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( Game Awards 2017 ) All Trailers PS4_PC_XBOX ONE

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( Game Awards 2017 ) All Trailers PS4_PC_XBOX ONE SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry. The ceremonies also feature premieres of new games and upcoming content and an in-depth look at previously announced ones. The shows are produced and hosted by Canadian games journalist Geoff Keighley, who had worked on its predecessor, the Spike Video Game Awards, for over ten years.
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Text Comments (271)
Swifty49 (9 months ago)
Needs more JPEG
Shin Da (9 months ago)
10:45 Now that looks like the best fucking zombie game ever
Ilan Raciazek (9 months ago)
Which one is the first one?
SULLENES TERROR (9 months ago)
daryl the walking dead 7:02
胖熊損友群 (9 months ago)
can u list all the name of the trailers?
Vantheman101 (9 months ago)
why does the first dude look like daryl dixon from the walking dead
Jurkit Turkit (9 months ago)
Some Legacy Rust radiation shit on Metro Exodus
El Viral (9 months ago)
Is it just for me or video really has crappy quality even on 1080p
KRap (9 months ago)
looks like Daryl Dixon of the walking dead
Alien Brains (9 months ago)
ЕБАНАЯ РЕКЛАМА чрез каждые 5 минут и продолжается по 3 минутки . Вы ебанутые?
STEL (9 months ago)
ai more blakseia einai
haikal alfandi (9 months ago)
in death standing he looks like someone in walking death series
isaac yazzie (9 months ago)
I’m still confused about that first one. That guy is pregnant and there are aliens. What is it about?
5:48. Daryl from walking dead .Really a copy.
30kinglorn Gonzales (9 months ago)
the other guy looks like his from walking dead
It is just a copy
D. Guegs (9 months ago)
SkaReKrow GX (9 months ago)
Wow the adshave gotten out of control this Christmas season
Travus Bird (9 months ago)
Did anyone understand any of what happened in Death Stranding?
ICEDRAGONGOLD (9 months ago)
The first trailer has daryl from the walking dead in it
FozzE (9 months ago)
I like that the co op game characters hade same big nose as the director xD
Gorky N (9 months ago)
метрополитен - гавно. тупая вселенная
Shadow M00n (9 months ago)
Witchfire reminds me of dark watch alot
SSlack (9 months ago)
Lol Just cause they made a way out like that. IF it truly is free co-op with one copy. I'd buy 2 just cuz.
Daniel Link (9 months ago)
What the hell?!?! What is that thing in the dark?
Daniel Link (9 months ago)
Do shadows die twice?
Daniel Link (9 months ago)
Draconius Sinfael Ascalin (10 months ago)
Death Stranding looks really stupid.
Trump 2020 (10 months ago)
Wtf was #1 it looked 8nteresting but whats with the baby
Digger Martin (10 months ago)
Still waiting for Stalker 2
Oj Merriweather (10 months ago)
Witch fire look dope
Achou que eu tava brincando?
TheSharpyehT (10 months ago)
So many promises....so many disappointing ones.
꧁ChrisChan꧂ (10 months ago)
is that Norman Reedus? 😍😍
Ryckken IsDog (10 months ago)
6:39... is he pregnant? 👶
Tmoddrummer 35 (10 months ago)
What’s with the shitty cutting in and out of the audio
Anatoli Moruz (10 months ago)
What game is the game on the video's cover
Marius Rasovas (10 months ago)
The walking dead...? Season 26?
Giuliano Bellomunno (10 months ago)
credo di non aver mai visto un gioco piu strano di quello di cogima
Yevgen Prus (10 months ago)
maan, most games about killing&survival... boooring...
Yevgen Prus (10 months ago)
spiders conquest because this genre standing up in graphics, and stay low in significancy.. All best game WAS created in past - people still showing respect untill now. So. All this shitty games just draw money from us in case to buy a new computer.
spiders conquest (10 months ago)
Why do you think that
Nikolai Brzezinski (10 months ago)
Death Stranding looked awesome and then Darryl got pregnant. What?
Ali Pomare (10 months ago)
Sense when did Daryl come in this game
lolz EA got rekt at the end.
exclaim go (10 months ago)
gtfo looks good
Cristiano da Silva (10 months ago)
A Way Out looks so shitty...
dest151 (10 months ago)
all games will be broken on release
Toro sharp edge (10 months ago)
daryl the walking dead
December (10 months ago)
I don’t get death Stranding
Dat Minh (10 months ago)
Daryl - Walking Dead??
J Hawk (10 months ago)
I want to like Death Stranding sooooo much, but that shit looks so fucking stupid.
