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Top 30 Nintendo Switch 3RD PARTY Games in 2018

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This video is about Top 30 Nintendo Switch 3RD PARTY Games in 2018. 2018 will be a great year for the Nintendo Switch. A lot of us did not expect the success of switch early on. This video will prove that 2018 will be just a beginning for the great SWITCH! -Giveaway in pinned comment -Games list in pinned comment -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
How do you guys think switch will do in 2018? Can we keep this momentum? We do think so! ^_^ COMPLETE 40 DECEMBER GAMES ⇒ http://youtu.be/FNHgML73iRM SWITCH GOT 9 FPS GAMES! ⇒ http://youtu.be/VfwHkGNIzgs Giveaway ⇒ https://goo.gl/FVvvGh Games List ⇒ Dragon Quest XI ⇒ Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes ⇒ Shin Megami Tensei V ⇒ Project Octopath Traveler (tentative title) ⇒ Hollow Knight ⇒ My Time at Portia ⇒ Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ⇒ Wizard of Legend ⇒ Wargroove ⇒ BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle ⇒ Crazy Justice ⇒ Attack on Titan 2 ⇒ Dragon Quest Builders ⇒ Valkyria Chronicles 4 ⇒ Tangledeep ⇒ Starlink: Battle for Atlas ⇒ Lost Sphear ⇒ Tennis World Tour ⇒ Fe ⇒ Mulaka ⇒ Descenders ⇒ Real Farm ⇒ Inside ⇒ Moonlighter ⇒ Re:Legend ⇒ Untitled Ace Attorney game ⇒ Darkest Dungeon ⇒ Dungeon of Zaar ⇒ Enter the Gungeon ⇒ Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
David Carrillo (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet damn straight!
Josh 64 (11 months ago)
SwitchPlanet You forgot Bayonetta 1+2 and 3 from Sega!
Dustin Hawk (11 months ago)
SwitchPlanet I only care for the new Kirby and new yoshi game for 2018 and payday the heist 2 and fingers crossed for a smash bros and dragon ball fighter z
Alevtina Vesta (11 months ago)
Could you add the developer name of each game on your next video? If its alright. Thanks!
ulf ulf ulf (11 months ago)
Enter the gungeon >>> all
Quizy Duck (2 months ago)
Half of these I can’t find on eshop
Jeffreak James (2 months ago)
Another games for nerds..we need HD triple A games..call of duty, dmc, gta,nfs etc ..c'mon switch you're wasting our time and money..that's why you never win in ps consoles..in that stupid games of yours..
Mark the geek (5 months ago)
Haa lol there no games like assassin creed pubg cod battlefield .all the games fucking boring waste of money
Zak The Ghost (6 months ago)
Wizard of Legend copied Hyper Light Drifter😂😠
Ahmad El-Hindi (7 months ago)
The only 2 games I might end up liking are guardian of the galaxy and wolfenstien The rest look either like gameboy or phone games or not my style I really want the switch to make it but I'm still not impressed I'm also looking forward to pokemon and bayoneta 3 but that is it
Juraj Masár (8 months ago)
It is a party game for horrible people: http://amzn.to/2oF0kY5
Megdeg Megdeg (9 months ago)
Owlboy deserves a spot on the list
B (9 months ago)
Quite a few games I have on my wishlist after seeing this
View Vaj (9 months ago)
I just want Moonlighter
Alex D (10 months ago)
valkyria chronicles 4 (21 march 2018)
Terrah21 (10 months ago)
Tbh if they add terraria on the switch I will die of excitement
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
yes terraria is coming ^_^
Pipes61874 (10 months ago)
real games please not this Jap crap Jesus
Unaware_ Winner (1 month ago)
JevzGaming he means that some of these aren’t on switch and makings game takes years so your the “stupid” one
JevzGaming (2 months ago)
Make your own games stupid.
Evil Withen (10 months ago)
yea i forgot wario lol
Evil Withen (10 months ago)
nice video bro thank u yea that wassup well where is luigi minsion 3 and dunky kong and yoshi island and pikmin 4 maybe nentindo forgot it this games lol anyway this is awesome video dude keep it up 😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anthony Romero (10 months ago)
Where TF is bridge constructor portal,???? Should be on everyone s list and first on that list too
Jay Red (10 months ago)
We need more games like skyrim and gta or even mass effect on the switch not these 3rd party games
felix patikawa (1 month ago)
They are 3rd party but on an AAA scale
JevzGaming (2 months ago)
Do you think it's that simple to make a game that you mentioned?
