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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch!

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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch! In this video, I will be taking a look at 10 Games that released for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2017 and picking out the ones you need to pick up for the console. Thank you Nintendo for the support throughout the year. Let's hope for a stronger 2018! Twitter - http://twitter.com/SkywardWing Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SkywardWing Instagram - http://instagram.com/skywardwing Live Streams! - http://www.twitch.tv/skywardwing Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/skywardworld
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Text Comments (2143)
GDFan3000 YT (5 hours ago)
0:43 Wii AND Wii U? I think you just meant the Wii U, right? Also, I only have 4 of these.
should i get mario kart 8 deluxe or mario+rabbids kingdom
Andrew Weingardt (11 hours ago)
You don't need Breath of the Wild for the switch because it is also on the wiiu.
kyrillos Dawoud (12 hours ago)
U missed FORTNITE!!!!!!!
Claudine Aguilar Mendoza (19 hours ago)
From my son:ZACKSCOTTGAMES!!!😅😄😍
Callofdutydouchbag Fart (21 hours ago)
I have pokken tournament on switch
Callofdutydouchbag Fart (21 hours ago)
I can't really say my favorite game for Switch I really liked Skyrim
Awesome 87 green (22 hours ago)
luis51150 (23 hours ago)
Im only here to see if splatoon 2 a must have cause im thinking of getting it
sherondia curry (1 day ago)
I have the Nintendo Switch
dudefromthemoon21 (1 day ago)
Plzz I really want a nintendo switch really really want it
Brooks Brigmon (1 day ago)
The grass starter
Brooks Brigmon (1 day ago)
he forgot diciduiy I spelled that wrong
Domz Isdumb (1 day ago)
Mine is fortnite
Antony Zhu (1 day ago)
Kirby star allies
I have most of these games, except I kind of regret buying ARMS. I haven't put in nearly as much time into it as I have Splatoon 2. My favorites are probably Odyssey and BOTW for obvious reasons.
Kaison Cameron (1 day ago)
SuperTails 5 (1 day ago)
My favorite game on the switch is breath of the wild
Neeko Lang (1 day ago)
I have three of these! I have ARMS Mariokart 8 and Splatoon 2
Sergio Montelongo (1 day ago)
Friends hmm don't recognize them ;-;
TAKIS DOUKAS (1 day ago)
Where is fortnite
Luke Patterson (1 day ago)
my favorite is legend of zelda breath of the wild
Blaizcraft (1 day ago)
Breath of the wild!!!!!!!!!!!
AyeYahZee Masterdad (1 day ago)
splatoon 2!!
jordan Ilaev (1 day ago)
My fav game for my switch is mario oddysy
MrV902 (1 day ago)
Video starts at 0:58. Everything before it is literally just fucking padding. Like Christ, are you serious?
Tthegreat (2 days ago)
I have seen many lists on youtube but yours was the only one that included actual games worth the 40-50$ price tag and did not have crappy overpriced indie games and crappy turn based 16bit "Rpg" (which to be fair the switch market is oversaturated with) and I thank you for that...Very helpful!!!
Hallierb (2 days ago)
Legend of zelda of this comment gets 10 likes I'll start a gaming yt channel
Jorn Stevens (2 days ago)
Splatoon 2
You miss fortnite
lizard angel (2 days ago)
GUILLERMO WOLFSKILL MARTINEZ this was before fortnite
the sapphire Sans (2 days ago)
Splatoon 2
Tracy Hagadone (2 days ago)
My favorite switch game is : super Mario odyssey
Dj Tribalwolf (2 days ago)
I'm getting a switch at the end of the month, first game? Maybe Zelda breath of the wild or maybe pokken tournament
David Ernst (2 days ago)
You miss fotenite
lizard angel (2 days ago)
David Ernst this was before fortnite
TootsieFriend (2 days ago)
its your opinion
tank boy gamer tanker (3 days ago)
Where's fortnite?
