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Play Sago Mini Puppy Preschool Kids Games - Playful Learning Activities App for Children

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Sago Mini Puppy Preschool - Play Fun Sago Mini Kids Games Learn Numbers, Colors, Shapes and Fun Music Playful Learrning Games for Preschooler, Toddlers, Baby and Children ➔ Subscribe now Kids Games & Surprise Toys : https://goo.gl/c4dx3v Inspire early learning in this irresistibly cute app! Introduce little ones to numbers, shape recognition, matching and music fun with adorable puppies. Join Harvey and friends in four interactive activities designed to encourage learning through play. Dunk 10 fun-loving puppies into a giant outdoor tub to develop counting skills! Match toys, bones and socks to play fetch with Stella the pug! Explore ‘barking’ musical notes on a spectacular puppy piano! Have fun practicing colour recognition and sorting to feed your furry friends! Learning has never been so lovable! This latest educational app from award-winning preschool brand - Sago Mini - is sure to ignite a love for puppies and playful learning. Features • Learn and play with 10 adorable puppies including Harvey • Enjoy 4 engaging activities for hours of open-ended fun • Promote number recognition and counting skills • Practice shape and colour recognition • Play music on a one-of-a-kind puppy piano • Count in more than 15 languages • Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5 • Whimsical artwork and custom sound design • Play wherever you are - without WiFi or Internet • Safe and kid-friendly - no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, play without any interruptions! ➔ Download Link Play Android : https://goo.gl/V8NgAR Play iOS : http://apple.co/2hddtC2 ➔ Welcome to my channel "Kids Games & Surprise Toys" !!! What can you expect on this channel? My channel will provide you with a variety of educational content for your kids. I will review mobile learning apps for kids for example alphabet, potty training and learn how to count games. Furthermore I will review interesting fun video games for kids and parents. Besides the reviews of educational apps for kids, i will review surprise eggs and toys for kids. So sucribe to my channel for daily videos on educational apps and games for kids of every age.
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Itz Maya (9 months ago)
This is cool!
Glenn Terrado (10 months ago)
Kevin Lucas (10 months ago)
Lo 8
Odelia Perez (10 months ago)
Robin Amaya (11 months ago)
Ariix bibble (11 months ago)
I like dog
Elaine Nesbitt (1 year ago)
Rafaela Olmedo (1 year ago)
Me para o nome dese jogo
:-) ,9
Cake Jaffe (1 year ago)
Lusia Szyca (1 year ago)
jose luis maquez (1 year ago)
khang (1 year ago)
Nathanplays (1 year ago)
Katica Kun (1 year ago)
Michele Santos (1 year ago)
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Suraya Julaihi (1 year ago)
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Candyce Orellana (1 year ago)
Margherita Ovi (1 year ago)
Musta Ascar (1 year ago)
Jennifer Montagne (1 year ago)
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JennaD H (1 year ago)
LS Berangere (1 year ago)
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Alonzo Munoz (10 months ago)
LS Berangere
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Etienne Cossette (1 year ago)
Matilde Quiroz (1 year ago)
Matilde Quiroz (1 year ago)
Mary Benomer (1 year ago)
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kimheng chook (1 year ago)
Thyrelle Nijsse (1 year ago)
Iftikar Dawoud (1 year ago)
Iftikar Dawoud (1 year ago)
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Mr.X SE (1 year ago)
Frank Madrid (1 year ago)
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Walaa Al saab (1 year ago)
souhail Errafay ق
Walaa Al saab (1 year ago)
souhail Errafay غ
Diederik Plugge (1 year ago)
Tracy Ohoro (1 year ago)
Diederik Plugge 😀😢😢🌙💗😞🌹🐴🐯🐴🐒🐍🐒🐘🐴🐸🐗🐧🐀
Diederik Plugge (1 year ago)
Jon Carlson (1 year ago)
Nadhira El-dhafa (1 year ago)
Jon Carlson
Angie Michelle (1 year ago)
Jon Carlson .
Riham Abou Diab (1 year ago)
Jon Carlson
O (1 year ago)
Jon Carlso
Becky Kristjansson (1 year ago)
sreypeou pann (1 year ago)
sreypeou pann (1 year ago)
Becky Kristjansson w8v
sreypeou pann (1 year ago)
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sreypeou pann (1 year ago)
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Salwa Hilou (1 year ago)
Becky Kristjansson
2 plus (1 year ago)
Супер! ❤❤❤
johanna shepherd (8 months ago)
2 plus l
mariposazulC (9 months ago)
2 plus amcc4gfsffdfdf
jose bravo (9 months ago)
2 plus bu
정봉수 (10 months ago)
2 plus ㅔ
Oxi D (10 months ago)
Tsolis Andreas (1 year ago)
charine javier calcano (10 months ago)
Tsolis Andreas fregar Jj la. La p
Bianka Domingues (11 months ago)
marianna pankuchova Dr
Bianka Domingues (11 months ago)
Tsolis Andreas cdswzq
Paisran Bualopburi (11 months ago)
Tsolis Andreas ร
Pradip Das (1 year ago)
Sergio Roaaa09
william crawford (1 year ago)
deluxe luckett (11 months ago)
jade li iaf
Bruno Camargo (1 year ago)
minidear masmas GVT
minidear masmas (1 year ago)
william crawford
Alexandra Dimovski (1 year ago)
Alexandra Dimovski (1 year ago)

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