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RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake - NEW 40 Minutes Of CLAIRE Gameplay Walkthrough DEMO (2018) PS4/PC/Xbox one

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RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake - NEW 40 Minutes Of CLAIRE Gameplay Walkthrough DEMO (2018)(PS4/Xbox one/PC) 1080p SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ My email for business inquiries & others: rainbowarthd010@gmail.com #Gaming #Gameplay #gametrailer Resident Evil 2 is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. A remake of Resident Evil 2 (1998) it follows rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they attempt to escape from Raccoon City during a zombie apocalypse. It is scheduled to be released worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.
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GameSelect Trailer (15 hours ago)
RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE - LEON S KENNEDY New Noir Costume Gameplay Demo 2018 Watch - https://youtu.be/Bym1sCsEX4o
CriticalMass73 (10 minutes ago)
this guy can`t play
Julian Man (23 minutes ago)
I hope they improve it before release. Looks kinda really boring :/
Andrew Wowk (1 hour ago)
*Chops ups body. Politely returns it to the freezer.* Claire is so nice.
Mauricio Andres Orozco (4 hours ago)
Shut up your fucking mouth!!!! 😠
ph34r inovade (6 hours ago)
why are the zombie VERY HARD TO KILL??? grenade doesnt do shit, aiming is piss poor, damage is even worst... honestly, WTF!!! just look at Dead Space 1, scary yet it has PROPER battle come on capcom, you're way to hard making "scary and dark" games but forgot how to make "proper" battle....
Degrees 7 (9 hours ago)
The video ended for me when they started to talk. Ruin my whole experience of the game
Romain (9 hours ago)
Is it possible To find these 40 minutes without these stupid reactions and voices ?
amir avdi (10 hours ago)
Since the camera and character movement are absolutely atrocious/stiff/unnatural/wonky/weird, they might as have made the game with pre rendered backgrounds and tank controls. Otherwise if everything looked smooth I'd love over the shoulder but that's not the case now is it
雷武龍 (12 hours ago)
MindShow By M.Alhabili (12 hours ago)
Somebody pinch me , I think i'm in heaven !!.
General Impa (15 hours ago)
Resident evil fish. Mmm... Zombie fish. 🤤
Kowaijiwaru (15 hours ago)
Bla bla bla a lot 👎
Bat Venio (17 hours ago)
Can't wait to play it :)
Colin Deavy (19 hours ago)
Funny I saw this gameplay on a different channel 3 weeks ago nice stealing of content
I so focking hate the new character models! Everyone now looks like trash. No one even resembles the original characters anymore. Leon is just a blond guy wearing a wig. And Claire.... dafuq happened to her? She already looked like a huge pile of crap in the Revelations games. But here, man. Its getting worse and worse. Is she still american? Doesn't look like it. And don't get me started on little Sherry. Man, what a trainwreck the entire staff of face designers created. They should all be fired!
micah Kiker (23 hours ago)
Take my money
Mason87 (1 day ago)
This is bullshit! I miss the old fashion Resident Evil.
amir avdi (9 hours ago)
This versions cameras n character movement are way too sloppy
Renan Fornazele (1 day ago)
Existem atiradores bons, ruins, maus, péssimos e Kiko.
Fear Claymore (1 day ago)
Dat Controller AIM waste your Ammo
Trenton Spears (1 day ago)
To the two people commentating in the video..SHUT-UP so I can experience the game
Thanh Lai (1 day ago)
I hope that this game is easy to apply nude mods, if so that will be an instant buy from me.
danny collins (1 day ago)
I fucking knew they wouldn't make a headshot a headshot!!! This was my major concern with the when I heard about this new dismember system and aiming accuracy increases the more you hold still.... pointless. I'm actually turned away from this game now 🤬
John Mas (1 day ago)
Wait. Guys get me right on this because i don’t have time to watch the whole 40 min. Video. I’m kinda busy. From what i’ve seen, it takes a magazine to finish off a zombie? And you need knife to defend against zombies, not only that but, you also lose the knife? Can you not shake the zombies off anymore? Anyways, is there not a strategy to save ammo by stunning or immobilising an enemy and then kick em or punch em? I know this is horror but... putting unnecessary high hp enemies as well as low dmg guns is stupid.
Amoros_Is_Broken (1 day ago)
not thicc enough :[
quieren que tengas el brazo de la lampara bien levantadito eeeee
TetheredherO (1 day ago)
Looks amazing!
Un nain patient (1 day ago)
Need scope sights like hardcore mode on Battlefield 4
Del Alicanto (1 day ago)
Se ve aburrido y genérico. En serio, hace años que ningún juego vale la pena. Hacen un motor gráfico y de ahí puras cosas repetidas hasta el final.
