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8 Video Games That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions

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Jimmy Franchise (14 days ago)
This is like he’s having a rap battle with himself and losing. Easy on the stimulants my friend
N0 0n3 (1 month ago)
the black dahliah killed the dudes wife
AMY HOARD (1 month ago)
In ME2, I had no issue destroying the geth in Legion's quest. The choice of what to do about David in the Overlord quest was much harder. In Heavy Rain, cutting my finger off was the easiest choice, having to go shoot the guy in another trial was a harder choice along with whether to drink the "poison" or not. I do agree on Fable 2. Yet on Fable 3, the choice of whether to agree to take the options that increase your money to save most of the people vs doing the right thing which decreases your money so you don't save everyone (when you are King/Queen) is a hard choice as well. It is possible to heavily over tax people, if you buy the houses and stores from the 1st chance you have to buy/rent the houses and stores, to make enough money to do the right thing and save everyone at the same time, but that is time consuming to keep the renters happy enough by regularly fixing their houses. So there is a down side to make either choice when you are King/Queen. This vid was made a long time ago, so Detroit: Become Human wasn't released, at that time, but the entire game fits in this list as well.
El Schaefer (3 months ago)
0:41 same, dude
Irina (3 months ago)
Erm, I find it more cruel to leave danny in the trap. Especially when there were a hoard of walkers coming towards them at the end. And darn I left him, every time :)
Double Afro (3 months ago)
i killed both and i didnt ask myself any question
demon slayer (3 months ago)
Baldi basics
Eden Marty (4 months ago)
Negotiation devote telephone save altogether secretary chief.
Arthur The Plush (4 months ago)
baldi's third question
Ian Randolph (4 months ago)
What?! You seriously think the Lizard Trial in Heavy Rain was harder than The Shark? Do you have Aspergers?
D3RRANG3D (4 months ago)
You talk to fast
MSAA Screens (5 months ago)
Play at 0.75
hackeritalics (5 months ago)
I feel like you could make an entire video like this just for undertale. Lol
mynameissimonechoule (5 months ago)
Still cackling about the Spandau Ballet reference
¡BezzyBee! (5 months ago)
Nujabes tho
KTrick Musik (5 months ago)
There better be LiS ending on this list
Rae Is Gay (5 months ago)
i love his jokes about his sexuality because you dont hear that in gaming videos but joking about my own gayness is most of what i say so other people doing it is fuckin perfect
Wyatt Wilson (5 months ago)
So according to fallout I’ll live within an hour of a city full of slaves.
Emmett D (6 months ago)
The Fractured but Whole, (released later than this video was made but seriously worth mentioning) kill your dad to save your mom or to kill your mom to save your dad
narfle (6 months ago)
Video title on youtube "8 Video Games That Forced You To Answer Impossible Questions" Video title in the actual video "8 Video Games That Forced You To Answer NEARLY Impossible Questions" Guys come on... Those are pretty different things and i was very curious for the first one, but the second one would also have piqued my interest! You dont have to do this lying-ish shit...
drill zilla (6 months ago)
Neil Archer (6 months ago)
Decaf. Really, switch to decaf. Also no more sugar.
PlatinumPuddles (6 months ago)
I definitely wouldn't have chosen that example for Heavy Rain, the shark trial had a better dilemma in my opinion.
Emre Karaman (6 months ago)
killing geth's actually the good choice because they become your enemies in me3
Luke Sparrow (6 months ago)
That white lightning cider joke 😂😂😂😂. Howling!
Zachary Joslin (7 months ago)
Bo2 kill Harper or yourself
Jesse MacKenzie (7 months ago)
Decent opeth reference.
The Phenome (7 months ago)
Uhh, what kind of a twisted version of Mass Effect were you playing? Because I never knew that the geth heretics would be rewritten into slave status... And that's considering that the Reapers actually made them their slaves, and by rewriting them, you essentially free them, and let them return to the main geth consensus. Please pay a bit more attention, since your stuff is really good otherwise. :D
Bender Wood (7 months ago)
First time I beat fable2, I took they money lol
SimplyJames (8 months ago)
Jules do u want to hook up? Id destroy you
Rishvic Pushpakaran (8 months ago)
Isn't this too forced?
LittleShadowGames (8 months ago)
Holy shit, is the dude talking in this video having a seizure or trying to set a world record for speed-talking?
Heavi001 (8 months ago)
Jesus tap dancing christ! Slow the hell down, or enjoy a new career as the worlds fastest auctioneer.
