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Ghost of Tsushima - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference)

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Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (2530)
ShirefAhmed (1 day ago)
Assassin's creed : Nipon
DatNamStick 817 (1 day ago)
Bring back onimusha !!!!!!!!!
Marco Sartori (2 days ago)
The witcheru
ale 27 (4 days ago)
No tiene online😂 que verga más grande
Remember TENCHU:>
User Account (6 days ago)
Samurai can't beat mongols like this irl espacially in close combat.
X-Silla Gaming (6 days ago)
Nice game
hgfvh ghbngb (7 days ago)
somebody compare trailer the last of us 2 and god of war its very Interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPUEy4MkpBw
nettai nisiki 2016 (7 days ago)
James Tôn (7 days ago)
Yasuo confirm ?
The Cropper (8 days ago)
Magical Magical (8 days ago)
Samurais never surrender...
dodo fiq (12 days ago)
wow what a graphic
hfshzhr89 (12 days ago)
why is this only on PS4??
Jx Tella (14 days ago)
Wtf graphic nad landscape
Ramon Sauls (14 days ago)
I curious to see more gameplay when this game comes out and how the combat is.
НеоН (14 days ago)
Ни 1 комента от российского. Вы где?)
LYT (16 days ago)
tenchu, is that u?
SARDINNA RUJA (16 days ago)
Che figata
Японский Ведьмак 3
kyungshook (17 days ago)
yaaas the graphics/view and sites so much remind me of tombraider 2013!!
nikolygtx (17 days ago)
you can dream that will look like this on ps4, and have 60 fps
Marion Ruz (18 days ago)
Finally!! Assassins Creed of JAPAN!! And they returned the original combat system!
Kenny Lin (18 days ago)
combat still not that realistic, need constant bleeding from cuts
JEUXolim (18 days ago)
This and Spider-Man look like potentials to be the best games ever
super dodoriasan (18 days ago)
As a Japanese, I have waited for this kinda game!! But I don't think the woman looks like Japanese. She must be Fillipina.
ZIAH (18 days ago)
red 420 (weed) leaves gang shit
iamkitkatbar (19 days ago)
Batman in Japan
Lee Sick (19 days ago)
it's the new assassin
Crazy Joker (19 days ago)
Like assassins creed
TSUSHIMA.JAPAN. 1274 subscribe me
Ayuso 13 (20 days ago)
Ghost of Kojima is better
Master Hard Core (20 days ago)
Rise of Rome (Microsoft) (Ghost of Tsushima) Play Station., Is it great? How similar is it?
だいきんまん (20 days ago)
I'm glad to reproduce japan's beauty landscape in the game.
Dr Greenthumb (21 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last Of Us 2 , Cyberpunk....this games will blow my mind
haitham baloch (21 days ago)
Am confused idk whether i shud buy this game or The last of us, or Days Gone or Resident Evil 2 Remake. Anyway R.I.P Xbox
エミール高橋 (21 days ago)
Strong wind,is typhoon comming?
Dmitry zhirnov (21 days ago)
Graph games but just super similar from the game Witcher 3
놈호레비 (22 days ago)
Braylon Sheppard (22 days ago)
will buy soon
Funny Smoothies (23 days ago)
Ps5 graphics on ps4
Riz (23 days ago)
One thing i would change is making the dialogue entirely in japanese or mongol instead of having them talk in english. Or.. having the game with less dialogue by making the hero a silent type so that the game feels more authentic and historic
Jana Burt (23 days ago)
Ghost of Tsushima - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference)
Vini br (23 days ago)
Tem alguém do Brasil aqui
hekasoram (23 days ago)
Witcher, asian version
Vinnicius Rosa (23 days ago)
Bobi Prayoga (23 days ago)
this is tenchu on ps4
tiotito31 (23 days ago)
Honstly, they could have just shown from 8:44 on and I would have been sold. The gameplay at the beginning is just an excellent bonus. That trailer at the end was amazing.
