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Top 6 Rhythm Games (in Japanese arcades)

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I am back from three weeks in the rhythm game capital of the world, Tokyo, and in this video I will share with you which rhythm games are currently popular in the Japanese arcades. For making the video, I have borrow a bit from other youtubers, and their videos can be found in full length here: Beatmania Pocket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXJYmiWOOTE Multiple hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCUd4JGSMn0 Maimai sync: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0uSmPoE8Ro Sumo style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_K_jgE6mwE Bad Apple times eleven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPNxxeRfToM VR music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FCSGnkJQ0U
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Text Comments (119)
Barzonia (3 days ago)
no Groove Coaster k i guess....
Toro Kuro (10 days ago)
Deemo pls
Avatar4r 4r (17 days ago)
Tysm for putting Sound Voltex on the list its my most favorite rhytm game Fyi im asian
Artist Zhanna (17 days ago)
U sound like Baldi
Mio Ryan (18 days ago)
Axis (29 days ago)
pedrojrram (1 month ago)
I took 1 trip to Japan and I was addicted to chunithm when I first went into the arcade, played it until I saw other people were waiting to play lol
Loveiffi (2 months ago)
the love live arcade game is actually called love live: after school activity its also playable on ios and is extremly fun once you can play expert and master its based of 2 different anime’s love live school idol project and love live sunshine. love live school idol project is the #5 most popular anime in japan because WAIFU
Kyupin (2 months ago)
What's the song played in the maimai section? I know I've heard it before but I can't remember the name for the life of me lmao
NinjaKetchup (5 days ago)
Kyupin https://youtu.be/O0TtDeDiHcE
do you know da wae (2 months ago)
im a diva fan
V0EIZ (3 months ago)
Osu is a ripoff
Smartapix (2 months ago)
Screw off. It isn't a rippoff. It's a remake of ouendan, making it so that it's much more accessible and customizable with much better graphics.
DAT BOIII (3 months ago)
l get that osu is originally a compilation of 3 games, in fact, it admits to that. In the description of osu, you can see that it says "the PC version of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan," but that was back in 2007. Osu has evolved to become much much more than that, and although the basis of it is from other rythm games, osu takes it a step further. Also, I believe you mentioned in the video that you play mainly taiko and mania, but those aren't where the game is focused. You have to play standard mode and see all the beautiful maps mappers have created to understand the gravity of the game. Osu is much more than a rythm game.
Kyupin (2 months ago)
Not trying to encourage touchscreen lmfao, it's just the most similar to other rhythm games out there and that works for some people xd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DAT BOIII (2 months ago)
TheEbbemonster Also, no need to capitalize "osu!" since it's just called "osu!" xd
DAT BOIII (2 months ago)
Kyupin plz don't tell him to play with touchscreen xd
DAT BOIII (2 months ago)
TheEbbemonster I use my keyboard with a mouse, but I once played with toothbrush and got the top play in the world. But anyway, I think that besides playing the game, you should watch videos from the youtuber pishifat, who's a pro mapper and makes videos about mapping. And looking at some of the amazing maps made in mapping contests such as "Aspire," really makes you think that, "maybe osu isn't just a stupid weeb game with a retarded community." Anyhow, sorry for the late reply, I really didn't expect a reply in the first place and I never saw this in my notifications.
Smartapix (2 months ago)
TheEbbeMonster I use tablet and keyboard. I have been playing for 5-6 years
ViskaDrake (3 months ago)
How do these wizards play these games? There's no way I could keep up with even one of these games, yes that includes Taiko Drum Master
TheEbbemonster (3 months ago)
ViskaDrake I think it is a combination of true passion and infinite amounts of free time 🤪
Tim N (3 months ago)
Have you played dance freaks or dance maniax?
TheEbbemonster (3 months ago)
Tim N Nope, are they still in arcades? Dance Freaks looks prerty old 😂
Zlime Games (3 months ago)
*love live arcade* *SUB BUTTON CRACKS*
Manuel Sica (3 months ago)
8:38 TOTALLY AGREE about the need of some retrowave / synthwave soundtracks !
