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We've Played Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch - Is It Good?

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Text Comments (300)
Mr Alawadi (2 months ago)
How can I turn split screen off in doubles player mode
Johan Johansson (2 months ago)
a new mario party was anounced before we could play this game :P
ChapGames (3 months ago)
New court at like 1:04 or something.
AllegoricBow88 (3 months ago)
"Long before Mario party 11 is announced..." *Checks date of upload*
AKG Filming (3 months ago)
4:45 nope. the game isnt even out and mario party 11 just got announced =P
Nintendo Switchy4 (3 months ago)
Ultra smash on the Wii U was awful because of very little content but there's also more that drags it down but whatever I just said is what I remember best.
Annihilasian (3 months ago)
Now that I've seen Mario Party, I've lost interest in this lol
Rip waluigi (3 months ago)
better than botw
Julieta ORourke Mojica (3 months ago)
should i buy mario kart or mario tenis
DeetDee (3 months ago)
Mario Tennis Aces videos
userguyok (3 months ago)
cool nintendo life I have played it too
userguyok (3 months ago)
cool Nintendo life I have played it too
Excess Burger (3 months ago)
waluigi is hot af tho
papawar (3 months ago)
Enjoyed the demo but boy was the lag bad. I hope they fix it in time.
Arrow Head (3 months ago)
2:02 *T R I G G E R E D*
InklingEspeon (3 months ago)
Best mario sports game in YEARS. At 15K points online and this game has an amazing amount of depth to it.
MikeyMouse GT (3 months ago)
So far these are everyone’s mains: 50% Waluigi 30% Rosalina 20% Chain Chomp
Ten out of ten-nis
BogeyT15 Games (3 months ago)
Game needs to fix the online play. Right now it all comes down to connection. Have had so many games where I lost due solely to the game not reading inputs or the lag being so bad it would litterly br impossible to even return a serve.
sonik767 (3 months ago)
I am stuck on hotel wifi because I on vacation
StllBreathnBut_Y (3 months ago)
Fuck this game. Everybody is better than me at it. I want to die.
Angel _AnimeFriends (3 months ago)
Mario has more gray hair btw
Nigel Joseph (3 months ago)
Is Cody in the roster? I hope they don't leave him out in this one AGAIN😠
SpeedySceptile (3 months ago)
Rushil Muger (3 months ago)
What about the swing mode? Is it good?
Stuart Dalrymple (3 months ago)
Rushil Muger yeah disappointed this wasn't talked about at all
Mixx Mode (3 months ago)
The Switch has had a consistent release of great games over the last 6-12 months. I can’t keep up. Bring on MARIO Tennis Aces and Toad!
M-L gaming (3 months ago)
Note sepcal shot is op... Too op. It can warp u to the ball and instantly block anything even another special shot
M-L gaming (3 months ago)
ItzOcelot550 (3 months ago)
me and my friends honestly hated this game. the controls are just way too complex for us to handle. the only good this about this game is that rosalina is in it.
Phil Jenner (3 months ago)
ItzOcelot550 you must be a bunch of mongos . You can play with simple rules anyway
KemLe (3 months ago)
No. Its not good.
JorgitoYokiro (3 months ago)
The online sucks, it lags as hell.
B Caldwell (3 months ago)
When mario tennis has better character selection than mario kart
ELEMENTALGAMER (3 months ago)
Any 1 playin the demo
Benji.ch (3 months ago)
Great review! Could you please answer some questions? Can you chose the same character twice when playing against friends online? Can you chose full sets online against friends? Is the online region locked?
Erick Gonix (3 months ago)
This game is gonna broke me and I like it
Simon Matos (3 months ago)
i have a problem it says something about the server for the online tour
RichSlayerGaming (3 months ago)
Yeah it's pretty good
__spencer__ (3 months ago)
The narrator sounds insanely familiar to one of the people on TodayIFoundOut
Turoki Chicken (3 months ago)
I loved the wii power tennis. was very very satisfying to learn the in depth controls and play
Alex r (3 months ago)
I want a Mario Golf for it.
Awesome Sauce (3 months ago)
Sounds good and all but I'll wait till the videos on how good or bad this game is aren't essentially sponsored by Nintendo.
MightyMike (3 months ago)
Awesome Sauce why bother watching then?
Mark Grace (3 months ago)
Golf story knows how to teach game mechanisms while playing... GOLF STORY!!!
groovy959 (3 months ago)
The son of Blunty3000?
Anderson Nascimento (3 months ago)
What about normal tenis? Is it good too? I dont care a small bit for those crazyness they make... I just wanted regular tenis like it was in N64.
Bartek Wohlert (3 months ago)
Now we need a Super Mario strikers
Gabe Hodge (3 months ago)
Mario tennis open and the one on the wii have always been my favourite but this one may beat them
Z80 (3 months ago)
Good to see some (baddy) additions in the charachter roster aswell.
melted dali (3 months ago)
I keep getting error messages when I try to play the demo
HYBRIDMARK (3 months ago)
Rhys Warburton (3 months ago)
"Playing against CPUs is never as satisfying as playing against someone you can verbally abuse in person" - Alex 2018
Wickedpowerupguy (3 months ago)
The only reason I clicked on this video is because I saw waluigi xD
CHALK (3 months ago)
"We are not digital foundry" is the most self-aware thing I have heard in a review in a while. haha. Good stuff.
brianbraddock2012 (3 months ago)
Motion control mode?
Ali H (3 months ago)
The way this creep opens every video genuinely makes me never want to visit NintendoLife ever again.
