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Nintendo Winning/Failing?? YOUR Take on State of the Switch!

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We are approaching the tail end of year two for Nintendo Switch and there has definitely been some ups and downs. We have been lucky enough to get a bunch of amazing games but there are also a lot of things Nintendo could do better. Today, we talk about what YOUR thoughts about the current state of the Switch are. Are you happy with the way things are going? 2019 is poised to be a HUGE year so hopefully people's perception changes with it. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Quil Valentine (11 days ago)
I personally love the Switch. I can take it on the go, chill in bed and play handheld, or play on my tv. Also, touch screen and motion controls provides a variety to the types of games we can play on it (or ways we can play). I really don't care if it has themes or not. Themes don't affect the gaming experience. lol If I had one criticism, it would be that I think they should add more social features, such as being able to message friends and voice chat on the Switch as opposed to using an app on our phones. Other than that, I love everything else about the Switch.
nathaniel rucker (19 days ago)
honestly my take on the switch if u didn't get the 2017 model you wasted your money. 1st generation 2017 models will be worth money since they will be the only ones that left that you can hack im going to hang on mine and ebay it later just for that reason. a device of this caliber for it to be this limited in the operating system in this generation is sad. Nintendo is still running on a peer to peer network meaning they have no dedicated servers. which is why u cant manually search for friends it requires a code of some sort to find people which in Nintendo case aka (friend code). requiring a secondary device for social interaction with friends for online gaming. who ever came up with that idea should be fired native voice chat and messaging system should have been implemented on system. i could careless for Nintendo 1st party titles they come out with a few good ones but system lacks major AAA cross platform titles from 3rd party companies. Due to performance of the system cpu/apu the down clocked tegra x1. my concerns are has Nintendo made any progress on the 64gig game cartridges that supposedly got delayed til 2019 Nintendo really needs to shed some info to the public on that.
Waluigi Forever (19 days ago)
The console is failing for me. So far all the exclusives have been ass. Breath of the Wild doesn't count as it's a Wii U port.
Blaque Link (21 days ago)
Fail for me because the 1st party games in my opinion are lacking in the amount of original games department and are lacking overall in quality. The switch is the last “next generation”console I will ever get from Nintendo
Salmon Pants (21 days ago)
I think they could have been smarter with ports this year to keep us busy. For example, release twilight princess and windwaker HD a year after botw to keep Zelda fans happy.
Cillian O'Sullivan (21 days ago)
I love the switch, but yoshi got delayed
Sub Zippo (22 days ago)
Switch is not the system I wanted. I wanted a 4K Wii U with a better name and better marketing. The portability is all but useless to me, and the loss of the two screen experience is infuriating. That said, the games I want and like are on Switch. It does so many simple things wrong, many of which are touched on in this video. Stupid, simple things that could EASILY be fixed and to which there are no excuses for in the first place. Regardless, this library will keep me busy and satisfied for some time.
Dat Persian King (22 days ago)
Who else jumped out of their seat at 2:47 ?😬
NintendoFanBoy07 (23 days ago)
It's been a crap year.
TimDude12 (23 days ago)
It's been okay, but I wish there were more games besides Wii U ports.
Curtis Harder (23 days ago)
I love my switch and I would have an opinion, but I haven't touched my switch in 3 months because of school, and I am always on the move. Other then that I love it, and one of my favorite consoles
No_ abe (23 days ago)
Octopath Traveler and Celeste are both indie games so stop counting those people! Indie games are always hit or miss.
parodoxes (24 days ago)
I love the Switch its my favorite console of all time , but does need more third party support. I would like to see more first person shooters. Can't wait for Philemon 2019 and Metroid Prime. Also some more variety of games for the Nintendo online service.
ZombiePanda402 (24 days ago)
Five things I want on Switch: 1. YouTube 2. Netflix 3. A web browser 4. Bluetooth headphone support 5. Legacy Nintendo game ports
Murtaza Sadri (25 days ago)
What got delayed ??????? Yoshi and Fire Emblem​!!!!
mufcdiver (25 days ago)
5:43 This feature is already on Switch, it's called "discover" I don't recall if it's been on since day 1 but also can't remember it not being a feature in eShop.