Jesse Angeles (10 months ago)
Hours of enjoyment watching your vids
Younes Ten (10 months ago)
I hope that the Nintendo Switch is the cheapest price, I love the switch but the price is very high, I want to be the cheapest price , FIFA 18
Tolkott Parsons (10 months ago)
полавинка игр - пиксельно-японское дерьмицо
Lucas Monzon (10 months ago)
I want hollow knight NOOOOOOW !!!!
เนย หอม (10 months ago)
Yo Yo Yo man
เนย หอม (10 months ago)
SwitchPlanet In 2018 I want to resident evil 4-5-6
SwitchPlanet (10 months ago)
hey yo yo yo
XK9 Spain (10 months ago)
did anyone else notice it went from 2nd to 5th
LOBONGREON (11 months ago)
ggzaXBOX zelaya (11 months ago)
Indies la mayoria ..... :/
Trev Forest (11 months ago)
I wish Persona 5 is coming to switch...
TotalMove move (11 months ago)
EpiiDemiic89 (11 months ago)
Lol just start the video since 10 sec, already a mistake .. this is PS4 version of DQ XI, Switch get the same than 3DS.
Avenger No1 (11 months ago)
The only problem I have with switch is that a lot of the games are ones you can get on your mobile and they are 50 quid
_NXCK_ (11 months ago)
Sorry but what is a 3rd party game?
Achille (11 months ago)
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Wayne Clark (11 months ago)
Awful no cod no battlefield no anything big just Japanese trash games
Unaware_ Winner (1 month ago)
JevzGaming geez you such a hater
JevzGaming (2 months ago)
Your face is trash lol if you don't like the game then don't play it simple 👎.
Gabe Miller (11 months ago)
how did you go to number 2 to 5?
Stormtrooper Reviews (11 months ago)
I can’t wait for outlast
Starlink? Someone's making there own Starfox X'D Looks cool.
Yohan Kapri (10 months ago)
Yohan Kapri (10 months ago)
Ya u was surprised when I heard it’s being made by Ubisoft.
poop face27 (11 months ago)
can i pls get the nintendo switch my mom will never let me buy it not even in my birthday here is my gmail tomerbh05@gmail.com
Brandon Madriz (11 months ago)
Out of all of them Wolfenstien 2.
Awesome Err (11 months ago)
Only 2 of these games look cool and thats including wolfenstein
Ahmed Vertical (11 months ago)
I joined the giveaway *fingers crossed*
alisa231 (11 months ago)
BlankBlink Cross Tag Battle? like what even is that schmuck?
Alex Peraza (11 months ago)
And now add Mega Man 11. Damn, between 2017 and 2018, I think the Switch is going to surpass the Super Nintendo for me in terms of game library quality!
Viktor Lecter (11 months ago)
This list is trash.
JevzGaming (2 months ago)
I think yourself is a trash not the games.
Viktor Lecter (11 months ago)
Qeisama how about a good game, is that an option?
Qeisama (11 months ago)
Viktor Lecter > DQ XI, Travis Strikes Back, Project Octopath, Wolfenstein II, Hollow Knight, Valkyria Chronicles 4, etc > Trash Pick one Alternatively: > Switch owners > Not a switch owner
Viktor Lecter (11 months ago)
Alex Peraza it's your opinion and I respect it but I don't like trash.
Alex Peraza (11 months ago)
This trash looks amazing.
Dekendeman (11 months ago)
Inside, Enter the Gungeon, Descenders, Dragon Quest XI, Tennis World Tour, Hollow Knight, Wolfenstein II, No more Heroes Travis Strike Again, Project Octopath Traveler, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Mulaka, Shin Megami Tensei V, FE, ok, say goodbye to my wallet. Nice channel, keep it up!!
Guto Zack (11 months ago)
Switch i am love you
Garrett Mason (11 months ago)
I’ll buy about 10 of those games....hope I get a christmas bonus from work 😩
Steven M (11 months ago)
The only game I want on this list is the farming game... farming is tight as fuck
DanieL Plainsong (11 months ago)
Lots of interesting games here ... I'll definitely be picking up a Switch early next year.
BolTingBlazie (11 months ago)
Forget about super meat boy forever?
Bayoneta 3?😢
Pasi Pilz (11 months ago)
Omg hype
Gallant Blade (11 months ago)
Wizard of Legend and Inside caught my eye here, though I am excited for Ace Attorney and No More Heroes.
Gallant Blade (11 months ago)
Wizard of Legend and Inside caught my eye here, though I am excited for Ace Attorney and No More Heroes.
Chicken noodle soup (11 months ago)
All these games except for wolfenstein 2 suck ass, us Nintendo fans have been subject to such shitty games that this is what we are used to, indie and weeb bullshit games
Joshua Suh (11 months ago)
Chicken noodle soup I'm sorry, what? No More Heroes 3, Dragon Quest XI, and Shin Megami Tensei V are trash?
