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GTFO - Official Reveal Trailer (Payday Creators) The Game Awards 2017

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GTFO - Official Reveal Trailer (Payday Creators) The Game Awards 2017 PS4 Xbox One PC New Horror Survival Game The game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/493520/GTFO/ Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (1268)
Havoc Games (4 months ago)
Looks like a mix of killing floor and scp containment breach. I like it!
PARADOX ! (4 months ago)
The next Killing Floor
Monday Green (7 months ago)
Doesn't seem very scary, which is fine, but when you advertise your game as "Horror" it's kind of expected to be scary.
Trouble Maker (7 months ago)
He We (7 months ago)
I need the name of the song at the end!!! :D
dragoneye (7 months ago)
G.get . T.the. F.fuck. O.out
pokefan548 (8 months ago)
Left 4 Dead: Fight hordes of zombies in 4-player objective based coop. Payday: Left 4 Dead but with cops. GTFO: Fight hordes of zombies in 4-player objective based coop. We've come full circle.
Anon Meyer (8 months ago)
Looks like Republic Comandos
FRIED CRISPY (8 months ago)
do you kno le wei?
Locklann Brien (8 months ago)
get ready for gtfo's dlcs
ossified RANDOMNESS (8 months ago)
Anybody knows when this game is coming out.
KarhuKonkari (8 months ago)
It’s just gonna be a payday re-skin.
G0G0 DUCK (8 months ago)
Looks like colonial marines and evolve but actually fun
basement hermit (8 months ago)
Wait it's not in in the disel engine
Robert ManyWhale (8 months ago)
payday colonial marines?
Ayy Lmao (8 months ago)
That title will make it hard to sell physical copies who's going to want to go to a store and say "yeah I'd like a copy of GTFO thanks" sounds stupid.
punch3870 (8 months ago)
powered by the Diesel engine.
latethefin (8 months ago)
Payday is to this day one of its kind and I believe they can make this an amazing game, just do remember the golden rule of gamers. NO PREORDERING ;)
JammyJam (8 months ago)
That guy that speaks is UGANDAN
A German Baguette (8 months ago)
Reminds me of Killing Floor 2, and that's a good thing because that game and Payday are LEGENDARY
Pingvino (8 months ago)
Yay another reskin of payday 2,just like that one that's just in ww2,what was the name?Never mind no one actually cares
Benjamin Garfield (8 months ago)
So Left for Dead 3 is finally coming out
Sign me right the fuck up
Butter Butt (8 months ago)
It looks like a mix of cod, killing floor and aliens colonial marines. Which is cool, but don't forget that this is made by the same people that created dlc simulator that attemps to milk every penny out of you.
Valentin Janert (8 months ago)
this game will be sooo ugly when it releas
Liander Belonato (8 months ago)
Work together or GTFO
Joshua Lorenzo (8 months ago)
It looks so good and I love sci-fi stuff. I hope this won't be shit like WW2: RAID...
Atlas Blitz (8 months ago)
Bullocks Bloody hell mate
Famed Gaming (8 months ago)
So Randy Pitchford got to make Aliens Colonial Marines 2 eh.
Fruman 1610 (8 months ago)
Ha. Instead of making Payday 2 a better game, or even make a Payday 3 you starting this... You have such potential in the game about robbing banks that i've never seen before, yet you creating something new about aliens We got lots of survival horrors now, better focus on something that you're already have and make it better
Max Darrin (8 months ago)
All I hear is “do yu knoe de wae?”
Alex Krycek (8 months ago)
Payday 3 is looking really dope.
Noob Zero (8 months ago)
this looks so good... cant wait..
Modeus (8 months ago)
"Payday creators", welp, this game is gonna be garbage most likely :/
Jose Solis (8 months ago)
A videogame about zombir run like in cs? Take all my money please
werknemerful (8 months ago)
Overkill better not blow this one up, same with the walking dead
keerphy (8 months ago)
I hope the drill won't get jammed
Top Enda (8 months ago)
Dey want to kno da wey
Buzzfeed Orange (8 months ago)
Looks lame
Wernher Faull (8 months ago)
ooo.. watching out for this one o.o
Eugene InLaw (8 months ago)
i see someone played killing floor recently
edge lord (8 months ago)
G-get T-the F-fuck O-out
Carl Orell (8 months ago)
RUN ER (8 months ago)
It's payday fellas.
