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Should you pay more? Best PS4 Controller

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The best PS4 Controllers compared, both cheap and pro! Do you really need either instead of a dualshock 4 though? The Hori Mini gamepad or the Scuf Impact? 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (427)
Kennedy Mcdon (1 hour ago)
I brought the nacon simply because the dual shock four kept breaking but if you have no problems then the normal dualshock is the best
ADZz BrAwLZz (2 hours ago)
I use the original one with custom sticks. Feels really comfortable
BB F Gamer (4 hours ago)
Where did I get the PlayStation light thing because I want to get it. I'm a big PlayStation FAN!!!!!!!
Titan b0a (8 hours ago)
What is the lamp called in the background of 2:16
Blake Sinclair (14 hours ago)
If you’re trying to be competitive than always buy the best
Shawn Caton (19 hours ago)
The asymmetric design is disgusting.
ThatKush Diet (23 hours ago)
Scuf over all
Fqrbes (23 hours ago)
Almost at 700 subs drop one
Rallerz (1 day ago)
My controller is 36 and is great
Carl Osborne (1 day ago)
[_] (2 days ago)
This dude sounds like ChaosXSilencer
brian tyler (2 days ago)
i got a scuf its great but the the joys arent cheap when you gotta replace them
The Hk Man (2 days ago)
Can someone please tell me where to get the nice playstation branded controller stands?
george (2 days ago)
wheres linus
lammasplayer 1 (3 days ago)
Razer raiju IS always best controller on The world🔥
Dennis Pietrandrea (3 days ago)
The original PS4 controller is fine, there is no need to replace it.
Relack (3 days ago)
Not gonna lie, all PS4 controllers (including cheap controller) looks sexy asf
HevICue (3 days ago)
Thank you for this video. I've been trying to get an idea of what to expect from a scuf. No other videos could provide me with a solid expectation. Good to see my pre-order wasn't wasted.
Mr_Hedgehog96 (3 days ago)
4:04 Where the Hell are the shapes on the right side..HOW WILL I F***ING BE ABLE TO DO QUICK-TIME EVENTS!!!!!
NamekuBushi (3 days ago)
I am Surprised you didn't bring up the hori fps plus. Wired, left analog move and D pad swapped, and around $45.
WE WUZ 4k n shiet (3 days ago)
Ronald Gatlin (3 days ago)
Imagine if I play Detroit become human on that little controller
Rasul Jackson (3 days ago)
Y does PS4 Controllers have a touch pad? Pretty much all ps4 games does not implement this feature of Good Use! Total waist of controller space & waist of money to include in every controller since this feature has no detrimental use!
Rasul Jackson (3 days ago)
98% of all ps4 games cant even use the touch pad to navigate any screen settings! Wat a Fuckin WAIST Sony!
Thot Hater (3 days ago)
The mini controller is meant for kids cause they have small hands don't go for it
Magnum0 (4 days ago)
The best PS4 controller hands down has to be the Dragon Quest Slime Controller
Z4T9GAMER (4 days ago)
All these controller are available in asia
D Y (4 days ago)
If you're going to bring it in up and you not control us you should bring in more than three people in order to run the real opinion
Zack McNaught (4 days ago)
Haha Xbox controller with a touch pad
Torva Messorem (4 days ago)
A thing to remember is that the Xbox controller designs are great for shooters and such, but they make fighting games like Tekken, SF, SC etc completely unplayable.
Alberto Mendoza (4 days ago)
Do you play pc
RoLav SixthSense (4 days ago)
Cinch is better even though I have a scuf. I say scuf is ass because it breaks so fast
A Dog Ate My Homework (4 days ago)
Do xbox
TheKid Brazy (4 days ago)
Who ever spends 230$ on a controller is and idotvthen again people spend 100s on shark cards to play gta
Brandeemo Jayy (4 days ago)
That first controller is literally the first Nintendo Wii pro controller
Parker Wdowiak (4 days ago)
Is it me or has he been changing the thumbnail for this video
prod scxr (4 days ago)
Running the original one no problems
Avery Patrick (4 days ago)
why am I watching this when I dont even own a PS4
Lawrence Gutting (4 days ago)
I have the Nacom wired pro controller, and I love it! Only con is having to connect it to a PC/laptop to map the buttons
referral madness (4 days ago)
I think hori should start making their own games as far as 3rd party controller games go the hori brand is well known
Torres plays (4 days ago)
I don't have money for any controller
nopal87 (4 days ago)
Is the mini controller same as the light controller? they look the same but I don´t know about size...