GD Nisaharie (3 months ago)
Why the song is spider dance
Rizumu Tenshi (3 months ago)
By now you’d drop Love Live for Ongeki 😏 (also it’s Love Live! School idol festival: after school ACTIVITY) tho iirc Ongeki has a gacha as well
TheEbbemonster (3 months ago)
Rizumu Tenshi Things move fast in Japan!
No No (3 months ago)
I told myself love live would be here xD
TheEbbemonster (3 months ago)
No No And it was, wuuuup! 😁😁😁
martha (3 months ago)
why the fuck is osu here osu is like the worst rhythm game
Bemas Cabida (4 months ago)
Aahhh Groove Coaster
HB_54 GT (4 months ago)
No jubeat? 😐
iHecate (4 months ago)
zSieko (4 months ago)
Love live is an anime 🤤
TheEbbemonster (4 months ago)
zSieko Ahhh, have you watched it?
a guy on the interwebs (4 months ago)
Y stock osu skin tho
GDDavid[DavidScann] (4 months ago)
GDDavid[DavidScann] PIU is a south korean game by ANDAMIRO
TheEbbemonster (4 months ago)
Ofcause, I am from Denmark ;)
kstarosu (5 months ago)
ur legit a retard. pls get a better knowledge about rhythm games....
TheEbbemonster (5 months ago)
kstarosu Thank you for your rhythm game insights that have enriched everyone in the comments with your deep knowledge of rhythm games.
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
Good thing you didn't include osu because that fucking game doesn't have any originality
P a d o r u (5 months ago)
Deez Nuts and btw Alot of osu gamers (such us me too) agree that osu is just literally just a stolen game But we already sold our souls to osu so no turning back now lmao
TheEbbemonster (5 months ago)
Deez Nuts You are absolutely correct. I think I missed it because the first release under the name Taiko Drum Master was in 2004, wereas the japanese series had its first release in 2001 acording to wikipedia.
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
Also correction: Taiko no Tatsujin existed since 2000
CoolStuff (6 months ago)
Never in the US... :(
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
Wrong, have you been into one of the Round One arcades?
pierreCHT (6 months ago)
Beat Saber is a vr rythm game ;)
TheEbbemonster (5 months ago)
Beat Saber looks awesome! At the time I released this video, there were not much out there in terms of great VR rhythm games, but I hope Beat Saber will change that :D
Francesco Valenzano (6 months ago)
What about catch the beat (osu)? Smh
P a d o r u (5 months ago)
Deez Nuts hate much? Lmao i’m having fun doing this pls dont bulli me pls no hate
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
How about you go out to the arcades and forget that shit
i dont see rhytm tengoku here
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
There are few all around the world
yes i think, but only in japan
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
Spoonky El tipito del kkk I didnt see it at the arcades. Isnt it the same as rhythm heaven?
king sans (6 months ago)
No parappa the rapper no sub
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
king sans 😓
KGB CCCP (6 months ago)
*Cookiezi God mode Intensifies*
Deez Nuts (4 months ago)
Stop saying professional arcade players are like Cookiezi, please be more specific the next time :)
a guy on the interwebs (4 months ago)
Cookiezi=ez fc
P a d o r u (5 months ago)
Deez Nuts hate much?
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
Fuck off, that isn't relevant to this video.
Tmc YT (6 months ago)
Good video, i also hope that there will be more arcades in europe, because we dont have many of those here (germany). also i saw a video of osu standart in VR, i hope that this evolves in the future.
Tmc YT (6 months ago)
TheEbbemonster well, hopefully the market for arcade games expand troughout europe
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
Tmc YT Thanks, I hope it makes up for some of the games missing in the other video 😁 I Denmark we pretty much only have one real arcade left, and that is with retro games like Donkey Kong and with pinball machines - else there are a few games of fussball and airhockey in a the bowling alleys. No rhythm games 😓
Himazu Fuyushiro (6 months ago)
Top mobile rhythm game '-' ?
