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My list of the top 7 teen rated games that you should consider picking up!
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Dhero (1 year ago)
how do you have so little subs and views. it looks like you put so much effort into this.
Dhero (11 months ago)
keep up the good work and don't give up, you'll make it big one day if you keep trying.
Dhero (1 year ago)
it's a pretty good video.
Brick General (1 year ago)
+Dhero lol yeah I took a solid 5 hours to do this it kinda sucks
Brick General (1 year ago)
+Dhero lol yeah I took a solid 5 hours to do this it kinda sucks
Brick General (1 year ago)
+Dhero lol yeah I took a solid 5 hours to do this it kinda sucks
blueberry boss nelsom (2 days ago)
Is final fantasy any stupid
Tito02 Tito (3 days ago)
Love your vids
Laceless Shoes (9 days ago)
How about 2k
Laceless Shoes (9 days ago)
I'm about to turn 12 next year on April
Ninni Vertainen (16 days ago)
i like only minecraft lol at pc
XD Gamer (21 days ago)
What about destiny 2
BurritoXP (1 month ago)
Nice video! Idk why I'm watching this vid since I'm allowed to play any game i want. But can u pls tell me the name of the intro song?, I've been trying to find it for years now thanks <3
Dan Tube YT (1 month ago)
i subbed ur vids look great
LuckMaster Gaming (1 month ago)
How did u get out of the no m rated games
REEEligion (1 month ago)
i finished destiny campaign its not that confusing
Dinoholes (1 month ago)
Its not that my parents don’t let me it’s that GameStop doesn’t sell m rated games to kids
BurritoXP (1 month ago)
Danny martinez or older sibling if you have any
BurritoXP (1 month ago)
Danny martinez get one of your parents to buy it
GalaxiRuleGaming Stuff (1 month ago)
Love the intro I remember the song from when I was younger
lost in japan (2 months ago)
Niceee work😍
Ethan Burton (2 months ago)
Ugh Xbox fanboy ain't ya. I could tell because there were no ps4 exclusives
Half-decent Gamer (2 months ago)
Destiny and it's sequel destiny 2 both have great stories.
Anthony Papetti (2 months ago)
*StAr wArS baTtLefRonT*
LuckMaster Gaming (3 months ago)
Is final fantasy on ps4
Brick General (3 months ago)
Yes it is
LuckMaster Gaming (3 months ago)
Isneed for speed just cars or any ppl
LuckMaster Gaming (3 months ago)
Battlefront 2 is really good also
Michael Murray (3 months ago)
There is a teen call of duty
xXNearcraft GamingXx (3 months ago)
Fornite is an T rated one
Kameron Mathews (4 months ago)
I love halo. Not live halo oops
Kameron Mathews (4 months ago)
Nice vid and I live halo but, halo 5 was trash. But nice vid
RandomVids YT (4 months ago)
Does Destiny multiplayer require XBOX Live Gold
XxXLil_PumpXxX (5 months ago)
You should get Star Wars battlefront 2
PizzaJeremy33 (5 months ago)
Wow thanks this helped. The only m rated game I can play is tomb raider
Possfur (5 months ago)
man you should have millions of subs
Darksteps (5 months ago)
Actually halo 5 is pc too
Carter Uhler (5 months ago)
Lol bro u awesome
that intro is the cringiest ive ever seen
B1G CH33T0 (5 months ago)
im stuck with xbox 360 also rip me
Gilles Carl Gadoury (6 months ago)
Really good quality Brest game thanks for thé information it's really helpfull
Quacker TM (6 months ago)
Star Wats Battlefront has single player
Negative Zer0 (6 months ago)
I subscribed. He had me at “What is going on guys?”
Linus Films (6 months ago)
More of this👌👌👌
NOLIGHTSPEED Gaming (6 months ago)
Unfortunately, In England all these games are rated a 16 and up...
WhenCatsfly (7 months ago)
you have a lot of potential in editing and stuff you will be a good youtuer 1 day kid
Jack Stroup (7 months ago)
halo is created by bungie. So is Destiny. that is why those both games are alike
WWE 2k18 and Star Wars battlefront 2
Nogene Mcguinty (7 months ago)
You presentation is brilliant keep it up
dude b (7 months ago)
star wars battlefront doesn't have a story mode but you don't have to have live to play
the gamer boy (8 months ago)
No xenoverse love
zorga pb (8 months ago)
JR Gaming (8 months ago)
I'm 14 and I'm only allowed to play up to 12 s
Lurest (8 months ago)
Owen Launius (8 months ago)
False, it is actually the 5th instalment (sar wars battlefront), but go on.
EZ_LEGEND (8 months ago)
Thx u now I can choose a game.Overwatch
Supreme Memes (8 months ago)
battlefront has single player
BloodRider 14 (8 months ago)
Good video. Very impressed for the amount of detail and professionalism you used in this video considering your obvious youth. Just could've used some older titles in the list, but I understood that you have probably never played those so I forgive you on that.