Cameron Leng (25 days ago)
I’m a Nintendo only gamer 🙋🏻‍♂️ mostly because I can’t afford any other consoles...
Doctor Minjinx (25 days ago)
The Switch easily has the fastest growth of good games from first parties and third parties of any Nintendo console released in the past 20 years, not counting handhelds. Definitely winning. The Switch has a reason to exist alongside my PS4, something the Wii U and Wii failed miserably on. Every game on the Wii an Wii U a thought in the back of my head would be "Man this game is great but I wish it was on the PS3 so it can be in HD" or "Man this game is great but I wish the shitty motion controls were forced, be great if was like on PS3 or something" Now, with the Switch, it fulfills the Nintendo exclusive roll I need and I have legitimate question when it comes to third party games now. Do I want the graphically prettier experience or a slightly uglier one for the great trade off of handheld play?
Rainbow Tashie (25 days ago)
we as nintendo fans are spoiled brats, ninty could give us everything we want and it would never be enough, i'm not excluding myself cause i felt exactly the same before AC was revealed.
Sylvain Draaisma (26 days ago)
Switch got me into gaming again. I have a Xbox one, 360 and a Playstation 4 but they all started to grow dust. Since I had my Switch I started playing again. Breath of the Wild, Odessey but also Mario Kart 8 dx where absolute console sellers for me. But 2018 is a little lacking. Don’t get me wrong, we had great titles and great third parties like Crash Bandicoot. But still.. I felt being dragged out of gaming again. I have preorderd Pokemon Lets go and Smash but Pokemon Lets Go seems a little boring to me. Not the magic of actual Yellow and I’m so hardcore waiting for the maincore series. That could play parts as well. I just hope, and know for sure that 2019 will be a better year for me as a Switch owner and Animal Crossing fan.
themrhc (26 days ago)
Switch is not as great as it initially was imo, but I still love mine. Nintendo stupidity gets in the way of it reaching its full potential
Matt MacDonald Media (26 days ago)
I'm gonna say it. I love Nintendo. They're my favorite company and make my favorite games, but I do wish they would just release a system that was as good as Xbox and PlayStation.
I pretty much only play Nintendo myself, and am pretty satisfied. Other consoles and their games don't intrigue me as much. Really could use Virtual Console and a better eShop system, but besides that I don't really know what. Except maybe some Mario RPG
JoeTalks (26 days ago)
I only play nintendo :p
Jose Daniel (26 days ago)
The Switch does not need apps. You have apps everywhere.
David V (27 days ago)
Kirby dud Mario tennis dud Mario party good but dud Pokémon side game dud Smash amazing
Dizzy Dee (27 days ago)
The switch would be my number one system if it had better FPS online shooters. I like retro and 2d games as much as the next guy raised in the 80s and 90s, but it's not enough. I play my mobile phone more often then my switch because it doesn't have any decent online shooters, fortnite sucks, Doom is great but more of an arena shooter, I need a cod or bf game.
Joshua Calkins (27 days ago)
The Switch's 2018 was a pretty big dud for me, had Fire Emblem not been delayed that would have made up for everything. I'm not into JRPGs and indie games arent that big of a draw for me. I'm only a casual Smash fan and that's the only 2018 Nintendo game i'll be picking up. All the other new first party offerings seemed underdeveloped and too limited by comparison. I'm glad I picked up a PS4 this year for God of War, Spider-man and Red Dead 2. In 2019 I'll pick up Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion 3, Daemon X Machina, Wargroove and potentially Pokemon (2019) + Animal Crossing--or even Bayonetta 3 + Metroid Prime 4 if they come out next year. I swear at the end of its life the Switch is going to have one of the most incredible library of games ever. 2018 is hopefully just a blip in the Switch's life.
Reznor (27 days ago)
I have never heard anyone say it better than you did if your gonna love the Switch you better dabble in everything. I own all the big 3 in some kind of platform and PC but Nintendo is my favorite and it is because of what you said I dabble in everything. Almost everything I don’t play Pokémon and have never played much of Kirby but those 3DS release Kirby’s look good.Well said
Mar Vill (27 days ago)
We need less indie games and a game cube and n64 VC. And more ports. But at the end of the day if it comes out on multiple platforms then i will choose the switch version.
