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Top 10 Android Games of 2018 So Far

1091 ratings | 64825 views
For the complete list of 2018 Android Games: https://whatoplay.com/android/best/2018 A ranking of the best mobile Android games of 2018 so far. These are the top-rated titles released in 2018 that are now available on the Google PlayStore. Get these games by clicking the links below: (Arranged in alphabetical order) Caravan War: Heroes and Tower Defense http://bit.do/erPXB DRAGON BALL LEGENDS http://bit.do/erPXG Disney Heroes: Battle Mode http://bit.do/erPXt DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA http://bit.do/erPXn FINALFANTASY XV POCKET EDITION http://bit.do/erPXv Major Mayhem 2 http://bit.do/erPX2 Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians http://bit.do/erPXU PUBG Mobile http://bit.do/erPXF Sdorica -sunset- http://bit.do/erPYd Shadowgun Legends http://bit.do/erPYh whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (240)
Love u Raine <3
Deanmarc Campos (2 days ago)
I love her😍Messy at it's finest plus her speaking voice is so ughh. Hahaha kidding aside. Thank you for the game line ups.😍
whatoplay (2 days ago)
Thanks!... I guess? -Raine :)
Crazy AwesomeDude (2 days ago)
Where's ML😂😂😂
whatoplay (2 days ago)
Bruh, Mobile Legends: Bang bang was released in 2016. This video is only for 2018 games. :)
Jei Jei (3 days ago)
Final fantasy EKS BEE lul
dev Bhattacharya (3 days ago)
You are very cute and btw good video
яεмιlια (4 days ago)
Where is Fire Emblem:Heroes or Fate/Grand Order?
GO! Go! Zeppeli! (1 day ago)
яεмιlια trash gacha games 😷
jerome cortez (4 days ago)
Playscore for Dragon Nest Mobile?
Zaw sze (4 days ago)
Final Fantasy EX-VEE. cannot unhear.
whatoplay (4 days ago)
:( me too, man. So sorry about this mistake.
Kucik Kucik (5 days ago)
Please put a link to your background music😘
Oleksandr (5 days ago)
Ang cute ni ate hehehe 😂
IGR Gaming (5 days ago)
I came here for games, stuck here for the gril xD
Jeffrey Ock (5 days ago)
Why dont you say final fantasy 15?
parang gusto kong sumali sa inyo hahaha maglalaro lang ng games ❤️
whatoplay (6 days ago)
Hahaha, the work don't stop there, actually :)
is this a pinoy channel?
Wise Traveler (6 days ago)
Sdorica sunset is so much fun
Eric Hrahsel (6 days ago)
Leave the girl alone, pls
akosimudshake (7 days ago)
Bet this girl has never played a final fantasy game before, she cant even say 15 instead its X-V lol
rusty steiner (7 days ago)
Pretty filipina.
Jared Garcia (7 days ago)
Final fantasy.... X.V.??????!!??!
whatoplay (7 days ago)
Sorry! My bad :(
whin 007 (7 days ago)
rpg naman po sa susunud ☺️
Shauna Vayne (8 days ago)
Ang Ganda nyo po ❤
andrea escano (8 days ago)
she sound like a filipina:-)
kevin landrini (2 days ago)
blade and soul m (2) next year 2019
chiffon fairchild (4 days ago)
whatoplay ohh you are? ok ill subscribe. Time to support my fellow kababayan. Oh if you have news about blade and soul m and ragnarok mobile global version, Please let us know. Thanks
whatoplay (8 days ago)
I am a Filipina :)
RyanRickyW (8 days ago)
renatovch21 (8 days ago)
Mardan Kurdish (8 days ago)
don marx baria (9 days ago)
I really think the MC is hot.
DinosaurusReks 10 (10 days ago)
Knights chronicle is also gud
Camarillo Guzman (10 days ago)
Allí va el agua!! Un baño porque no hablas en español si eres una latina?
Camarillo Guzman (10 days ago)
whatoplay que rico, filipina sueño con sexo con una, mujer filipina
whatoplay (10 days ago)
I'm not Latina., I'm a Filipina.. -Raine
Richie Gonzalez (10 days ago)
I'm a little surprised that Fate Grand Order isn't here, but good video anyway.xD
Fate Avarrencus (11 days ago)
hmm.. Familiar ang face 😎
Sam (11 days ago)
Mobile Legends or Darkness Rises?
Kevin Irons (11 days ago)
Sdorica is definitely good
NegroFogo (11 days ago)
Ex VI XD God damn its 15!
whatoplay (11 days ago)
I cringe at myself too! -Raine
Luca De Vincentis (11 days ago)
Thank you for this list. ;) When there isn't the tag Online, it mean that don't require internet connection after download? I try Dissidia but i can't play it offline, there is a little mistake in the video?
