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RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE - All Claire & Leon Costumes Gameplay Demo (2019)

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RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE - New Claire & Leon Classic Costumes (Free Unlockables) & All DLC Custumes (2018)Gameplay ps4/Xbox one/ PC SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ My email for business inquiries & others: rainbowarthd010@gmail.com #gaming #gametrailer #residentevil2remake Resident Evil 2 Remake is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. A remake of Resident Evil 2 (1998), it follows rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they attempt to escape from Raccoon City during a zombie apocalypse. It is scheduled to be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.
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matthew houle (1 day ago)
Leon looks hilarious
Hidrio_Nivose (4 days ago)
Jan. 25, 2019
Y Y. (10 days ago)
OMG!! OMFG!! finally I can see classic costume! Im waited this long long time! I almost crying now😭❤ Thankyou so so much capcom! especially Thankyou for everyone who made this Remake and this costume!!❤ I thought capcom didn't made classic costume. but I believed someday I can see classic costume at this Remake RE2. Im so excited! I wanna hug all of the people who are here this comment😂❤❤ my dream came true❤❤
تركي تركي (11 days ago)
Eric Mikesell (11 days ago)
If Leon's classic outfit has white tennis shoes then I'll call this game a success
Wow Claire looks as realistic as a feminist
Ronjo Valdez (12 days ago)
my only wish to resident evil remake is to add dante as playable character
Spike333s (12 days ago)
Yes, this is what I am looking for. Claire Classic!
Ruby Rouselim (12 days ago)
play all re ( 4,5,6 rev 1, 2, etc) except re 1 ,2 ,3 because im too scared at the time ( 10 years old) , how lucky i am no spoiler on story ,etc
Georgio Ibarra (12 days ago)
What about ada wong? Shes my favorite ❤
LatinoMex01 (12 days ago)
Plays theme Opening...."Resident EeeeeVvvviiiiiiiLLLLLLLLLL!" 2!!!!!
LatinoMex01 (12 days ago)
Plays theme start button Opening......"Resident EeeeeVvvviiiiiiiiLLLLLLLLLL!" 2!!!!! It looks Absolutely Gorgeous game btw........
Santiago Capriotti (12 days ago)
Madre mia Claire
Evomre (12 days ago)
How’s it the classic outfit, when it’s so drastically different?
Resident Evil Junkie (13 days ago)
True it would be a complete classic outfit for her if it included the gloves and black shirt. But I notice in the title it only says" classic jacket" while Leon's basically says classic outfit . So since it says that basically you know your not getting the entire outfit just part of it. I'd personally at least like the whole outfit and hopefully an extra camera angle mode 🙏❤. If not oh well all RE games are great in their own way.
Taylor Fullerlove (13 days ago)
This is nit-picky, but why go full classic and not do Claire's black undershirt?
Smiley karate-kid (13 days ago)
She looks so older..... middle age woman wears young girl's costume....
Peng Liu (14 days ago)
Is that one of them evil within 2 costume?
MA-121 (15 days ago)
some are good and some are plain awful.
Jason (15 days ago)
i fap
BrandonBaka (15 days ago)
Lost No Nut November
xheresx (15 days ago)
Re4 ???
StudMuffin (15 days ago)
I also hope you can unlock bigger bewbs for Claire!
Tig Bitties (15 days ago)
Well I doubt they will get to my proportions but you never know...
LEXICON DEVIL (15 days ago)
They altered Claires classic costume why? They didn't alter Leons classic costume. Claire is supposed to have black sleeves sticking out from under her top just like the black sticking out from her shorts.
martok2112 (15 days ago)
YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, this is why Capcom has it all over SquEidos (Square-Enix/Eidos). Looking forward to RE2 Remake now!
Dharma Putra (15 days ago)
I lovw Claire's Classic costume.. hot!
Utopia of Gamers (15 days ago)
This video is like a middle finger from Capcom to those who flipped the f@#$ out when they saw Claire's new costume! 😆
Pixel Frame (15 days ago)
Cold tex (15 days ago)
THAT ..looks better . Yes classics.
LucielBlade (15 days ago)
Claire is the perfect Waifu
Pepe_ Nacho_ (15 days ago)
can´t wait for this game!!!
Otavio Kim Hoeser (15 days ago)
Capcom DOES CARE about her fans
Erza Sakura (15 days ago)
I want a redo Claire's costume is incomplete where is the black shirt
Gary Mejorada (16 days ago)
Nice outfit of claire original
Julian Rey (16 days ago)
They tricked y’all hahahahaha thinking it wasn’t going to happen
Evomre (12 days ago)
Julian Rey But it didn’t, that’s not what the original costume looked like.
Estos weyes te venden una mierda y te ponen lo chido para que lo compres aparte y ellos ganen más.