RoboyAdvance (27 days ago)
Personally I just feel Nintendo is holding back way too much, I don't care what anyone says, We should have Virtual Console now, We should have more options for voice chat and messaging friends, WE SHOULD HAVE at least a Youtube and Netflix application Anything that has already been previously established on the last system(Wii U) should have already been moved over to the Switch, and they've had almost 2 years now to do it which is really ridiculous Or at the very least they should be making up for what the system doesn't have by giving us Virtual Console, plus Online is now a paid service and I'm still not getting the basic essentials the previous system had The console is at the frontier for now but they really need to stop making these stupid decisions
Bram Balk (27 days ago)
Nintendo is doing fine. Stop whining.
the basement Band (27 days ago)
Metroid trilogy. Not yet really. No virtual console. Why does Nintendo hate money. No themes. Why
Bryan Synek (27 days ago)
im sick of all these crappy games that flood the eshopthere have been good titles but they need to fix tere onlie
Alex Jones (27 days ago)
HEY I like Pixie Pappy Pappy Pappy
Loki (27 days ago)
Still retarded channel, gj guys, keep going!
Cassady Alberico (27 days ago)
Whenever I didn't have a first party game I was looking forward to, I had a backlog of amazing indie games to turn to. I think the lack of apps is just... dumb, but third party support is pretty good for Nintendo, especially after the let down the Wii U was.
Carlos Macias (27 days ago)
I work 12 hours a day, live with my kids and 18 month-old grandson. If it's not on switch, I will not play it. I don't feel the other consoles respect my time
El Tortuga Games (27 days ago)
zach is so negative always... the third party support is pretty good by nintendo's standards... no matter how much we get people only focus on what is not there.... it is a freaking handheld hybrid its not going to have every game home consoles have.
TheWingedPotato (27 days ago)
The second crash is coming It's just a matter of time Nintendo won't be able to save consoles this time around No one will The day is not coming where computer processors become so powerful that the limitations of proprietary hardware become apparent and meaningless, distracted from the fact of mindless consumerism. That day is here.
Dom Alex (27 days ago)
I’m really waiting on a more powerful switch I feel like they’re saving themes and YouTube/ Netflix for it to make everyone wanna buy one. Not to mention more third party games.
Oh Danny Boy (27 days ago)
dont regret buying it, definitely disappointed with it.
drubio (27 days ago)
Everyone in the comments making comparisons with Sony and Microsoft when Nintendo has no competition whatsoever in the portable market. They're not going to outspend like Sony and Microsoft will (because those are the biggest electronics company and the biggest software company in the world), but they have no competition whatsoever in the orotable market. Maybe remind you that the 3DS kept Nintendo alive throughout the last gen, they now have only one console to focus all their manpower on. Peripherals are expensive and the eShop could do with some reworking (well, ANYTHING that's Nintendo and is online in some way could get a massive revamp).
Tobal François (27 days ago)
I don't even have the time to play all my games, please ! How can people require moregames ? That's just crazy
NIGHTWALKER 1988 (28 days ago)
But what about the bending and cracking of the switch has that stopped
Jorge Flores (28 days ago)
It’s okay.
Ray Lopez (28 days ago)
I don't understand the whole "Switch owners are missing out on Red Dead, COD etc" argument. How are we missing out? We knew why we bought the Nintendo Switch and it was for their games. Nintendo games. Games that you're missing out on if you don't own a Switch.
Roger Gaitan (28 days ago)
Doing terribly currently I need metroid prime footage soon
Gamehound (28 days ago)
Haven’t really enjoyed mine much in 2018. Smash will change that but very lacklustre otherwise.
Loopystreams gaming (28 days ago)
I’m a Nintendo only gamer
Bumble NX (28 days ago)
This video is almost confusing to me! We have had LOTS of great titles! Even if 2017 was better this year was still good and umm SMASH!!!!!! So yeah idk why this year was “bad” The Switch is amazing with a few bumps! Oh and btw Gabe I’ve only played and bought Nintendo!
Dave Canter (28 days ago)
Average hours played is the best way to show what games are best to buy, they show what I have played so they have this information.
