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Call of Duty: The Black Ops Saga in 5 Minutes

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Before you play Black Ops 3, catch up on the twisting, insane stories of Black Ops and Black Ops 2. Watch more franchises in 5 minutes: Destiny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K70lZxqT68 Metal Gear Solid - Big Boss Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrfVKNONoPk Dragon Age https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rphi6f03h5w
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Text Comments (1154)
s 7 (2 hours ago)
2018 who like completes the storyline like 5 times
Tin Foil Tuxedo (6 hours ago)
Wait, so BO3 has nothing to do with the previous story... why?
Crispy Wafflez (3 days ago)
This storyline is so bad
EpicThe112 (5 days ago)
For those that want the complete Black ops universe timeline it starts in COD world at war with the Russian campaign Viktor Reznov and Petrenko
Dub Snake (5 days ago)
"Violently destroy capitalism" Cheers I'll drink to that
Meme Triangle (7 days ago)
To bad bo3 had no continuation and 4 won’t either.
Merlin the communist (8 days ago)
What about bo4?
Durkkade (8 days ago)
David Yao (9 days ago)
There’s no need to cover the swears since call of duty is 17+ anyways
ERIC SUN (11 days ago)
Bo1: omg the plot is so complex and interesting Bo2: now you get to choose the outcome as well😱 Bo3: wait, wtf this is nothing to do with the story, but hey, activision wanted a boost jumping cod so it had to be done Bo4: what’s a campaign?
Canadian empire (11 days ago)
Mendez hunting simulator 2010
RossTheBoss 101 (14 days ago)
You guys should play World at war and then Black ops 1 the stories overlap and it blows your mind.
Green Bean Casserole (14 days ago)
Stormbolt 4111 (15 days ago)
I tried to just wound Alex, but it made me restart the checkpoint?!
Kurd-Viper15 (16 days ago)
Best cod series
DDSLIDER101 (18 days ago)
lol still playing bo3 on ps3 till this day!
Wolfendoom (18 days ago)
Little did we know that train would go boom
Septicguns (19 days ago)
Black ops three should of been about cordis die trying to overthrow the us if menendez died. It would of been really cool and made sense imo
Jaedron Mueller (20 days ago)
Train go boom
Ridogmusic (20 days ago)
The story of black ops 3 shouldn’t be canon to the black ops story line
Bilguun Chinzorig (23 days ago)
There is not story anymore guys whats point
Atriniity (24 days ago)
Black ops and world at war are connected, so world at war is pretty much black ops 0
Achilles (24 days ago)
Roles of characters in real life roles during Vietnam. Woods:U.S. Marine corps Force recon Bowman: USNSW (SEAL) DEVGRU Operative Woods:C.I.A Operative The way the Joint special operations command was very well portrayed (For a fictional video game).
ImBraydenWomack (26 days ago)
Bo1 is my OG!! WE NEED A REMASTER!!!
Charlie Thatcher (27 days ago)
Oh look, an overarching story. Glad we’re getting another battle royals game instead of that
King Cam (25 days ago)
Charlie Thatcher your just a little kid who plays fortnite you never even played black opps
kakgoblin (29 days ago)
*In 6 Minutes*
Abyssal Black (1 month ago)
Too bad bo3 doesnt make any sense whatsoever in the timeline of the black ops series
RabidRaccoon (1 month ago)
Make another for black ops 4
Mrauksia (4 hours ago)
I like ur profile pic. :DDD
CherryIsTrash (1 month ago)
This is not 5 minutes
The Man XX (1 month ago)
Dragovich...Kravchenko...Steiner...All MUST Die
En1gmah (1 month ago)
You know what, I don’t see why everyone praises black ops 2 like it’s the best cod ever.. it really isn’t, it would’ve been normal for Sledgehammer to go for a futuristic tone, or even Infinity Ward, but not Treyarch.. it felt unnatural after the amazing Cold War setting in black ops 1, switching to 2025 so abruptly just didn’t feel right at all, at least there were some Mason missions in black ops 2, as for multiplayer and zombies, I think that bo1 has better multiplayer and bo2 has better zombies
Better Than Lars (1 month ago)
And then BO4
oh chinochi;oci (1 month ago)
IGN World at War is part of the Black Ops Series And Dimitri Petrenko [The Russian Soldier you play as in World at War] was killed by Dragovich [Coleague of Dimiti at World at War] by Nova-6
Alexander Ball (1 month ago)
AHappySeaTurtle (1 month ago)
And woods will just keep on being woods lol
Lucas Johnson (1 month ago)
WAW is part of the Black Ops timeline
Teuku Andrian (1 month ago)
Remember when COD was a great game with story about ww ii ? Pepperigde farm remember
ThisAWESOMEGUY24 (1 month ago)
Yah, you forgot WaW, it's part of BO.
ObstacleTurtle (1 month ago)
Black ops 1: Great Black ops 2: Good Black ops 3: *Boi*
JavonClout (1 month ago)
Hutson’s death looked so brutal jesus
Breaking Beast (1 month ago)
All I care about is Mason reunition,world can go to hell with anarchy
Baby Squiz (1 month ago)
*Matthew Noneya* (1 month ago)
I'm trying to get ready for Black Ops 4, where is Black Ops 3 in 5 minutes?
david burke (2 months ago)
Can we take a moment to acknowledge that reznov was easily the most good hearted warrior of the series? The guy fights nazis then stops the cold war from going hott
Optimal Sugar (2 months ago)
Bo1 is da best no doubt
THE C-YO CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Taylor Swanson (2 months ago)
Y’all skipped World At War!
hi hi (2 months ago)
Battlefield is still better in my opinion ;-;
Kamen rider guy (2 months ago)
He can't control the drones they're not his drones
Irish American pride (2 months ago)
I never noticed the bo1 cover guy is crouching.