Ravens Daily Life (1 day ago)
2:38 I've seen em 1 foot in the astral!
zak kemp (1 day ago)
Why does Claire look like a 14 year old girl in this?
John Dubay (1 day ago)
It’s great to see a good game in development.
0451 Shodan (2 days ago)
Zombies are like pets now. Not scary at all
Goblin Kid (2 days ago)
As a huge fan of the original RE2, this looks like a fantastic remake, using the advancements that video games have made since it's release 20 years ago. The only slight negative is how the gameplay pauses when you pick up an item and displays it's description - I hope there is an option to turn this feature off, as I feel that it dampens the action/horror gamepley elements a little bit. Apart from that, this is still a day one for me.
DJ Weapon (2 days ago)
21 clips? What does that mean?
KAWS (2 days ago)
존나 답답하게 게임한다
JuegaSnyder Hernandez (2 days ago)
Come again
whatisreality01 (2 days ago)
WHY ???? WHY?? Do you have to RUIN this preview with these 2 muppets .
You Don't Know Me (2 days ago)
It's hard to watch a gameplay when the player is trash.
GameSelect Trailer (2 days ago)
RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE - NEW LEON MILITARY SUIT Gameplay Demo Watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBCu3zD4g0Y
Qaib Dej (2 days ago)
shotgun and grenade to the face and still moving..nah ill pass
Chucho Rizo (2 days ago)
Lara Croft?
rockgird (2 days ago)
those two ruined the experience
Glowy Boi (3 days ago)
So how many voice actors they did hire for every zombies?
ABC VERSION12 (3 days ago)
I eat licker everyday.
1-UP (3 days ago)
I wish the gameplay was like the original RE2 just like they did with RE1
مصطفى خالد (3 days ago)
Because this is a remake no remasted
Scarlett Symetria (3 days ago)
Aiming sux, wasted ammo, and panic too much.
ILMI Zaenal (3 days ago)
If it dont have door cutscene its aint Resident Evil
XxxWeed_GameRxXX AKA (2 hours ago)
It ain’t resident evil
Bob Saget (3 days ago)
Finally, some decent sounding gun effects.
MrFoxPlay (4 days ago)
Mark Pierce (4 days ago)
Help me Leon
Ruysu Yuri (4 days ago)
But In the 90´s Claire was 21, In this version she looks older :( WHAT HAPPENED?
RetroOldGaming (4 days ago)
Nice! :D
Punisher6791 (4 days ago)
god damn that chick is cross eyed AF
Kass Euros (4 days ago)
It would be dope if they put the original dialog as a unlock feature when you beat the game “oh you must be Leon...looks like your party....has be canceled” lmfao “Running off like that was reckless and Stupid!”
Dani Arbol (4 days ago)
Xbox 360 graphics = resident evil 2 remake of ps4.
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
Dani Arbol Looks better than Xbox 360
SeizetheDai (4 days ago)
For everyone complaining about the darkness, there is a brightness option, whether it be in settings or your tv settings
Pappetsu (4 days ago)
Sherry looks like an hobbit from LotR
Captain Jaber (5 days ago)
I have been playing first Evil Within past couple of days and it sure does not disappoint for a game to play in the meantime prior to RE2 REmake getting released.
Pinochet (5 days ago)
A. A Game community needs to be managed? B. They made said manager a woman? oof repeal the 19th
michele bartocci (5 days ago)
First minutes noob gameplay
This is OP goodneessss!!!
GideonFrost (5 days ago)
Maybe this is nit picky, but, the quick draw and fast reloading makes me feel like this game is taking us back to the action overkill gameplay we all hated to begin with
iOwN AJ (5 days ago)
blagh mrblafh (5 days ago)
Lickers should be twice as big...
blagh mrblafh (5 days ago)
Good to see some UK streamers.. Uk is suppose to be the hive of video game development.. but it certainly doesn't seem that way. Fuking oppressed..
blagh mrblafh (5 days ago)
4:45 well that was fucking predictable.
blagh mrblafh (5 days ago)
Did they make Claire autistic?
blagh mrblafh (5 days ago)
Lickers are not that intimidating as they should be... they should be bigger and much stronger like in RE5
Ridwan Muhammad (5 days ago)
why the zombies sounds like left 4 dead, old is better
A2B (5 days ago)
2018 and Capcom still can't figure out how to do 3rd person control mechanic right.
