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FINAL FANTASY XIV Stormblood New Expansion Teaser Trailer (PS4 PC) 2017

166 ratings | 19209 views
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Text Comments (68)
NightLordq (1 year ago)
I knew she was Yda, she was just pretending to be her older sister before revealing her true identity
kimeli (1 year ago)
white people playing asian characters.
Adrian Arreguin (1 year ago)
Wondering if you need to buy the original game and past expansion to play thx
harmless carrot (1 year ago)
Nice desu~!
La Condizioni (1 year ago)
Absolutely lost it when I heard the teaser of what is probably the new title music at the end. MOAR PLS.
Trevor Healy (1 year ago)
Too bad their trailers r better than their games.
Jamie Welsh (1 year ago)
Trevor Healy well u dont seem to mind xi
belias360 (1 year ago)
Infinitely more badass than Luna's useless ass -_-
belias360 (1 year ago)
+micman963 Garnet's done more throughout her entire game than Luna has in trailers AND a movie. And you can't fault her for being rendered mute due to extreme trauma. The fact the game incorporated that into the gameplay was at least different, and more importantly she got over it and developed beyond that. What has Luna done again in comparison? She talks the tough princess talk but even Nyx called her out on her crap and told her to cut it. And again, if you're going to give credit to Luna for staggering Leviathan, Garnet (and Eiko) deserve the same credit for defeating Bahamut. Any other time she wasn't able to summon when she could have was because she realized that Garland was using his ship to turn her own summons against her. Never mind that from the beginning of the game, she establishes she doesn't want for someone to lead her to do what she needs to do. She practically orchestrates her own kidnapping to go get help from Cid and Treno to help stop Queen Brahne's militant schemes, she fights alongside Steiner when they split from the party to pursue her own mission and he even gives her credit for her keeping him alive during all their fights, something Luna never did for Nyx in Kingsglaive in similar circumstances, and you want to talk about large summons in the game, her final summon is literally a giant space mech, and her Trance allows her to passively summon him multiple times while she's doing something else, making her very powerful. She also gets bonus points for being able to pilot a flying ship during the middle of an attack perfectly without prior training. Keep in mind that the developers said that Luna's personality was inspired by Garnet's own personality, particularly when it comes to both of them and their dedication to duty. So you have no point to come for her when even the developers have implicitly stated Garnet is a character that Luna, in a sense, looks up to.
micman963 (1 year ago)
+belias360  Luna will be more important than Lulu was in FF10, there's pretty no much no doubt about it at this point because she's a main heroine and Lulu/Waka and those characters are secondary in importance. Also go watch the english cast trailer and the Luna section, she staggers leviathan pretty badly with holy, or some other holy type spell, and the summons in FF15 are much larger and more menacing than ever before. Also what has Garnet done except go mute as a defensive mechanism after her kingdom got destroyed? She didn't even raise a finger at Bahamut or the eyeball ship in the sky much less stagger them. She just gets saved by Zidane and goes mute for a long ass time, some heroine I guess?
belias360 (1 year ago)
+micman963 I didn't see Luna cast Holy on Leviathan. She just blocked her attack. Yuna, Vivi, and Garnet all had CG sequences where they pulled off badass stunts that Luna hasn't done too: Yuna summons while jumping off a tower, Garnet works with Eiko to summon Alexander and beats Bahamut's ass, Vivi is literally the only character who goes into Trance in a CG cutscene and literally roasts his enemy alive, and Lulu...well she's respected as a veteran mage and she's useful. It's not that people think the FF15 girls are all weak, just Luna, because other than Aranea, I don't see Gladio's sister or maybe Luna's aide going into a fight. If Aranea might possibly pull a Heel-Face turn like Beatrix, that'd be great because we need some badasses in there who aren't just the guys. I get the "bro road trip" they're going for, but I just don't care about the guys enough this time. They check off every anime trope checkbox and it's boring. But yeah, I guess we'll see more later this month when the game finally comes out.
micman963 (1 year ago)
+belias360  Luna casts holy on Leviathan and that summons in FF15 are more powerful than they've ever been before, it's a feat that she's able to stagger it like she did. Mages are strong but you don't see them physically slapping other characters around. Yuna, Lulu, Vivi, Garnette, ect ect are strong but they don't do stuff like in this trailer. A lot of people say the female characters in FF15 are weak but they always ignore the fact Aranea fights the good guys 1v4 with her spear, which is a feat well beyond even Nadine or many other female characters in the FF series aside from Lightning who is basically a god in FF13-3. Aranea sorta like Beatrix, actually quite a bit like her. Anyways it's best to just wait for the game to come out because there's no way in hell we've seen everything about all of the characters yet
belias360 (1 year ago)
+micman963 I get that Luna is a mage, but hell, even the mages in FF pull off some amazing feats. And I saw the Omen trailer, and Luna clearly knows how to melee at least a little bit. But my god, she's still underwhelming, both in magic and melee. Aranea seems cool though. Too bad she's the bad guy, but at least she's a bad bitch. And don't even get me started on Nadine. She's fucking awesome, lol.
Rodney Polk II (1 year ago)
O look! the Monk and Gypsy class from Ragnarok online got reused.
