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12 Best Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games of 2018

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this is a liste of trailers and gameplay of best nintendo switch new games upcoming in 2018 Including rpg nintendo switch TOP 30 BEST UPCOMING GAMES OF 2018 : https://youtu.be/CHwGxn1zyak ---------------------------------------------------------------------- List Of Games : # 1 : Mulaka (switch-PS4-PC-Xbox one) 00:47 Release : early 2018 # 2 : fe (switch-PS4-PC-Xbox one) 00:52 Release : early 2018 # 3 : Unruly Heroes (switch-PS4-PC-Xbox one) 02:01 Release : 2018 # 4 : Starlink Battle for Atlas (switch-PS4-Xbox one) 03:18 Release : FALL 2018 # 5 : Runner3 (nintendo switch) 04:53 Release : 2018 # 6 : Yoshi (nintendo switch) 05:34 Release : 2018 # 7 : Shin Megami Tensei (nintendo switch-PC) 06:11 Release : 2018 #8 : The Sacred Hero (nintendo switch-PC 06:56 Release : 2018 #9 : Yoku's Island Express (switch-pc-xb1-ps4) 07:34 Release : 2018 #10 : LOST SPHEAR (switch-ps4-pc) 08:14 Release : 23 jan 2018 #11 : Indivisible (switch-ps4-xbox one-pc) 09:36 Release : 2018 #12 : Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (switch-ps4-xbox one-pc-ps vita) 10:24 Release : 2018
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Text Comments (275)
Francisco Burgos (3 months ago)
Bloodstained ritual of the night looks way better than Curse of the moon...
Francisco Burgos (3 months ago)
Yoshi is not what I was waiting for... I'll pass...
Francisco Burgos (3 months ago)
Unruly Heroes looks an awful lot like Rayman...
BW (5 months ago)
Fucking eshop plagued with shitty retro platformers. I don’t want any of that, I just want dark souls tbh. Nothing actually good imo
Nope (7 months ago)
All these look pretty bad. Can we get some creativity from devs, or at least port some decent games over to the switch? There are literally like 6 decent real games that haven't been made by Nintendo on the switch right now. Snipper clips, Axiom Verge, Skyrim, Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Rocket league. (leaving off Nintendo made games, and terraria/minecraft bc I don't really like them. On top of all that, we still don't even have a fucking web browser, and data miners have discovered they're already trying to make a new version of the Nintendo switch.
Silence J Gamer (7 months ago)
Just remember the switch is underpowered machine the switch isn’t getting lot third party support so if you want AAA games just buy a PS4 system the switch is mainly first party and indie machine don’t expect to much for the switch
Jack Fisher (8 months ago)
Lots of nice looking arcade games. I'm more in to titles like GTA V, Doom, Red Dead Redemption. Fallout 4, strategy and realistic simulators. Switch is really a great pocket console. Perfect for places where you would normally sit and play on your phone, but its a nintendo.. All games they release are arcade and arcade was a hit in the 80's-90's. Arcade are outdated game ideas. There is Doom and few good titles but it is still just a Nintendo arcade console. They wont allow any good dev teams to make games for their platform, and everything must be labelled Nintendo so you must be working for Nintendo to make games. That's why it is not a platform for pro gamers and it will probably never change.
Tony Valdovinos (8 months ago)
Nintendo wtf is this?! You show us games that we never heard and are trash looking instead of adding you own games like super smash Bros Come on!
JedEye (9 months ago)
I felt like the person who made the video thought about the games I really dislike not a hate comment just my opinion but the first one looked pretty cool
Heinrich Deutlich (9 months ago)
Yeah man, i want to mount my controller with a fucking plastic toy for toddlers!🙄
Nico Kitty (9 months ago)
Platformers 😍😍 Omg heaven
Stephie S (9 months ago)
Mulaka = Mexican Zelda 😂
L&S Mystery and fantasy (9 months ago)
I searched fe on my Nintendo switch it didn't come up as fe coming soon :(
L&S Mystery and fantasy (9 months ago)
Fe is the one for me
Ethan Godlonton (9 months ago)
Mmm all those games look so bad
2k17 chill (9 months ago)
every gamelooks borrowing, only 2d....
linx royal (9 months ago)
the one who played the BloodStained sucks
Aaron Young (10 months ago)
I shouldn’t have bought a switch... smh.
andrew southward (6 months ago)
Last Level (10 months ago)
3:58 im notre believing the mannete 😮😮
jeolmmum (10 months ago)
I really want to buy a switch for zelda and mario, but after hours of checking available and future games....I see mostly crap and at best some "meh" games ;_;
Martin Levo (10 months ago)
What about Wolfenstein II and payday 2?
