for me in terms of actually rewarding and beautifully crafted platforming
Luca Gleeson (1 month ago)
fun video and im a fan but cmon can you put more time into writing and proofreading scripts, you talked for over 2 and a half minutes about funky kong mode, when it can be explained in 10 seconds and i want to hear about the game. So much repetition with nothing being said, quite awful writing but I enjoy your videos so am hopeful you will continue to create better videos than this one
ImTylerDurden99 (1 month ago)
Alright. You sold me on it.
Romina Talpos (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video! :*
Riley Parry (1 month ago)
Dude all you did was rant like a little fanboy
kirbyboy92 (1 month ago)
So I’m playing the game and I’m noticing some sound mix issues. The music plays just fine but sound effects are a bit off. Some are quieter than I remember and some won’t play at all like the sound DK makes at the start of every level won’t play at all. Is it the game or my tv? Anyone else having this issue?
ziggy pop (1 month ago)
Enjoy your 5 year old game switch losers. This console has less new titles than wii u did. When’s Mario 3D world coming again? FFS
Michael Laverty (1 month ago)
Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent game and deserves 9/10 but I hate those plants you need to clap the ground for, it slows the game up badly.
P Ferreira (1 month ago)
Hello you wonderful monkeys! - Alex.
Brian Preston (1 month ago)
i don't fully believe removing it was a bug. i think they wanted those launch day numbers
awesome review
Steven (1 month ago)
Not at that price pal.
Dialdepa 4 (1 month ago)
Pene duro
Mookie6209 (1 month ago)
The fact that they're charging 60 dollars is ridiculous
hjames78 (1 month ago)
I would have preferred a new DK game🤔
iluvwanesworld (1 month ago)
I hope they port Yoshi's Wooly World next!
its matt (1 month ago)
Yeah sure but £50 for a game that came out 4 years ago, wait for a price drop!
Hans Gruber (1 month ago)
For 30 bucks yes! For 60 bucks, Hell no!.. Come on people!
Sh4dy (1 month ago)
guess I'll get it somewhen, however, I'm not gonna pay 60 bucks for a graphically enhanced WiiU game
Nico Contreras (1 month ago)
And some guys are saying Wii version is better with superior graphics.
steveothehulk (1 month ago)
Full price for a game that was originally a budget title, what’s up with that ?
referral madness (1 month ago)
If I had a switch I would buy this game but since I only have a 3ds i'm pissed that this game isn't getting a 3ds port especially since donkey kong country returns got ported , also why can't we get more wii ports to the 3ds ? WTF nintendo
Do you know why Returns is beter? It didnt have water levels.
Beau Bezemer (1 month ago)
Sure Its a good game, but I am not paying triple the price to have this game on the switch, if I ever buy this game, I am buying the wii u version, its just not worth it
Giles Smith (1 month ago)
The price is the biggest turn off.
Chris Copley (1 month ago)
You know it does remind me of Donkey Kong Country Returns for orginal Wii but more beautiful background and slightly more wider levels.
Mystic Bros. (1 month ago)
Should have said “9/10 Funky”
NANGSTAGRAM TV (1 month ago)
Best game! 😝🏆
Harry Painter (1 month ago)
TheAutisticGamer (1 month ago)
I can't wait ive pre orderwd this for only £35
Mike Strong (1 month ago)
Handheld mode?
Alpha008 (1 month ago)
I don’t understand how being too good can even be a complaint...
prcloroxington (1 month ago)
I finished this game on the Wii U. I have to say, It is a good game, but I don't think it lives up to the praise everyone gives it.
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
prcloroxington I think the snowmads were better than the tikis, but yeah you just can’t beat the Kremlings. I do wish we had more animal buddies as well. We technically have 2 (Rambi and squaks) and with the Kong’s able to attack under water it renders enguard useless unless they use him in more creative ways. Another area of improvement for me is creativity in bonus challenges. We only have “collect all the bananas” as s bonus challenge. I would love a “find the puzzle”, “destroy them all” ,“reach the exit” bonus challenge rounds. If the Kremlings return, the game should return to a darker atmosphere similar to the first 2. Still I absolutely love tropical freeze and would love more DKC games. Hopefully it sells well on switch to warrant a sequel.
prcloroxington (1 month ago)
DKC2 is top tier. I do think this game is a huge step up from DKC Returns, especially on the Wii. Those waggle controls killed it. The 3DS version is pretty good though. I think the things that prevent this one hitting that sweet spot for me is that I don't really feel like the new enemies have the same character as the kremlings. That and I miss the diversity in levels the animal companions offered. Oh yeah, and massive nostalgia vision :P
Stephen O'Brien (1 month ago)
The annoying thing is a load of these people didn't give a shit about it but now that it's on a hyped-up console they're acting like they've always had the good taste to appreciate it. It just shows you how many people are willing to be conned/ripped off as long as they get to be part of a popular collective.
