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Let's Play Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Part 3

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My brother's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmz0RdI6LvX_rRmrlwx0Eg Not sure if there will actually be a part 3 after this. I can not say I enjoyed playing this game very much so far. Maybe, maybe not. Do you guys want part 4? Make sure to comment! Twitter: https://twitter.com/icebears4ever Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Icebears4ever
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Comrade Pingu (1 year ago)
I remember being so bored with this game on the Wii, but I guess it's because it was so skimmed down compared to other versions (this one wasn't even open world). And as you said, it was very soul-less. My first tony hawk game, THPS3, felt so much more alive and charming. Still a better experience than THPS 5 though!
Aidan Kerr (1 year ago)
Can we have an update on the documentary soon?
SuperMylife (1 year ago)
where is part 4? is it last part of this game??
BaCoN tHL (1 year ago)
You still playing thug pro? So many things have happened.
Akatsuki6 Tenshi- (1 year ago)
Re visir Tony hawk project 8
my favorite TH, at least on the ps3 but ps2 version was fuckin horrible >P
Devonttaie McCarthy (1 year ago)
5:03 what music is that you said from GTAV? I didn't knew it take up THPG related music.
kebab kungen (1 year ago)
sjukt bra video
Zariafro (1 year ago)
"always fun" remember thps 5
Zealious (1 year ago)
I think you mean the sky is very cloudy in this game theres a lot of levels that are grey in thps games
TheDiaryOfAnOxymoron (1 year ago)
Pretty much what THPG is, is an extension of THP8 in a more realistic setting with a few more tweaks/add-ons.
Averyhandsome Sloth (1 year ago)
Haha I'm also still playing Proving Ground. Proving Ground and Project 8 feels like butter compared to THPS5
I N S Y A (1 year ago)
Averyhandsome Sloth i hate thp8 so much
Dust (1 year ago)
Cool, you're going to Dolphin Island next ;) I hope you know this is a new th meme...
Michael Navarro (1 year ago)
If any one is looking to play this on ps3 hmu
Dante Son Of Sparda (8 months ago)
Michael Navarro still playing?
Michael Navarro (1 year ago)
Thug 1 is my personal fav next to thps4
FabioGnecco (1 year ago)
Mine's: THAW, THPS4
platypusduck54 (1 year ago)
My fav is thps4 my 2nd fav is underground
Heel Race Driver (1 year ago)
I forgot the last time I ever played a tony hawk game. THPS5 ruined everything I liked about its games
Jonathan Doe (1 year ago)
They old ones still haven't changed, and they still have a community.
Trevor Donegan (1 year ago)
And no Stevie Williams wasnt in pro skater 5.
Trevor Donegan (1 year ago)
Good to see you back Icebears! Missed ya!
HighDefinition Skills (1 year ago)
Y the boneless a footplant now?!?!
Mayo (1 year ago)
Will you ever do a glitch video on this?
Endless (1 year ago)
A advanced flip is basically a double fingerflip
Endless (1 year ago)
Yeah i want a part 4! I've been enjoying the let's play alot and your videos in general!
Viktor Hilal (1 year ago)
Yaaaay new episode!
Grape plays h2o3 (1 year ago)
We need Tony hawk's underground 3 like if you agree
Eric Molloy (1 year ago)
Grape plays h2o3 The story would be crap, few of the characters who were pros in thug2 are well known anymore
D3ADL0CK3D ツ™ (1 year ago)
Budweiser Brown31 (1 year ago)
I started this game again recently on the PS2.

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