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League of Legends - Solo Queue Climb Part 20: Man im really bad at this game.

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Another 2-4-1 episode but this time it is littered with me just being plain awful. Like really really bad. Im talking like pushing a kid over in the sand pit then stealing his ice cream bad. Falling down :/ Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/yitgf/i_am_fully_aware_of_how_shit_solo_queue_is_now/ Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByPGMIL9lF4&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_U2x2iuHdg&feature=plcp
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Vk Kodias (5 years ago)
At the very beginning of the video, was I the only one who caught that Lee Sin's icon on the mini map was like, visible at blue buff for about a second or two, despite no wards, and just ZOOMED all the way towards Xin Zhao?
Grim (5 years ago)
this music is OP
moikanos11 (5 years ago)
Stop surrendering with scores of 6/1 dude. Don't do it. you won't believe the games i've turnt around. And god, especially with a score like that on an AD Carry! jesus!
moikanos11 (5 years ago)
Graves has skills. They scale with AD. Ashe is a late game carry that scales with pure auto attacks, thus damage, critical strike and attack speed. Graves is an early game carry whose skills scale wonderfully with AD, especially early game. Also BT is inexpensive. So yeah, BT is the right choice when playing Graves. IE can also be the best first item, but BT usually beats it on graves.
moikanos11 (5 years ago)
don't listen to him. I understand you. "let the hate flow through you"
Zainkel (5 years ago)
Ahaha! I just love your talks and use of FF music! <3
TONYdaTIEGAH (5 years ago)
lol 1100 u cant carry
GhostOfThermopylae (5 years ago)
seems like alot of people have the same problem at this elo :P go from 1200 to 900ish come back to 1200 and oscillate between 1000 to 1200 :P hope season 3 goes better wunder! :P
Ми (5 years ago)
I had same problem bro1 climbed up to 1100+ from 800 and than - BAM 6 GAMES IN A ROW TROLLS/FEEDERS/LEAVERS/RAGERS/RAMBOS
GovernmentCritic (6 years ago)
and then children in africa makes all this kinda mute point hmm?
Riddenguard (6 years ago)
It depends on the ad too, and on the state of the game, if you see that you're in a stalemate with your lane opponents, it's sometimes better to rush BT because it helps you sustain more, and also to stack up AD, but sometimes it's better to take IE (the tank shredder) if you're up against a tanky support, and just get a vamp scepter that would stack up with your doran blades... anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it's situational, you should never have a set build in mind.
iNinja (6 years ago)
lol no bro you shoud go for bt b4 ie beacuse you can stack up the ad and life steal in lane phase, im 1700 elo bro
iNinja (6 years ago)
oh shut up
Kaminno (6 years ago)
i guess it's better to rush ie, but bt has massive life steal, it's pretty much useful and actually what you've said is kinda confusing
Chris Chung (6 years ago)
You play in EU, right? I would really like to duo with you if you played in NA. My ELO is 1080 and my username is peaceofpie. I will be willing to duo with fellow fans of wunderguy though. PM ploxxors.
John Walters (6 years ago)
man. play your own game.. the point og solo que is to improve your own not your teammates
Aeh Liel (6 years ago)
Oh, okay. Sorry, I didn't see. That might explain alot that I saw!
pearl0 (6 years ago)
i know this feeeling &.&
Grackly (6 years ago)
I don't know if it has been said already, but try to use smart cast. Somehow my game-play went a lot better because I was able to react faster. Of course you have to get used to it, but trust me, it's worth it.
Waahoooooooo! (6 years ago)
You sound like an ass in the chat log... it's easy to rationalize and act like you are in the right all the time when you voice over your video and explain everything you are doing. But I didn't see you doing anything better than your teammates.
Razzok32 (6 years ago)
In that case I would just try saying nothing.... Or something encouraging. Being frustrated in any way when playing is not helpful to you or your team. If you are doing well and your team isn't, then telling them that won't help anything. The videos do seem to be getting angrier.....
