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Top 10 Upcoming High Graphic Action RPG Game 2018 ( Android & IOS ) Global

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Top 10 Upcoming High Graphic Action RPG Game 2018 ( Android & IOS ) Global Version EP #2 : https://youtu.be/0mLqD5lZT1A 00:00 - Blade 2 1:09 - FOX 1:35 - Hundred Soul 3:21 - ICURA M 5:33 - Royal Blood 6:57 - Lineage 2 Revolution 7:50 - Tera M 9:13 - Dark Avenger 3 10:45 - Black Desert M 11:14 - AxE ( Alliance X Empire ) PlayList: https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaNecrotic/playlists?disable_polymer=1 Daily New Game: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcBiwJiSt7jaVNR2b3JtlmHl Game News & Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcCS66Znwi4ZtQbUGPGU9dbB Lineage 2 Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcAm2r-KXVPno158JEQkUxka AXE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcCciIJL1HNg6swpaSXOOSxz HIT Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcADLhcJpWSVRUhryVDwauEC HIT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcC_2_hsQwoSc5Mtk9LvGZh- Guide & Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fl77XDMGcBECRGKlhX5kWH94ZDIgXak Track; Discrepancies - Art of War Music provided by FlyingTunes Watch; https://youtu.be/BDrl4OAzsaI Track: TULE - Fearless [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/9rujCfYXhQc Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/FearlessYO Buy Pc Game With 10%-80% Discount - https://www.g2a.com/r/icexgame CHANNEL SUPPORT AND SOCIAL MEDIA: PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/icexgame Donation: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/meganecrotictaimusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IceXgame Twitter: https://twitter.com/IceXgame Thank for Watching - IceXgame
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Text Comments (191)
VainGloryParaNoobs (3 days ago)
11:14 song pleaseeeeeeª!!!!
IceXgame (3 days ago)
under video description :D
Jason Tanio (5 days ago)
Hundred soul and blade 2 please give me some tips how to download thx.
Jason Tanio (4 days ago)
Ok thx
IceXgame (5 days ago)
english version not release yet
joon pok (7 days ago)
is this online?????????????????????????
IceXgame (7 days ago)
yes online :D
soumyaranjan mahunta (12 days ago)
All games are Android games??
IceXgame (12 days ago)
android and ios :D some game already release in eng version now
Lawrence Garcia (1 month ago)
Blade 2 is release in global but in korean language wtf
Lawrence Garcia (1 month ago)
IceXgame when is the release of English version?
IceXgame (1 month ago)
not global yet :D only in korea
Urban Documentary (1 month ago)
Which ones of these are open wod like L2R?
IceXgame (1 month ago)
yes L2R AxE BDM open world
Benjamin Alipio (1 month ago)
Any news when hundred souls will release on SEA?
IceXgame (1 month ago)
i guess they already stop dev for eng version awhile - normally they plan to release at 2018 first Q in KR
Benjamin Alipio (1 month ago)
IceXgame ah i see do you think it will take year or 2 for this to come out here in SEA?
IceXgame (1 month ago)
still no news yet
mauro guerrero (1 month ago)
muestra juegos que estan en nuestro store no en el store koreano subnormal
IceXgame (1 month ago)
some game already in global store :D
Derrick (2 months ago)
BOOB physics...
Nonong Ferrer (2 months ago)
Most of this game is trash and shit, same concept vip, auto, nothing new, even if the game has a good graphics but the gameplay is boring it is all pointless.. i've been looking a game with no autoplay, no vip,grindy..
Yudi Muchtar (2 months ago)
Cant play👎
IceXgame (2 months ago)
which 1? :D
Wolf Storm Wizard (2 months ago)
Rip off of darkness rises the game it blade
IceXgame (2 months ago)
try blade 2 yet?
Morning star Venus (2 months ago)
8:00 songs please
(2 months ago)
english version?!
IceXgame (2 months ago)
Mario Arsjad (2 months ago)
when black desert release on global version :(
IceXgame (2 months ago)
Q4 2018 for SEA server :D
walid mohamed (2 months ago)
Looooool 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
***KUZGUN*** (2 months ago)
Blade 2 Best Forever!
IceXgame (2 months ago)
yep - can't wait to test this game!!!