GameCompleters100% (11 months ago)
what about steep
James Keith Tampus (11 months ago)
WOW Switch becoming a vita now!
HellBringer (10 months ago)
James Keith Tampus it's great , I'm not going to need my Vita soon and soon switch will be my number 1 handheld over Vita.
Abraham Garcia (11 months ago)
Ivan M (11 months ago)
Battlefield, cod and GTA
Lupeh (11 months ago)
Man I hate these damn Japan games looking like anime
JevzGaming (2 months ago)
Then don't play simple idiot 👎
James Keith Tampus (11 months ago)
If you don't know the switch is the next psvita LOL!
Ricky Burke (11 months ago)
What does the "Switch Planet Approved" text mean when applied to games that aren't available until next year?
Alessandro Cussino (11 months ago)
Wolfenstein 2 !!! (^_^)
jhvghjgjkhlihli (11 months ago)
ace attorney for switch. im fuken hyped!!!
Nic Ong (11 months ago)
Why no bloodstained?
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
I’m excited for SMT. It’ll be the first SMT game I play! :D
Whaby Samir (11 months ago)
Dragon Quest XI HYPE
Alex Peraza (11 months ago)
My most anticipated game of 2018!
田真远 (11 months ago)
except for a few big jrpg names, tons of these top 30 3rd party games look like they fit smart phones better
Ulti Gamer (8 days ago)
Blazblue? Hollow knights?
Ulti Gamer (8 days ago)
田真远 wolfenstien?
Max (11 months ago)
Hilarious, you must be blind.
James Keith Tampus (11 months ago)
Yup totally agreed.
TheSAIYAN9000 (11 months ago)
Nice games
Darian Hopkins (11 months ago)
Is arena of valor a 2018 release on the switch?
Sheldon Cooper81 (11 months ago)
What a New Valkyria Chronicles Game ? I loved that Game on PS 3
Sheldon Cooper81 (11 months ago)
Yes Dragon Quest XI is going to be great
Dan Almacen (11 months ago)
If switch gets don't starve I'll be soooo happy.
backup368 (11 months ago)
Then comes the next Nintendo Direct.
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
For you Dragon Quest players, should a potential new player like me get into the franchise with this game? Or Builders.
Alex Peraza (11 months ago)
Builders isn't a mainline game, it's a spin off with a Minecraft style. So it depends on what you like, but if you want to experience an actual Dragon Quest, get XI. If you have a 3DS, you should also check out Dragon Quest VIII, which is widely considered one of the best in the series.
Gl do (11 months ago)
Switch planet is gold and switch force is mold. Keep up the good work man/woman/it :)
Michael Chavez (11 months ago)
That tennis tho!!!
NabiRain (11 months ago)
I don't know why "Inside" reminds me of "Another world"... There's something I can't point a finger on it...
Gongas 1331 (11 months ago)
love your videos and entered the giveaway
sebastian #1 (11 months ago)
Let's go crazy justice
Jose Bahena (11 months ago)
Le Ovni (11 months ago)
I participate c:
Simple Buddy (11 months ago)
I think it would be better if you would also mention who are the developers for these 3rd party games. I like your channel anyway!❤
FuzziestOfPonds Gaming (11 months ago)
I entered!
TheRealSneakers (11 months ago)
RE: Legend is still on track? I heard some months ago, their studio was burgled, and a lot of their computers swiped, that had the game data and information on them....Game looks amazingly fun, and would love to play it, and would suck if that was all true.
Freddy Stracker (11 months ago)
When comes Steep ? 😰
Mr. Payne #VaiPhill (3 months ago)
Cancelled on switch
Sharito742 (11 months ago)
At this point on 2018.
Dark Magni (11 months ago)
brent jones yes it is confirmed because if go on wikipedia and you search steep thers the nintendo switch too
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (11 months ago)
I'm tired at the lack of time stamps so here, I've made my own 0:13 Dragon Quest XI 0:50 Travis Strikes Again 1:26 Crazy Justice 2:06 Project Octopath Traveler 2:41 Wolfenstein II 3:17 Attack on Tittan 2 3:47 Wizard of Legend 4:25 War Groove 4:56 Blazablue Cross Tag Battle 5:30 My Time at Portia 6:05 Hollow Knight 6:41 Dragon Quest Builders 7:11 Valkyria Chronicles 4 7:50 Tangledeep 8:23 Tennis World Tour 8:52 Lost Sphear 9:26 Starlink Battle for Atlas 10:00 Fe 10:35 Mulaka 11:09 Decenders 11:45 Real Farm 12:21 Shin Megami Tensei V 12:57 Inside 13:30 Moonlighter 14:06 Re:Legend 14:41 Ace Attorney 15:14 Darkest Dungeon 15:50 Dungeon of Zaar 16:26 Guardians of the Galaxy 16:55 Enter the Gungeon
Pickles in the making (4 months ago)
King_Abel (9 months ago)
Thank you
CJ S (11 months ago)
No king of cards?