Bram Borms (6 years ago)
If you start smartcasting your gamplay will improve a lot. especially with graves
Rowan Knobel (6 years ago)
You're never supposed to rely on your team... in a team based game... Mind = Blown You're saying you're supposed to lone wolf it? That makes no sense to me. But that's your opinion, let's just leave it at that.
johandry14 (6 years ago)
I REALLY UNDERSTAND MAN !! the buttom play must have a option of "macht me with retards"
LostBlade317 (6 years ago)
never mind the sona was worse lol
LostBlade317 (6 years ago)
that malphite was a dick
Chris Chan (6 years ago)
That "Caith" thing happened to me once, after many times telling them my names not Caith they still didnt understand
Temper (6 years ago)
You really need to improve your play. Learn orb walking and animation cancelling, and you will be able to carry harder. It also has a lot to do with picks, the Talon pick alone probably lost you the game. In the first game you gave the enemy team Shen, Diana and Lee, Corki and Blitz. I'm not sure you could have a more OP team if you tried.
Max (6 years ago)
No offense dude but your positioning is really bad and you don't even know how to orb walk. I would improve your own play before you start bashing your teammates.
Marcus Bergman (6 years ago)
As long as I raised some semblance of awareness I'm more then happy, not like this is a big deal to begin with. Gl on your future endeavours and videos. With a positive outlook you'd be amazed at what one can acheive, look at doublelifts soloQ mentality and learn from tha mastaaaah. :>
Diego Felipe (6 years ago)
You are so bad lol, you do deserve to be at this elo.
Sightless66 (6 years ago)
He wouldn't be able to explain it, this is true. However, the question may make him reconsider his actions without being directly confrontational. It is more likely to cause good play in both the present game and future ones than an insult, however justified the insult may be.
Adamulos (6 years ago)
Smartcast please, and keep yor team together.
Rowan Knobel (6 years ago)
If he couldn't have said anything, he shouldn't have called him anything in the first place. And you are only as strong as your collective team, if you can't co-operate as one because there is discord, chances are you're gonna lose. You can't carry all by yourself, even if solo queue is, as you said, only to improve yourself. Good communication means a stronger team, so you improve your communication.
Spancer (6 years ago)
why would you go bloodthirster on cait over phantom dancer?
Unknown Unknown (6 years ago)
Thumbed up for honesty! You'll get better at this game one day :)
TheWrekker (6 years ago)
It's not about getting an answer; it's about making him realize he made a mistake without demoralizing him. Insulting your team members is a surefire way to make everyone on your side feel like shit which inches you that much closer to losing the game.
wunderstudios (6 years ago)
Meh i see what your saying but im a dickhead by nature. As for the RL thing id be alright with the punch i got a strong jaw :P
Marcus Bergman (6 years ago)
I just have this weird notion that everyone should be able to be held accountable for what they say, be it over the internet or in public. If we're frank, had you said this to someone in public you would probably have been punched in the mouth or gotten a retort in the same magnitude. Being indifferent to this kind of thing isn't really being smart in general since calling people "retarded" or whatever can only make them play or act worse. In the end it just boils down to being a decent person.
FrozenLMAO (6 years ago)
and u say it's easy to get out of elo hell when u can play
Rodrigo Haddad (6 years ago)
Sorry but you deserve this elo, and it is proven just by your build BT > IE > Zeal PD Comes 2nd Buddy, specially on Caitlyn... And thoose heavy net mistakes, so bad l0l
Spoiled (6 years ago)
keep up the videos man, won't be able to play league at my apartment due to port blocking so this is helping me get my daily dose of league, cheers
HFLlightning (6 years ago)
Switch to smartcast and you will win 500 elo.
Misterchees0 (6 years ago)
It makes me sad whenever someone complains about their team, when you can see in chat that he writes "Retard, OMG SO FUCKIGN BAD TEAM" I wonder why you're stuck in elo hell, son. I wonder why.
wunderstudios (6 years ago)
I generally can't comprehend your persistence over me calling someone a retard. To be fair that is by far the most plain of insults that could have been sent in his direction, and no man who has ever played a moba can claim to have never insulted a team member.
