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Top 5 Moments Rude Cops GOT OWNED!

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Top 5 Power tripping cops who got owned.. instant karma instant justice 2018 Subscribe for MORE DAILY VIDEOS!
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timothy chung (17 minutes ago)
Cops that supposed to know the law is recited by civilians. Americans has become retards in general. Wow! Go America and show us your greatness that you brag to the world. I'm impress alright. Just shameful.
WhySoHard A (58 minutes ago)
Rude cops more like suborn people
thomas renner (1 hour ago)
Love how they always say their property when it belongs to the American people
Sarwar Alam (1 hour ago)
why do sexy chicks always act like a bitch to strangers???
Forge Master Highclaw (1 hour ago)
LOL at 7:08 its not even a dumb cop being owned that police officer seemed very resonable and chilled out maybe its cause im aussie and our cops are very chilled here. The so called citizen was being a cunt i would of loved to see the cop smack that cunt n teach him some respect he is just being a prick n making shit worse
Playday Live (1 hour ago)
i hate these people recording they always act like their some big know it all and just go out to look for a fight.
Ivan Trejo (1 hour ago)
2nd one he got Owned
Wallace Wood (2 hours ago)
Texas A&M. Not known for the deepest water in the pool.
Shaketa Robinson (2 hours ago)
Red Sunshine (2 hours ago)
Red Sunshine (2 hours ago)
brad jacobs (2 hours ago)
5:38 get a green card
Brother Senju (3 hours ago)
Most of these aren't even the cops being rude. It's the cameramen being assholes. Especially the one that was outside the post office.
Steve Adams (3 hours ago)
What a bull dike federal worker in the burgundy shirt. Cringe
Yana Pipenko (3 hours ago)
aNd....that’s whhyyy yoU always have a cam in your vehicle
Tyree Dunn (3 hours ago)
Inbred ramos (3 hours ago)
The first one was lowkey forced, the dude was being rude af when he could've said nothing or ok its fine and been on his way
recoding reece (3 hours ago)
The second is stupid he just asked you what you were doing
Andrew Dale (3 hours ago)
"I'm a female" um no you're not Shrek, slow your fuckin roll
Christian Eisenbarth (3 hours ago)
Im all for rude cops getting owned, but most of these are just people harassing cops trying to get at them.
Mak Nation (3 hours ago)
Riley Raine (3 hours ago)
Just a bunch of moron people, who have nothing better else to do, except doing weird sh!t.
Annie PD (4 hours ago)
That guy with the camera needs to get a life, mind his own business and stop looking for trouble. Smh
Meera N (4 hours ago)
I love how citizen put these pigs in their place. We gotta start policing the police.
Ranch It Up (4 hours ago)
"I'm the female" 🤔🤔🤔
Logan sprague (4 hours ago)
I understand the tattoo one and the parking one. But the other ones. These people are just making things difficult like its not that hard just give them your name. Like its not that hard. Your just trying to make an argument because it can go viral
Meera N (4 hours ago)
These fucken pigs think they above the damn law.
BEST DAD (4 hours ago)
Who else was waiting for the sexy female officer in the cover 👅😍
Alina Kent (4 hours ago)
Dude at 2:00 sounds like Cole sprouse
Mahdi Qurriesh (4 hours ago)
تكبير الله اكبر ولله الحمد
Ian Barb (4 hours ago)
Who ever made this video is a stupid dumbass
Keira E (4 hours ago)
People have the right to not answer police offices and to walk away if they have no reason to suspect a crime or illegal action
Lil Life (4 hours ago)
Peaple in this are being dicks and cops are asking
Emily Birkenfeld (5 hours ago)
😂this got me dead
Incognitus (4 hours ago)
LMFAOOOO cops be so triggered and sensitive. damn chill lol but some of these civilians are acting like they know everything
demz nice (5 hours ago)
i like the ones where the outta line cop gets handled real quick😂😂 on the other hand, I'm not a fan of ppl intentionally antagonizing law enforcement for YouTube views👎 I've been in scary situations with police, where a confrontation would lead to bodily harm to myself. obviously some ppl that don't fit a certain "profile" feel a little too confident being confrontational with police. its not that easy for some of us bruh... or we'd all do it.