Asus Cruise (11 months ago)
This Nintendo Switch package https://sites.google.com/site/UltimateNintendoSwitch is the best now
J Li (11 months ago)
Jesus Osvaldo Broch you sir are a god! Thank you if only the uploader knew to add the games in the description.
Gamer1Wolf (11 months ago)
Some Great games! are coming I wish more RPGs would come out :D
This is lit
Mystic Lysandre (11 months ago)
But are they Digital or card
BL UG (11 months ago)
I cannot wait to play Project Octopath and No More Heroes III ^^ PS: I enter the ga, good luck to all
Seahawks Gamer (11 months ago)
And yup. Just as a thought. We're going to lose that game folks
Seahawks Gamer (11 months ago)
If seasons of heaven doesn't make this list then my point has been proven entirely
Maciek Drożdż (11 months ago)
Note that demo for Project Octopath Traveler is already avaliable at eShop
LabonnePaTate ! (11 months ago)
whats a 3rd part game :) ? i’m not very good in english so ...i don’t know
BL UG (11 months ago)
A 3rd party game it's a game developed by a company not related with the system company, in this case, Nintendo. When Nintendo makes a game using an internal studio a 1st party game (ex: Zelda Breath of the Wild) and when Nintendo pays to an external studio to develop a game for his system it's a 2nd party game (ex: Metroid Samus Returns)
SwitchPlanet (11 months ago)
must been wrong translation there, it actually means 3rd party games ^_^
nothing to do here (11 months ago)
most of them are indie games, that’s just spam... meh
nothing to do here (10 months ago)
0verwatch Gaming bitch please, id rather die than having your personality
TSM KLOUDZ (10 months ago)
your just jealous
nothing to do here (10 months ago)
0verwatch Gaming at least i have a life, weeb
TSM KLOUDZ (10 months ago)
I have a ps4 and switch ha ha poor bitch.
nothing to do here (11 months ago)
Alex Peraza “as in context” can’t you fucking read
HHgalaxy 717 (11 months ago)
HHgalaxy 717 (11 months ago)
nothing to do here wow sorry ard
nothing to do here (11 months ago)
Blink 7 did you even read the video’s title... it’s called 3rd party games in 2018... Doom was released for the nintendo switch in 2017... why would he put it in the upcoming games list if it’s already released?
HHgalaxy 717 (11 months ago)
nothing to do here I know but it's not on the list
nothing to do here (11 months ago)
Blink 7 Doom is already released
___ (11 months ago)
Jaime De la Rosa (11 months ago)
Do I need to play the previous 10 dragon quests to play 11?
Alex Peraza (11 months ago)
Nope. But if you have a 3DS, I highly recommend 8. It's widely considered one of the best in the series.
Actar (11 months ago)
Jose Flores no
Fabian Messmer (11 months ago)
I want to enter the giveaway :)
Blu Gill (11 months ago)
battle royale on switch?
Jeeses99 (9 months ago)
Garbage game Crazy justice is gonna be sooo much better
CH415 (10 months ago)
Baraa tk aka BRUH no who ever mentioned fortnite
Baraa tk aka BRUH (11 months ago)
Blu Gill fortnite???!
Juan Sevilla (11 months ago)
So, I'll be broke in 2018 too, thanks Switch, btw its not just about money anymore...how am I gonna find the time to play all the games I want?
Juan Sevilla (11 months ago)
Luyanda Madliwa I'm sorry if your life sucks.
Luyanda Madliwa (11 months ago)
Juan Sevilla gotta love those first-world problems
Thaddeus Nero (11 months ago)
That's why it's on the go, I work and ya I have a life but I still find time to play the games I do own
TheSAIYAN9000 (11 months ago)
Juan Sevilla i feel you, i barely got time to play
backup368 (11 months ago)
Well, it is, you know...
Brampiescampie (11 months ago)
i love this channel, but boy do i hate at intro tune;.......
LoboStream (11 months ago)
I love it!!
Devilcraft 42 (11 months ago)
I, kind of like it.....seriously I need this as my ring tone.
Brampiescampie (11 months ago)
So..... can you phone him?
Michael Dust (11 months ago)
Brampiescampie I KNOW ET😲

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