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
that's fair. I personally think it does, it's my second favorite in the series (DKC2 is my fav) and is my brothers favorite.
Avery Patrick (1 month ago)
This game can run at 1080p 60fps. But some, even less needy games can't. I'M LOOKING AT YOU KIRBY STAR ALLIES!
Francisco Carlos (1 month ago)
Bought a switch.... someone wants a new friend?🙄☺️
muncie robson (1 month ago)
This might be my next big switch purchase, after several very enjoyable nindies! Great work alex, keep it up! :-)
Fulthrotle73 (1 month ago)
Just pre ordered it based on this great review
plasticsoldier234 (1 month ago)
But is this fun in hand held mode? Like with ray man legends I looove it in tv mode, but I find it easy to lose track of myself when In handheld
Sportaflop (1 month ago)
The amount of people complaining about the price in the comments is crazy. The switch has already outsold the wii U, meaning that many people (Who never bought a wii u, but decided to get a switch) will be able to experience this game for the first time when it launches. That, coupled with the fact that it's portable, justifies the price tag, in my opinion.
Mookie6209 (1 month ago)
Sportaflop it's still a port though. It took them almost no time to make this. The 60 dollar price tag is a ripoff
GalacticMoblin (1 month ago)
Review: it’s the wiiU game but looks better and has an easy mode
SaltedAss (1 month ago)
Day one for me. The price doesn't bother me because I never owned it originally and it also did terribly sales-wise. Sure, it's a big increase from the original $50, but I really don't mind for the mode and portability
GameDjeenie (1 month ago)
See ? That means this port was intended for you. People that complain about the price are people that already bought it on Wii U.
plasticsoldier234 (1 month ago)
Ok who is playing this?? They are skipping aaaall the good stuff
Steve's Stuff (1 month ago)
Thanks for a great review... :-) Got this game on Amazon pre-order, so roll-on Friday when I should get it....! Can't wait!
Marvelmac52 (1 month ago)
9/10 it’s too perfect- Nintendo Life
Louis DellaLucca (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to play this again! I want to find the Metroid Easter Egg again too!!!
Caladas (1 month ago)
The deciding question for me is (or would be, if I owned a Switch) if they have added the omi-Y-button as was in the original DKC series. Me being a total die-hard fan of them, and having completed them all in excess of 50 times each; the WiiU version never felt at home for me, mostly due to not being able to use the Y-button for grab, run, roll, throw. Has this been added to the Switch version, or is it still non-existant; anyone know?
Jim Johnson (1 month ago)
Dude your "HELLO there lovely peeeople" intro is so cringey and unnatural. Begging you to find a new catch phrase.
Endrick (1 month ago)
Here children, is a example of a normie trying to be cool and edgy by saying "cringe".
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
plasticsoldier234 (1 month ago)
Shun the nonbeliever
C.D. Riley (1 month ago)
Jim Johnson you need find new profile pic, your current one is cringy.
Gage Piercy (1 month ago)
Tropical Freeze is the best in the series (imo) Yeah I said it, screw you dkc2
Gage Piercy (1 month ago)
Deats By Doctor Bre I think it's still a good game but it's not as polished as tropical Freeze
Deats By Doctor Bre (1 month ago)
That's ot to say dkc2 isn't still a great game.
Sandman 89 (1 month ago)
Think ill play through this as funky then Donkey Kong and go for 200% again 😁
Tyler Aldrich (1 month ago)
What do you consider brutally hard? Is it more difficult than the original DKC games?
Tyler Aldrich (1 month ago)
Pgcrooner VA thanks for your insight. What people consider difficult is all subjective. I grew up on NES and SNES side scrolling platformers so that genre is a lot easier for me on a hard difficulty then say a game like Doom on an easy difficulty. At the same time I often play games to get away from the stresses of daily life so if someone says a game is “brutally hard” I tend to stay away unless I feel like I’m up for the challenge.
