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Skull and Bones Vs Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Graphics Comparison!

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Here is the Graphics & Gameplay Comparison Between Skull and Bones & Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Skull & Bones is an upcoming Open World Game inspire by AC 4. Note these are different Games so Exact same footage are not possible Its Just gives the Idea about Graphics and Gameplay Difference. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (63)
Naitor295 (1 month ago)
It are just a AC4 with drastically less elements and a little improved graphics
Afaq Shah (3 months ago)
Absoulutly the graphics looks better in skull and bones but its challenging too but ac bf is still the father of all pirate games💪💪
kai gaming lads (4 months ago)
so did skull and bones steal the game play from assassin creed black flag
kai gaming lads (2 months ago)
John Vartolomei well i din't know that
John Vartolomei (2 months ago)
No because ubisoft also developed Skull and Bones
GAMING R (5 months ago)
Can we leave the ship and explore Islands like Black Flag??
Naitor295 (1 month ago)
Filjor (5 months ago)
skull & bones have betters ships
VERGUCO18 (5 months ago)
its the same shit, but in black flag you cant board an enemy ship and has a story
Lucas .H (5 months ago)
You can also board in Bones. Skull and bones is just focus on Naval warfare, which was the best in AC4 btw.
Jack Cena (5 months ago)
Well SAB is a game about pirates so of course it's the winner
deadend51000 (6 months ago)
Sea of Thieves beats both these games.
Fredric Utter (7 days ago)
How can ANYBODY take this seriously!!??
Quinn Heinz (2 months ago)
At least black flag didnt die within 2 months 😂
ZD_ G4MER (4 months ago)
Bronzo 5232 lol are you dumb is not close cause is way better im a fan of assasins creed and black was my favorite game but for real sea of thieves is a beast!
John Vartolomei (4 months ago)
deadend51000 sea of thieves is cartoon
Bronzo 5232 (5 months ago)
deadend51000 no not even close to black flag
Nocturnal (8 months ago)
Edward Kenway will murk em all. THE JACKDAW.
the Moguntian (8 months ago)
Well, I think both games look good enough. The one is older than the other one, np. The sad aspect with Skulls & Bones is that you dont have a real player crew like in Blackwake so its much more linea
Everest 05 (11 months ago)
Skull tiene mas graficos y AC mejor iluminacion like si estan deacuerdo
Jorge Casta (11 months ago)
Justo al revés , amigo xD
Emma Lante (11 months ago)
People should not talk shit about Skull and Bones considering these graphics are 1 year before release!
Gr0s3d (11 months ago)
brace yourself, brutal downgrade + mutiple bugs + payed dlc + 70usd = busifot
Diego BM (5 months ago)
pipeismyname (6 months ago)
dont forget loot boxes
Patrick Wise (9 months ago)
Get it on PC 2 years after release during a steam sale and most of those issues should be dealt with.
Minh Nguyen (1 year ago)
TomClacy5871 (1 year ago)
Whoever buys this is fucking stupid. They are selling you the same game
Blue Moon (1 year ago)
The water effects are amazing
Blue Moon (1 year ago)
This game needs co-op strikes
Blueprint Walsh (1 year ago)
The lack of detail you guys have is ridiculous. Skull and bones clearly has better polygon counts, and or smoother edges and has better lighting. Far more detail not just from testers, but the dynamic clutter all over these ships in skull and bones. The physics are better and the water/islands are really detailed. The water changes depending on where you are in the world.
ejsjsjjs (1 month ago)
Not everyone is autistic and pays attention to the water particles.
Naitor295 (1 month ago)
But ubi fucked up with the most important thing: gameplay.
Naitor295 (1 month ago)
But ubi fucked up the most important thing: gameplay.
Daniel Tilaks/ UK// (1 year ago)
Would u say Skull and bones really should be an 18??😕😕
Nick Sparrow Studios (11 months ago)
Yodafal (1 year ago)
comparing alpha footage with final footage from a game. nice one mate
sander 721 (4 months ago)
Yodafal like there is anything other to show
Spicket Spaghet (9 months ago)
No difference with Ubisoft, the alpha's probably better.
Alex Schmidt (10 months ago)
Think the point he’s trying to make is there more or less the same game
Emma Lante (11 months ago)
I agree!
BigCreativeBear (1 year ago)
LOOOOOOOL comparing a 2013 game to a 2018 game... Like you would compare a Windows NT to Windows 10.....
TomClacy5871 (1 year ago)
BigCreativeBear Comparing the fact that its basically the same game. DUMBASS
Quizhek (1 year ago)
skull and bones ship designs look weirder compared to black flag. if they fix that and add actual canons and mortars that would be nice
DEXTRA VISUAL (1 year ago)
I agree, Black Flag had ships that looked historically plausible, but there is something you would see in a theme park or Peter Pan movie in the Skull & Bones designs.
Inf1n1t1 (1 year ago)
(Considering graphics) Skull and Bones= AC Black Flag + better lighting.
Dirty Dan (1 year ago)
Skull and bones doesn't look graphically good for such a new game. Disappointing but the gameplay and sound is pretty amazing and speedy.
Emma Lante (11 months ago)
Considering it's a year or more until release it's pretty good.
huffie00 (1 year ago)
So what its gameplay what counts.I rather have less graphics and better gameplay ;-)
Universal_ Wisdom (5 months ago)
Sea of Thieves
Carlos Village (10 months ago)
huffie00 then buy black flag
Erik Majestic (1 year ago)
for a second I thought the left was skull and bones being its a new game but black flag looks way better
Peter Wesley (6 months ago)
One has to literally be color blind to say Black Flag looks better. It's a great game, but for god's sake it's obviously not looking as nice as Skull and Bones.
Jelle Posthuma (8 months ago)
Erik Majestic aquarium Thats just not true, as much as i love blackflag, it just doesnt look better..
Murat Furkan (1 year ago)
agree box fish
Box Fish (1 year ago)
Assassin's Creed looks better but skull and bones has more detail
Lucas .H (5 months ago)
Emma Lante (11 months ago)
You all do realize these graphics are for a game that's being released in a year or more!
DeeK KayE (1 year ago)
Ok : XDDD well I am totally right about my opinions and it is not just me who has the same opinion haha it is the MAJORITY
Ok (1 year ago)
Captain John Ryder I see your reactions under every skull&bones vid😂🤘🤘🤘
Esteban Gomez (1 year ago)
He means visually

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