Justin Didderen (9 months ago)
Lay off the Coke mate... 😂
older pig (9 months ago)
No game made me make choices like Political Compass
Calígula (9 months ago)
that twd one tho, like there were much tougher decisions in that game
Steven Tenorio (9 months ago)
Okay, but like what's the BGM of this video? I really like it and would like to know what to look up to hear it by itself
Leah Helfer (9 months ago)
Join the Illuminati
David Bickham (9 months ago)
Do I, or do I not save Olgird in The Witcher 3
Emilie Wttqnd (10 months ago)
Who didn't chose the dog in Fable ? Fuck everyone and their dead family ! Fuck the money ! And I don't care about my sister just bring the dog back !
Liquid Putin (10 months ago)
1000th comment :D
Paul Schofield (10 months ago)
FAN-dau Ballet!
No Name (10 months ago)
I knew none of "Golden Butterfly" suspects did it, but jailed a pedo for obvious reasons.
Youcant Stopme! (10 months ago)
Fable 2 last boss sucked rusty Flintlock, can take him out.
Youcant Stopme! (10 months ago)
Wolfenstein : the new order, when they ask you questions on the train
Viper the Red (10 months ago)
In fable 2 I easily picked my dog I had no problem with that and in life is strange not on the list you have to choose saving max love of your life chole and save a whole town or watch the love her life die but save a whole town I picked bae over bay
TheOmnipotence (10 months ago)
Can you fucking slow down?
Mattie and Chey (10 months ago)
"Like my sexual orientation, who the hell knows?" legendary
Katrina Kregar-Ruck (10 months ago)
Heavy Rain: surely taking the poison is a harder choice??
Dave Brohman (11 months ago)
Deciding whether or not to kill Whisper in Fable. I picked wrong.
Athrun000 (11 months ago)
Dude, you made me checked the video speed twice... Man, you're a fast talker...
Corvo Attano (11 months ago)
The lizard trial wasn't that hard to me. The hardest was either shooting the drug dealer with two daughters who was begging for his life or drinking poison.
Donovan Wilkerson (11 months ago)
Maybe it’s because it doesn’t really impact the game that it’s not on this list but the Sasquatch choice in red dead redemption was a hard one for me for some reason.
Holly Mura (11 months ago)
0:33 is it me or is that Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy? My favorite band of all time and who I would die for
One Drop Mtg (11 months ago)
You chose the wrong heavy rain trial. You should have chose the rat trial. The scenario presented is essentially kill yourself to save your son.
StarlightMasters (11 months ago)
Valkbg (11 months ago)
Most of these werent that hard and even easy in my opinion
Laura Grohnke (1 year ago)
For me one of the hardest choices was whether to kill Ashley or Josh in until dawn, now personally I would have saved Josh but regarding that Chris was in love with her it seemed wrong to kill Ashley
William (1 year ago)
What I hated about fable 2's ending is how a la carte it is. You have 3 choices and that's it. But it's a wish you are being granted. Could I not wish for bringing back all the people who died because of the antagonist, thus bringing effectively having both my loved ones and those sacrificed returned?
Patryk Rogala (1 year ago)
Put the speed on 0,75. You're welcome.
Moloch (1 year ago)
I made my Clem strong. I killed all my enemies with no remorse.
D2 WOLFMAN (1 year ago)
Hey buddy, think you could talk a bit faster?
Billy Mayes (1 year ago)
Fable 3
The Siege (1 year ago)
That pitchfork scene was solid, though I wish there was an option to "Contextualize your murder of a defenseless albeit it objectively evil man to your child ward", just to really dig the knife in.
halfcafian (1 year ago)
We not gonna talk about who to kill in Wolfenstein?
Rice Crackers (1 year ago)
He needs to slow down...he speaks like a rapper, but he’s not he’s a youtuber
Ld30 (1 year ago)
Def Poetry Jam: Games Edition
Gavin E (1 year ago)
Love the chuki beat production instrumental seems like a lot of youtubers use this beat from him
CJ Lange (1 year ago)
Y'all chose the wrong Heavy Rain trial. The harder question is: do you kill the drug dealer and orphan his children so you can save your son?
Zoe No y (1 year ago)
life is strangesacrafice chloe of sacrifice arcadia bayANDhelp chloe camit suiside or not
Adityaloka Pratama (1 year ago)
Jules sounds like he's rehearsing for a zero punctuation ripoff
L4Z7 Official (1 year ago)
the walking dead season 2, killing the dog or leave it
Natasha Robertson (1 year ago)
The beat in the back is nice . I can't even focus on the actual video
Mr_Garlic 1234 (1 year ago)
Life is Strange episode 5 Bay or Bae
Lokomoto (1 year ago)
to be honest... since english is not my first language, this video just really exhausted me. I stopped listening to you after the first half. You. Talk. Way. Too. FAST!!!