Christian Gutierrez (2 months ago)
i want a game where you can be able to transform;do you guys know any game like that
John Ryan Pangan (2 months ago)
I forgot about the title, but the gameplay is similar to HIT. The transformation is like devil may cry wherein your characters transforms into demons.
IceXgame (2 months ago)
the game with transform system?
Legendary Andouille (3 months ago)
Original lineage 2 still better
Rama Ramadona (3 months ago)
agus kurniawan (3 months ago)
its all similiar ?????
aldrin bañez (3 months ago)
Can you give me a link for hundred soul apk?thanks
IceXgame (3 months ago)
not release yet
Kucik Kucik (4 months ago)
Why no english.. whyyyy😥😥
Chris Roper (4 months ago)
Black Desert Mobile!
IceXgame (4 months ago)
yep in next vdo :D
Koua Vang (5 months ago)
I wouldnt even say Linieage II is a high graphics. It looks to classic and gameplay is too classic. Blade II isnt going to be out till 2019 anyways since Action Swuare keeps doing CBT test couple times every month and no beta or official releases
Raymond Alexander (5 months ago)
Are looking for Game Hacks? Then simply Search "Crustygames4u" in Google. You'll Get Massive amount Hacks There.
Dark Avenger 3 has crazy animation
John Ryan Pangan (2 months ago)
The only thing that sucks is their rng. Very very low.
IceXgame (5 months ago)
yep :D still bast APRG for dungeon base game
bessem jendoubi (6 months ago)
Hey guys try this app one of the best game booster for android thanks to it i play smoother and faster this is a google play link try it : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=asa.gamebooster&referrer=3PN
Jd Jz3di (7 months ago)
blade and soul 2(mobile) not even in a list are u shiting me ?
IceXgame (7 months ago)
+Jd Jz3di or check my ep 2 :)
IceXgame (7 months ago)
+Jd Jz3di 2019
Nam Đào Đăng (7 months ago)
vituz zon (7 months ago)
hey ice,you have any news about the English version of 4:33's lost kingdom?
IceXgame (7 months ago)
sry no info yet
Jocy mail (7 months ago)
Guys,Checkout this new game!!:http://bit.ly/2nhwjNn
fervor tyria (7 months ago)
when is the release date of Hundred Soul??
IceXgame (7 months ago)
no official info yet :D
subliminal psychedelic (7 months ago)
names and are they released ?
IceXgame (7 months ago)
name already in there - they will release in this year
Glaydson Carneiro (8 months ago)
no need trailer put just the gameplay and everyone click in like to you vid
IceXgame (8 months ago)
ok :D
Jefferson Angeles (8 months ago)
SEA sever ????
Jefferson Angeles (8 months ago)
IceXgame for all of this game ??
IceXgame (8 months ago)
yes SEA and global
Jackie Chatt (8 months ago)
all these game only in korean?
Jackie Chatt (8 months ago)
thank you :) but not really interested in that one :(
IceXgame (8 months ago)
Lineage 2 revolution already release in global
De Redd (8 months ago)
Dark Avengers is released in Korea right
BartinYer6 (7 months ago)
i love hating roblox and minecraft datk avenger 1 was best
IceXgame (8 months ago)
GFranco (8 months ago)
hundred soul still in development
IceXgame (8 months ago)
Arvee Garcia (8 months ago)
Korean are probably one of the best game devs in the world but there only flaw is that they took so long just to release their games world wide Ps: english is not that good so bear with me though😅
Haru Yanto (8 months ago)
Arvee Garcia They're not as big as western companies, so it takes much longer for them to make games
IceXgame (8 months ago)
yes Agree :D
Santiago Gomez (8 months ago)
Hi bro. Sorry for mi english, I talk spanish. I have a question. Some of these games can be played offline? Thank you. I love your videos of Lineage and HIT.
IceXgame (8 months ago)
all of this game = online game :D
에다드스타크 (9 months ago)
lol All 10 games are made by Korean company. Except Black Desert m, rest of them are typical mobile mmorpg. and blade2 is shit. Don't wait for it Not on the list but will also release 2018, are Blade&soul M and Lineage 2 M(not revolution)
Adorable Delano (1 month ago)
Blade and soull
Ranko Hadzi - Novakovic (3 months ago)
Can you tell me official release date of any of these games mentioned in video?