Scott Sheaves (10 months ago)
I think it would be really cool to see assassin Creed, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts Kid Icarus star wars battlefront 2 Hyrule Warriors on the switch though I doubt I will see these
DUBSDADEVILL (10 months ago)
All these games are terrible
Potpot Fabros (10 months ago)
wow OMAM - Dirty Paws soundtrack for Fe <3
MrPlayboi105 (10 months ago)
Can Mario please just come to PlayStation ? He doesn't deserve this.
andrew southward (6 months ago)
MARIO (10 months ago)
I wanted to buy a Nintendo switch to play zelda, Mario kart and Mario adyssey. But the upcoming games look pretty bad. 2d games, indie games and shit, I am not a fan of any company, but this is not promising
Bryan M. (10 months ago)
12 "best" games on whose standards? All look whack . Tbh probably not horrible games but still. ..whack. need a motive to spend my money and that definitely aint motivating
J mayo (10 months ago)
I bet my switch half of these get delayed into 2019 release dates
Cheesy Hfj (10 months ago)
...Because Kirby is totally worse than cash-grabathon at 3:18
elotingo181 (10 months ago)
"Top 12 switch games". What a joke.
Enseven (10 months ago)
Mario Bananas (10 months ago)
Megaten is the sole reason of me owning switch ol
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Bloodstained ritual looks like a synphony of the night rip off but I still want it.
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Indivisable looks cool
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Think i will get all the indy games in holiday 2018. Should have most 1st party games by summers end.
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Runner 3 great for the potheads.
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Starlink Amiibo cash cow?
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Unruly heros has a great vibe to it. That one I will pick up.
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
FE is a spyro rip off right?
Derek DeSmet (10 months ago)
Mulaka looks like shit.
Eugen Busch (10 months ago)
you forgot Kirby the game (trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc3PAAije0Y
Random Answer (10 months ago)
The first one (Mulaka) looks exactly like how I imagined Nnedi Okorafor's book "Who Fears Death"
Jaroslaw Majkusiak (10 months ago)
all of those games are platformers. Is the switch not for worth it if you are not fan of platformers?
Maxwell M (10 months ago)
Only two exclusives...
Brave Lady Lyn (10 months ago)
No Fire Emblem Switch, Project Octopath, Kirby Star Allies, Metroid Prime 4 and potentially Pokemon Switch fail.....
ToasterJeff (10 months ago)
Star link is gonna flop I call it....
Treedice (10 months ago)
ToasterJeff no mans sky 2?
Karasu Bun (10 months ago)
Some of these looked like their trying to copy the legend of Zelda botw... but failed...
Soario Solarus (10 months ago)
the ones ive been waiting for is mulaka and fe (and possibly pocket rumble if it doesnt come out in 2017)
Soario Solarus (10 months ago)
also flipping death
Irony's Offspring (10 months ago)
What’s with the sudden (last couple of years) rise of 2D platformers?
brrnay (11 months ago)
prime 4!!!
brrnay (11 months ago)
wolfenstein II!!!!!
Cmdr Dumbass (11 months ago)
These games all look like shit..
soulripper31 (10 months ago)
So do you.
Marcus Plattner (11 months ago)
I want Super Smash Brothers! :)
Amyar Memo (11 months ago)
FE is SOOOO interesting
Michael Olivares (11 months ago)
Mulaka kind of looks like an Apache, pretty badass
shabba (11 months ago)
What about smash...
andrew southward (6 months ago)
shabba not confirmed yet
Michele C. (11 months ago)
Only platforms?????
Erules 711 (11 months ago)
Starlink Battle Atlas= Skylanders Imaginators/ Swap Force
Let's make it happen (11 months ago)
A big loud fart noise if ya ask me !!!
Irukandji 84 (11 months ago)
Mulaka looks like they haven't finished the textures, or that is the style they going for and it looks awful.