Bryan Reyna (4 days ago)
Do a hair reveal
Thomas George (4 days ago)
Video starts at 00:00
fock sake (4 days ago)
Couch coop forever
Feegule (4 days ago)
You sound like chaos I little bit
Asaulter 480 (4 days ago)
So ur making a video on the scuf vantage
The Ronleo JR (4 days ago)
Do one on Xbox controller
Zach MODZ (4 days ago)
U should do a video where compare this vs a used Sony PS4 controller compare price and design and what’s better if u don’t mind used.
CR4ZY (4 days ago)
best controller you can buy: mouse & keyboard.
Depthblast Gaming (4 days ago)
Why would you even buy a controller for a PS4 because Sony doesn’t care about their fans, only money.
energy (5 days ago)
what would happen if you plugged an xbox wireless adapter into a ps4 and synced an xbox one controller to it would it work?
Nim Luikham (5 days ago)
I wish these controllers weren't so damn expensive. Its 2018 and production isnt so expensive that the retail price should be so much.
Hazza Alqubisi (5 days ago)
Nacon revolution is so comfortable
Em Vasquez-Holtzhauer (5 days ago)
Wait so Sony users are just as idiotic as apple users 😂🤣 go figure
kanev 420 (5 days ago)
i got a licensed ps4 remote from gamestop/EB games
Skoopsro Skoopsro (5 days ago)
Really?? Performance and quality in the same sentence to describe a SCUFF?? SHILL. Its TRASH. Have fun getting a new controller every 6weeks
Jimel Quann (5 days ago)
This is why i cant fuck with video games anymore. 250 for a fucking stick.... wtf...
Ruben van 't ende (5 days ago)
for 230 dollars you can get a xim4 (mous and keyboard converter) a decent mouse and a decent keyboard, way better than some stupid scuf controller
Lord Revan (5 days ago)
Im not buying a controller that cost more than half the price of the console
Hori I got was 20$
sabre_wulf1 (5 days ago)
i have 2 razor raijus. im also a huge razor fan for my pc owning a naga lefthanded mouse and chroma 2 keyboard for my 1080gtx precision gaming. the raiju is by far the best 'moneys not a problem' joypad. the speed and precision is umatched..as is the build. i have owned most pro controllers and this bany is awesome...and works on pc too
mjmPVPgamer (5 days ago)
What’s under the hat?
Danish Wistara (5 days ago)
My uncle ince broke my cousins dualshock so........ 😑
Kenneth Miller (5 days ago)
if it's cheap it's not awesome
fortnite fan (5 days ago)
If i get a scuf in my lobby that you will get ddos
Zack Attack (6 days ago)
All that is bullshit, I destroy every motherfuckers ass with the controller that came with my Playstation 😂
MagSkull85 (6 days ago)
I got a wired one that is slightly smaller but almost the same size as the dualshock four for £30. It was officially licensed by playstation too.
Noah Yates (6 days ago)
A vid like this but on Xbox would be cool
Parmbir Sekhon (6 days ago)
Do one for xbox
juicey juice543 (5 days ago)
Fuckoff xbox nazi
Terence Djtee (6 days ago)
I Think this is a great Question , but feel Microsoft would be better to answer this , but you can't get any answers to them , so here goe's , if you can??? why don't Microsoft make a another color for there Xbox one, like ps4 did ? i hate white, and don't want to up grade to black for more money even thought it has a bigger Hard drive , I would love to know if MS. is planing on this , after all ? ps4 came out with the blue sysem , and sold very well, i don't get it , Please Microsoft , please change that color , please... and will go out to buy the new gen for sure..I hate the color to that Xbox one S....
Terence Djtee (6 days ago)
If i get A Xbox one S ? I will paint it ...