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
I think as far as difficulty goes I would say DKC2 is more challenging but for a more casual platformer fan it's probably more difficult than most. Though the game is more than generous with lives.
Always Wright (1 month ago)
This game will make you *freeze* with your switch and stay even longer with with the new mode’s *funky* style
CzumK (1 month ago)
It looks very nice and I loved Country Returns, but how long is the playtime? Is there enough content to justify 60$ ?
SaltedAss (1 month ago)
+Rox Harols Totally agree my friend. It's a damn shame that people can't look past the $10 price increase and see the greatest platformer ever created
Rox Harols (1 month ago)
There is definitely enough content to justify $60. The game has nearly 70 well-crafted levels which have their own unique challenges, there’s even time attack and hard mode after you complete the levels. As for the playtime, it’s around 20 hours, but I clocked in at 80 hours since I loved the game so much. Not to mention the music is God-like. Trust me, you will not regret buying it.
Gypsymuffin (1 month ago)
This game is a masterpiece!
Ajisai Kyros (1 month ago)
Frank Steur (1 month ago)
Does it have a two player mode?
Frank Steur (1 month ago)
Arce Castro Emilio thanks!
Arce Castro Emilio (1 month ago)
Frank Steur yes, even with 2 joycon
Brandon Roberts (1 month ago)
this game looks fun
Grana Banana (1 month ago)
as great as this game is. 60 dollars is too much for what is an old game. Funky mode is not worth the extra 40 dollars on top of the 20 dollar Wii U Game. If you avoided the Wii U then this is a great purchase but still very pricey!
David Cohen (1 month ago)
You guys have to remember that almost nobody bought a wii u meaning most people didnt play this game so it's basically a new game for most of the gaming world
y_m_o (1 month ago)
Playing these games portable/on-the-go is something Nintendo use as an excuse to charge more.
Brian Preston (1 month ago)
Grana Banana it's ok, they deleted the $20 one. So that makes this totally worth it! ... poes law. I'm agreeing with 2000%, possibly more
Door Master (1 month ago)
Can you play co op when playing as funky?
Cape West (1 month ago)
nickwick35 (1 month ago)
the only complaint is that there isn't one lol. welp i have my copy pre-ordered
Joeynator3000 (1 month ago)
lol, that dancing trees level was a major wtf for me. Music was awesome though.
I'll buy it. Just gonna wait for it to go on sale.
Jack Gallacher (1 month ago)
I'm getting this on release date (can't contain the hype)
nintendoo (1 month ago)
Moataz Seada (1 month ago)
Kevin Ramirez (1 month ago)
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) Review Scores: NintendoLife- 9 out of 10 Gamespot- 9 out of 10 IGN- 9 out of 10 Amazing! GameXplain- Loves it! Easy Allies (YouTube)- 9.5 out of 10 NintendoEnthusiast- 9 out of 10 Opencritic- 84% Mighty Game Informer- 9.25 out of 10 NintendoWorldReport- 9.5 out of 10 GamesBeat- 89/100 Gamereactor- 9 out of 10 The Games Machine- 9 out of 10 COGconnected- 86/100 Digitally Downloaded- 4 stars out of 5 WeGotThisCovered- 4.5 Stars out of 5 Fantastic! Critical Hit- 8.5 out of 10 GamesRadar- 4.5 Stars out of 5 Metacritic- 86%
Endrick (1 month ago)
It's nice that this game is getting the praise it deserves. Sure, it got good scores on the Wii U but it wasn't nowhere near as popular as it is now.
Seems really good in reviews
Simon Vermaat (1 month ago)
and a very good review
Simon Vermaat (1 month ago)
awesome video
mystman12 (1 month ago)
I... What? You guys keep doing this thing with DKC games where you basically do nothing but give the game immense praise, only giving the most insignificant of complaints... And then give it a 9/10. What's keeping it from getting a 10?
mystman12 (1 month ago)
9/10 - 8.5/10 = 0.5/10
referral madness (1 month ago)
Review scores are arbitrary , what's the difference between an 8.5/10 and a 9/10 ?