Zimetus (5 hours ago)
though the first one was fine, if you're recording something, just tell them why you won't get in trouble. it's kind of a dick move.
Dan Salinas (5 hours ago)
The police is just trying to keep everyone safe..... These people are just being smart asses thinking they know the law.
mopar guy (5 hours ago)
has anyone ever heard of freedom of the press
Spirit Guided (5 hours ago)
Ha ha those Order takers don't even know their laws, Muppets!
Lil Hastur (5 hours ago)
Was it just me or was the second guy just being an ass to be an ass. The officer didn’t appear to be out of line
Eric Williams (5 hours ago)
LMFAO!!! “So you learned something today” dead af
Khalil Young (5 hours ago)
8:25 he is a good cop the person behind the camera is just being an ass
John Vazquez (5 hours ago)
Why people are video taping police facilities 😑it makes more problems well who cares now we can make a police officer mad 😉👌
Tony Yingling (6 hours ago)
Looks like a bunch of liberals being typical douche bags to me harassing cops.
619 575 (6 hours ago)
U should the name of the video to dickheads that want attention
Scott Grissom (6 hours ago)
This guy is mostly an idiot. Get a life
Kirsten Lunsford (6 hours ago)
The second guy’s hat in the clip asking for identification was annoying me soooo much like why was his hat strap on the back Ik they probably were supposed to have it like that but like Oof it was just annoying
baby_ debbie (6 hours ago)
The first one is straight up being racist I would have slapped her like girl what is your problem I’m just making sure why are you so pissed off
amigo mac (6 hours ago)
5:37 I am a female and you are recording me.......Get the f%&k out of here...whose leg is sheHe trying to pull??? The only thing sheHe is going to pull is hisHer Dick!!! SheHe is more of a man than superman and the hulk put together...I am a fehemale PPFFFHahahahahaha if sheHe carries on telling lies sheHe will end up with a big nose like pinocchiHOE pmsl period my self laughing.
Xavier Ryan (6 hours ago)
I'm sorry but ur a douchebag. I'm all for standing firm and exercising your rights as US citizen. But this dude in few clips is total dung dung. Seriously point out flaws in law enforcement agencies and how cops need a lesson in respect. But all u do is be a honky kong. Grow up man. Deleted your vids. You are spreading bad karma. Piss off m8
Lily Shah (6 hours ago)
That’s scary that people can video tape whatever they want hell no to drones and spy on me. As it is when people record with their phones and I have not given them permission that’s permissible?
Lorenzo Franklin (6 hours ago)
“ I aM a FeMale” “YoU aRe ViOlaTiNg My RiGhTs”
cody potter (6 hours ago)
Cops should know the law before they try to enforce it...morons.
Lorenzo Franklin (6 hours ago)
There is a line between just answering a question and “ I don’t have to listen to you this isn’t against the law.” Some of these people are retarded
Lanii B (6 hours ago)
Not all of these cops were rude...
Xx_illuminati_xX (6 hours ago)
i understand the cops expect the first one cause all them where being mad annoying
KhepriX (6 hours ago)
While I do agree people have the right, I have to say that you guys are trolling those officers :/
that one kid (7 hours ago)
3:20 he walks away like an npc,I’m surprised he didn’t step back when the the car was passing by him
我SKYGROUND (7 hours ago)
The fist cop is my buddy mom !
801ryanf (7 hours ago)
Bunch off jack asses with cameras.
Jose Cruz (7 hours ago)
Silly women
Cole Smith (7 hours ago)
2nd vid haha cop couldnt even be a man and say sorry...
Monty Traister (7 hours ago)
most of these people filming are idiots and need to stop wasting peoples time. Police are supposed to be on your side yet we have all these rights wanna bees walking around filming pissing them off causing a bigger divide. I for one am against a divided America, I support all the non corrupt law enforcement.
Yo Daguy (7 hours ago)
That first bitch definitely needs to get laid, but I can see why she isn't getting any
Vidya Christopher (7 hours ago)
Yo Daguy 😂😂😂
Lily Perkins (7 hours ago)
7:46 officer is trying to be nice and the guy is being a dick, i would have arrested him
leland tuttle (7 hours ago)
Is that Hank from Breaking Bad..??