TrueAsianGamer (28 days ago)
The Switch's games are great. The main problem is the controller. Specifically, the joycons. I have many problems of them drifting, not working in competitive games.
GameBoy (28 days ago)
why are people complaining about lack of triple A titles, did you not own a Wii U ? the games are coming out at even a better rate on the switch. hello ??
Clint Man (28 days ago)
The idea of the switch is we’re the industry needs to go. Imagine taking any game anywhere
Buff Muffin (28 days ago)
The thing is, I never expected this year to be super amazing for the switch, and I don't think anyone else truly did either, but we all hoped it would be good. You know, when you have a year like 2017 that was so mind-blowingly good, the next year is gonna have to be more of a cool down year. So, i agree with the guy who said it was a buffer year, but it was more like a buffer 6 months (January to June) because Q3 and Q4 have been really good for the switch in 2018. Also, this is just me personally, but I never had a wii u, so I've been lovin' these ports (more than some of the new games). Considering that I've bought consoles and only ended up playing like 3 games on them, I'm super happy with having 27 on my switch, almost all of which I adore. And there's more goodies coming next year and beyond!!
n0zebl33d (28 days ago)
I think right now their in a pretty decent spot overall, but I can see it getting much better next year with their lineup of games next year👍
YukiJadenSurvives2 (28 days ago)
Let me guess he’s going to say “Nindies are amazing so the console is great”
Andres Castaño (28 days ago)
Anybody want to interview me? I only play on Nintendo consoles.
RecoilScar (28 days ago)
I just got a switch yesterday lol.
Cole Hatch (28 days ago)
It’s a great secondary console but a inadequate primary console. I love it but I have a PS4 and Xbox one.
Damon Perry (28 days ago)
Care so little about themes and music on the main screen its painful. The amount of time I spend in the main screen is like 5 seconds
Abdiel Santana (28 days ago)
I know this is a switch channel, but I always wondered. What have Zack and Gabe play o other consoles in 2018?
Abdiel Santana (28 days ago)
I’m an all around gamer, have a ps4, switch, and pc. Its recognizable switch wont be the console to get all games and replace all other consoles. But as a gamer switch its still more must have for any gamer who dosnt simply sit at home for hours playing big AAA games. If your a fan of big triple As, not nintendos, you still need one of the other consoles. But you still wont ever be able to play nintendos amazing games on other consoles.
Supergirl Kels (28 days ago)
I think the switch has the most potential out of any console ever and its one of my fav systems already. BUT I agree they need to catch up in terms of hardware. Better control on eshop, quality for hardware having apps, themes, netflix a internet browser, dedicated online. Come on guys its almost 2 years of switch they gotta step it up a bit
SrS Bruh (29 days ago)
Call of Duty sux. Hate FPS games.
Jay Manly (29 days ago)
I want the 3ds games on it and I’ll buy it right now. I missed the 3ds and don’t want to buy both consoles the games I want are pretty evenly distributed between both. I hope the new one has backwards compatibility with the 3ds I’ll buy it first day.