Bloodmoon Angel (8 months ago)
Vector the GREATEST (8 months ago)
And fooking laser sights
Di Caprio (8 months ago)
Do yu kno de wei ?
Soggaroth (8 months ago)
Payday 2 creators.... so, how much dlc's?
agentgingerman (8 months ago)
Anyone else jump at the end of the trailer? Thrilling idea
виньетка в конце припоминает Dying Light
HaloMachinima Films (8 months ago)
Du u no de wai?
ButterBoy XD (8 months ago)
GTFO? Get-the-fuck-out maybe?
SuperKnuckels (8 months ago)
So stupid when you do the fade-out effect thinking it makes it look better but it's like to show us the guy didn't gameplay it's coming to be disappointing just like Payday 2.
Antonio Buenoseatus (8 months ago)
>Payday Creators no , thank you
Uwe Schneider (8 months ago)
Just too many zombies my god... thats taking the fear away
Can’t wait for the 500$ in dlc that will be 400$ in 3 years!
Vernon Jordan (8 months ago)
Looks similar to killer instinct 2
DeRpyBATMAN (8 months ago)
Killing floor 3?
sucky sucky ten bucky (8 months ago)
*diesel engine*
Tactical Scouser 27 (8 months ago)
Rec 2 meets kf2
Jeremy Karwoski (8 months ago)
Something that is finally fresh and new
Weebish Child (9 months ago)
In all seriousness they could've came up with a better tittle.
Keyano McMichael (9 months ago)
Guess this will be my L4D3 fix. Love Co-op shooters especially horror! Killing Floor 2, and this one will be my go to!
Blockistic (9 months ago)
so it's Killing Floor?
Elias Andersson (9 months ago)
But Do dey no de wey?
Marksman24444 (9 months ago)
I hear Dem screaming... " Do you know de way"
svchenko (9 months ago)
another Killing Floor 2
Shinosuke Beximaru (9 months ago)
They do not know da whey
Mindset Gaming (9 months ago)
Bruh this looks fire!!!!!!!!!
Anziio (9 months ago)
another imitation nothing new as usual
MrSilverKatana (9 months ago)
so payday meets left for dead then. looks neat
Matthew Warren (9 months ago)
I was waiting for him to ask "do u no da wei?"
Matt D (9 months ago)
This is what aliens colonial marines was supposed to be
Satoshi Araki (9 months ago)
Akpro Oo (9 months ago)
narrator comes from Uganda.....do you know de way?
S U S H I (9 months ago)
how did de ungandian worria get into spece? It must be de lost commanda
Mau Araya (9 months ago)
Depressed Artjpeg (9 months ago)
Narrator probably knos de wae
vomErsten (9 months ago)
you dont fite it, you just find de wae
TheRagman (9 months ago)
Gonna wait for the GOTY edition with all 200+ DLC. Oh fuck, but that won't include the 300+ DLC to come out after. I think I might pass on it.
Lewis B (9 months ago)
If its on the Diesel Engine I WILL KILL THEM
Dennamen1 (9 months ago)
With such title this game must have atmosphere of heavy clusterfuck
Midnight Game Bros. (9 months ago)
The narrator knos de way
TheSpontaneousPony (9 months ago)
This looks like a VR game
jifeye (9 months ago)
we must show dem de wey
김응현 (9 months ago)
0:57 sleepers
xANIS10x (9 months ago)
Get The Fuking Objective 😄
FeedMeSalt (9 months ago)
Commander Prinz Eugen (9 months ago)
Another zombie game... who could see that one coming?
Fa Mulan (9 months ago)
Hope this doesn't become a mess like Raid WW2!
Wow! Left 4 dead 3
Alcatraz_rar (9 months ago)
* from the creators of PayDay and PayDay 2 * Well, another "WTF IS GOING ON" game
FBI (9 months ago)
PayDay: In Space
Myke Prior (9 months ago)
Oh look. Another shitty fps.
brandon baerga (9 months ago)
Can we get these guys to make an alien game cause gear box sucks
Seyyid ONBASI (9 months ago)
OH look. Evolve 2.0
DarkSunStudios1 (9 months ago)
Just like Killing Floor 2 but more boring. I'll pass
Epoch (9 months ago)
ICreamOnDogs (9 months ago)
Theres already a game like this but with cartoon graphics.
Captain Weegi (9 months ago)
Can I revive players in a distance? By yelling at them, “GET THE F*CK UP!”
House Mouse (9 months ago)
I just hope they dont add shitty bright skins to guns

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