lizard angel (2 days ago)
tank boy gamer tanker before fortnite
Lane Tostevin (3 days ago)
Nelson Flores (3 days ago)
I have 14 games
Silvia Osegueda (3 days ago)
All of Them you can download fortnite for free
Gaminggod 920 (3 days ago)
Mine is pokken tourament xD And my cousin is zenoverse 2
Drk 101 (3 days ago)
Did i see skyrim had a master sword in it
Drk 101 (3 days ago)
I don't if hyrule warrior has come out or not when you did this video but its also a must have game on the switch
MasterCrafterGamer 57 (3 days ago)
Lol I love Rabbits movie and Mario both my favorite combined I’m totally gonna get it
Justin Ford (3 days ago)
Splatoon 2
Alien Lizard (3 days ago)
I’m going to get the switch so close by getting it
Alfie Da boss (4 days ago)
Doom Nintendo switch 👍
brandon hernandez (4 days ago)
Whould get pokken but online is not free
Carlos Elizondo (4 days ago)
How come you didn't perform tonight
Nate Watkins (4 days ago)
Dragon Ball xenoverse 2
Proto Snake (4 days ago)
Eh I'd switch Skyrim/doom/la noire with Mario+rabbids
Pittayut Pisuttisarun (4 days ago)
Zelda BOTW is the best game ever made
rex mex (4 days ago)
One is fortnite
egg shell (4 days ago)
Mario odyssey all the way
The YveltalKid (4 days ago)
Me and me friend played mk8dx and are still close we were closer then ever 7 mk8dx
Andy Penaranda (4 days ago)
Turengi (4 days ago)
Cluster trucks
thomas gamertv (5 days ago)
Just dance
Big BassFishing (5 days ago)
Starry Panda 06 (5 days ago)
My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm deciding what game I was gonna get with the Nintendo Switch. I can't wait to get my hands on one too!🤗 Every time I look at Nintendo Switch videos, it seems Zelda BotW is the top pick. Since I NEVER PLAYED one, I hope this will be a good experience for me. Thanks😜
Humaira Arjumand (5 days ago)
ℓєgєи∂ σf zєℓ∂α ~ вяєαтн σf тнє ωιℓ∂.. ιѕ мαн fανσυяιтє ^°^
Ali Meh (5 days ago)
What a crap 2012 intro not to mention like begging before the video starts
hi s (5 days ago)
Switch Or Vive Respond ASAP
Sebastron Sebatron (5 days ago)
11. Fortnite
MrSpectralfire (5 days ago)
I played breath of the wild on Wii u and while I played Mario Odyssey a lot and loved it I just started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it's already my favorite game I've played on the Switch.
DL Thechill (5 days ago)
I have only played 1 game on the switch which was snipperclipers
Firebird Frenzy (6 days ago)
My favorite switch game is rocket league
Mindy Weed (6 days ago)
you forgot one...FORTNITE! Its out now
Blake Elliott (6 days ago)
Someone wanna HMU with an eshop code? I will love you forever<3
Harrison Thawne (6 days ago)
Buy Cave Story +.
ShootPlayz (6 days ago)
I got my Nintendo switch in chrismas by my dad My mom gave me 3ds and Pokémon ultra sun
Julie GamingTV (6 days ago)
2018? fortnite!
Sizzle2 Day (6 days ago)
I must have mhgu!!!
Zeldaguy 2010 (6 days ago)
I have over 250 hours on zelda
Zeldaguy 2010 (6 days ago)
Fortnite (switch)
AWW SNAP (6 days ago)
Splatoon 2
Nicholas Chevis (6 days ago)
My favorite switch games are splatoon 2 and so far super smash bros ultimate
ThePugWizard (7 days ago)
What if were poor
Anekin Foo (7 days ago)
MARIO kart 8 delux 2.pokken tornament
Superbee (7 days ago)
This is honestly the best intro I've seen
This is the first time i see a any of your video. I'm ten seconds in and i already have to say this. You have the best intro ever
Murf66 (7 days ago)
Zelda by far
MemeLord5757 :v (7 days ago)
My favorite is Fortnite
GaMEz4DayS man (7 days ago)
Splatoon 2
Rylee Childers (7 days ago)
Just dance
Od333 (8 days ago)
playing super smash bros brawl on the wii was great
julian Juarez (8 days ago)
Fortnight for the nitedoe swich
Savage Seb (8 days ago)
Who got the switch in 2018
jose luis (8 days ago)
suck my ass
AJ's Channel! (8 days ago)
super Mario odisey
Silhy Arevalo (8 days ago)
Sukhraj thegamer1 (8 days ago)
Who here plays fortnite on the switch, I do ??
Sukhraj thegamer1 (1 day ago)
lizard angel oh ok
lizard angel (1 day ago)
Sukhraj thegamer1 no in CA
Sukhraj thegamer1 (1 day ago)
lizard angel r u in uk
Sukhraj thegamer1 (1 day ago)
lizard angel ok I will add u cuz none of my friends play the Nintendo switch
lizard angel (2 days ago)
Sukhraj thegamer1 I do My gamertag is savageloco11
Daniël Vlogs (8 days ago)
You forgot Fortnite
DBZ Xenoverse
K Palmer (8 days ago)
I am ready for My Hero One's Justice, the My Hero Academia game.
PortFam (8 days ago)
You said you played Zelda for 100 hours well I think I got you beat 240 hours ya I no life this game
TheGaming NMK (8 days ago)
My favorite game is fortnite
Gamer X83 (8 days ago)
TheGaming NMK (8 days ago)
Gamer X83 me too I got it for the switch yesterday
Dat Boi (8 days ago)
Switch game: Fortnite

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