It is Final Fantasy 15 (XV in Roman) lol..
whatoplay ❤
whatoplay (11 days ago)
Yep. Sorry about that. :( -Raine
Indigo (11 days ago)
I'm quite surprised that Honkai Impact 3 & Darkness Rises didn't make it on to the list
missinginstereo 1 (12 days ago)
All freemium games. Seems legit.
Joshua Fernando (12 days ago)
XV? EX-VEE? Did you say that in purpose? There's no way you guys could have mistaken that! That was on purpose, right?!
whatoplay (11 days ago)
Unfortunately, I'm a dumdum sometimes. I didn't catch myself until I was long done with the recording. I don't play Final Fantasy much but I do know the game. So sorry about that. Haha i cringe too. -Raine
Ezii O (12 days ago)
Isnt exvius ranked one of the top gacha games like BF?
Drew (12 days ago)
You are so cute and your accent is so cute!
Drew (12 days ago)
Bruh. Mobile gaming sucks so hard rn.
Mr Socrates (12 days ago)
Try Returners. You look cool and gorgeous girl.
Ivan Kerby (13 days ago)
A pinay youtuber that uploads gaming content?! You just earned a new subscriber ate! Keep up the good work po =)
whatoplay (13 days ago)
YAYYY Thank you po! 🇵🇭❤️
Hai Kazuma Desu (13 days ago)
All these flashy games might as well play fgo.
Carl Siglos (13 days ago)
Ate I love your voice <3
whatoplay (13 days ago)
Thank you po :)
Darkan Lite (13 days ago)
how to be a cam girl 1buy racer chair 2 get camera 3 have boo..... oh my god a regular human being
JohnSpot (13 days ago)
Are you a filipina?
JohnSpot (13 days ago)
whatoplay i knew it! Haha
whatoplay (13 days ago)
Yes po :)
Ruzifer (13 days ago)
Cutie mo boss haha
Brian Macaranas (14 days ago)
I love your #1
Kien Nguyen (14 days ago)
Finally Sdorica gets its deserved recognition. I still believe it should have been first but second is fine as well.
João Marcos Costa (12 days ago)
Best hero collector I've played so far! Or at least a strong contender. It's a real shame that it's not getting more attention... Btw, if you are saying that it is better than Shadowgun I can assume that you've played it as well, right? What did you think of it?
mr rajib (14 days ago)
*PUBG mobile* is amazing
Lord Burro (14 days ago)
Pubg should of been in 2 or 3😸
ThatHeroTarax (14 days ago)
you should try AdventureQuest 3D
Calfi ¡ (15 days ago)
We need to respecc more wamen
Glenn Angala (15 days ago)
Hero Hunters lols should be on your list
Mizore Askjaskj (15 days ago)
As expected of whatoplay, garbage games
Ben Kon (16 days ago)
Oh man i like this girl😘
Ben Kon (16 days ago)
Cute girl can i be the bf😍
Vince Umali (16 days ago)
I have a feeling that your Filipina 😕
whatoplay (16 days ago)
I am :)
jcore D-monkey (16 days ago)
thus games that you views are offline or online??
Blazion 56 (16 days ago)
Im about to go to holiday i nnnneeeeddd offline games to play on the go
Freddy krueger (19 days ago)
my love.
Gold Roger (20 days ago)
I love just Dragon ball hahaha rest game is suck
Where's February Memes (12 days ago)
"Rest game is suck"
vando silva (12 days ago)
Dragon ball sucks
Damien Lente (19 days ago)
Gold Roger And I love your grammar
Tsonka Avramova (21 days ago)
Are these offline?
Curia Gameplay (21 days ago)
I love these list of games so far!
gEorBad (21 days ago)
a kid with a buttload of make up on... now you're looking good.. lol
whatoplay (21 days ago)
I'm 22 LOL -Raine
Ethan Mamuya (21 days ago)
creative destruction please
Jakub Vamberský (22 days ago)
Yay! Shadowgun Legends, awesome!
sadface (22 days ago)
I'll try out PUBG and the SG legends but i'll look more around
sadface (22 days ago)
I love how thin she is i'm a 22 yr old guy and i'm omw to be that thin heh.
Ahmed Ali (22 days ago)
When the sims mobile link mega ?????????
AHMED AHMED TAMER (22 days ago)
Ya mega where is it mega
WATCH AIO (23 days ago)
Pretty. Girl
Draco 32 (23 days ago)
Hazzard (23 days ago)
Shes very pretty
Arjun Pun (23 days ago)
bayonet14 (24 days ago)
You're so cute
whatoplay (23 days ago)
Thank you!
