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The Oculus Rift Internet Show: Skyrim

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In the second episode of The Oculus Rift Internet Show, we play the popular RPG Skyrim with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Then we do another virtual reality experiment involving melons. Look at our website: https://www.pcgamesn.com Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/pcgamesn Follow that man: https://twitter.com/misterbrilliant
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Text Comments (37)
Sef Hope (2 years ago)
Joe screbbles brought me here
Feldschlacht VI (2 years ago)
I haven't wanted to punch somebody in the face so hard in a while.
Chalk&Cheese (4 years ago)
You had me at the shadows moving with your head, like some 'shitty god' :p
Ben Bostrom (4 years ago)
the melons were awesome lol i'm so gonna do that with DK2
Yuniko Yato (4 years ago)
no sweet rolls?!
Bros With Fros (4 years ago)
LOL. I'm going to try the eating in a tavern thing ;D
Yaco Ale (4 years ago)
matthew perry was sarcastic, david was just depressed all the time
Thanks for these videos. Please keep them up, it's the best Oculus Rift series I've seen. I love the "experiments".
Senkiowa (4 years ago)
Oh come on, get out of the closet and give us more videos!
River Reifenrath (4 years ago)
Any one else thinks that the it looks stupid. I mean it does not even blend together so it looks like your looking through one screen instead of two different screens
Garrett (4 years ago)
I would like him to tell us how much a oculus rift is different from a LCD monitor.  He would look at the oculus rift then the monitor, and back and forth.
MagCynic (4 years ago)
Sooo... apparently Skyrim doesn't like the Oculus.
Ico light (4 years ago)
Not really, it works great. But the modding required... oh god. That part was not fun.
Spoon84 (4 years ago)
the demo i played at NYCC wasnt too thrilling, wasnt very excited about rift, maybe it was just that game though
nigerius III (4 years ago)
drpacman579 (4 years ago)
Turn shaders off
Mageoftheyear (4 years ago)
Slogan of the Rift: "Wut is that?..."
nacs (4 years ago)
Hilarious stuff
Agent 006 (4 years ago)
Someone has a little to much realism...
Shade Draws (4 years ago)
Virtual dining isn't too crazy an idea, actually. Can't afford to eat at a five-star restaurant? You can with the Rift! The possibilities are endless!
Jesse Koepp (4 years ago)
Yeah imagine getting to eat at the top of the pyramids or at the coliseum in ancient rome.
rucati2002 (4 years ago)
there might be horse meat in that melon :)
Michael Hraba (4 years ago)
I work in hotels. I would love to come home and sit in an inn. Brilliant.  So I don't understand.... I buy these, and can just start playing games? I am lost. Hello.
Michael Hraba (4 years ago)
Thank you for this! So much!
Derek Antosiek (4 years ago)
+Michael Hraba no worries there will be MANY more applications for this device beyond games, such as a virtual movie theater! and no official release date has been released but my bet is it will be around holidays 2014. There are a ton of technical challenges involved with getting this device consumer ready but from what ive heard they are achieving much success behind the scenes.
Michael Hraba (4 years ago)
I understood I would have to buy games, which wasn't an issue... uhh... other than I am no gamer. lol  But I would wait for the right ones. I guess I am not the pioneer here, and get to wait patiently.  I should assume the application and buzz is enough to ensure it will take off? Are there many hurdles to it's wider success? Whatever the case, thank you SO much for your response. It helps a LOT. Cheers. Last bother:  Any idea when the consumer rift happens? years? cc:+Andy Howard 
Derek Antosiek (4 years ago)
uhm...no...this is a dev kit for one, so it will require more work to get up and running with things than the consumer Rift will. Second, you'd first have to BUY the games you want to play, unless they're free tech demos. and third, non native VR games like skyrim require further tweaking to get working just right in VR.
21EC (4 years ago)
pls make more of these videos
21EC (4 years ago)
hahahaha funny shit
tony m (4 years ago)
MrScottyTay (4 years ago)
I was not expecting that penis :')
Mr556x45mm (4 years ago)
I think they did that so you would feel really awkward while wearing the Rift.... 
NylePudding (4 years ago)
It's hilarious how there's a big lizard penis on screen and you bleep out the swear words. x]
Mark Simpson (4 years ago)
You have an infectious laugh even for an Irishman.
TylerZed (4 years ago)
"Yah... Bring me some melons." Hah! That was great.
LV (4 years ago)
The melon part had me laughing, I was eating on my own at the time and actually felt jealous.
Ewan Currie (4 years ago)
I enjoyed your show, your giant penis and your Christmas jumper 

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