Daniel swagy phones (24 days ago)
Erkam Akdeniz (24 days ago)
release date plssss?
Vitaliy Pashtepa (24 days ago)
Я попросту в экстазе!
Preguntador (24 days ago)
Assasins Creed Asian Edition . . . .
Glauciney Ribeiro (25 days ago)
O bagulho é loco!
luiz Torres (25 days ago)
luiz Torres (25 days ago)
Paolo Joshua (25 days ago)
Batman takedowns?
ZIKKyj (25 days ago)
Под шконку шнырь нахуй!кшаааа
Simin Musao (26 days ago)
mongol army is Korean&Chinese
Это попросту бомба! 💣
VFX 10/10 BACKSCORE 10/10 AMBIENCE 10/10 NATURE 50/10
Max Nguyen (26 days ago)
Can we buy this game through Steam ?
MissCHENG83 (27 days ago)
Good l will buy
amp M (27 days ago)
this game is distortion works .in real story, tsushima is babaric pirate's island . they had no honor. samurai is a delusion that made beautiful in now day . they were not strong. they just submissive babarian to power
Yar D Blah (27 days ago)
There is no way I'm not getting the collectors-limited-special-super-dragon-tiger-drunkenmaster-ninja-sumo version of this!!😮😮😮
Akido Takiya (27 days ago)
Man...this game...remind me of the Witcher 3...with its horse and the beautiful view of nature ... But the game with be more awesome if they speak in Japanese..
Slaughter Evil (27 days ago)
Dang this is only on PS4? I would play all day if I had this on Xbox. When released . Cool stuff
Vaios Lk (27 days ago)
When you finish this game you will remember it as a dream.
Lola Khland (27 days ago)
WOW Nice
Empty (27 days ago)
This game sucks.... Look on physic and character movement... boring Still the same shit in new view. BORING....
Amir Tavakoli (28 days ago)
I will buy this because of perfect graphic
Jesus Garcia Santiago (28 days ago)
Can't wait 2019
Bumbleforce (28 days ago)
This game looks pretty and boring
Bruces Joose (28 days ago)
The hat would be blown off
emmanuel hurtado (28 days ago)
Badass! 💯👍
TheMacButter (28 days ago)
fake game play
Marcio Haas (28 days ago)
Is this game only for Playstation?
wolwerinko (28 days ago)
Witcher 3 in Samurai setting
nekrosleezer (28 days ago)
graphics downgrade is coming!
Syuqeri Aziman (28 days ago)
like this games. say hiiiiiiii
Apologies All (28 days ago)
Anyungu Wanyungu (28 days ago)
what a game
Jordan Christie (29 days ago)
Washing my palette with this gorgeous gameplay after watching the abomination that is AC Odessey 🤢
JesusHentaiChrist Ye (29 days ago)
Graphics are next level. Hope more games look like this in the future
Hells Reaper (29 days ago)
Who else thinks it's funny that Microsoft fan boys come to Sony to cry pc is better?
Leandro Sales (29 days ago)
The grass is dancing?
Crypto Gucciman (29 days ago)
Shut up and take my moneey
nofuchu (29 days ago)
after the first kill.. i was wondering where the like button was
hardcorehynick (29 days ago)
Dammit Xbox
ExclusveFly (29 days ago)
LOKAO (29 days ago)
Let there be video board .-.
LOKAO (29 days ago)
Haja placa de vídeo .-.
jangalexis Ruiz (29 days ago)
This game is beautiful
Rianolf (29 days ago)
dang this might be the best looking art and graphics i ever saw in a game :o
Beev (29 days ago)
Looks great but guys srsly dont get overhyped, dont forget that Graphic downgrading became a huge thing over the past few years and E3´s
Louie Borromeo (29 days ago)
If Battle Realms were first person
Lucus Liew (29 days ago)
MinervaArts (29 days ago)
Is it planed to publish this on PC?

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