Bam boo (4 months ago)
I really like korean mobile games, so beautiful graphics and shiny boobs lol
Kucik Kucik (4 months ago)
Why blade 2 shit? You eat to much kimchi.. try other foods its a big big world
akbar rafsanjani (4 months ago)
Lol not revo
Suryanto 41516010032 (9 months ago)
i think hundred soul playstyle really like blade and soul pc
IceXgame (9 months ago)
yep :D
Ryad Ouldji (9 months ago)
Blade 2 was supposed to be released in 2017, lol okay it looks like we’ll have to wait another year
vituz zon (7 months ago)
same thing they did on evilbane..EB Korean is cool but not the global version..
IceXgame (9 months ago)
yep lol for global version around sep or nov 2018
ZEZOXD (9 months ago)
so exited ty 2 much for the great video keep it simple <333333
IceXgame (9 months ago)
ty :D
Code Tzudir (10 months ago)
R u sure about the balde 2.. Cuz m waiting frm last year 2016..
Code Tzudir (10 months ago)
IceXgame ok..that's a good news for me..bdwy what about requirement? And idea?
IceXgame (10 months ago)
yep coz they contact with 4:33
Akbar Lionel (10 months ago)
It's true ?, Global version for all this games at list ? for lineage 2 revolution , now they are already global version
Akbar Lionel (10 months ago)
IceXgame oh ... I'm looking forward to it, especially for M tera, black desert M, and blade II ..... I'm really looking forward to it
IceXgame (10 months ago)
yep in 2018 all this game will come to global version
ThisIsAbbreviation (10 months ago)
So, many awesome games announced or launched in Korea and SEA. Nothing cool launched in west yet. No fun.
ThisIsAbbreviation (10 months ago)
Fingers crossed for DA3 global. Tis plain gorgeous.
IceXgame (10 months ago)
aiming on AxE global and Da3 :D
ThisIsAbbreviation (10 months ago)
IceXgame Haha exactly. We will have only one game to play for next year :P Assuming something else will actually launch in 2018.
IceXgame (10 months ago)
for west next 4 days = lineage 2 revolution ( in 2018 all of them will release in global version )
Kintam Cakra (10 months ago)
all korean
IceXgame (10 months ago)
lineage 2 revolution already release in SEA eng version and plan to release at nov 16th EU & US region
JR T (10 months ago)
Game looks amazing and if some don’t like the auto play feature then don’t use it but I surely will sometimes !!!!
IceXgame (10 months ago)
yep, correct :D
Stark- Lin (10 months ago)
Só RPG fudidão
Ticket North Travel (10 months ago)
Which of this game is playable at this moment ?
IceXgame (10 months ago)
Ticket North Travel (10 months ago)
all can be playable on bluestacks ?
IceXgame (10 months ago)
da3: https://apkpure.com/%EB%8B%A4%ED%81%AC%EC%96%B4%EB%B2%A4%EC%A0%803/com.nexon.da3
IceXgame (10 months ago)
Axe: https://apkpure.com/axe-alliance-x-empire/com.nexon.axe
IceXgame (10 months ago)
L2: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmarble.revolutionthm&hl=en
Abdam Reqas (10 months ago)
Blade 2👍
Ramon hogo (9 months ago)
IceXgame pls give up dir blade 2 we will wait 3 yehr
IceXgame (10 months ago)
next 9 months for Blade 2 :D
cư dân mạng (10 months ago)
blade good game
IceXgame (10 months ago)
+cư dân mạng yes
atlasesy (10 months ago)
Good.. its time to leave lineage 2 .
IceXgame (10 months ago)
yep next year :D
Deocrinic (11 months ago)
3rd one really looks good.
Joe balabakzz (10 months ago)
such a let down lol
IceXgame (11 months ago)
yep can't play with emulator :D
Boomer Badlad (11 months ago)
Why is lineage 2 revolution included here? 😂
Boomer Badlad (11 months ago)
IceXgame any idea on BDO release? :)
IceXgame (11 months ago)
for NA and EU version :D
Uriel Torres (11 months ago)
Nice job ice!
