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8 Spooky Gaming Urban Legends That Will Give You Nightmares

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Lion El Jonson (2 days ago)
The fact that the fallout one is fake is disappointing. That would have been the spookiest one on here if it was real.
Uriel238 (2 days ago)
The real horror is how video games are made, with the tortured souls of forsaken game developers. Tell Tale Games is _not an isolated incident!_
Uriel238 (2 days ago)
The lavender town music played at 200dB _will_ kill you. So it's certainly _possible._
Beronica Garcia (3 days ago)
Hey I like how lavender town sounds
Kenji Yamamoto (3 days ago)
4:32 nice he has the same name as me 😟😟😵😯😦😧😮😲
JanaRam Parmeswaran (5 days ago)
Dude lavender town’s music track actually had a dangerous amount of high frequency which wasn’t suitable for children
TOM The BOSS (6 days ago)
This music kills people!! *plays the music*
twisted hunter (7 days ago)
God I hate that stupid Pokémon theme..like seriously. Its maddening !!
Felix Tietböl (7 days ago)
Sinneslöschen means deleting senses like tast, smell, hearing and stuff Greetings from germany btw ^^
Sniff sniff do you smell that? Smells like Minecraft bullshit
* Nadia Mundt * (10 days ago)
8:00 fun fact to make this soooo much better! Majin in Japanese means Satan! So whoooo!!
Boomer_113 (11 days ago)
I like the lavender town music tho
i like the lavender town music
LegendSlayer77 (16 days ago)
My friends and I encountered Herobrine on PS3. He killed my buddy, and the death message said that his user name killed his user name. It was creepy af.
Kermit The frog (17 days ago)
The lavender town music has things that if your a kid you hear a high pithed noise 18+ don’t hear it
Over Nova (17 days ago)
But herobrine wasn’t fake ,he was just a hacker.
Over Nova (17 days ago)
Sinnenlöschen=Sense deleting Me at 4 am : why am I doing this?
Jake Grafxtitan (18 days ago)
Bethesda is the terrorist of my heart.
Shiloh Johnson (18 days ago)
Fallout 3 predicted the future no I DID
Theodore Rees (18 days ago)
Fallout ones are actually real but their radio broadcasts that are just gibberish
RodDaG0DXP (18 days ago)
i got something thats so scary it ought to be outlawed. Seriously this is nothing to play with. okay here goes..... homosexuality
Jonimari Zebra (18 days ago)
Sinnes Löschen means to delete someones senses, like, to turn them off. The correct german word is „Reizentzug“. Also „Sinneslöschen“ is an substantivatited verb. So it is kinda correct.
Barrel Link (18 days ago)
How does herobrine give you nightmares? Its just a game
Darkness Rising (19 days ago)
Its HERO BRINE, not hero brin
Visualpony Thenarrator (21 days ago)
"Sinnes löschen" is in itself wrong. In proper german, it'd be "Löschen der Sinne" and it wouldn't translate to "Sensory deprivation", which would mean that you are deprived of sensory input. "Sinnes Löschen" or "Löschen der Sinne" however, means "Deleting the senses". (And yes, I am, indeed, German)
Wild Pusheen (1 month ago)
The lavender town thing is actually true
Anonymous Hacker5527 (1 month ago)
Jeff Busby (1 month ago)
the sims killed a guy too. his fault, but he was found dead after playing the game for like 3 days straight
Doom Buddy (1 month ago)
Evil Otto is Kira!!!!!!
Wata Kat (1 month ago)
I like that pasta
DavadBoi (1 month ago)
Lavender town killed me ;-;
Joe Josa (1 month ago)
I'd say for fallout... Updates?
The fallout one is obviously true our lord and saviour god Howard made it
David Wood (1 month ago)
Brickskid (1 month ago)
6:53 Im German and I can confirm that "Sensory Deprivation" is a pretty good trunslation of "Sinneslöschen". How ever the word itself doesnt make any sense gramatically: "Sinnes" is the genitive of "Sinn", translating to "Sensory", "Mind" or "Sense". Löschen is the infinitive or 1st/3rd person plural and translates to "to delete", "to extinguish", "to depredate" or "to erase". An exact translation would be "Sense's erase".
Enigma Reed (1 month ago)
Tell your friends... Vidiots.
