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Brain Teasers Question of the day #9

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Shamanja Islam (2 years ago)
white.because it is in the north pole
xxbatman69 xx (3 years ago)
shuchir bhanage (4 years ago)
white because its in the south pole
shuchir bhanage (4 years ago)
+dlions20071  oh now I see
dlions20071 (4 years ago)
your answer is right but on the north pole, all southern exposures...meaning they are north.
Vigor Brayden (4 years ago)
White cos its from the North Pole so it might be a polar bear...=D
Grace McKenzie (4 years ago)
White, because he is at the North Pole so therefore it's a polar bear.
zachary dixon (4 years ago)
Sanya Mishra (5 years ago)
White, because the house is at he North pole
TheCatzGroup (5 years ago)
Epicsodic (5 years ago)
north polar, polar bear. you really need a link to check your answers, then i would sub. peace
Starksoul (5 years ago)
It is white, but because the house is on the NORTH pole. South pole would equal all NORTHERN exposures.
IShall EatYourBacon (6 years ago)
There's no polar bears there.. XD
Wiwin Widaningsih (6 years ago)
okiololol (6 years ago)
@mitoman7967 hehe two wrongs made a right there, try again! ;)

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