Mike Strong (1 month ago)
mystman12 monkeys
all hail the whale (1 month ago)
mystman12 its not zelda or mario
PJ Parker (1 month ago)
You forgot some important things, in handheld mode the game runs at 648p (worse than the Wii version), it's a lot more expensive, $60 for a 4 year old game that is currently at a $20, and Nintendo is trying to get hide that cheaper version by deleting it off the Wii eShop and Nintendo.com listing. Some pretty shady stuff if you ask me.
Charles FraFra (1 month ago)
Definitely gonna buy it, not a DK fan, just that it looks super fun
Big Spoon (1 month ago)
They should've spent their time making one game combined with DKC 1,2, and 3 remastered for the switch and that would sell millions.
TheSpaceKing12 (1 month ago)
Big Spoon josh Thomas expectations are totally unrealistic and following him will rub off his stupid on you.
blazingsonic (1 month ago)
Just as I thought, Funk Mode is chill and have fun mode and I still can play as DK if I wanted, Awesome and the challenge is still there just the edge has been taken off.
blazingsonic (1 month ago)
3:44 O_O!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pizza hogger 91 (1 month ago)
from the studio that took away pokemon brick bronze XD
Danial Boules (1 month ago)
‘This game is perfect, only one insignificant complaint’ ‘9/10’
manoblancos (1 month ago)
Danial Boules Not to mention the complaint is that the game is too well made... Lol what!
Jo (1 month ago)
Yeah, why didn't he just give it a ten?
HeavyDonkeyKong (1 month ago)
Deathstroke 87 (1 month ago)
Here comes a bunch of comments complaining about the the price lol
HeavyDonkeyKong (1 month ago)
Mookie6209 the complaints are valid. But at this point, the dead horse has been beaten imo.
Mookie6209 (1 month ago)
Because it's perfectly viable to complain about the price. How are you gonna charge 60 dollars for a port?? Just because you predict something that tons of people are gonna have complaints about doesn't mean it's gonna hold any less weight. Nintendo should have at least given the people who already bought the game on Wii u a discount
Endrick (1 month ago)
I know, criticism is a sin.
HeavyDonkeyKong (1 month ago)
Honestly, everything that could possibly be said about the price... Has already been said... Ages ago.
R3bellion (1 month ago)
I didn't like the review...you never even mentioned that it has co-op mode and how it is. You did nothing except praise the game like a little fanboy and people who never played a donkey kong game in their life (like me) and don't know anything about this world are left unconvinced... Who is Donkey Kong? How is the platforming, what are those bananas you pick up, do they serve any purpose?...you have to explain like it's a completely new game and nobody knows anything about it. All I heard was "it's like the previous game, only better and more gorgeous, 9/10". I never knew about any "previous games".
Mike Strong (1 month ago)
R3bellion you're right, I also havent played donkey kong on the wiiu. Feel like im buying this game out of being convinced its amazing and i just need to try it. I did that with persona and didnt regret it. But yeah the review is majorly flawed. Next time do better nintendo life.
Mike Strong (1 month ago)
Gamesforus thats a dumbass reply "watch more reviews."
Swaggifyer (1 month ago)
Joke? Never heard of it.
Bluster The Benevolent (1 month ago)
R3bellion “who is donkey Kong?” Cranky,he’s your grandson.
Gamesforus (1 month ago)
"Who is Donkey Kong" You're literelly expecting a quick 7 minute review to go in depth of the lore between a god damn Donkey Kong game. You watch a reveiw to see others opinion on it. Thats why you watch mutiple reviews.
G 92 (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie, some of the later stages made me physically bash my gamepad. Now it's broken
Syuna (1 month ago)
Ugh another old port of wii u game hopefully Nintendo makes new games this year instead of just porting old games charging full price this shit is getting ridiculous I should’ve bought a PS4 pro this year instead cuz a lot of new exclusives on it 😑
AH SEU VOU (1 month ago)
Syuna nintendo said they intend to sell 20M Switch units this fiscal year so they probably have something big up their sleeves. I don't think Smash alone will be enough to push that many sales but I might be wrong
gronkhfp (1 month ago)
I will definitely buy this game second Hand :)
Peter Watts (1 month ago)
Currently hurting to be a Wiiu owner who bought a Switch.  PORTS PORTS AND MORE PORTS.  I get the Wiiu didn t sell well but pretending these games didn't exist on an earlier format and charging more for them is just wrong. Im happy for those that skipped the Wiiu - you get to relive 2014 - 2016 all over again like it never happened.
toast99bubbles (1 month ago)
It's like how PS4 and Xbox 1 owners who also had a PS3 or Xbox 360 had lots of ports during the first two years of being on the market. It's not something that only Nintendo does, so stop complaining just because it's Nintendo.