Antboy 925 (1 month ago)
Polybius only at number 4? What the hell?
Georex Zarov (1 month ago)
Never knew that a blocky boi with withe eyes will give me nightmares
JackKen from roblox (1 month ago)
I saw a cross in minecraft
Storm Caller (2 months ago)
Is it weird a want to play beserk
Nick Lopez (2 months ago)
Yeah if I wasted $733k I would cry too
Crocodile Smash (2 months ago)
Woah! Herobrine is so scary..
Serasia (2 months ago)
Pretty sure those Polybius agents were just stealing the machine's quarters.
Vanessa Latimer (2 months ago)
7:00 i'm german and i can confirm
owl ' (2 months ago)
time to meet evil Otto
Dylan Roberts (2 months ago)
Herobrine fucks with your game? So, there’s absolutely nothing that separates him from every troll, glitch, or hacker ever?
Notfairplayer1 (2 months ago)
Lavender town song is cool to listen its actually my second favourite song of all time!
Ricarda Wiechmann (2 months ago)
sinneslöschen = sense deleting... if translated word piece by word piece
Thats why i only play on flat worlds in minecraft not on infinity worlds
C9Tyler (2 months ago)
Omg I couldn’t sleep for a week after the herobrine part
Julius Tausch (2 months ago)
Sinneslöschen isn't even a word in German. It would however be an unconjugated verb, if it existed. And it would translate to deleting senses. I don't even know if there is a distinctive word for sensory deprivation in German and it's my mother tongue.
Felix Montero (2 months ago)
Lavander town kill me
Adam h (2 months ago)
Okay I swear I've heard the name "Jeff Daily" before. Not related to the game, and I feel it was recently. As in, the last year or so? Maybe it's just a common name?
Dragonrider1202 1 (2 months ago)
Haha spoop
Ash's Pikachu (2 months ago)
Herobrine is real
Hero-Bryan is how I say it.
Peter Callaghan (2 months ago)
So fallout 3 was real?
Hammerin' Hank (2 months ago)
I suffered a stroke while listening to the Lavender Town track. Contacting a lawyer.
kaylim donoghue (2 months ago)
sonic is still a badass fite me if you hate sonoc
Ellie Saint (2 months ago)
kaylim donoghue meet me outside in 10 minutes, if I'm not out there in 10 minutes start without me XD, jk I've always liked Sonic
Replieddawn (2 months ago)
Replieddawn (2 months ago)
I DIED AT 2:26
Rachel Phillips (2 months ago)
person who made polybius his name in english is meaning deleted
itz someone (2 months ago)
People say majin is devil or whatever but,its just a developer I think that's just his art,he puts his name in a lot of games.
State of Opportunity (2 months ago)
Now I have to look up those Fallout 3 messages. Predictive programming?
dbot studios (2 months ago)
The lavender town thing is fake I'm a kid and listened to the theme and I'm alive
CreakyDaBomb (2 months ago)
the Lavender Town music doesn't kill people but it gives big headaches
[Water]Dragon Games (2 months ago)
*Dude, you do realize it wasn't the music itself, it was the encoding of the music and the way that the music was DELIVERED to the kids. In the original game, the music was delivered with ONE half of the music in one headphone side, and the OTHER half being played on the other side. Now, that's just what I know from personal research though, so meh.* -Concerning the Lavender Town entry-
Nathen Cawkins (2 months ago)
SinneslÖchen is not a word but Sinnes LÖchen translates to Sensory Erase (sensory deletion translates to Sinnes LÖschung) (Sensory deprivation translates to Sensorische Entbehrungen)
It’s Mr Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
That Pokemon lavender town music, are you sure it wasn’t on the U.K. versions too as I instantly recognised the music as it was always a bit creepy but yeah I obviously never had the Japanese versions and there’s no other way I’d have heard the original otherwise?
Mad Gamer (2 months ago)
Sinneslöschen = Sin’s deleter. Or something like that.
Calvin Vlogs (2 months ago)
Herobrine isn’t scary
milo kistler (2 months ago)
will i die because i saw the smiley ball
Herobrine is not real, it’s a myth, people may photoshop, or use a other player to help them, so not real! Even green Steve is not REAL, Even red Steve, even blue guest, don’t believe in them!