H Koizumi (1 year ago)
I wonder if the new zones are flyable location as well
Chhewie (1 year ago)
H Koizumi yes that's confirmed
Negrolas (1 year ago)
this is what they killed ffxi for.
redeyedot (1 year ago)
popularity doesn't mean anything, it just means it appeals to a larger crowd, and it does. FFXI was hard and required you to sit in front of the tv for hours to achieve anything, took up to two years to get a 75 relic weapon, and that's assuming you were rich and did dynamis regularly, it had more depth in terms of leveling skills and weapons, and macros. The sense of reward is better than ffxiv in my opinion, because your armor showed how hard and how long it took you to get it. But I love FFXIV too, storyline is addicting, music is fantastic, the CGI and overall graphics are more appealing than FFXI (obviously). I love both games !!
Negrolas (1 year ago)
I'm mad bc ffxi is infinitely a better game and se admits that they killed it for ffxiv.
Alex McDouchebag (1 year ago)
More 3D kawaii anime girls to jerk off too, woop woop.
Arukki (1 year ago)
She looks nothing close to Anime...
Aravis (1 year ago)
nice tits
whatcha howsya (1 year ago)
i haven't even finished a realm reborn... I really need to update my subscription and try to get through Heavensward before this expansion.
Pirikko (1 year ago)
+InvisibleWombat FlyingSeel I know that feeling, had the same when I came back. On the other hand, it's better to have a nice amount of content to catch up to, than to be bored with nothing to do :D
whatcha howsya (1 year ago)
+That1Guy +Pirikko​ thanks! I'm definitely going to come back soon. Only thing is, because I'm so behind it gets kinda overwhelming. Haha
Arukki (1 year ago)
You can take your time and you don't have to pay for Heavensward nor Stormblood, just play until you hit 50 and then finish everything solo-able in there or 4 man dungeoning then buy Heavensward and do the same for Stormblood.
Pirikko (1 year ago)
I just finished the story of the latest Heavensward patches, and they've really outdone themselves with the story. It's really worth it!
OTAkun TV (1 year ago)
finalball z turbo edition😋perfect name for this!
Angel Cortez (1 year ago)
Ok how is it that the damn game is not out yet but they are already talking about dlc to this game?!
Angel Cortez that final fantasy 14 second extension after heavenward
Angel Cortez (1 year ago)
+EndV yes that is my bad.
EndV (1 year ago)
This game has been out for years... You're probably thinking about 15, this is 14.
Battlesackboy (1 year ago)
So Dancer and Master job/class?
TheySeeMeRoe'in (1 year ago)
Flirting goal.
BlazinBro786 (1 year ago)
1:46 the exchange from this part was pretty badass
SephirothSpirit (1 year ago)
Shinobi squase
Gatinho Miau (1 year ago)
Not really. It lacks impact and weight. Seems like Squase isnt number 1 CG maker anymore.
juan sanchez (1 year ago)
this trailer make me feel like training od hard
kaneki ken (1 year ago)
oh my gooood!
George Grindcore (1 year ago)
Does it still requires monthly payment? :-(
BryceSoker (3 months ago)
GW2 gives about the same amount of content in a smaller timeframe and it's not P2P...just saying.
George Grindcore (1 year ago)
I see and I don't want and expect anything, I just can't afford monthly payment cuz I never know how many hours I have to play. But yeah I see that they can make gorgeous expansions with that monthly price, that's ok.
Mihli Warsong (1 year ago)
If Final Fantasy XIV went f2p square wouldn't be able to make these types of expansions and would be stuck in the same rut as these other f2p MMO's having to focus more on putting new things in a cash shop so their players will continue to shovel out money instead of creating amazing content like this.
George Grindcore why do I expect.making content like they are doing isn't free
Pirikko (1 year ago)
I really really hope they never remove the monthly payment.
Teddy Nelth (1 year ago)
looks like some naruto and sasuke shenanigans
Linda Espinoza (1 year ago)
Toby (1 year ago)
already cant wait for this to be released
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
I see new classes Monk and Dancer :D Which one will you chose ?:3
Lune (1 year ago)
Shes Dancing *u*
Bluehaze37 (1 year ago)
Ilona screw logic I WANT TO BELIEVE
Ilona (1 year ago)
+SoundEssence Monks dance too. They are called "War Dancers" in Ala Mhigo... In fact she's not dancing, she's using a martial art similiar to capoeira that gives the sensation of dancing when they are in fact, are fighting. She even uses monk exclusive abilities like Demolish, Shoulder tackle and Fists of Wind. I know people think that she's a dancer because of how she is dressed and how she fights, but monks have the same. It's sad to see that the majority of players don't even know this job... She is a monk without a doubt :)
SoundEssence (1 year ago)
+Ilona but she dances, im sure its a dancer class, Theres too many healing classes in this game all of which do the same xD
Lune (1 year ago)
The way she move and the danc at the beginning, yeah its a dancer. My red mage ...... :'<
Moon Door (1 year ago)
Who are the name of this male character and the female one?
Terajah Minor (1 year ago)
Moon Door I think the girl in red is the Red Mage. And the guy, I'm not so sure?
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+Ilona Seriously? Thank you so much! But these screenshoots are in the official FF XIV site?
Ilona (1 year ago)
+Italo Barbosa Oh you can find hd screenshots of this trailer online if you want !
Ilona (1 year ago)
+Victor Valandy Bernard I really hope that she is who we think she is x)
Moon Door (1 year ago)
+Ilona I wish at least they made a screenshoot of these too characters. :'(

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