Random Person (10 months ago)
Lokomoto I love how English isn't your first language and you have enough brain cells to put the right "too". I see so many people (English and American) who simply can't and it IS their first language.
Wangtorio Jackson (1 year ago)
Killing all of the cannibals in The Walking Dead was not a difficult choice in the least.
W. L. (1 year ago)
Dark Souls: Extend the Age of Fire or become the Dark Lord?
SuperMech64 (1 year ago)
No Deus Ex Machina for Deus Ex
Brandon Withnell (1 year ago)
i think the choice in heavy rain to kill that other guy as ethan or not should have be used instead of the finger, i mean chop off a finger too save your child sure you got 9 more anyways, however are you willing to kill another person?, on the one hand hes a drug dealer, but on the other he has a family too and people he cares about and who cares about him, who knows he might be a drug dealer simply because he really needs money, are you really willing to kill a (mostly) innocent man you just met
Brandon Withnell (1 year ago)
or even for that matter, to drink something that could be poison, its possible it could kill you meaning you might not make it to sae your son, personally the choice too cut off your finger doesnt even compare to these ones
109Ichigo (1 year ago)
Mass Effect 1 where you have to choose between saving the Council at the cost of countless human lives or holding your forces back and sacrificing the council depending on your alignment. Dragon Age: Origins. Either the choice regarding whether or not you spare Loghain at the risk of alienating Alistair or the choice of who will slay the Archdemon, likely sacrificing their lives in the process.
Theuone (1 year ago)
Skyrim belongs to the ... ... oh screw it, for Black Marsh!
Ellen Dwyer (1 year ago)
I picked to kill Danny in the Walking Dead, and I must have not been paying attention or something because I didn't know Clem was watching you make your choice... My episode 2 was not good for Clem.
Azure-Crimson Revival (1 year ago)
I'd stab the cannibal guy. No forks given. (Kill me now plz)
Cobalt (1 year ago)
That is nowhere near the hardest choice in the Walking Dead.
joshua Tanner (1 year ago)
The verry last chose in the walking dead to get clem to kill lee or for lee to turn to a zombie Sorry for the splolers if you have not played the walking dead
Christopher Spann (1 year ago)
The quarians are useless. The geth did nothing wrong. The quarians attacked them first, so they shot back, stupid quarians.
bakuhatsubutsu (1 year ago)
"Shooting a homeless man in the face or buying him a mansion" made me think of giving water to the beggars in Fallout 3. Give him a bottle of water for good karma, then pickpocket it away from him for bad karma. Leave for 24 hours, come back and repeat as needed until you get the karma level you want.
Infamous 2 be good or be bad at the end
If u play it at the end u know what happens
Tattooed Gamer Girl (1 year ago)
Um actually, you never see your sister again. You get a letter saying she is with an old hero (Scythe).
Hayden G3 (1 year ago)
Stab Danny with the pitchfork, then walk away from Andy.
Da Pottrain (1 year ago)
You could just eat the bady in ThePitt
Ri Dragon (1 year ago)
you talk. Way too fast. I can't understand what you're fucking saying
Winter Peterson (1 year ago)
The end of Infamous 2! It was one of the more difficult things I have ever done, save humanity, or destroy it. (Destroying it means you kill Zeke, your best friend)
Dekunere (1 year ago)
Woah, you're talking so damn fast.
BaconAnimations (1 year ago)
Walking Dead season 3 SPOILERS!!! walking dead season 3 killing Tripp or Ava that was a hard one
working0class0hero (1 year ago)
Or just eat the baby in fallout. That works too.
silverbullet5632 (1 year ago)
Walking dead wasnt an accurate representation. Clem being visible when she walks in is not 100%, where there is a choice branch that leads to clem just walking in right when you kill him, leading to the player being unaware clem was going to see the act.
drevil6775 (1 year ago)
-answer +decision
Andrew Robinson (1 year ago)
infamous 2, sacrifice yourself save your best friend and let humanity remain the same, or save yourself and start a new era
maxfire2007 (1 year ago)
Arx fatalis had a very hard puzzle towards the end of the game.And also the ending to Far Cry 4 where you have to choose if you ally with religious fanatics or drug dealers.

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