Draconius Sinfael Ascalin (10 months ago)
What do you expect it's made by Hideo Kojima'a guy who people think is a genius 😆.He's about as much of a genius as someone with down syndrome.
Nate Horsman (10 months ago)
What's Daryl Dixon doing on another planet
Veronica Mesia (10 months ago)
1st trailer: Is the guy in the grey suit the one from The walking dead?
Rivera X (10 months ago)
yes, it is Daryl Dixon from the walking dead.
Volatile (10 months ago)
They mad 50v50 in fortnite look soooooo fun
SPC Dewitt (10 months ago)
GTFO and WitchFire look decent, already Preordered Metro Exodus. the rest seem generic/boring.
Broken Arms (10 months ago)
witchfire feels like darkwatch
Mak Gos (10 months ago)
подскажыте будто забава именуется там где 3 мужыка в тунель заходят
Danimal 86 (10 months ago)
Ooo metro exodus. It looks good
Cheese Dork (10 months ago)
So god dammed confused over the first trailer
Draconius Sinfael Ascalin (10 months ago)
It's a Hideo Kojima game'an overrated looking game from a totally overly popular jackass that Sony fanboys want to suck off.
Waya Mcs (10 months ago)
the most stupid games ever
Barsbek kg Kagan (10 months ago)
Какимже долбанным обязан быть чтоб резаться эту хуйню ебанутые бля
wile123456 (10 months ago)
PUBG trailer is fake, it runs above 20 FPS
Aaron Bell (10 months ago)
Too bad only looks 2 will be good.
Caleb Cloud (10 months ago)
The guy sam looks alot like the walking dead character Daryl
thunderkilll redBeard (10 months ago)
cool list but some parts of the video don't have sound it it normal ?
thunderkilll redBeard (10 months ago)
he has his own game ? what in the name of god is it related with the sound of some part of the video
Itz GamingTime (10 months ago)
Khaled Guesmi h it’s because it is it pretty cool how he has his own game now
ricosuave yatusabe (10 months ago)
4:30 the walking dead
warlockostia (10 months ago)
hideo kojima.. yummy yummy
Daniel (10 months ago)
WitchFire looks like 1st person Bloodborne, nice.
Apexpredator809 (10 months ago)
Ok I’m in for Death Stranding... guess i gotta buy me a PS4 since it’s exclusive! Metro Exodus looks cool and let’s us hope it’s stays away from micro transactions or Bethesda is gonna suffer on the stock market. I’ve been waiting for Sea of Thieves already it’s looks colorful and beautiful! And last GTFO looks interesting, a 4 player cooperative game no going rambo here just you and your friends on the same freaking screen fighting whatever those bitches are! This game could become what Aliens: Colonial Marines couldn’t become and could have looked like this but I guess you had your chance Gearbox and YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP!! but not to get on the hype train yet I wanna see actual gameplay among players! Oh one more thing Death to micro transactions forever. Come one game developers work hard on making a great game that we can talk about it for years, think about it it’s a win win situation. You make a great game no micro transactions and you’ll be happy to have my money it’s a deal!!!!
Dislike (10 months ago)
the ending is priceless
immo (10 months ago)
death stranding got that cosmic horror vibe
ssvishnov (10 months ago)
Too many similar games. I'm looking forward to A Way Out. Sea of Thieves and Fortnite look like they could be fun
eroticguz17 (10 months ago)
Bill W. (10 months ago)
Only crap.
Cade Taylor (10 months ago)
Well that explains a lot. Anyone else feel like death stranding is up in the air?
Cade Taylor (10 months ago)
I still have no idea wat it is about
Michael K (10 months ago)
I actually thought the World War Z was Metro. I was like, A GAME SET IN AMERICA O_O
adam pelletier (10 months ago)
the audio keeps cutting out
Felix Herard (10 months ago)
adam pelletier it's for the copyrights of the songs or something along those lines
emka LTU (10 months ago)
Artyommmmm yes baby can’t fucking wait
Ronsakoff AoV (10 months ago)
is that first dude based on daryl from TWD?
Itz GamingTime (10 months ago)
It’s him like voice and everything
Rick Sanchez (10 months ago)
im more excited about Mads Mikkelsen in this game,such an awesome actor
Julian Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Ronsakoff AoV is the same actor
George Bliss (10 months ago)
Great composition except for the fact that the audio just cuts out at several points
ThereinLies (10 months ago)
Glad I put down the controller years ago. These games all look like absolute shit.
Jon Ashworth (10 months ago)
ThereinLies I agree. I was pretty underwhelmed with everything except, potentially, Witchfire and Metro. Most of these games are focusing way too much on the cinematical, and not enough on aspects that actually look fun to play. Too many gimmicks and focus on multiplayer.
