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Hearthstone - New Heroes Trailers (So far)

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New Hearthstone Heroes: Maiev Shadowsong, Tyrande Whisperwind, Morgl the Oracle, Medivh, Lady Liadrin, Alleria Windrunner, Magni Bronzebeard! Playlist, New Hearthstone Hero: Maiev Shadowsong New Hearthstone Hero: Tyrande Whisperwind Recruit A Friend: Morgl the Oracle New Hearthstone Hero: Medivh New Hearthstone Hero: Lady Liadrin New Hearthstone Hero: Alleria Windrunner New Hearthstone Hero: Magni Bronzebeard
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Text Comments (106)
Julian the Ivysaur (1 month ago)
Wait. Maiev is for free during the year of the mammoth? How come i didn't get her quest?
Megabrand (1 month ago)
I am Medivh, and COME INSIDE!
LithiumDuck (3 months ago)
Imo we need some classes from the other races instead using old ones. We got so far: 6 humans (Jaina, Anduin, Medivh, Kadghar, Uther, Arthas) 3 blood/high elves (Valeera, Alleria, Liandrin) 3 orcs (Thrall, Garrosh, Gul'dan) 2 night elves (Meiv, Tyrande) 1 gnome (Nemsy) 1 half orc (Rexxar) 1 dwarf (Magni) 1 murloc (Mrgll) No trolls, draeneis, worgen, pandaraens, undeads (unless you count DKs), taurens or goblins.
Ironclad Guildhand (4 months ago)
Eternal Life (4 months ago)
wait.....where kadgar?
Megyer Meng (4 months ago)
because some hero this game need pay real money
Shady Shin (4 months ago)
Enthused Norseman (4 months ago)
Ooph, that Alleria voice. Not my preference.
dragon3010lol (4 months ago)
Maiev has the same VA as Tsunade or am I wrong?
Joao Rosa (1 month ago)
nope, you're right its the same VA
Stauros Gaming (5 months ago)
VictorSnakevenom1 (5 months ago)
Next patch confirmed: Youthful Brewmaster, Bloodmage Thalnos, and Murloc Tidehunter become Warlock-exclusive Legendaries
Peter Senior (5 months ago)
Even Thrall says that Morgl's shamanistic skills surpass all others. Even though Thrall finished off Deathwing and helped defeat Mannoroth... You can't tell me Morgl can survive an attack from either.
EpicThe112 (6 months ago)
So good and I'm not sure to what class Thalyssra will belong to my guess a mage
Claude Frollo (5 months ago)
Tyrande speaks with elune in water well with middle finger wp wp...
Y. O. (2 months ago)
Claude Frollo they besties
Omaux Vargachcaex (6 months ago)
Well, medivh said, "if magic is a game, then i play to win." It is and this is the wrong game for u friend :)
গানেে ভুবন
গানেে ভুবন
yung woes (6 months ago)
Medics top3 hero’s easy.. sound effects Intro errthing
sofos870 (6 months ago)
bring Tyrande back you morons !
tomi tomi (6 months ago)
How can i get morgl exactly?
Lynn USUK (5 months ago)
Or if u have no friends just log out of your account go into another account then click the link
Casper Van Drunen (6 months ago)
Sign in with facebook on hearthstone and invite a facebook friend to play hearthstone
Horner (6 months ago)
Alleria has such a cheesy trailer
jamzpk123 (6 months ago)
Wish there are trailers for Khadger and Nemsy.
Dong David (4 months ago)
Proxy Ramirez (6 months ago)
Arthas too. I love Arthas. It would be amazing to hear from him again in a video.
William Behrens (7 months ago)
Why are all of the cards warlock class cards
StormWind Champion (7 months ago)
*face palms*
jcjs95 (7 months ago)
blue druid (7 months ago)
La voz no es LA De Adria ? Del diablo ¹
Kátai Csaba (7 months ago)
Where is khadgar?
Ian Fredz (7 months ago)
Can someone explain to me why I never got the maiev quest even when I had all 3 slots available?
Ian Fredz you need to finish a few quests before reaching it
David Winzeler (6 months ago)
It should still be available.. i had a friend make a new account and he got the quest
fanteezy (6 months ago)
It's still the year of the Mammoth
silviu ciortan (7 months ago)
Ian Fredz did you do it in the year of the mammoth? aka 2017?
Game Myster (7 months ago)
Wasn't alleria trapped on argus?
93hothead (7 months ago)
Medivh pays to win
Alan Moura (7 months ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkk o morgl teve que ser apresentado pelo thrall
Justin Lira Aguero (7 months ago)
Aleria doesn't sound like aleria
Cyclick (7 months ago)
because she is Alleria, not aleria
Shaku The Collector (5 months ago)
2:04 Magic is a game, card game much better than Hearthstone.
Because I'm Batman! (3 months ago)
ドルミン ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ceiling Cat (3 months ago)
Because I'm Batman! (3 months ago)
Shaku The Collector disagreed
Ceiling Cat (4 months ago)
xd xd (5 months ago)
Paweł Krychowiak oak
Rafael Arandas (8 months ago)
Tyrande is AWESOME, may Elune bless her forever! :)
Enthused Norseman (4 months ago)
A lot of characters in Warcraft are racist. It kinda goes with the territory of having a bunch of wars that are divided by the different races.
Xastiel Muffinz (5 months ago)
tyrande the racist bitch, cool
Knot Taling (6 months ago)
she's a racist bitch
虞献 (7 months ago)
Rafael Arandas tyrande is a bitch
Harold Gonzales Yep :(
Mohammad Ghaznavi (8 months ago)
Where is kadgar? (The one who say knowledge is power!)
Tomi Todorov (7 months ago)
Khadgar* ang i think he doesn't have one
JuustoLeipä (8 months ago)
Wonder why i dont see Maiev Shadowsong Rogues often? I got it easily?
Ice Control (5 months ago)
PCAchievements I just figured out I did have it. Didnt even notice
Murloc Leader it is possible.
PCAchievements (5 months ago)
Contact Blizzard support and see if your quest to getr her was overridden. Maeiv will be completely unavailable to players during the year of the raven which starts on April 12th. If you really want Maeiv you have about 4 days from today(monday April 8) to try and get her. Good luck, but be prepared to not get her.
Ice Control (5 months ago)
I didnt get the quest how am I supposed to get her?
Frejjo (6 months ago)
Cause she looks bad
If magic is a game, it is one I pay to win
Lich king in all video 😐
TheWarrior (10 months ago)
Hmm Nemsy, Arthas and Khadgar didnt get one of these Videos, wish blizzard would make one for each hero :/
GAMEOST (10 months ago)
Me too -__-
gferrol118 (11 months ago)
They didn't even make one for Nemsy or Arthas :/ looks like they're stopping making these
Arvid Bergman (5 months ago)
Knot Taling (6 months ago)
Potato Porridge after he was made in hearthstone
Dancaarkiiel (7 months ago)
Thank god they didn't actually make one for that annoying warlock autismo :^))
Stelio Kontos wait nevermind he didn't
Stelio Kontos he did
TheKiller Lol (11 months ago)
GAMEOST (11 months ago)
You're awesome!
monaca morgan (11 months ago)
Oh yeah...wooot
PUG GENTLEMAN (11 months ago)

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