Kevin R (29 days ago)
The only thing that truly makes a system a success or a failure, in my opinion, is how many quality games it has. And if I'm being honest, I wish there were more on the Switch. If you include all the indie titles, the Switch is getting way more games than the Wii U typically got, but the 1st party releases this year have been about on par with Wii U. The Switch had a great first year, thanks primarily to Mario and Zelda, but this year has felt pretty empty. I purchased Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario Party, but nothing else Nintendo released this year seemed worth buying. (Stuff like Kirby and Mario Tennis seemed a bit half-baked.) That wouldn't be so bad if there were more substance to those titles, but one is a Wii U port and the other is a game that isn't that much fun to play by yourself. There were some decent 3rd party titles, but nothing major, and nothing exclusive unless I missed something. Smash Bros will more than likely make up for most of my disappointment for the rest of the year, but only if it has more stuff for solo players to do than the Wii U version did. I mean, it's worth the asking price for the soundtrack alone, but it'd be nice if there were more to do than just play through the arcade mode with every character. I don't need another Subspace Emissary, but something with a bit of depth to it would be nice. And "Break the Targets" needs to come back too. But I am aware that Nintendo can't put out huge games like Super Mario Odyssey every year. But there ought to be at least one major single player title from Nintendo per year. And by "major," I mean pushing the boundaries. I don't need yet another Kirby that plays just like the ones before it except with a gimmick. Of course, I'd get off Nintendo's back if they would just give us Virtual Console titles on the Switch already. Enough with the Online Service garbage. Let us buy these games individually like we used to. Nintendo has such a huge catalog of quality games. And what do they choose to do? Attach them to a monthly fee, release a tiny amount at launch, and only add three more per month. And only NES titles. What a joke. Also, preventing us from backing up our game saves to USB/SD so that you can charge us for cloud saving is an evil, anti-consumer practice. Shame on you, Nintendo. I don't know why so many people are asking for UI features like themes. I will never understand why people care about having that stuff on a video game system. People interested in video apps, that I can understand, because sometimes it's nicer to watch something on a larger screen while traveling if all you have with you is your phone and your Switch. Overall, I was much happier with my Switch last year than this year. It's the games, like I said. But I will admit that I remember why I was so excited about the Switch when I play it in portable mode. There are tons of games that have never been on a portable before they appeared on the Switch, and that's kind of a big deal. That said, if someone released a system of equal graphical capability and hardware quality as the Switch (buttons and stick feel good and durable), except that it ran Windows, I'd be far less interested in the Switch. There have been portable Windows handheld devices released, but they are expensive and I question their durability. It surprises me that a company like Microsoft hasn't jumped onto this. They have experience making games and game hardware, and they've made portable Windows devices like the Surface Pro. They just need to make it small enough to be handheld. And detachable controllers would be nice, so that if the controls get worn out, you don't have to buy a whole new device. Microsoft certainly isn't giving people as many reasons to buy their console. But if they released a handheld that ran Windows, I'd be very interested. I'd already have a ton of games for it.
Joshua Calkins (27 days ago)
Octopath Traveler is third party and exclusive but I didnt pick it up. I only just picked up Bayonetta 1&2 last month. imo all the new first party offerings were underbaked, comparing them to the overwhelming options in Smash makes them seem laughable.
Well, I only play on the Switch, we can chat whenever you want.
Info Wars (29 days ago)
Switch is my favorite console. Starlink is Awesome. Diablo coming soon. VRally 4 coming soon. Exclusive content to Nintendo is my favorite games. Better graphics on handheld would be nice but would battery life suffer and it would take more watts to power. Nintendo switch looks great only using from 5 to 18 watts of power. Power adapter is only 39 watts. Unbelievable games look so good running on 20 watts or less. Jeez ps4 is like 300 watts.
Lucas Reimer (29 days ago)
I think themes will come since there’s the black and white theme
Negative 1Up (29 days ago)
For me the only problems are the Switch Online and the lack of content in some games like Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Kirby, etc. They just look like unfinished games for me, also the strategy of putting content with updates is REALLY bad for who bought the game near launching because these people will just start to ignore the game even before it starts to have a good amount of content, like, Mario Tennis is already forgotten by most people, so I think that Nintendo should try to fix somethings with next games and the Switch Online.
Negative 1Up (29 days ago)
Also I just ignored Super Mario Party and bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I'm certain that I haven't missed anything and I will just ignore the game forever probably, and sincerely I should not have bought Mario Tennis, it was like I was wasting 60 dollars in a game that should cost 30, I had 30min of fun with it and then i never touched it again, a shame, and then the same thing happened with Party, well Nintendo, I just hope you don't take an entire generation again to learn with your errors like it was with the Wii U...
Errebus (29 days ago)
I would love Mario Galaxy on the switch..