Miss Katonic (10 months ago)
Pong and Tetris still exist, Old One. There's no need to judge the green eggs and sour grapes before you experience them.
Ferris Argyle (10 months ago)
ThereinLies I'm glad that you did. Now, please don't come to these videos.
Joel S (10 months ago)
F*ck this one
Joel S (10 months ago)
Menusus Melwine (10 months ago)
Death Stranding
Apple On Sauce (10 months ago)
Anyone know if the Kojima game will be a ps4 exclusive?
Melvin Frazier (10 months ago)
Christopher Cowart pretty sure it will be they are finding it I'd pick up a ps4 if you don't have one
NEZ IO (10 months ago)
aaaaartyoooooommmm make me a love.
David Quenzer (10 months ago)
metro last light?
Leonard isnotalolicon (10 months ago)
I don't know what you're saying
200016LIVE (10 months ago)
super!!!good luck!!love you!!<3 visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)
Cool Guy (10 months ago)
I really hope Metro gives me those same feels Fallout 3 gave me back in the day. Where you feel like you're all alone in a post apocalyptic world trying to survive, with something deadly around every corner.
Dave Hoyt (10 months ago)
I'm a fallout junkie and this looks like this provides a lot of things I wish fallout had. The blood detail, adrenaline rush close quarters combat, the flashlight in the metro tunnel.... Jesus christ.... For fallout lovers this looks like the greatest game ever
Cool Guy (10 months ago)
Miner2123 No I agree completely. I was really hoping Fallout 4 would take inspiration from Metro: Last Light with the gas masks, ammo, and atmosphere but instead we got flying pirate ships and pipe guns. I'm just saying that despite Fallout 3 having some of those same cartoony vibes, it still gave 16 year old me a sense of wonderment and dread everytime I headed out into the wasteland. I know what to expect, I just hope they really nail the exploration of their first open world.
Miner2123 (10 months ago)
metro is more close to stalker series. So its just another atmosphere. Fallout is more childish in that way(no offence) Plus metro is more about post soviet look of postapocalypse. And finaly u have no SPECIAL and other rpg things. Its more about your own skill and guns u have
guitarist CHILE (10 months ago)
Now all I need is a gaming pc 😢
CupCakezz rule (10 months ago)
GTFO looks good
Sasqautch (10 months ago)
Shut up dont breath dont make a noise all the while he has this obnoxiously noisy thing flapping away on his shoulder LMAO video game logic.
Marc Touss (10 months ago)
co op only?.. no thanks..
ParanoidPixel (10 months ago)
0:00 Death Stranding 8:04 Metro Exodus 10:14 World War Z 11:24 Witchfire 11:56 A Way Out 15:14 Sea Of Thieves 16:09 In The Vally Of The Gods 18:44 Fade to Silence 20:16 Fortnite 21:22 GTFO 23:41 Dreams 25:34 PUBG You're welcome...
Phương Duy (9 months ago)
thank you!
Digital Josh (10 months ago)
ParanoidPixel thankyou man
Just Nik (10 months ago)
thank you
Cool Guy (10 months ago)
CliffTurbo (10 months ago)
ParanoidPixel thanks for the shortcut!
Rediska (10 months ago)
ддядь леше?
Trev (10 months ago)
That microtransaction though 😂 soon i can see micro transactions taking place for everything. Public restrooms, shopping carts, parks, paper towel dispensers. Dystopian future here we come!
Chong Shing Fang (10 months ago)
WitchFire looks awesome
Sonny Reigns (10 months ago)
Chong Shing Fang - just realised its pc only, cant wait.
Eshaal Aqsa (10 months ago)
Download this game and give rate https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rizwan.learning
Sain-14 San Sivar (10 months ago)
Im still waiting for A New Splirter cell 😩
magnusartifex59 (10 months ago)
Literally half of these games are copying a 7-year formula of zombie/open world/battle royal game but nope, it's Metro the one that's copying Fallout.
big choo choo (10 months ago)
magnusartifex59 not really, fallout is gay, metro is straight
DemonKnight767 (10 months ago)
GTFO don't have to tell me twice
pauljohn0001 (10 months ago)
I wanna see Glen, Daryl, or Carl from TWD in the new Matrix movie if it happens. :)
paul slade (10 months ago)
Death stranding seems ridiculous, is it a game or art or what? Do we know what its about?
Lazar Kreider Designs (10 months ago)
Lol love the guy who said F*** buying two separate games. I love when video games used to be local and you could have your friends over. 14:50

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