Marcus Bergman (6 years ago)
Quick question, is it your firm belief that I'm out to get you? I don't see the problem here. I am not the internet police, nor will I ever be a stick in someones ass for no reason, but is it really that hard to just take a step back, look at what you answered and see why you come off as a bit aloof and mean? If we hold pros or other public people accountable for their actions, why shouldn't we be able to hold you accountable for not acting professional?
chuckdeez59 (6 years ago)
I would recommend you playing top lane. That seems to be your better lane after watching your clips. You're not a bad ad or mid, but it's really hard to carry at this elo as an ad. Mid you seem to do fine, just roam a bit more. No, I'm nothing special of a player, but I carried myself from 1k elo to 1600 so I know a bit of what I'm talking about. tl: dr- 1. stop raging at your team 2. master a champ/role and stick with it
chuckdeez59 (6 years ago)
You appear to be a good enough player to get out of this elo, but your attitude and constant changing of champs/roles is hurting you. Do your best to stick to one role and play it. Also stick to 2-3 champs at each role and master them. You are a step ahead of most people at this elo b/c you actually know how to watch your replays and notice when you screw up and how to get better.
Mervis Mcgervis (6 years ago)
It doesn't matter what he intended to do. You should always be respectful to your team. Trust me I know it's tough. I'll admit I'm an asshole from time to time, but it helps TREMENDOUSLY if you don't flame your team. I promise.
wunderstudios (6 years ago)
Well I think I ended at 1060 :/
Aeh Liel (6 years ago)
Uhh, what elo is this at again? o.o
TooLMaster Readbolt (6 years ago)
indeed! when I as a player want any team mate to do something and tell them to do, they don't. And comicly when its the worst case scenario they do whatever to throw the game harder!
Rowan Knobel (6 years ago)
Well, so is it with me and my friends, but that's just because we know each other and that we mean well. Doesn't work the same with strangers though, especially with LoL in my experience. They tend to get very defensive, and then it escalates into a heated discussion very quickly.
wunderstudios (6 years ago)
Retard is 1 word, and does the same job. At least im my day to day conversation calling someone a retard is very light hearted.
Rowan Knobel (6 years ago)
In some cases, I agree, it is rather stupid. That Amumu clearly made a wrong choice. Still, people will almost always act hostile to someone who called them 'Retard.' You made your point, it was stupid, but that person will probably be less inclined to play as a team when there's someone there they dislike because they insulted him. Saying something along the lines of 'That was rather silly.' is much more lighthearted and brings across the same message, without someone getting mad at you.
Morten Melkevik (6 years ago)
the two most important things to do when you're climbing elo is: 1. do not blame your team (you can ALWAYS carry them) 2. do not TRASH TALK! ps. try improving this and im sure ur gonna get silver atleast (you do it too much)
wunderstudios (6 years ago)
Its clear that you are referring to 5:14. Now if i was to ask that amumu why he thought it would be a good idea to walk into creeps next to ashe just to try and get some creep kills when he had no hp im now sure he would ever be able to explain what he "intended" to do.
Cakelord (6 years ago)
Agreed. It also really does not help at all for the morale of the team. Morale is so important in LoL.
Mathew Hunt (6 years ago)
These videos are so fun to watch, make them longer!
Cs82Hun (6 years ago)
Keep it up dude,win or lose,yer quite entertainin,love to watch yer lamin all over,while at work,more more more !!! Big up from Hungary to ya m8 ^^
NewWorldSinner (6 years ago)
probably better to just rush IE on cait instead of BT :P
TheBlizzard65 (6 years ago)
damn cant stand to see you drop
Rowan Knobel (6 years ago)
Great video as always, and you seem like a great guy when you talk over the video, but in the chat log you appear rather hostile and calling people retard all over the place. Now, I understand ranked can make you angry, but in some instances that was just uncalled for in my opinion. Personally, I'd think asking something like 'Why did you do that?' instead of just saying 'Retard.' promotes better teamplay and communication. You know what that player intends to do, so you can play on that.
Stasis (6 years ago)
who the fuck is caith??
Promek (6 years ago)
Great video man really entertaining keep it up :)
ThatLaggyNoob (6 years ago)
You're not bad, you seem like a bloody genius compared to some of the people I get matched with.
Michael Bell (6 years ago)
I honestly love these videos :3

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