Asteroid Blast (2 months ago)
Is the lavender town music actually real?
thebig succ (2 months ago)
wow so scared hEroBriNE
ThisIsJ Gaming (2 months ago)
His voice to funny to the video scary theam LoL
Elite warrior (2 months ago)
The second one is true they changed it after kids in japan killed them selves
a_person 27p (2 months ago)
you do know that the lavender town one is true my uncles friend died from it
TheThomasTea (2 months ago)
Sinneslöschen translates literally to sensory deletion. Hope I made your night!
The Japanese beta version of the Lavender town theme is what caused the "Lavender Town Syndrome"
Jadon Hester (2 months ago)
I've seen herobrine, and no, I'm not doing this for attention. I was playing Xbox live with a friend on a creative world and we decided to go make a new survival world, but as we left , I got 2 gold hearts randomly and then got teleported into the nether. I thought of it as a glicth BC my internet sucked then. But when I joined the survival world I got stuck 2 blocks above the ground with only 5 hearts then I got 5 gold hearts above those. I also assumed I was just frozen but then my friend walked In front of me and said "whymarent you moving or talking?" When I literally just told him I was stuck in a glitch loop or something. But then, behind him in the taiga woods there was a Steve teleporting around and then he was 3 blocks behind my friend. I just stared and said herobrine is right behind you. But then he teleported away and I had all my hearts and according to my friend on his screen I attacked him and then just died as a Steve and then showed up as my skin I actually had on. I was creeped out so I said let's play a different world. The next day I asked if we could play that world and he said *he never played with me the day before* and he doesn't have any older or younger siblings. Soo, try explaining that please.
Daniel Teang (2 months ago)
And that's why I don't play pokemon and will never watch it either
YT Dino World (2 months ago)
One time in Minecraft I was playing with my cousins in a mutleplayer world and all of a sudden we started to die!! No one was there I was the last to live... he spared me.... I know what I saw.
Julian Wales (2 months ago)
MegamanPokemon Fan (3 months ago)
Screw You Evil Auto ☺
BYGx ProPlay (3 months ago)
Lavender Town Syndrome is what it was referred to. Some people have reported and there IS a report about the situation. High pitched tones in the song caused major pains and migraines that alot of people just killed themselves over. Many songs have been made about it using Vocaloids and such..
sarg nagel (3 months ago)
jeltevl (3 months ago)
The killswitch story is not complete. After beating the game, the game would completely erased itself and when starting it up you would only get a black screen. There were only 10.000 copies made and almost all of them were used on porto. But here is the deal. The story of porto is only one half of the story. The other half is the story of ghast. But because he was insanely difficult to complete nobody did. Then there is the part of the person who bought the game. According to the story it was the final piece that wasnt played yet. All 9.999 other copies where all played and all with the porto campaign. So when he bought the game he was crying because he couldnt decide if he just wanted to beat the game with porto or if he had the patience to play with ghast.
Expierement_1 (3 months ago)
Over joyed heart attack?
Sarah Pennell (3 months ago)
sinnesloschen means meaning delete
The dragonborn (3 months ago)
If you never stop with sonic eggman will be naked
Warren W (3 months ago)
omg polybius was on atv show and apparently it was a goverment experiment trying to do mind control
OMG We're screwed (3 months ago)
"Sinneslöschen" isn't even a real word in german, sounds like a japanese pseudo-german creation (as in mangas, etc).i guess what is meant is something like memory deletion...
Julian Rassel (3 months ago)
The lavender town song gives me the chills and I hate it
dOOmer _ (3 months ago)
That word does not exist in the german language. But parts of it can be translated into "mindloosener"
MachoDingus (3 months ago)
Those Fallout predictions are added in patches
No Name (3 months ago)
Yeah the Squall one is true, there's a pic of squall with a hole for a face in it apparently plus the start convinces me anyways
No Name (3 months ago)
Still might be wrong tho it's a theory
reallyoriginalname 1 (3 months ago)
I found a forest covered in lava but that was jus my sister
9odino (3 months ago)
I'm 12 and for lavender town, at the beginning I heard like a robot kind of...... ;-;
Albert Martinez (3 months ago)
Hey guys catching a pikachu kills u

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