Jo (1 month ago)
Peter Watts You sound like nintendo beyond
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
Wowww well I’ve already stated that I agree $60 is too high. I’m just making a point of why it’s not $20. And “easy mode” isn’t the only new feature here. Personally I think funky mode will be fun for speed running and the character is bursting with personality. One of the biggest draws the switch has is the portability factor, that you can pick up the game and go. It is if only slightly enhanced at 1080p rather than the old 720p it has slightly better textures and maintains a solid 60fps docked and in portable mode. It’s also significantly improved as far as loading times go. Like I said $39.99 to $49.99 would be a more reasonable price point.
Wowww (1 month ago)
Pgcrooner VA Mario kart 8 deluxe came with the previous dlc's which added a lot to the the game, dktf comes with new easy mode
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
DKC:TF is back on the Wii U eshop. Yes the WiiU version is $20 but they are not going to do $20 on an enhanced port of DKC:TF for the switch. They are not the exact same game, the switch version does have some enhancements and features that are not found in the Wii U version, should that make it $60? no, but it shouldn't be the $20 dollars the Wii U version is either. Nintendo did the same thing with the port of Mario Kart 8. Other than not buying it until the price goes down there really is nothing you can do. Personally I think asking for $40-$50 for switch version (improved resolution, portability, new funky mode, and stable performance with shorter load times) would be fair.
ZXBilly (1 month ago)
I enjoyed playing this game in 2014
Cappy 22 (1 month ago)
I'm outside of GameStop as we speak waiting for this game! There's a little stream behind the store where I wash my balls and stuff so I'm not leaving until I get it!
Cappy 22 (1 month ago)
AloneMint lol your a retard. What they would just have no games? Without ports the switch would be coming out *this year*! (Yoshi definitely would have been out by now...and whatever retro has been working on) They would have waited to release *till they had new games* without ports. What u think they were gonna ride the Mario and Splatoon wave for two years? U better stop sticking mints up your bum
AloneMint (1 month ago)
Cappy 22 there wouldnt be new games if the game wasnt getting ported.....
Derwin Evans (1 month ago)
Cappy 22 lmao
Cappy 22 (1 month ago)
Pixelated Icon let me elaborate (for the peanut gallery). If it wasn't for the epic fail that was the Wii U, these ports would never exist. Therefore these would be *new* games. I have two friends who owned a Wii U and both constantly complain about these ports. So maybe you guys aren't the leadings authority on the subject.? I was saying *I* would be pissed (not you personally)....you goobers are to dumb to be be pissed
hjames78 (1 month ago)
Pixelated Icon lol I know. I've had this game for almost 2 years on my Wii u and I'm not pissed. I have a Switch as well. All this mess about this game made me want to play it again but I'm not buying it again I'm good!
Jan van Es (1 month ago)
Definitely going to buy it later this week. Got it preordered. So happy this game is also for Switch I totally wasn't going to get a Wii U just for this game. So I was overjoyed when it got announced for Switch. Love all the games in the franchise. Really hope for a future DKC title coming as well.
C.D. Riley (1 month ago)
Jan van Es that would be cool!!!
trolzilalol (1 month ago)
Alright. Who disliked this?
Santino Cobarrubias (1 month ago)
Optillian (1 month ago)
*_N E W F U N K Y M O D E_*
Optillian funky Time! Few will understand
TailsTheCat (1 month ago)
This game has been released four times. DKCR, DKCR3D, DKCRTF Wii U, and now Switch. All the reviews should be destroying the title so that maybe Nintendo will get a clue.
ElixirSoup (1 month ago)
Tropical Freeze is a completely different game to Returns. Your argument is ridiculous, that's like saying Majora's Mask is Ocarina of Time.
Vena (1 month ago)
lmao what? same assets?
TailsTheCat (1 month ago)
Lumin Otryc not really, dude. same assets, gameplay, etc. good luck.