Jaredgotbackpain (24 days ago)
I can confirm that pubg mobile is better than pubg xbox
Why you guys whatoplay did not put Mobile legends it has 100million Downloads plsss put it
Akash Krishna (24 days ago)
Pubg was meant to be first
Alan Balala (25 days ago)
Mobile game sucks
violeta Loyola (25 days ago)
No Honkai Impact 3? This game review sucks to be honest.
Dzony XD (25 days ago)
Best game is Versus Fight
greekgamer 44 (25 days ago)
I'd like too see top single players games for Xbox, or top games with amazing single player story/campaign. Continue the amazing work!! Kisses from Greece
ExplosionRock (25 days ago)
Did she just send korean finger hearts at the end!? WAIT did she sing ddu du ddu du at the very end of the video O.o??? nah It must be just me imagining things :v
whatoplay (25 days ago)
ExplosionRock You're not imagining things, haha! Imma expose us by saying we play Blackpink songs EVERYDAY :) Thanks for watching all the way through! -Raine
HannShin X28 (25 days ago)
Kaka subscribe lng at on noti. ngaun ko lng kc nalaman to :) , I'm still looking for offline local multiplayer games , i hope you can also make an video like that thanks po in adv.
whatoplay (25 days ago)
HannShin X28 thank you for your suggestion and welcome to the whatoplay family! :)
SamAkechi d'WongJowo (25 days ago)
Final Fantasy XV....? EX-VEE????? IT'S READ FIFTEEN!!!!!!!
SamAkechi d'WongJowo (11 days ago)
This reminds me of a friend of mine who wanted to buy a copy of Metal Slug X and got laughed by the shopkeeper because he asked, "Can I get a copy of Metal Slug Ten, please?"
zxhade (25 days ago)
ex vee
xb xbattalion yun hahahaha
whatoplay (23 days ago)
ooof next time, I'll correct myself -Raine
ben parker (26 days ago)
Wow,thats called a true wonderful game list...
Bad Bunny (26 days ago)
Can a play score go up to 9.05 with the best games ever o n android mobile
whatoplay (25 days ago)
TEAM KEBAB so far, not yet. https://whatoplay.com/android/best/?sort-by=play_score&lref=pb_pg
yvse vyse (26 days ago)
I kinda know this accent... sounds like a friend mine
this is a filipino channel i knew it
whatoplay (24 days ago)
Mark Luis Basas Yep! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Mark Luis Basas (25 days ago)
whatoplay cebuana as in cebu phil.?
whatoplay (25 days ago)
yvse vyse I think I have a very Cebuana English accent, because well, I am Cebuana :) -Raine
Justin Y. (26 days ago)
whatoplay (25 days ago)
Justin Y. 2016 pa po lumabas yung Mobilde Legends Bang Bang https://whatoplay.com/android/mobile-legends-bangbang/
HKgamer13 (26 days ago)
Clicked cause of the thumbnail, stayed for the good content v(UwUv) I'm glad it got number 2, hope everyone here tries the game <3
my mom (26 days ago)
You misspelled Halo in the number one spot
my mom (26 days ago)
Sorry I meant to say mass effect
The Aeka (26 days ago)
Still waiting Durango :/
still cant play durango in the philippines unless you change your ip address to indonesia and korea and everytime you play, you must disable your sim card
The Aeka (23 days ago)
I guess
The Aeka (23 days ago)
They didn't say when, but It's released in Filipino
Hazzard (23 days ago)
The Aeka u know when?
The Aeka (23 days ago)
Yes, it will come to Android :)
Aloshツ (26 days ago)
I'am from iraq 🇮🇶 and watching your videos every day😍😍 wait😛 and I'm 17 years old😂
Aloshツ (5 days ago)
Kucik Kucik yes 👍😌 did u…?😏
Kucik Kucik (5 days ago)
Aloshツ does your mom know about this habbit ?😂
Aloshツ (26 days ago)
Kira Lee (26 days ago)
Absolutely love what whattoplay does, it really is so polished, i love it, great positive people, that tell it how it is and dont take it all too seriously. Thank you
whatoplay (26 days ago)
Thank you so much Kira! :)
Kira Lee (26 days ago)
Since everyone else is saying it too - god this girl is soooo hot :)
whatoplay (26 days ago)
LOL, thanks :)
Devin Conner (26 days ago)
So the first one is a shitty version of bravely default with a ff skin... damn
This channel have so many beautiful and cute women and also handsome guy . I love it
John Johnnyson just a human being
John Johnnyson (2 days ago)
Ricky Plays - Ricky Dhira Wijaya what are you?
WATCH AIO (23 days ago)
Ricky Plays - Ricky Dhira Wijaya yea

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