Hobbylos TV (2 months ago)
malody you can play all osu mania & taiko maps xd
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
Cytus is godly
ivon dann (6 months ago)
TheEbbemonster yes please
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
Is that an idea for my next video on rhythm games? :D
dem memez (6 months ago)
still. where the fuck is osu!
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
Ha ha 😂🤣
AppleSnapp (6 months ago)
Add project diva
john mcmasters (6 months ago)
I want to go to japan so much ugh why do u have to be so far away... Also man to many games like tiko drum master are not near me so man u got life good
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
john mcmasters 😓
Rxxgamer1010 ____ (6 months ago)
Sdvx is not in every arcade I went to an arcade then no sdvx in malaysia
Christian Trinidad (5 months ago)
ChaosFrost (6 months ago)
Blank Blank if you're in bandung, can you tell me is it there on ciwalk?
Blank Blank (6 months ago)
sdvx is in indonesia lol, and now ddr online as well im so happy TwT
TheEbbemonster (6 months ago)
Rxxgamer1010 ____ My video is about japanese arcades 😉😁
Lmao spider dance
Anime4 Mii (7 months ago)
My favorite is Voez though there cytus which is more epic. I like the note going down instead :) 4:40 that game is kind of like (OVER RAPID) for android.
Skaro (6 months ago)
Anime4 Mii voez had so far the worst payments and most annoyingly complicated gameplay
Ambush Ninja (7 months ago)
Can’t you just play love live on iOS?
V0EIZ (11 days ago)
Different game mechanics man
VocaloidMations (12 days ago)
TheEbbemonster yeah I have it
IHateNumbers234 (7 months ago)
Yes and it's great
Shimemem Osu (7 months ago)
TheEbbemonster yes
TheEbbemonster (7 months ago)
Ambush Ninja So it is actually on iPad and in english?
Alex Paul (8 months ago)
0:54 Yokai watch
EdzelTLS (8 months ago)
Can i get a source of the music played on the part of chunithm. PS: I like this type of games and thanks for showing us this :)
TheEbbemonster (8 months ago)
EdzelTLS Sure thing! It's a pretty catchy song 😊
EdzelTLS (8 months ago)
TheEbbemonster thanks :)
TheEbbemonster (8 months ago)
EdzelTLS https://youtu.be/78lFqTMcBFo
EXCALIBUR tutsy (10 months ago)
Where is osu!
P a d o r u (5 months ago)
Deez Nuts hate much?
Deez Nuts (5 months ago)
In the trash can
Porky (7 months ago)
fuck you
tailortf (10 months ago)
Did you not watch the video?
- Shuya (11 months ago)
Good video and good visuals ... you got my sub <3
- Shuya (11 months ago)
TheEbbemonster I play mouse for 1 year now and I'm quite good :) belive me you just need to get used ... and a verry high sensitivity xD and no mouse pad
TheEbbemonster (11 months ago)
К U Я U M ł I tried with a mouse, but it was too hard. I really need to get a wacom or a surface book to play it proberly ☺
- Shuya (11 months ago)
TheEbbemonster it's OSU! 😅 I play the normal mode where you click the circles ^^
TheEbbemonster (11 months ago)
К U Я U M ł So what is your favorite rhythm game? 😉
- Shuya (11 months ago)
TheEbbemonster lmao but the quality is quite good :o you got my respect ^^
Anders Franz Terkelsen (11 months ago)
Love the video. My absolute fav so far. Regarding project diva. I know der are PS3 versions of the game. But alas... bring back the arcades!
Anders Franz Terkelsen (11 months ago)
When you write "scary", I read "better and wetter"... you cannot fight me! Submit to the power of vegetable juice! :P
TheEbbemonster (11 months ago)
Anders Franz Terkelsen Lol, a rhythm game with this kind of music would just be scary 😂😂
TheEbbemonster (11 months ago)
Anders Franz Terkelsen Second best song ever!
Anders Franz Terkelsen (11 months ago)
Just remember to drink your vegetables and you can do anything!!!1111one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZCX72VvU5k
Anders Franz Terkelsen (11 months ago)
I'll go Triple Baka on everything! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH1vFInuasw

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