IceXgame (11 months ago)
ty q
Blank Person (11 months ago)
Which game do you think is the best?
Kim Gen Madlos (4 months ago)
HIT 😂 im playing it rn
Blank Person (11 months ago)
IceXgame what server are you?
Blank Person (11 months ago)
IceXgame just delete my character 😅 can you please tell me which class is the best for solo player? Can I join your guild or clan or whatsoever 😂
IceXgame (11 months ago)
same :D what server you r playing?
Blank Person (11 months ago)
IceXgame me currently playing Lineage 2 hmm
Afiq Safwan (11 months ago)
Too bad a lot of it is gonna be p2w
IceXgame (11 months ago)
you still can play at f2p mode :D but gonna took more time than p2w player :D 3-6 months to catch them
5 Revolts (11 months ago)
Blade 2 " Mitos Game " 😂😂😂
Stark- Lin (10 months ago)
5 Revolts Lineage 2 melhor
Alfred D. (11 months ago)
When is alliance x empire coming
IceXgame (11 months ago)
next 5 months for Eng version
Mask Ro (11 months ago)
Help me pls!! When i create charachter in AxE, i choose the name and i get a message, after that the game dosen't start, why???
Koua Vang (5 months ago)
You really an idiot? So many bypass for AxE and even IceXgame has a tutorial on it. You dont even use your time to search youtube
Brandon (8 months ago)
download a translator onto another device and see what it says
IceXgame (11 months ago)
try to change region to Korea and reinstall
André Galindo (11 months ago)
Mask Ro Really? That's weird. Try to find a video on YouTube: "How to install AxE". Maybe could help you
Mask Ro (11 months ago)
André Galindo still not working
ZerkCZ (11 months ago)
I'm looking forward to the Blade 2 :-) Do not you know when to open?
Koua Vang (5 months ago)
Blade II is likely going to be out in the end of 2018 or around 2019. They have been doing too many game test cbt etc every month and there is no issues with the game but they still doing useless test. If you have an Kakao account then you can see all the dates and previous dates they have done test.
Ramon hogo (9 months ago)
ZerkCZ no blade 2 is dead Never come out
IceXgame (11 months ago)
for eng version gonna around middle of 2018
Kichirou Azami (11 months ago)
When .. ? So excited
IceXgame (11 months ago)
next year for all this game
marlon albarracin (11 months ago)
kamusta.... time to save some 💰 for new smartphone that can perform high intensity grafix,,, love youre video kapatid...
IceXgame (11 months ago)
same here marlon :D some game in there can't play with emulator -_- . need to buy new phone too :D and lucky you kinshiki
Kinshiki Otsutsuki (11 months ago)
marlon albarracin Ohh yeah! Got my Galaxy S8+, Playin Lineage 2 revolution on BEST Graphics
Yutthana Insaard (11 months ago)
IceXgame (11 months ago)
Ty q ครับ :) ตอนนี้ถ้าจะมาก็จะมาสัตว์เลี้ยงใหม่กับ Skill แล้วชุด 4 fix options
Yutthana Insaard (11 months ago)
IceXgame ติดตามช่องพี่มานาน...ทำต่อเรื่อยๆนะครับพี่ice ผมเปนกำลังใจให้ครับ...Hit มีอะไรใหม่ๆก้รบกวนพี่ทำคลิปด้วยนะครับพี่...
IceXgame (11 months ago)
ry yab (11 months ago)
am like blade2 date open?
Teddy V (9 months ago)
Raphael Mancini fuck you
Ramon hogo (11 months ago)
IceXgame have One more thinkt if i play china blade2 and if it come out in Gobalen i have a came chap and lvl or i Need to start new? you know??? 😅😅😅
IceXgame (11 months ago)
chinese server before 2018 and global or English version at mid 2018 for blade 2
Ramon hogo (11 months ago)
IceXgame can you Please give me more info am bad Englisch 2018? global server? what mount? or you mean china Server ?
Ramon hogo (11 months ago)
IceXgame what you mean? in Eu Server 2018?
Demon Body (11 months ago)
axe very good.english versiyon .when open.)?
IceXgame (11 months ago)
first Quarter 2018 :D

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