David King Jr (6 days ago)
I think ds4 with am additional battery pack gets the job done. But I think scuff is really great. Razor and naecon have some fancy feature which are kinda usable for few people but I for more the latter two ll get the job done just fine.
Darkness Sasuke (6 days ago)
Im fully grown and i love the hori mini , amazing price and an amazing controller , i suggest buying 2-3 so you wont ever have to worry about buying a new controller ever again xD
Dr. Loudness (6 days ago)
I hope couch co-op doesn't die 😥
BQDcrowd 33 (6 days ago)
Playing ps4 on xbox controler but playing ps2 games that running xbox games
Doctor Jack (6 days ago)
No links to any of the products included in the description. Makes me sad man.
AnarickTheDevil (6 days ago)
Fun fact xbox/microsoft stole its controller design from sega.
I love Dr P (6 days ago)
Season 5
Elusive Logic (6 days ago)
The hori for player 2 is the pnly controller that makes sense. Nothing should replace the Dualshock 4.
Gingin_Da_B0i (6 days ago)
Nice thumbnail!👍 like if you agree👍👍👍👍👍
Vegetto Blue (6 days ago)
How about latency?
liamy _117 (6 days ago)
No controller makes a player better. Don't watch this video it's a waste of time
Braincube 013 (7 days ago)
Nicky Scott (7 days ago)
That mini PS4 controller from HORI reminds me of the original Wii Classic Controller, at least when it comes to design.
Tbh i liked the hori mini controller in my opinion it looks awesome
franjo pongrac (7 days ago)
Whiorey xD
redstone 20,000 (7 days ago)
I want the Xbox One knock off one, looks cool.
Ecliptic 47 (7 days ago)
i dont even have a playstation why am i watching this
shadow2050 (7 days ago)
What kind of Joy Con is that? XD
The Gamestormer (7 days ago)
Review the Nacon Compact controller
Morrasod (7 days ago)
All I want is a good a d-pad
Mlordy (8 days ago)
$230? I’d rather get an Xbox One to company my PS4 Pro instead & say hello to Forza, Sea of thieves, Cuphead & backwards compatibility, lol.
juicey juice543 (5 days ago)
Never talk about xbox being good
ErikTheRandom (8 days ago)
The DualShock controllers are ok however when compared to the Xbox one controller it is nothing. When compared the Xbox controller has more spaced out thumb sticks so your hands don’t bump into each other. Xbox one controller has a longer battery life than the PS4 controller, however the PS4 has a trackpad which in certain games are pretty interesting. The actual feel is just overall better for the Xbox one controller. I’m not trying to compare Xbox one to PS4 just the controllers so please consider that
ErikTheRandom (20 hours ago)
DeeJay4403 That is also true and I know some people who prefer the actual triggers on the controllers mainly for FPS games
Key D (20 hours ago)
I'm not sure how you guys can argue about people's controller preferences
john lolurgay (1 day ago)
i have a xbox one and ps4 my xbox remote broke after a good year, my dualshock is still going and i have dropped my ps4 remote many times and i never throw my remotes either also i never have my hands bump together, i really like the ps4 controller better its more study and love how it feels
That's a reason scuf controllers are designed similar to Xbox controllers
DeeJay4403 (5 days ago)
ErikTheRandom your hands/thumbs don't bump together on Dualshock 4. If they do you're holding the controller wrong. The battery life is actually much longer than it seems because even though it says low battery, you can still use for a good 45 minutes to an hour. You don't really need to charge it when it says it needs to be charged because, like i said, it runs much longer than it seems.
theultimaterom (8 days ago)
The major downside of the Onyx is the fact that is doesn't have a headphone jack.
Oynix ps4 controller is more conftorable for my hands
Giuseppe Amore (8 days ago)
For me the best ps4 controller is the Nacon Compact
CoolManBrainy (9 days ago)
When will the new skuff be released
KRAY-Z (9 days ago)
Robert Moore (9 days ago)
Don't know why, but getting annoyed by the way he's pronouncing cheap haha
AashiQ El Emarat (9 days ago)
Im using my xbox one controller on my ps4 and switch using the Brook X adapter...
Mr.RichKid (9 days ago)

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