Lumin Otryc (1 month ago)
TailsTheCat Tropical freeze is very different to just DKC so yourr wrong
Roberto Buatti (1 month ago)
Played this on my Wii U and loved it. I traded it in at my local game trade store because I want it on the Switch for the portability.
SaltedAss (1 month ago)
C.D. Riley (1 month ago)
Lumin Otryc Dang! Calm down,Boy!
Rox Harols (1 month ago)
Lumin Otryc Let him do what he wants. Unlike you, he actually wants quality games to sell well.
Roberto Buatti (1 month ago)
Yes it is a bit expensive. But I already pre-purchased it the other day.
Lumin Otryc (1 month ago)
Roberto Buatti Please, do NOT buy this game for $60, thats all nintendo has been doing lately, releasing old ass games for full price which is BS ven if its portabile
Mukund Murali (1 month ago)
Haaaylow there loveleee peeehpul!
kennikitty (1 month ago)
So, basically, it's everything it was before, just prettier, more refined and it has an easy mode now. I was hoping for an entirely new game, just as I was hoping for a new Captain Toad, but... nope. Nintendo keeps the ports comming.
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
you're not psychic, how were you to know that the Wii U would fail? It had some great titles that many gamers never got to play. Now with the switch you can have the games ported (usually via third parties) and get more exposure. I cant blame you for feeling the way you do about the pricing though. I guess the big N figured the portability factor and resolution increase for most WiiU to switch ports justifies the extra $10 for the "new" release. For those who never owned the games thats acceptable. there was an image that actually showed that mario kart 8 deluxe sold more units than on the wiiU and the wiiU version sold around 7 million, with the switch version selling an addition 9 million.
kennikitty (1 month ago)
@PikaPlayzHD Don't worry, I'm aware and I'm very happy for some of the games to have to chance for more exposure, especially Tropical Freeze is a game I always loved and stood up for since my day one purchase and it's not like every single Wii U game has been ported to Switch. Also, it's great more people get to enjoy great games. The demand is obviously there, so it would be stupid from Nintendo not to respond to that demand. It's just... I can't help but think "Why did I even bother buying a Wii U back then?" somewhere in the very back back of my head and I really don't like the pricing of the ports. You know, selling Tropical Freeze on Switch more expensive than it was on Wii U is not customer friendly in my book.
kennikitty (1 month ago)
@TheSpaceKing12 Wait, I never said I think these ports are preventing a new DKC game to be made. Bad sales is what could prevent it from happening. It's all about the money. I just said, porting games gives the illusion of content on the system while Nintendo (or 1st, 2nd, 3rd party developers) are working on other games, aka so droughts don't occur as massively blatant as they did on Wii U. God knows what these games are that are currently in development, we know a couple of them, but knowing Nintendo there's some in the dark for sure and who knows what it is? Case in point, I never said these ports are preventing new games from happening, nor do I believe such thing. And I know Retro is not making this port, I also know that nobody but them and select industry insiders know what they're currently up to. Ports are supposed to fill in the holes when no new games are ready to be released, since the Wii U was such a massive failure, porting more expensive/big/important Wii U games is a relatively cheap and easy way to bring content to the Switch. That's what I'm saying.
PikaPlayzHD (1 month ago)
Kennikitty yes but then Wii U was a complete flop and Nintendo don't want to leave it's gems on there to be forgotten, them porting these games over allows them a second chance and they are all outselling their Wii U originals because of this
TheSpaceKing12 (1 month ago)
They are making a new donkey Kong. In the same way that they’re also making a new captain toad. You think retro studios has spent 4 years porting a WiiU game? Are you out of your damn mind! Ports are almost never even developed by the original team anyways. They are significantly smaller and cheaper projects that don’t take away from the production of new games and actually help with the funding and production of said new games. Retro is working on the third modern DK game, no doubt about it. But this port does not stall that.
Nebuladark (1 month ago)
Great review. But I do have 1 question, is it worth to buy if you played the first DK TF?
CaranAWorld (1 month ago)
That all depends how much you enjoyed the first one personally. Are you willing to spend the price of a full game you already have, but with a higher resolution, extra character and the mobility? Or do you rather pop the game into your wii u for a day for your DK fix and save your money for a game you dont own yet. :)
Michelle Tackett (1 month ago)
Getting it this Friday.
