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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch!

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10 Games YOU NEED For Your Nintendo Switch! In this video, I will be taking a look at 10 Games that released for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2017 and picking out the ones you need to pick up for the console. Thank you Nintendo for the support throughout the year. Let's hope for a stronger 2018! Twitter - http://twitter.com/SkywardWing Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SkywardWing Instagram - http://instagram.com/skywardwing Live Streams! - http://www.twitch.tv/skywardwing Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/skywardworld
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Text Comments (2910)
RedPig (3 hours ago)
When I heard the first 3rd party game i was like, PLEASE BE STARDEW VALLEY PLEASE
7 Grand Dad (9 hours ago)
I’m part of the Botw squad
Hayden S (21 hours ago)
Crazy Cloud (1 day ago)
You dont need a social life if you have video games
Arms and Mario oddassy
hussein boussi (1 day ago)
J Fresh TV (1 day ago)
I have a switch
Skyrim.. Duuuhhhh
Amiaz Ramos (2 days ago)
l have a nintendo switch💸💸💸💸
AhlexComic67 (2 days ago)
Baby Jeff (2 days ago)
I’m getting sniper clips Cri, my mom won’t let me get Pokémon but my cousins I think are getting me cuz they just got me a CARD fur my bday Have Mario kart 8 deluxe ehh.... me not interested Have splatoon 2 ;-; doom looks scary Have Skyrim Have arms Mario+Rabbids looks stupid but if you say it’s good I’m heading to Target! Have super Mario oddessey and it is AWESOME (try to do no jump run, if you need help look up gamechamp3000) Ehh.......everyone says it’s good but I personally don’t enjoy Zelda games Try and change my mind
domuku rekushi (2 days ago)
7:58 He said Wario
Mkhammed Elhamrouni (2 days ago)
Glen Molloy (3 days ago)
One two swich
I have Splatoon 2, Okami HD & Angels Of Death and I play Zelda on my Wii U and my dad's switch My favorite is definitely Splatoon 2
Blue KingFire (3 days ago)
Who here is has pokken tournament dx and comment down below what rank your on I am on B rank
MoMo Smith (3 days ago)
Minecraft for Nintendo switch
Marcus Redelk (4 days ago)
I have fortnite nba 2k18 splatoon 2. Wwe 2k18. Mario + rabbits and later smash ultimate
Diego Zavala Xed (4 days ago)
My List: Wants and Haves Haves Ranking: #1 - The Legend of Zelda: BotW #2 - Mario kart 8 Deluxe #3 - Rocket League #4 - Fortnite Wants Ranking: #1 - Cave Story + #2 - Sonic Mania Plus #3 - Super Mario Oddesey #4 - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu #5 - Super Smash Bros. #6 - Treasure Tracker #7 - Yoshi
Diego Zavala Xed (4 days ago)
Plush stuff (4 days ago)
Kasper & Peter (5 days ago)
i have a switch and playing breath of the wild while seeing the video and a have most of the games in the video and agree (the switch is very good)
TheTinyT (5 days ago)
06:01 *DEMONITIZED!!!*
awesomecris 194 (5 days ago)
My favorite game is fortnite
King Octo (5 days ago)
Splatoon 2(go buy October expansion) Mario odyssey Sonic Forces(No Not You....srsly don’t but it that was a waste of money for me) Snipperclips Arms Mario Kart deluxe Now go but them oh and friend me on switch SW-4184-6703-0425
Toshi CX (5 days ago)
If been working for the last 2 week's to get the money for my switch, i am so hyped I've only watched switch un boxing and more Videos of it, thanks to entertain me until next Thursday, when we drive to our next electronics store to pic my up :D❤
Jackson Goff (5 days ago)
Favorite is Super Mario Odyssey
Erik PL (6 days ago)
Question there's any free games except fortnite?
Dustin Mitchell (6 days ago)
A question for the Splatoon 2: Would I need to pay the Nintendo Online Service to play Turf War?
iisophiemxgic (6 days ago)
I might be getting a Switch for my birthday, but the game I *NEEED* is Splatoon 2
Sina Beek (6 days ago)
I wish Super Mario Maker comes for the switch
Sina Beek (6 days ago)
Idk why i dont like mario + rabbits... Oh, I get bored easily in this game
Sina Beek (6 days ago)
The best game for the is Switch totaly is Splatoon 2
LegoAMan103 (6 days ago)
SM3DW for WiiU!!!
xXAL3XisbestXx (6 days ago)
Is it okay if I have bots on Wii U idk but I love it so much!!!