Alex Nastuk (29 days ago)
i bought the switch day of so my timeline is like this; March-July 2017 Great start; Aug.- Late Oct 2017, kinda slow but mario was worth it; Nov-Dec good DLC for Zelda but start to slow down; Jan-Feb 2018 great Indies March-June 2018, Barely anything relevent maybe Aces; July 2018 Octopath was awesome; Aug-Oct nothing relevent other then Mario Party and Nes Online. Switch was so hot but now its kinda failing in my eyes, lack of first party titles, i feel pokemon and Smash will be good but i mean its been a lousy year and they need to pick it back up, Smash and Pokemon are obvious hits but what else? the other platforms have red dead 2, ps4 has spiderman as well so yeah Switch needs to pick the pace up
pitdogg95 (29 days ago)
I honestly love my Switch, I can play it anywhere and yes the eshop has lots and lots of ridiculous games it is nice to buy 3 or 4 games to get a taste of different genres for the price of a AAA. I have a ASUS ROG laptop an Xbox one and I play the Switch way more
Monthly Gamer (29 days ago)
Zach what the hell type of comparison to the Wii U was that? How has the emphasis on taking the Switch anywhere been lessened? Please give an example. Nothing about the Switch is comparable to the Wii U other than the ports coming over. The Switch has not followed in any footsteps of the Wii U at all. It has out shined it in almost every single aspect except online (so far.) You are the biggest drama queen, god!
HondaMan Vtec (29 days ago)
I got 14 games for my switch. I have completed 11 off the games. Not since the n64 i have had so much with a gaming console. And there are still mant games I want I think om gonna end up with 100s off games for my switch
Clovis Lanxade (29 days ago)
You know switch second year end the 3rd march of 2019
Nick Micele (29 days ago)
I’ve personally been pleased with the Switch, while some games don’t have long play value, there are plenty of games that keep your interest for nearly a hundred hours. Octopath, BOTW, Odyssey, MK8D, soon to be Smash and even MP can keep you playing for hundreds of hours alone. It’s not even 2 years old, we’ll just have to see where they head going into years 3 and 4. Plus let’s not forget that Miiverse was a beautiful place and quite the meme, so OF COURSE were missing that aspect (yes I’d love to see something similar in the future)
JAMES C (29 days ago)
There are a small group of fans just go on and on about online and it gets so old. I love playing all the games. Some of the indies are good too. It's not a playstation or Xbox and people need to stop wanting it to be.
Kurtis Salazar (29 days ago)
Switch is balls tbh only got it for odyssey smash ultimate and prime 4
Julio Posadas (29 days ago)
The switch is good the only thing I don’t like is the paid online
Danny Boi (29 days ago)
Portable is nice. Other than that, failing terribly. Literally every move Nintendo has made has been TERRIBLE. Online is a joke. No virtual console. Games are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced, often upwards of FIVE TIMES the price of the same games on other systems. Interface is terrible and overly simplistic to the point of seeming like a beta version, especially regarding the Eshop. ALREADY releasing a new version, essentially inserting themselves into the backsides of those that bought it beforehand.
Travis Depierre (29 days ago)
I Love my switch its the only thing i play. My ps4 is a Netflix machine at this point. The switch is what i always wanted in a console.
Bobthebuilder64 (29 days ago)
I think while 2018 wasnt really the best year for nintendo, 2019 looks super promising
dowingba (29 days ago)
Love the Switch. But the eShop needs a complete redesign. Let me browse by genre/price/ratings/whatever.
C-Red (29 days ago)
I'll go one step further say they're both winning and failing. this is coming from someone who recently bought the switch, has a ps4, and the only previous Nintendo console owned before was the gamecube. I love the concept of the switch, it being a portable console is the main reason why got the switch. but with that being said, I've been a playstation guy for years so I never noticed how expensive Nintendo is. they're games are overpriced, hardcore Nintendo fans will defend this but idk why, they have games that are a year old, and games that are old ports and they're all being charged at near full price. I'm willing to invest time into Nintendo, but theres no way in hell I'm paying 60 bucks for every game I want. another issue I see are the Indies. now hardcore Nintendo fans love the idea about dumping every single indie game known to man onto the switch, and I think thats an horrible idea. I'm not a hater of Indies, but I'm not a fan of them either, and with that being said, a lot of these indie games look like terrible smart phone games, and theres hundreds of them on the estore. and outside of hardcore Nintendo fans, I don't see how these countless indie games are gonna attract newcomers, which I believe is what Nintendo wants for the switch. now I'm sure guys are gonna read this comment and say "oh you want huge games to come out every week for the switch", and no I'm not saying that, but if Nintendo wants to get newcomers and compete with Sony and Microsoft, reducing at least half of the ridiculous low quality indie games, and making fair price cuts to old games is a huge start in the right direction Imo.