BloodRider 14 (8 months ago)
Star wars battlefront was developed by DICE, not EA
21 Degrees (7 months ago)
The Best Boi to Ever Live : The awakining dice is owned by ea
21 Degrees (7 months ago)
The Best Boi to Ever Live : The awakining both
ThirstyLemming (8 months ago)
Itz Popz (8 months ago)
Wow dude I just turned 13 and this was made by a kid you seem so intelligent. Nice vid dude
leo manlupig (9 months ago)
star wars battle front 1 has a offline single player/multiplayer its called skirmish and mishins you noob
marshall branin (7 months ago)
He's not a noob, he was talking about a campaign/story mode
The Frozen Xbox 360 (9 months ago)
Nice video, but where is Uncharted?
Xyaena (9 months ago)
Here is my list. 1. You Don’t Know Jack (2015 Release) 2. Medal of Honor Frontline 3. Final Fantasy VII 4. Final Fantasy XIV 5. Shadow of the Colossus 6. Need for Speed (2015 Release) 7. Super Smash Bros. Melee
Xyaena (9 months ago)
Battlefront has single player.
CDooLamppost Xbox (9 months ago)
You should try out neverwinter it is free and a great game.
ThatDudeNamedJoel 22 (9 months ago)
Halo 5 is missing its split-screen option and has a very short campaign. But overall the game is good.
Boom Boom (9 months ago)
Cool vid!
Samuel Fleming (9 months ago)
Nice video especially since it's by a kid and not cringey A+ for that but if you want to see a cringey video check out party people and with star wars battlefront it's also by dice
CaptainOutlaw Gaming (9 months ago)
I have all those games and halo is by far the best.
CaptainOutlaw Gaming (9 months ago)
Halo is sooo much better than destiny.
B1G CH33T0 (9 months ago)
sorry, i have xbox 360.
Barak Weisenberg (9 months ago)
Nutty Potato (10 months ago)
Bro I’m 11 and the highest rating my parents will get me is Teen
Laceless Shoes (9 days ago)
I'm also 11.
Gregby Camp (10 days ago)
Dominic Haughey (19 days ago)
Nutty Potato ikr
LuckMaster Gaming (1 month ago)
Nutty Potato same
Legendary (1 month ago)
bro im 13 and im only allowed to have e rated games only it sucks
Ian Moore (10 months ago)
Your good at YouTube
The Plasma Blast (10 months ago)
halo and destiny are rated M so YEAH
The Plasma Blast (10 months ago)
Brick General also where did you get halo 3 because I am very interested in that game also is it for an Xbox 360
The Plasma Blast (10 months ago)
Brick General I went to target and saw that destiny was rated T sorry idk about halo tho because most halo games are rated M
Brick General (10 months ago)
+The Plasma Blast Nah they aren’t. If you look up halo 5, it’s teen. Destiny: it’s teen. You must’ve not watched the vid.
Cra ig (10 months ago)
Amazing video especially for someone as young as you. you have a great future on YouTube keep doing what you're doing. You earned yourself a sub
Cra ig (10 months ago)
Brick General No problem
Brick General (10 months ago)
+Kingoftheuniverse 800 Thanks man! Means a lot
Smokedhog420 (10 months ago)
Nice video but I have some games that u should do videos on here is the list Mercinaries 2 world in flames,Batman Arkham origins,the crew,and the legend of Zelda breath of the wild.If u don’t have a switch u should get one. Hope u do it! Thanks
MasterMooper (10 months ago)
Over protective parents? haha, I just don't like M games at all. The violence is way overkill.
P0intLissPanda (8 months ago)
MasterMooper yeah that’s pretty much rated M is swearing and just violent gameplay. I also don’t like how violent rated M games are.
MasterMooper (8 months ago)
SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! Majority of Mature games are bad, though. Excessive swearing & intense violence.
MasterMooper (8 months ago)
SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen a whole lot but Just Cause 3 is kinda mild violence wise. Says f word a few times and has minimal blood. But im not sure.
SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! (8 months ago)
MasterMooper Just Cause 1 and 2 are pretty mild in both of those areas.
MasterMooper (8 months ago)
SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! Halo series? Other than that I'm not sure. It's either high violence levels or frequent cuss words.
Rafid mahmud spandan (10 months ago)
It runs on Windows too the Xbox games
Daija Carr (10 months ago)
Nice vid!!💃🏽
alex_ world (11 months ago)
intro made in PANZOID
Sachin (11 months ago)
Thanks I want to try these games ps I subscribed
ZortalWombat (1 year ago)
Nice video, you have a good future in YouTube
RTE DopeY (1 year ago)
wow this video is by a kid and its not cringe bro keep it up nice vid xd
- pledgedbird27 - (1 year ago)
nice job general keep up the great work
Shazam28 (1 year ago)
Shazam28 (1 year ago)
AYO 4 Pro (3 days ago)
+GrantPlayz Nintendo's for everyone. If Nintendo was only for kids then I do not know how Nintendo is still in business.
DonaldDuckBestWaifu (2 months ago)
Grant Twilight Princess, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Fire Emblem?
Tormented Legend (2 months ago)
Lol it’s funny because he does..
GrantPlayz (3 months ago)
Shazam28 Nintendo is for kids, not teens
Modz YY (1 year ago)
cool video
The Dakinator (1 year ago)
The Dakinator (1 year ago)
Jackson Smith (1 year ago)
I prefer mathblaster

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