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INDIVISIBLE | Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games Trailer | 2018

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INDIVISIBLE is coming to Nintendo Switch! It is coming out in 2018 but no exact release date yet. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 28 NEW SWITCH GAMES ANNOUNCED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz4utX9Siuw ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (54)
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
◆ LATEST THIS WEEK ◆ 28 NEW SWITCH GAMES ANNOUNCED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz4utX9Siuw
XeniteBlackthread (9 months ago)
Why does the orange golem have the word TRUTH written on it in Hebrew? (אמת)
Ninja (6 months ago)
because that's the legend behind the Golem. The soul of the golem is truth, hence why it is carved into him, it gives him life.
lunerblade13 (8 months ago)
XeniteBlackthread that is something we may learn when the game comes out. As of now I don’t know.
Inside Out NYHC (9 months ago)
Looks really good. Thanks for sharing! #switchplanet100k
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
tq for the great wish! ^_^
Israel Fernández Lemus (9 months ago)
Tiene buena pinta.
ChronoRebel_GreatGryffon (9 months ago)
Brought to us by the same guys who made Skullgirls
Kei5ive (9 months ago)
I still play the demo of this game from time 2 time on ps4. But I need this on the switch
Ryuko Gaming (9 months ago)
AND IT HAS A PHYSICAL RELEASE!! That custom tin looks so pretty 😭😭😭
Ryuko Gaming (9 months ago)
Ninja (6 months ago)
well... she's clearly Indonesian. so yeah.
Ryuko Gaming (8 months ago)
lunerblade13 lmao calm down. I said *black* girl not any of that other stuff SJWs talk about. There's nothing wrong with wanting to see a black chick in a fantasy series.
lunerblade13 (8 months ago)
Ryuko Matoi don’t bring in any SJW controversy into this passion project.
xXBoogiepopXx (9 months ago)
Dayum. I thought this would never come out
Younes Ten (9 months ago)
I hope that the Nintendo Switch is the cheapest price, I love the switch but the price is very high, I want to be the cheapest price
Younes Ten (9 months ago)
I want to buy a switch but I want to play FIFA 18, One Piece and GTA V, and I have the cheapest price on the switch for free and I want to play online with xbox one X and PS4
GG.EZ (9 months ago)
Do you need to pre-order the collector's edition or can you just buy the physical edition later??
KillYounglings (9 months ago)
No problem!
GG.EZ (9 months ago)
KillYounglings Ok thank's for the info!
KillYounglings (9 months ago)
They said there will be a retail physical release, but it won't be the collector's edition w/ the special case and booklet. They're closing CE orders at the end of the year and that'll be the last chance to get those. Hopefully the retail version will at least have a manual, but no guarantees since those retail copies will be handled by the publisher and not the devs.
Simatera (9 months ago)
Oh boy yet another platformer
Elvin VonSander (9 months ago)
One of my most anticipated games 2017-2018!
silly me (9 months ago)
looks great! by the way what happened to battle chasers?
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
+silly me yeah. We don't need another rime or WWE XD
silly me (9 months ago)
ok appreciate the info guess its better to have it delayed and done right :)
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
+silly me latest update Dev says they has a big breakthrough but still no release date yet
Big Cow Productions (9 months ago)
Ooooh this looks awesome. That'll be a great addition to my Switch library :D
Adam Albright (9 months ago)
Release date please
Ninja (6 months ago)
all is known is that it will be Fall of this year. So expect it around Nov.
Freya Lunar (9 months ago)
Yay! Valkyrie Profile style :D
President. Z (9 months ago)
From the creators of Skullgirls too! This is gonna be great
Ninja (6 months ago)
no. Autumn Games has not confirmed SG will be porting over. Also ontop of that it would put too much pressure on Lab Zero. They are a small team and can only really focus on one title at a time, so having to work on a full game with multiple ports ontop of porting their old game over to a new system would be just too much. Let's not forget just how much of a pain in the ass it was for Lab Zero to port SG over to the PSVita... they really don't want a repeat of that.
Technic 12 (9 months ago)
Beelzebub Skullgirls Switch confirmed?
marly (9 months ago)
More 2d mobile phone looking trash wtf
marly (9 months ago)
Erick C. How am i stupid? This is a switch channel talking about switch games....you tell me play it on ps4 or steam and im retarded??? Bruh good night
Erick C. (9 months ago)
marly You are so stupid holy shit. I really hope you're a troll
marly (9 months ago)
Erick C. No bruh your the fucking retard...its on switch why the fuck would i want this on ps4? Shut your bitch ass up fan boy bitch. My comment was on a switch game coming to switch wtf does ps4 have to do with its dumb ass!
Erick C. (9 months ago)
marly Are you fucking retarded? Play the demo on the PS4 store or Steam and come back and tell me it's some mobile trash.
Big Cow Productions (9 months ago)
marly more useless skin-bag stupid troll trash making comments wtf
Marcello Cevallos (9 months ago)
Love the art style!
Travis Mills (9 months ago)
i heard about this game 4 months ago...... not news to me....
Technic 12 (9 months ago)
Cool! So?
Aaron Jones (9 months ago)
Travis Mills you're so cool
Ummi Edar (9 months ago)
Looks like 2d battle nightwars
Alpha Nibba (9 months ago)
lol what? It's obviously drawing inspiration from Valkyrie Profile.
sunsbookishgamesx (9 months ago)
Looks decent!!
Elvin VonSander (9 months ago)
Decent is an understatement
bungi fish (9 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx it's a surprisingly really good game, judging from the demo. Same creators as skullgirls, if you're curious play the demo on the ps4.
Alessio Cece (9 months ago)
Wow so early!! 😃 Looks interesting! 😆
Alessio Cece (9 months ago)
SwitchPlanet really? A 2d- jumpnrun kind-of one?? More interesting!! 😄
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
+Alessio Cece RPG!
Nero (9 months ago)
More games man I'm gonna go broke
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
+Kazuma Kiryu XD

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