Moogle (29 days ago)
This year has been ok so far. Obviously it’ll be light years better once lets go and smash come out. Overall this year has been fine and that’s a good thing. If they pulled out all the good stuff now the following years would be less enjoyable so saving stuff like Luigi’s mansion and 😍ANIMAL CROSSING😍 for next year is fine by me as I have splatoon and Zelda botw and a couple other games on my switch and on my 3ds that I have to beat
lordofthesmash (29 days ago)
Have you not made this exact video like, 4 times already?
Gucci Sushi (29 days ago)
The "click" in the intro is underwhelming
ItzNikNick (29 days ago)
ミク Deviluke (29 days ago)
Nintendo needs more 3rd party just more 3rd party Assassin's Creed Odyssey is on switch but we need more not just phone games, Nintendo needs to be like Sony and buy off companies sure western devs have a huge biased to nintendo . 1. Platinum Games- The Wonderful 102,Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link,Nier: Automata,Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance,Bayonetta 3 2. Atlus- Shin Megami Tensei V,Project Re Fantasy,Catherine: Full Body,Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE 3. Namco Bandai Games- SOULCALIBUR VI,NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER!,Jump Force,GOD EATER 3,Tales of Vesperia 5. Nihon Falcom- The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV,The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III 6. Sega- Shin Yakuza,Yakuza Online,older Yakuza games,Virtua Fighter,Shenmue 3,Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 7. Nippon Ichi Software- The Caligula Effect,Disgaea 2-4 if 2019 is the same old wait wait and wait playstation 5 will come out it will have 3rd party with this it will kill the switch like Dreamcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0VqOzhE1UA&t=54s
Humzah Hussain (29 days ago)
For me the Switch has been a very good console, considering I play on the Xbox, PS4 & PC! I do find that there are a lot of re-releases of games but also at the same time there are quite a lot of indie games that I never decided to buy on my other platforms and so buying them on the Switch is great! Also I feel the 1st party games are a little lacking but overall it is still very strong, I do feel Nintendo need to tap into more Japanese developers who were very popular on the 3DS for example but at the same time I can just buy great JRPG or Anime style games from the JP eShop so even here I feel this is resolved however some people need English versions of these games. Overall the Switch for me is just another console I enjoy playing on, it won't replace any of the platforms but at the same time it will be a platform that I will always play on. One thing I will say is that I do understand the need for some gamers who want/need games like Call of Duty or Battlefield or PUBG but at the same time I don't care at all for those types of games nowadays so for me that is not something that worries me. I think people need to take a step back and see how much the Switch can offer instead of looking at the small things that are missing at the moment.
Don't Say Blahhh (29 days ago)
Huawei s crappy 1000 dollars "gaming phone" is the one thats going to fail
fat3lwound (29 days ago)
It’s Nintendo how can it not win? I own a PS4 pro, Xbox 1X and Switch so no fangirl here.
michael single (29 days ago)
Both the PlayStation and Xbox are just cheap gaming computers, I am glad Nintendo focuses on just the gaming. I don't need Netflix, a web browser, themes, or achievements.
twilson8192 (29 days ago)
Def on the rise so many games they can pull out in 2019,Like castlevaina, Contra, New megaman, new donkey kong, And so many ports,We need a Mario golf or something like hot shot golf whould be great And start doing collectors edition system and make the system different colors and designs 🙂
Elamouse08 (29 days ago)
Comment Force?
Fuk Hwat (29 days ago)
I think people have unrealistic expectations and aren't really capable of appreciating what they're given. I remember the first two years of PS4 were practically barren.
Andrew c (29 days ago)
I don't understand the soon and gloom. Other than league of legends (pc), I haven't played a game anywhere else. Smh. Period ask for too much and don't appreciate what they have. Then again, I don't out care for console online play.
PezPro (29 days ago)
I’m not sure about whether or not nintendo is satisfied with current sales, but as a consumer, this console has been amazing so far. I have over 700 hours total spent on it, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 alone is enough for me to say it’s worth a purchase. Along with Smash, BoTW, and Mario Odyssey, the Switch is looking amazing

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