Cal Sinclair (5 days ago)
Seriously? It's hard to get invested in the game when you've got these two gurning idiots on the right chuckling away. Bad move Capcom.
leon kennedy (5 days ago)
Ammo cheatcode will be necessary
Ulises Hernandez (5 days ago)
1.- WOW, is it just me or Cherryl looks like the offspring of Ellen Paige (75%) and Gollum (25%) at 30:00? This, dear Youtubers ('cause u watch youtube) ,looks more like Resident Evil 6. And if were important here (Like PewDiePie or Mia Khalifa's) I would force a trend to make everyone say "this is Resident Evil 6-2". 2.- "OMG Everything is so photo-realistic" Really? I didn't get to see anything! you cannot see clearly even with pillars of fire right in front of you... Oh there is an office where you don't fight but you can see what you are doing. Never mind! 3.- OMG what happened to Claire? She used to be a sex symbol! (Yup, pre-internet people was weird too) Claire is dressed like... like.. that... chick... commentating? Capcom's lack of inspiration is hardcore man..... would it be so hard to use the original design just like Leon? 4.- Does anyone know if they are planning to use music from the original? Because that soundtrack is fantastic and this demos have no music, I don't feel any atmosphere. 5 The boss seems to move and follow the patterns of a regular Zombie, the bosses in the original are wild. 6.- I'll go and re-play the original now. I'll check back after the release to hear the complaints, and also in 20 years when they re-reboot this one.
Dani Arbol (5 days ago)
Ryse son of rome have more graphics, (of Xbox one fat 2013).
Retardation has took over the comment section
aaron houser (5 days ago)
makes me sad they had to butcher one of my favorite games so millennial newbs can suck at it........sadface
Belcebú (5 days ago)
the girl is wearing like Claire, did you note that?
Belcebú (5 days ago)
I hate those guys talking during the video, I prefer watch it with no comments
sl king (5 days ago)
I should teach u kids something.. re2 is and will always stay a classic.. its a timeless masterpiece of a game. it has been one of my most favorite games along with re3 growing up. its a classic game for a reason and can never be surpassed.. not even with this remake! If it did, the original re2 wouldnt remain a classic anymore think about that. We should all just appreciate the remake for what it is and be grateful to capcom for letting us revisit our childhood again! 🙌🙏😎
Snake (2 days ago)
A few references doesn't mean we're revisiting our childhood.
Serkan Tüzünalper (5 days ago)
i love this game and for 590 dislikes they are zombie kill them
Can't wait to play this as it's gonna be awesome 👍
Sergio Lopez (5 days ago)
之王黑暗 (5 days ago)
أنها مخيف جدا
Sean Moore (5 days ago)
Why buy the game when these fkng videos are brought out showing you the game!
Mitsuomi Takayanagi (5 days ago)
if the game ready why not realease it instead of waiting like year
Megmaton Master (5 days ago)
Apunta con el culo XD
Jelone L (5 days ago)
I can't see her legs when she runs just top area. Is there a option to see the Full Charecter when playing this. It looks weird.
MrCridle (5 days ago)
хрен его знает, то ли мы уже выросли, то ли резиденты уже не те? кто бы и будто их уже не делал. все равно не передает все то из 90 годов, что было тогда в резиках. и этот движок evil within попросту на лик. халява и халтура.(((хотя где то стоит дать подабающее, это все таки новоиспеченный резик, а не тот шлак, какой пустили начиная с 5 части.
Korrina Horn (5 days ago)
All people do is bitch about the way this game works. Bunch of nostalgic assholes just looking to h8 it's sad really. The origional re2 has terrible hand gestures cheesy voice acting and op magnums but it gets a pass so why not give this game a chance?
Testicle Man (5 days ago)
my issue is that this is suppose to be a remake however claire behave like a woman that been trained to fight and handle a weapon but at the time of resident evil 2 she didn't know those things so i believe her body language and mannerism should be that of a rookie at that time.
funcounting (5 days ago)
Gotta give it to clair, not many girs can amputate a leg just by slashing it with a knife a bunch of times.
funcounting (5 days ago)
Gotta give it to Umbrella, not many bioweapons companies can make a skinless monster with exposed brains this sturdy.
Lui (5 days ago)
Hyped for the game but they're going overboard with it being dark all time.
Cristian Santini (5 days ago)
Another NOOB gameplay. Wasting bullets make me sick. I'm sure this guy is blind
EvilStreaks (6 days ago)
EvilStreaks (6 days ago)
He's in game dev and he doesn't know X from Y? I knew that when I was 6...
Yap Hao (6 days ago)
For some reason I think I done with resident evil with the last time I play is resident evil 7 I done with it.
H. D. M.A. (6 days ago)
Next Remake: Outbreak!
The Amazing Boy JM (6 days ago)
I hope this game will be better scarier than Resident Evil 7.

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