Chris D (7 hours ago)
Why do people have to provoke cops? This is the effects of Obama administration.
shorty Martinez (7 hours ago)
who is all THESE BICHES .
B B (8 hours ago)
The second one was baller
junk can (8 hours ago)
Morons with guns and badges.
Sup (2 hours ago)
not all, most are the cops that make your life safe.
Vidya Christopher (7 hours ago)
junk can 😂😂😂
Suicide Bonger (8 hours ago)
FUCK COPS!!! Epic gamers like us need to stay together! The pigs need to stay out of our way or we will rise up. I'm second prestige in black ops so DONT. FUCK. WITH. ME. Edit: they should change the name of the video to PWND!!!!! 😂😂😂
Homeless Mans 2 Cents (8 hours ago)
Why is the guy who is video taping the police facility just asking for trouble and being a dick to the officer
Shawn Adams (8 hours ago)
2:13 This is a good example of why you should know your rights instead of just giving them information or letting them search you.
Larkin VanMetre (8 hours ago)
@8:20 audio got weird
miybre (8 hours ago)
Notice how the cops make up their own laws to fit their point. If any of you paid attention that's why nobody got locked up. Learn the law people
zach moyer (8 hours ago)
Where's my town cop? he needs to on this
Varshava Kadnikov (8 hours ago)
The second video taper is a bit of a dick, even to the officer that diffused the situation.
zach moyer (8 hours ago)
i liked it cause FUCK THE COPS
Sten Lorentzen (8 hours ago)
You are a big stupid idiot!
don't believe the hype (8 hours ago)
Officer Hernandez/ Gorbachev his birth mark slid down and to the left
suijurisinfowarrior (8 hours ago)
5:53 Is straight out of Idiocracy, lol.
Mr 1988 (8 hours ago)
Called out 1rst one
Terrence Go (9 hours ago)
Loreanna York (9 hours ago)
That was a woman?
Balic Hristoski (9 hours ago)
Democracy is making me SICK....
Mad Strad (9 hours ago)
I am not going to stand up for the cops that don't know the law. But, don't be an idiot looking for trouble with the cops because you'll get it whether you're right or wrong. Why would anybody have a reason to fly a drone around a cop station, the guy is an IDIOT!! Funny thing is that cop would lay down his life for this guy.
78dachamp (9 hours ago)
Where you going?? Its none off your fucking business...Cop Slut!!
John Bravo (9 hours ago)
stupid white assholes
hi guy (9 hours ago)
3:28 loved it . Boy did he feel dumb . You have to provide ID because I said so . Everyone learn your rights, because cops have been abusing them for a long time and if we dont defend what is left we will have none . Another thing Driving is not the same as traveling and automobile, is not the same as motor vehicle .
Bizzle GTi (9 hours ago)
white women with authority are literally devils
Geiffrey Fox (9 hours ago)
That second video the dude was kinda being a douchebag
Jasmine B (9 hours ago)
If a stranger is standing outside of your house filming there’s gonna be a problem your not going to just let them keep filming u
mickeymonster (10 hours ago)
That dude outside of the federal building was a total dickhead and is it just me or did you want to punch the shit out of him
DuBsTk 951 (10 hours ago)
All these fools recording trying to prove a stupid point is annoying. Go do something better with your lives other then bullshit around
Gürsel Namasté (10 hours ago)
7:21 What's your name and badge number? Wall it's on his chest dumbass. Leave this ppl alone.
EXPOSE HIM (10 hours ago)
What kind of asshole just records a building for no reason and then refuses to comply with the security like that is on another level of pettiness. And then he has the audacity to say “SO YOU WERE WRONG???? I GUESS YOU LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY!” Fuck off you lonely bitch.
Leighann Cagle (10 hours ago)
He wants to know who he is cuz the officer thinks he’s cute
KING SLIM (10 hours ago)
Bitch ass SAPD
Tyler Tomasi (10 hours ago)
Drunk with power

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