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HOLLOW New Reveal Trailer ( Upcoming Nintendo Switch HORROR Game )

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The New Reveal Trailer of Hollow . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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sosa kun (1 day ago)
we actually need a dead space port (not the 3rd god pls no) the deadspace bundle 1 + 2. Activision needs to make it happen
tough5hit (3 months ago)
Nobody can top gears 1 mad world trailer.
Logan Jensen (4 months ago)
Nintendo's Dead Space
Triple-D26 (7 months ago)
Kinda looks like a generic space horror
BLONDE boi (7 months ago)
Kinda looks like dead space
DankXMemez (9 months ago)
0/10 it has nightcore in it.
Michael Miller (9 months ago)
Who did this cover of Mad World? I haven't heard this one.
Ian Pena (11 months ago)
Dead Space 4
seal adventures (11 months ago)
looks like dead space 4 coming out
Oto ota (1 year ago)
Tears for Fears!
mechaart (1 year ago)
I'll pick this up on my PC or my Switch... maybe both
Andrue Finley (1 year ago)
Literally dead space and I'm ok with that
JackGrimm99 (1 year ago)
Dead Space meets System Shock.
Existence is Futile (1 year ago)
Couldn't take the trailer seriously with the song Mad world. I've watched too many vines 😂
Jack jorden (1 year ago)
Dude Wtf man its Deadspace 1 , That ishimura Right there in the Show, Hollow my ass :D That's Mad world from donnie darko ?! im confuzzled @@
ProMikeStang GT04 (1 year ago)
Jack jorden is it really dead space!!?? It's going to be dead space in FPS. It looks fucking badass.
richieb74 (1 year ago)
After gears of war used this song I feel like it shouldn't get used again by anything else
Agree. I associate this song always with Gears of War. This trailer barely showed anything but it made me remember how great Gears of War is. Otherwise, the shown footage reminds me of Dead Space.
Mark Portch (1 year ago)
Thers 15min of gameplay,so check out on YouTubeer called Mizzah tee.I must admit I was not impressed with what I saw
_alexation _ (1 year ago)
Mark Portch nobody cares 💖💖💖
Well...this looks like a fucking AAA. Everyone say dead space, but for me it looks like "moon"
Justin Holmes (1 year ago)
I was thinking dead space definitive edition would have been a perfect game for switch
Cameron Roberts (1 year ago)
Definitely Dead Space inspired. Maybe a new Dead Space spinoff? Same developers? A crew that are fans of Dead Space creating a game to pay homage? Regardless it looks interesting and involves shit trying to rip you to pieces and the main character having to decimate said shit to survive. I dig it.
Bryan Padilla (1 year ago)
dead space?
Abimael Betancourt (1 year ago)
wow :0
AMPUERO madafaka (1 year ago)
Dead space?
MtMarshi (1 year ago)
This needs to come out this year, or wait till 2019. Because if it comes out around the same time as Metriod Prime 4, its dead in the water. A shame, because it looks very interesting.
Mark Portch (1 year ago)
MtMarshi It's slated for winter of this year
KGhaleon (1 year ago)
Muted the video immediately. Looks interesting though, reminds me of Dead space.
Frozen gamer (1 year ago)
KGhaleon They used that soundtrack in gears of war
alexythimia23 (1 year ago)
I never ever ever ever thought anyone in existence would say tears for fears are their favourite band lmfao
Jeremy Kaminski (1 year ago)
Nice ad-hominem filled response, I'm 36 as well but at least I know how to respond to comments without name-calling and ignorant childish rudeness. I have no reason to look any of that up, I actually follow music. But hey, have fun making up stories. :)
Jeremy Kaminski (1 year ago)
Sure it is, or the more logical explanation is you took 3 days to make believe you know who Tears for Fears is and claim it's your favorite band to avoid looking like an idiot for thinking Gary Jules made the original version. Nice try though.
Taru Zhul (1 year ago)
Jeremy Kaminski Except Tears for Fears happens to be my favorite band and I also hate the Gary Jules version.
N.C. LAKE (1 year ago)
This is badass to see coming to the switch, another f.p.s. baby. My question, is it a port? or an orignal for the switch?
Lorin Darby (1 year ago)
Dead Space FPS mode.
lordkaras 1 (1 year ago)
im kind of hoping a dead space sequel to dead space 3 maybe what happened to other colonies on other planets or stations .... maybe a resistance of synthetic humans but who knows looks interesting don't f this up nintendo
Kamina (1 year ago)
Dead Space for Switch?
AE_ LilGEE (1 year ago)
This trailer showed me nothing
Eternal Darkness (1 year ago)
Tiene buena pinta espero no lo cancelen como cancelaron silent hill de ps4 :'(
Livius (1 year ago)
Damn !! This is more like it ! To have this on the go ... Are you f.... serious ?? So hyped for it !!
LAST GAMER (1 year ago)
Protagonista de dead space Música del trailer de gears of war Con enemigos de the suffering .....ok
Paulo Tauren (1 year ago)
Yeah man, that's how art is made, a little inspiration here and there... No és un problema
Luis Zambrano (1 year ago)
Día tras días. Estoy solo. Ando sin rumbo. Desesperado por respuestas. Soledad y tristeza. Paso por los pasillos. Armado con una herramienta. Cortando los miembros. En esta nave espacial.
Ryuko Chan! (1 year ago)
This is more like it! hyped for these kind of switch games
Shadarr Slingblade (1 year ago)
I don't know why companies are having singers resing classic songs that sounded better in the original. Just pay the artist so you can play the original song.
Mattias Burling (1 year ago)
They still have to pay. Its an ascetic choice. Imo the original is worse.
Efrain Amezcua (1 year ago)
I've been waiting to damn long for dead space 4
Sasukiro (1 year ago)
And then, they will say that the Switch is a child's console... (I have a ps4 and an Xbox one so I'm not a nintendo fanboy)
IcedEarthaholic (1 year ago)
Hope this game is given a physical release, it does look promising.
ReynHollow (1 year ago)
Wow dead space 4 is coming out im so hyped
icy veil (1 year ago)
Dead Space is in everyone's mind lmao Yea,I really did laugh. I love the franchise. Make us love this clone as well. Yes I can play wherever I want now!
CrazyAna Star (1 year ago)
STOP with the Dead Space/[insert game] clone comments, please, just be happy that you are getting more games of same genre maybe with another story/mechanics that could make it better, has good or worse? This is why things like Call of Duty end up stale, cause people just want more of the same and new ideas never come to fruition. Than gamers blame companies for being lazy and just doing remasters/new editions of same IP 🙄
Bloofa (1 year ago)
Not really care about the game, but I found out who the singer is: Mad World - Jennifer Ann
Not Andrew (1 year ago)
Yeah Dead Space clone! I hope it's good. Otherwise just give me Dead Space.
Not Andrew (1 year ago)
Yeah Dead Space clone! I hope it's good. Otherwise just give me Dead Space.
Volkan Çoban (1 year ago)
reminds me dead space a lot.
arif rachman (1 year ago)
another dead space?

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