CaliCollab (2 months ago)
I just love BO1
Airborne (2 months ago)
same man!
Tyler Southerland (2 months ago)
I hate bo3 because of how the campaign has almost been connection between the others and it's story line goes way out of context and never makes any sense and you end up in some kind of underworld after you shoot yourself
Branden Slade (2 months ago)
Turns out, black ops 3 has nothing to do with the other 2 games.
Alex Romano (2 months ago)
I was lost at five minutes
AssassinNateHQ (2 months ago)
Soooo all the nova six creature lore about physical happenings are fake, it’s just gas? Wow.
sike im hitler (2 months ago)
Whut about b03
AntwanDiedLastWeek (2 months ago)
The Black Opses had such a great story.... and then BO3 happened
Mrauksia (4 hours ago)
And then BO4. :(
Hayden Smith (2 months ago)
Bo1 and 2 made since then they bring bo3 that doesn't fit the other two story lines
Not Zach (3 months ago)
Forgot about that little part bout Mason assassinating the President of The United States
Payday 2 Noob (3 months ago)
I'm glad they didn't include BO3
Eric Garcia (3 months ago)
The black ops saga in *IIIII minutes
gingerman101 (3 months ago)
I dare you to try that with the Call of duty Black ops Zombies storyline. Bet you can’t.😂
Jaime E. Aguero Martinez (3 months ago)
are you shour its 5 mnts
daren jones (3 months ago)
Great plots in 1 and 2 ,3 was just stuffed in there not related to the others at all and was wack
Buck Main (3 months ago)
But it's 6 min long
shadow_of_ Origin (3 months ago)
Wait cordial is menendezs group in bo2 so in b03 is it coincidence or is the corvas virus the same as the one in bo2
Juan Hernandez (3 months ago)
This is 6 minutes gosh
joao gabriel (3 months ago)
you kinda like need to update this video
Itz Maison (3 months ago)
Anyone else slightly triggered that they didnt start at WAW
Cthulu Nebuchadnezzar (3 months ago)
"Safety's on, dipshit."
TacoMeat FijiWater (3 months ago)
BO1 and MW2 combined are the Embodiment of the perfect COD
Banana Rama (3 months ago)
They should make World at war remastered
Jouni Järvinen (1 month ago)
Banana Rama agree i would kill to play in a multiplayer match without hackers
Ghost (3 months ago)
Banana Rama it is backward compatible on xbox 1
Banana Rama (3 months ago)
BO4 just got announced
Dlcdrummer (3 months ago)
gonna have to update this
Unknown0101001 /-/-/ (3 months ago)
Umm wasn’t the Cold War just insults from Russia? It wasn’t a war that required violence
Randum Crap (3 months ago)
Even with bo3 this vid is still the black ops saga from start to finish. Bo3 had nothin to do with tge other 2
garfl XxX (3 months ago)
Bo vs mw
WhenYou Russia (3 months ago)
You what?
Michael Caughman (3 months ago)
Michael Caughman (3 months ago)
wtf i played bo2 multiple times and never got Alex Mason alive
Ben Hall (3 months ago)
But the video is 6 and a half minutes long
GAMEZ OMEGA (3 months ago)
I freaking love Woods
I’m Rick (3 months ago)
You should’ve started with world at war that’s where it really started
AE. Løu {KLT} (3 months ago)
The feels are so real rn
Chris (3 months ago)
I feel like at the end of the video when he talks about Bo3 he should of said and then, train go boom
Python X (3 months ago)
I know world at war hasn't got black ops in the title but it's still part of that time line
Future Trunks (3 months ago)
ORAS has a lot of water?
Slyrez (3 months ago)
Waw is apart of the story!
XxElectricWolfxX 21 (3 months ago)
Train go boom.
CaptN Mexico (3 months ago)
so are the games connected, because in bo3 in the cutscenes with Hendricks and players Montage of "7 years' in one of the short clips we see a ARX being held by the player, and it makes since, because we go from cold war, to a realistic future that coule be real, considering that our tech is on par with the tech of 2025, we can easily acheive its technology by 2023 then we go to a more advanced future where exo suits and drones are heavily used, they now have large mech suits and lazer technology fit to guns, then we go to a Possible future in which technology could lead to immortality through transferring your conchuis to computer's, and then we go to a new world, heavy setbacks but for a greater good, and now space travel and space combat is possible
Berleezy's Scared Face (3 months ago)
This is actually 6 minutes dumbass
Faraz Danish (3 months ago)
You actually made the 6 minute video....😑🤔😕
Elodia Rodriguez (3 months ago)
The black ops series is the best who’s watching in 2018 or 2019
Disciple5 (3 months ago)
You forgot to mention World at War who Reznov a Dimitri are what happened in their lives why they do what they do God damn it dude you f***** up
Mason Zizovski (4 months ago)
Bo1 really means a lot, to me. I used to play it with my cousin all the time when I was around 7 years old and I would play with with his older friends (he is 6 years older than me). And I have very few memories but that was a great part of my life and introduced me to greater games. Now I play PC and I was playing csgo him and his friends, the same ones that I played bo1 with. They were always screaming at me says “WHERE ARE THR NUMBER STATIONS MASON!”. And my name is mason lol
Mystical Rekt (2 months ago)
Mason Zizovski Nothing to say but I can relate, no one understand what the numbers mean, that’s why they shall never defeat.
Carbine Element (4 months ago)
Bo1 and 2 were by far the best campaigns in any COD. It’s sad that bo3 felt like it was set in a completely different universe than the first two games
GG2 EzY (4 months ago)
That was 6 minutes
Jason Does Stuff (4 months ago)
Question how the crap does reznov get into the room with mason
robot gaming (4 months ago)
What about declassified

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