Godboundedbyrules (16 days ago)
Tundra Vort3x (16 days ago)
I like that they brought back the classic outfits but looking at their outfits at somewhat realistic look....Leon looks like a cosplay and Claire looks like a skimpy mechanic chick
Berkan Emre Yılmaz (16 days ago)
Her revelations 2 outfit would’ve been a better choice
Evelyn (15 days ago)
Who knows? Perhaps its dlc
Angelic Izzy (16 days ago)
Berkan Emre Yılmaz Absolutely f*cking not. Nothing about that game is a "better choice". Especially when it comes to "Claire".
petter gritters (16 days ago)
I hate that fucking outfit
SonicBoom 3475 (16 days ago)
Love claire’s classic costume I wonder if Veronica’s outfit is included
Titus Prime (16 days ago)
Wheres clair's black sleeves?
Hydro_Flightz XD (16 days ago)
Did Capcom forget that Claire's classic outfit had a black T-shirt and fingerless gloves??
Naughty Juri (16 days ago)
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Reyner Esteban B.H (16 days ago)
Sadly is not the same costume from original . Is good but 😟
Alejandro GR (16 days ago)
I was expecting to see that sexy and badass costumes Leon had in the original.
Hm. Can be that the Arklay Sheriff costume might be a reference to Rick Grimes from TWD?
I want the real Claire Classic modafokas >:c
Evomre (12 days ago)
petter gritters Are you?
petter gritters (16 days ago)
that is the real claire classic are you blind or something?
Skeith Lumen (16 days ago)
Costumes DLCs are a shit!
Juancho OH (16 days ago)
Pull out those low poly models to play too
Serpentaria (16 days ago)
Comes out on my Birthday! What a nice gift :D
Madari Mr Sparda (16 days ago)
How about a true classic RE2 like the legendary RE1 Remake and not RE4 bootleg ayyy crapcom !? no !? , You'll get way more money from all the fans by doing so , but it looks like your catering toward RE4 fanboys , noobs and action junkies . ohh boy
scorpion play (16 days ago)
cara tem como de vc arrumar essa imagem de cama do video caso essa imagem for com qualidade boa
gelgeliciousify (16 days ago)
should be the 'exact' classic costume. they forgot her sleeves.
Rikki Vidz (16 days ago)
scribble71891 (16 days ago)
Yes no blue shorts! I hated that in dark darkside chronicles lol.
ROCK (16 days ago)
Boobs!!! Hooray!
noel996 (16 days ago)
Claire had a turtleneck and sleeves with gloves. Wtf Capcom. I still love the game tho.
Charles Brown (16 days ago)
Capcom listening to fans? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?
Evelyn (15 days ago)
+Charles Brown sfv is not bad now, its not 3rd strike or sf4 for sure but its no longer a shitty game I cant say the same about infinite, that game had such a perfect gameplay (except for the stones) but the overall experience was pretty bad But what about monster hunter? MHW opened the door for many newcomers to such a good franchise, i got so happy seeing how monster hunter got all that love. What about devil may cry V? I mean sure nero got the short end of the stick with his new design (which they changed to get to fans of the reboot), but dante its finally our dante and the level design of the demon world is beautiful. Capcom has failed a lot of times, and i absolutely hate them for what they did to my favorite fighting game (mvc), but as a whole the company is giving us amazing games right now.
Charles Brown (16 days ago)
+Angelic Izzy yeah i guess you're right. I mean look at SFV and Infinite, two perfect examples of capcom giving fans what they want.....
Angelic Izzy (16 days ago)
Charles Brown This is always a thing. Grow up. This isn't Namco
Vikto86 (16 days ago)
Yeess! I like classic costumes :).
ipsenfury (16 days ago)
Yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Smith Wesson (16 days ago)
Where's her black shirt?
Fishes002 Noxxpo (16 days ago)
We just need classic ada
DuhaJohn (16 days ago)
admit it , maybe some of u guys will use the classic costumes instead of the new one
Rikki Vidz (16 days ago)
Yesssssssssssss and luck will have it still have the original RE2 and my system as well ❤❤❤❤😍😍
ColdStorms (16 days ago)
she had a black shirt under the red jacket
alvaro torres alvarez (16 days ago)
Siiiiiiii los clásicos !!!!!!!!!💖💖💖
Heart of Chaos (16 days ago)
Where are the sleeves thoo. I don't wanna be a little shit though because this game really is going to be the best so i'm glad they are putting such effort in it <3 never stop to work hard and deliver great games Capcom please.
Jamal Carrillo (16 days ago)
I think for the claire classic version they should of kept the black t shirt the same ... this is by no way what's so ever a complaint I still love it
alan bernardini (17 days ago)
Parece que es elza Walkera por la ropa no es más Claire redfield aparte en la original Claire redfield es pelirroja
Evelyn (15 days ago)
Elza Walker es un personaje aparte, no es Claire, pero es relevante al mundo de resident evil, podes encontrar mas detalles de ella aqui en youtube
EvilStreaks (17 days ago)
The characters have a completely different vibe. It was their vibe that made the game so good. People take so little care to preserve the original charm of things when they reinvent them. Sigh. Claire's stripped-down version of her classic outfit just looks weird. At least they kept Leon's weird back/shoulder armour. Shame they didn't keep his Leon-ness. And I dunno wtf Claire's face looks like now...