Finn C (11 months ago)
That starlink.shit looked lit until I realised it was skylanders
I would like to to see crusin USA on the switch
Prankmonkey (11 months ago)
About a third of the way through and so far it's all just shitty indie games that are not worth the money... Just finished statement still stands...
Prankmonkey i mean this list is shit, also Nintendo hasn’t even announced their plans for 2018 in any depth beyond yoshi. But Nintendo has loads of classic IPs to dig up.
davide carlini (11 months ago)
I want F-zero - medroid 4 - bayonetta 3 - vievtiful Joe - mario galaxy - donkey Kong - Virtua Fighter 6 -Donkey Kong Jungle beat - ninja gaiden- in my life.
Richard Bustamante (11 months ago)
I see a bright future for the Switch.
MERCURY SZTAR (11 months ago)
And kirby Star Alliés? This one looks good!
beerhammer 1 (11 months ago)
Stopped watching when the guy started putting Lego's on his controller. If that's the best switch has coming out in 2018 it's gonna be a rough year!
CoyFishhh Tv (11 months ago)
Well I guess I'm selling my switch
andrew southward (6 months ago)
Moodgie (11 months ago)
What about Kirby?
松萧劲 (11 months ago)
why is everything nowadays side-scrolling ? They look gorgeous but mario odyssey and even super lucky's tale prove that 3d platformers with huge worlds are better. oh, and we cant forget yooka laylee :)
松萧劲 I’ve played many good 2d side scrollers, many people prefer them and the often linear style. Most people just don’t understand how to make them. Nintendo usually gets them right when they return to that style
Grans Legit (11 months ago)
All these games look like similar games on steam. Tbh the only game that Could've pumped up the switch even more is going to be on Xbox and PS4 now, monster Hunter I'm ready for you fuck these Lame weird ass platformers.
Stirlingite 555 (11 months ago)
Overall...not impressed. Thought there’d be more games like botw
Fourth Hokage (11 months ago)
where is castlevania......
Promouvoir le PS-VR (11 months ago)
👎🖓👎🖓👎🖓 Du Caca emballé dans un joli papier cadeau, mais il n'en reste pas moins que ça pue l'escroquerie.
Richard Cortes (11 months ago)
What about the Mario bros 123 games
Kevin Carothers (11 months ago)
Wow! If those are the best games, 2018 is gonna suck!
brrnay (10 months ago)
Kevin Carothers bayonetta 3 and tons of games comin
Itchy Platypus (10 months ago)
Also a heads up Nintendo likes to surprise it's audience as well, they usually announce a game and it's out within a year (unlike every other developer most notably Sony that basically only shown the same games in E3 2017 a E3 2016) the only real exception that I can think of in recent years was Breath of the Wild. Even Super Mario Odyssey was teased in October 2016. Basically all the Nintendo games we'll get in 2018 will be announced in a direct in January or a direct in June that is followed up by some in E3.
Wolfenstein 2, Metroid prime 4. This guys list was subjective and not representative of the games most people are looking for on switch
brrnay (11 months ago)
brrnay (11 months ago)
wolfenstein II and TONS more.. these are just what this dude listed.. he left out A LOT that are already confirmed.. prime 4.
Kathe A. (11 months ago)
Man I’m pretty excited for some of these
Issam Balushi (11 months ago)
Nintendo seriously all boring games
andrew southward (6 months ago)
Pheonix Fire (11 months ago)
Oh wow.. can't wait to FE and most of the other games shown here... look anazing
Gouki818 (11 months ago)
Wowwww almost all the games SUCKED BIG TIME!!! Pfffff just give us more 1st party games!!!!!
Pattys Lps (11 months ago)
Trash list made by trash... No joke dude kys...
Joanne Micallef (11 months ago)
you know shin megami tensei is shin megami tensei 5 and you didn't add kirby star allies, wolfenstein 2, project octopath traveler, kentucky route zero, wargroove, super meat boy forever, shovel knight king of cards, dragon quest builders, light fingers, next up hero, away journey to the unexpected, flipping death, monster boy and the cursed kingdom and syberia 3.