Jack Howell (6 days ago)
I ❤️ Ribon girl
Pan Fila (7 days ago)
The nintendo switch is the best nintendo console in my world...
superpancake4 (7 days ago)
Gaming Master (7 days ago)
You missed skyrim
Charon Solomon (7 days ago)
I have Mario Kart8, Mario Tennis aces, Fortnite, Brawlout, Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy, Splatoon2, Sonic Mania, Pokken Tournament, Dragonball Xenoverse2 and tomorrow I will be buying Dragonball Fighterz and in December supersmash bros
jonathan schall (7 days ago)
Michael Ziebell (7 days ago)
You forgot fortnite
Michael Ziebell (7 days ago)
You missed
Michael Ziebell (7 days ago)
Splatoon2 is my favorite
Michael Ziebell (7 days ago)
Michael Ziebell (7 days ago)
Splatoon2 is my favorite
OmarXP (7 days ago)
Splatoon 2,arms,paladin I don’t have it on my Nintendo switch I have it on my pc
Chase Anderson (7 days ago)
Poughkken tournament OObisoft.
AJ Nick (7 days ago)
you forgot The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
3many15 (7 days ago)
My favourite game for the switch is fortnite
kata et axel (8 days ago)
Fortnit fav game
GG Josh (8 days ago)
That wii song tho
Monsuta Bongz (8 days ago)
Really really good list.
Van the man 67 (8 days ago)
No now it’s spltoon
rubymagician157 (8 days ago)
Your so stupid thats not how you pronounce Ubisoft
Never said mario tennis aces
Cado Craft (9 days ago)
I might be getting one in Christmas in 2018 not 2017
Insane Gaming dragons (9 days ago)
I had the same filing when playing breath o wild
My favorite switch game is fortnite
thefurious flame (9 days ago)
Minecraft storymode and fortnite on the switch
pizza lord (9 days ago)
ZeldaPlayer 1 (9 days ago)
I don't have a switch yet but I do have a Wii u and have played Zelda breath of the wild. It's my favorite.
Michael Charles (9 days ago)
Xenoverse 2
neena rani (9 days ago)
Fortnite battle royale
Jimmy Bergstaedt (9 days ago)
My favorite game for switch is Breath of the wild
X xwolfiex X (10 days ago)
And exploring the.. ( add pops up)
Ianmonster27 (10 days ago)
Odyssey was the best i played so far...
Sidney Ruthven (10 days ago)
My favourite game would have to be a tie between Zelda and Celeste.
kidfury 360 (10 days ago)
Where is fortnite
Anthony Guest (11 days ago)
My favourite game is Lego incredibles
Ferheshta Habibi (11 days ago)
fifa 18
Martin Oubre (11 days ago)
I 111% agree with Breath of the Wild. It is an absolute NEED for the switch. Best game for the switch.
iGamer (11 days ago)
My favorite is Splatoon 2
mattia de groot (12 days ago)
DUDE i am not pending 600 dollars i get 150 -100 -200 (if im lucky) but yea
Little Mike 17 (12 days ago)
I think Just Dance would should be in the party section
Kris Roswell (12 days ago)
Zack scott👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Carlos Clavel (12 days ago)
Alex Tarver (12 days ago)
You missed Mario Tennis
Nia WeeklyLife (12 days ago)
what's that game with the joy cons and at the beginning it says look each other in the eye< i love it and i played it in the Switch advertisement thing at festival place, i have a switch and i want dat game but i have no idea what it's called, anyone know?
entertainment planet (12 days ago)
pls a givawai of gaming pc
Jacob Callaway (13 days ago)
How many people already knew Loz botw for #1 a mile away? XD
Faris Khalek (13 days ago)
Smash ultimate is the only game a man can need. Everything else is a want
Albino Mcdonald (13 days ago)
My favourite games are the legend of ZELDA breath of the wild and Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Awesome Music !!!! (13 days ago)
I have 6 games for the switch my two fav are super Mario Odyssey and Fortnite
Lostinspace (13 days ago)
Breath of the wild is definitely my favorite switch game but that’s mainly cause I’ve playing Zelda forever it was actually my first game I played
Kiko (13 days ago)
Fortnite number 1
My favourite is MARIO cart 8
Kotton Kandi (13 days ago)
My fav game is Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle
hyrules hero (13 days ago)
My favourite is legend of Zelda breath of the wild
The Golden Dragon (13 days ago)
fortnite fifa 18 and pokemon tournament dx
Anonimowy (13 days ago)
Im gonna buy my friend wii
jeff the killer (14 days ago)
My b day is sep 7
My fav game of 2018 is Mario tennis aces
jet vac (14 days ago)
Fortnite DUH
al pick (14 days ago)
Is it just me or was calamity Ganon harder than dark beast
TatuGamer03 (14 days ago)
My favourite are: Pokkén Super Mario Odyssey Splatoon Fortnite (please don't be offended) And I'll go with that 4 becaude if I add Kirby or Sonic Mania it would be more than 50% of my games xD
Anggi Syabana (14 days ago)
Why th fuck im watching this even i dont have switch
Ryan Khoury (14 days ago)
V n.

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