Morgan Hakansson (17 days ago)
Resident Evil 6 remake ??? NO.thx
Diego B (17 days ago)
Yujuuuuu!! Ahora si pues capcom ahora si vale la pena vivir ohh yeahh!!
shinjiprofile (14 days ago)
Claire's vest is gone? this is absurd, she was suppose to give it to Sherry that was one of the biggest part of the story.
Tig Bitties (1 day ago)
+shinjiprofile you said "Claire's vest is gone?" Her vest is still there. It's the bodysuit top underneath the vest that is missing. It has been replaced with a tanktop...
shinjiprofile (14 days ago)
+Tig Bitties I was talking about the actual game where she wears the new one, i didn't like the fact that they did not use the original clothes coz that's where the original vest is.
Uhuhu Uhaha (15 days ago)
This unlockable costume
Tig Bitties (15 days ago)
She has a vest top on under the sleeveless jacket, she could still give the jacket to Sherry and unleash her inner Ripley...
I'm a Celebrity (16 days ago)
shinjiprofile it’s really not that serious. This is a different story they’re not going with what original re2 did.
MEXS1D3GEE (17 days ago)
Damn remake is way too dark, it ruins the entire game...
DanTheMan33088 (17 days ago)
Damn Claire looks hot
mo black (15 days ago)
Spanky32 (17 days ago)
I hope ada gets her classic outfit... way too much noir in this game otherwise
revloveRevolver (17 days ago)
Sean Dwyer (17 days ago)
Hahahaha "Custumes" 😆😆😆
SUBZER007 o (17 days ago)
Will costumes pop up in cut scenes
MrNinjafreak (17 days ago)
SUBZER007 o Yes 0:00 - 0:07
hollow Slayer (17 days ago)
It's been so long 20 years don't even remember what the classic costumes looked like
hollow Slayer (17 days ago)
+Spanky32 right thanks
Spanky32 (17 days ago)
google images
Sevet123 (17 days ago)
I like Claires new outfit more!
Angel Zabath (17 days ago)
There are your suits, so that you stop crying you bitches that the only thing that wanted to see Claire in her underwear. and stop putting more trouble to the game.
M Jenkins (17 days ago)
🤑🤑🤑🤑 Can’t wait to play my inpatient level is at 80%
Devin Walters (17 days ago)
And there you have it. The classics are in. 😉😉😉👍
Aykut Tümok (17 days ago)
Claire' s new police costume looks so sexy. It' s not OK for police costume.
ZenIceHero (17 days ago)
Yesh they did an great and smart choice in bringing the classic and iconic costumes back.
Master Betty! (17 days ago)
Get down! Get down tonight!
Vampiszon (17 days ago)
Are these costumes behind a paywall of preorder bonus?
Evomre (12 days ago)
Learn to read.
Iriasu (16 days ago)
hollow Slayer (17 days ago)
No we unlock them the regular way
bd3n21 (17 days ago)
bd3n21 (17 days ago)
bd3n21 (17 days ago)
0:22 OH MY GOD YES YES YES !!!!!
bd3n21 (17 days ago)
Resident Evil (17 days ago)
StrawHat T. (17 days ago)
The costumes that everyone was asking about, and now they got it! The costumes look good, glad that they put those in the game!
Dominik Polyák (17 days ago)
I miss Claire's black t-shirt
Ben Dover (17 days ago)
Looks truely awesome! <3
lucival ferreira (17 days ago)
o melhor costume é o do jogo original...claire ficou linda.
Andrew Diaz (17 days ago)
I just hope to see classic ada too, i dont like the new outfit
Yakreb Neş (15 days ago)
I hope there will be a battle game of some sort where you can play as her.
Andrew Diaz (15 days ago)
+Yakreb Neş if you see the trailer, its so far keeping her spy costume, if she reveal herself its gonna be to the very very end
Yakreb Neş (15 days ago)
Maybe she already has her classsic costume underneath what she is wearing in the trailer. And possibly she will show that later in the game.
Greenhugs Marshall (17 days ago)
Andrew Diaz they might implement the you choose the costume and the other playable characters change the costume based on the costume you wear like in Resident evil
ChengGaos (17 days ago)
Feisimo como se han cagado en el juego, a un verdadero fan de RE2 esto no vale como remake, es otra cosa... El traje de claire no se parece al original, se supone que el short rosa tiene otra forma tipo bikini externo... no calzón de abuelita. Ya de la modelo usada ni hablamos, si no quisieron usar a alyson court bueno allá ellos, pero esa no es claire.
Black Tail (17 days ago)
It's confirmed, that's all I needed to know.
Chaz Strain (17 days ago)
The lack of sleeves on Claire looks a little off at first but hey its more skin so I can't complain.
MEXS1D3GEE (17 days ago)
You're gay indeed

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