KayFiOS (1 month ago)
I hope word-of-mouth will be enough to sell this game to people who didn't have a Wii U. I want this game to succeed, although I already bought this for $50 on the Wii U, so I'm gonna wait for a price drop.
KayFiOS (1 month ago)
LeanbackMac Seeing how I have the game already, and can play it at any time I please, just on inferior hardware, I'm not in any kind of hurry to get this on the Switch. Not to mention I have a backlog of other Switch/PS4 games to keep me occupied until then. Besides, a $20 difference? This game is $60, and would become $20 if Nintendo gave it the Nintendo Selects label, so we're talking about a whopping $40 difference. That's enough to buy a good few other games.
LeanbackMac (1 month ago)
allav866 Are you really gonna wait 2 whole years for a $20 difference?
KayFiOS (1 month ago)
Tribute Man Ever hear of Nintendo Selects? After sales slow down for a game, maybe two or more years after it's been released, Nintendo reduces its price to $20 to squeeze a few more sales out of it. It happened with Tropical Freeze on the Wii U, it can happen here, too. And if it doesn't, well I still have the Wii U version.
Tribute Man (1 month ago)
But it wont drop. Zelda still have this mad price... other Nintendo games too.
DrScaphandre (1 month ago)
As great as the game is, it’s not worth $60. This game has been out for years, and is $20 on Wii U, adding very minimal. Funky Mode is not enough to justify a $60 price tag, especially after Nintendo had the gall to REMOVE Tropical Freeze from the Wii U eShop. EDIT: Turns out the eShop thing was a bug and it’s back up now. Still though, I stand by my statement, the game is four years old and not worth $60. If it was $40, then we’ll talk, but for how little it added, $60 is too much, especially since Bayonetta 2’s port wasn’t sold at $60.
reversealex (1 month ago)
DrScaphandre I'm having fun with my donkey kong country tropical freeze switch game (I bought it for 60 dollars) :)
Marion Vieira (1 month ago)
This discussion is so easily be ended: options. It's just all about options... Want pay cheaper, WiiU Want portable, switch Want to buy, just buy Don't agree with the price, don't buy Don't agree but wanna play this awesome game, choose to buy or not Want doom 60 fps, buy it elsewhere... People just don't see the obvious: 1- the switch is not a monster pc, portability has a price in power and battery. But is undeniable that doom is a work of art and plays very nice on switch for what the system propose. 2- Dk for first buyers is even not a discussion, the game is perfection, the switch just adds up to it. 3- the whole technical aspects of each engine and game type for each game are different from one to another, then you add the system power... Just do a research and learn before talking nonsense... It's just simple as that. Oh.. And on top, like to play the games? So just play it the way you choose, whatever the reason :-)
DrScaphandre (1 month ago)
Bhavani Kempegowda Wait for a sale.
DrScaphandre (1 month ago)
Supirorguy 1. Fuck off I’m not a graphics whore 2. There is a massive difference between 30 and 60. http://30vs60.com/ 3. I need 60 FPS. I get simulation sickness on graphically intense games running on less then 60. 4. It’s an objectively inferior port being sold at $60 when the superior ports are being sold for $20.
DrScaphandre (1 month ago)
Supirorguy Oh dear, you’re one of THOSE people. The framerate deniers. Please watch this then: https://youtu.be/eXJh9ut2hrc
Jason Snow (1 month ago)
just wanted to let you know that the df link doesn't show up @ 2:02
thedreadedzero (1 month ago)
You got a free review copy though. Is it worth $60 for a Wii U port to the rest of us?
Prodigy (1 month ago)
Do you think it is more worth it to but the wii u version for $20, or the new one for $60?
Pgcrooner VA (1 month ago)
If you have a WiiU and don't mind it not having some of the additional stuff that the switch version has, go for the WiiU version. I'll be double dipping for the portability and to try out the new funky mode after I beat normal mode again.
Wii U
HeavyDonkeyKong (1 month ago)
Well Funky Mode makes the game WAAAY more accessible. Seriously, this game is freaking hard lol.
Prodigy (1 month ago)
Ya, these are all good points from both sides of the argument. I think just because of the cost difference I will get the wii u version.
Samuel Sá (1 month ago)
Unless you depend on Funky mode to beat the game, I see no reason to pay 60$ for the Switch version.

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