Playstation 5247 (11 months ago)
Hopefully Rayman 4 gets released sometime in 2018 for the Switch
WOLFFANG SINQUADE (11 months ago)
Jura Vendon (11 months ago)
Well the only game which I wohld buy is Lost Sphear. Well I don't even own a Switch because Nintendo makes mostly crappy games. I wish they would release games like Lufia 2 for the snes. Or atleast other publisher would make such games then I sure would buy the switch but it looks like this never will happen.
andrew southward (6 months ago)
Jura Vendon Nintendo makes mostly crappy games? They make the best games on the switch. Zelda, Mario kart, Mario odyssey, Splatoon.The problem is 3rd parties and even then I can name good 3rd Party Switch games. The binding of Isaac, stardew Valley, Rocket League, Doom, Skyrim, Wolfenstein 2, LA Noire, NBA 2k ,etc. It’s plausible to expect further support from Bethesda as they’ve shown confidence in this console. It may not have your type of games but to say it has no good games to play is false. And while most of these are on other consoles, the one compelling reason to play any of these on switch is portability. I would say it is more accurate to say they just don’t make games that are interesting to you
Double Trouble (11 months ago)
Mobile games for switch only 60$....
andrew southward (6 months ago)
Alpha Omega (11 months ago)
All cartoonlike graphics. That's why Nintendo games can't be mainstream anymore.
cihani boule (11 months ago)
Hahaha...indie games...are you trying to sabotage the switch ? Lol...
Tim J (11 months ago)
Breath of the Wild showed us how much potential this devices has, yet publishers just wanna make stupid platformers....
JimmyWazer (6 months ago)
easier to make and still sell...
Aaron Young (10 months ago)
I am literally thinking the same thing, I bought a switch a few days ago and I am extremely worried that it wasn’t worth it now.
Kings Gambit (10 months ago)
Breath of the Wild is great for handheld, but after three hours it needs a charge. With these indie games/platformers you should be able to play up to six.
Crunchy BumBum (10 months ago)
Good thing platformers are my fave B)
alan bane (10 months ago)
breath of the wild didnt push switch its a wiiu game not a switch game breath of the wild is not showing us what switch can do its well within switches limits
Martin Payne (11 months ago)
These kinda look boring. Yoshi looks good though
Ricardo Alvarado (11 months ago)
Finally Nintendo hits a home-run with the switch realise it's been a while since Nintendo has stepped up its game.. 🙂
Miguel Lucena (11 months ago)
Não entendo esse preconceito contra jogos Indie, esses que apareceram na lista são muito bons, assim como muitos outros de desenvolvedores independentes, pra mim o Switch tem futuro :/
HENRIQGP (10 months ago)
Miguel Lucena O pessoal quer triple A no switch, sendo que muitos usam o switch como console secundário, o NS é pra ser comprado apenas para exclusivos/indies
Creampeiguy69 Mnlul (11 months ago)
All indies
Rene Manzanares (11 months ago)
Best games? More like worst
Everyday Gamer (11 months ago)
Looks like we got all the good games this year hope for better games in 2019
CutoDracon (11 months ago)
I really only saw one game I'd play, maybe 2.
Naraxmax (11 months ago)
Starlink and The Sacred Hero look cool. Looking forward to a gameplay trailer.
Haabemaaster (1 year ago)
When I bought my Wii U I told myself I would only buy exclusives which didn't happen. Looks like the same thing is going to happen for the switch.
No Battlefield? No COD? No Madden? No GTA? The Switch is already doomed.
spartan3774 haha ignorance. COD is a shitty game, Madden is the same game with new rosters each year, don’t need GTA and Battlefield actually probably is too graphically strong. The switch isn’t looking to attract the first person shooter Xbox/PS4 idiot crowd. That said the switch will release about anything if a publisher wants to publish it. NBA 2k, Doom, Skyrim, Wolfenstein 2, LA Noire. Payday 2, etc. It’s a portable console so the draw being you can play these games anywhere. Nintendo themselves has made Mario odyssey and Zelda Breath of the wild which are masterpieces of games, even though you may call the design of Mario childish. Splatoon 2 is a unique tolerable FPS substitute by Nintendo. Besides I don’t need to tell you the games and why it’s good, just look at the sales, it was never doomed . The switch is expected to sell 14 million by its anniversary outselling it’s predecessor. It’s Nintendo fastest growing console ever and that shouldn’t be taken lightly considering how long they’ve been around. Initially switch skepticism would be normal given they expect one game to fuel their launch for a month or 2 but it worked
Xu Yang (1 year ago)
bloodstain! the castlevania

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