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Hitman: Blood Money with Tim and Heather

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Tim and Heather don their iconic ties and play through some of their favorite Hitman levels in Hitman: Blood Money Read more: For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Omar Leon (3 days ago)
Blood money is one of my favorite games
Jamie Hendricks (5 days ago)
More Heather+Tim! Best Kotaku has to offer.
JohnMatrix (8 days ago)
sean bean is in goldeneye
M (10 days ago)
Was Sean Bean playable in GoldenEye?
Drachmalius (11 days ago)
This is far more entertaining than the GB quick look of the new game
Alex Stothfang (11 days ago)
It makes Tim's jokes 1423x funnier that Heather just doesn't acknowledge them at all.
Lil Broccoli (11 days ago)
Thank you, morse of this please :)
Kevin Moran (12 days ago)
Unfortunately holding the detonator in the opera hall triggers the alarm after the singer is killed. I *think* because everyone's on high alert (yellow bar) holding it is no longer subtle? Always hated that, you have to either hide out in the belfry or in a corner of the hallway to use this method without raising the alarm. For most of the game you can walk anywhere holding the detonator.
MollieO (12 days ago)
Hey Tim, Heather, Paul or anyone else from Kotaku: Can you upload the 4 hour red dead 2 stream with Tim and friends onto the youtube channel?
Woody Jang (12 days ago)
a FILCO man, EH? i had you picked as more of a TOPRE man.
Conor (12 days ago)
One of the buggiest tutorial levels in gaming
Tom Zimny (12 days ago)
Heather + Tim = Yes, please
billy pav (12 days ago)
Satyasya Satyasya (12 days ago)
Mr TIM ROGERS, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!! ... ahem ... I'm so sorry ... I'll let myself out ...
gtabro1337 (12 days ago)
I miss the ability to take someone else's gun, 47 is a trained agent after all...
oh (12 days ago)
Aaaaaveeeee mariaaaaaaaa
Cross (12 days ago)
Still the best Hitman by a mile...all the funny ass options and campy ass situations
nudl3Zz (12 days ago)
everything is so big!
Heather Alexandra (12 days ago)
Tim and I are a bit new to playing this on console, so the tutorial (which isn't a great one?) is a bit bumbly. Big missions kick off at 27:45 including a speedy run of Vintage Year and then OUR FAVORITE... Curtains Down.
Mrkain S (12 days ago)

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