Harry Warburg (3 months ago)
I agree with you Mario Tennis Aces is what Ultra Smash should have been Ultra Smash is such a bare bones game I'm surprised it was allowed to be released What were they thinking?! I think ProJared summed it up perfectly "It feels like there was a hole in their games lineup and that they needed something out"
Robert Higgins (3 months ago)
I'm looking forward to this, but last Mario Tennis I enjoyed was sometime back with 64. I've downloaded the time limited demo to my Switch in preparation for tomorrow. My concerns however is the character animation running around court looks more akin to skating. Also I hope for a 'classic' mode which does away with all bells and whistles and just let's you enjoy a good game of tennis.
Zach Bohannon (3 months ago)
Robert Higgins I think they do have a casual mode included. I think I remember that in one of the directs.
doublefullheal (3 months ago)
i would subscribe if he stopped with his fucking grating intro sentence.
ItsASquid (3 months ago)
No wonder Peach always gets kidnapped. The kingdom can't even defend itself from a tennis racket.
cool_Man2498 (3 months ago)
Hold on... where did chance shots go? I doubt I’ll miss them, but they were in the first trailer, and not just as stand ins for the special shot spaces, because we see Mario use one. And now they’re gone? I mean, we have the new mode with the special meter and zone shots, zone speed, special shots and trick shots and we have simple mode, but why not the chance shots? I don’t mind them being gone but my brother really liked Open, and I don’t know what he’ll think of Aces.
Dark Void (3 months ago)
Is there online?
Stinky Pinky (3 months ago)
I used to play this game on the N64 after school while my mother would rub baby oil on my dry patch right between my big toe. Ahhh what memories and nostalgia
jump 7holes (3 months ago)
Can’t wait :D
obiiWan7 (3 months ago)
I guess this will get 9/10 on Nintendo Life
Difford (3 months ago)
Too many shots to think of! I feel it's too complicated so I can't wait to try the demo so I can at least try it.
BenjiThomaz (3 months ago)
They also have a traditional mode with no special shots. :)
firepunch012 (3 months ago)
Man, buying a Switch was a great idea! The games are soo much fun, they look beautiful, I also love how soo many games are not only online multiplayer, but offline as well, the old days of gaming in the same "home" are all but dead, unless you have a Nintendo, I can't wait for this, Smash, which I have never played, Mario Party, along with many other Mario games, I would love a new Mario golf
Tsunami (3 months ago)
damn demo not working
Super Wooper (3 months ago)
I plan to make this my first Mario Sports game. I've been playing Mario for ages, so I have no idea why I haven't picked one up yet.
Shane Siemssen (3 months ago)
MarioTennis Aces can run at 60fps? Watch out Kirby
Honjo Horikoshi (3 months ago)
I am so EXCITED for this game!!
Joestoes (3 months ago)
we need switch sports
Regaru (3 months ago)
the demo releases on my birthday. i feel so lucky
Holden Arledge (3 months ago)
Is it possible to get that classic Mario outfit without doing the online tournament?
Igwe Ogba (3 months ago)
Really wish the story mode was like the gameboy color version. No issues though
Alex R (3 months ago)
Every tennis game has been trash. The only good one was Mario Power Tennis for the GC.
Prism_Plays (3 months ago)
Good, Or Ultra Smash? XD
Tyrone James (3 months ago)
Does the announcer say the characters names,or he just say server and receiver ?
LeudyV. 266 (3 months ago)
Tyrone James server and receiver from what I’ve heard on some videos. Would have been nice to hear the names but the game is already full of personality so I’m okay
Crazi (3 months ago)
Toadette at 4:22
Steven Umana (3 months ago)
whoever was yoshi during the yoshi vs DK in the beginning is fucking hilarious! LOL!
Cocopuss 27 (3 months ago)
My boy spike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cocopuss 27 (3 months ago)
My boy spike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swuzzyswas (3 months ago)
Ultra smash is Ultra Trash
Charles Fournier (3 months ago)
This looks great! This and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will be my summer games.
LeM3m3z (3 months ago)
*Satisfied wah*
Tanda (3 months ago)
I want it so bad
Blixel Plays (3 months ago)
899th like
Elvino303 Gaming (3 months ago)
oREo TEN (3 months ago)
I'm so excited for this game. I hope there is a Mario Golf on the switch coming too.
Happymonday 2015 (3 months ago)
I... don't have friends?
_Zman Gamez_ (3 months ago)
This service is currently unavailable.
Connor Cook (3 months ago)
This. This right here is how you thumbnail correctly.
DaKruger Toch91 (3 months ago)
spark (3 months ago)
3:31 Top 10 Anime Betrayals
Jerome Grossley (3 months ago)
4:30 that boi got body on
LinkNthink ? (3 months ago)
Samuel Morton (3 months ago)
How'd you get ahold of the game?
howyoudurrinhunneh (3 months ago)
It looks like a mini game at best. Ive got an Amazon preorder for $47.99 and Im not sure its worth it.
kat gravity (3 months ago)
Phillip (3 months ago)
1:52 best thing to happen on the planet of Earth.
ilwoomynati (3 months ago)
ReyBlaster (3 months ago)
Dang rosalina ruined boo's special shot
ReyBlaster (3 months ago)
jaguar_15 jaguar_15 (3 months ago)
Reyblaster I love how she is playful with her Lumas and at the end does a powerful hit. 😂
DynamicHunter (3 months ago)
Why would they make this game and not a new Mario Strikers :(((((
Ryan G (3 months ago)
I believe Miyamoto won’t approve another strikers.
jaguar_15 jaguar_15 (3 months ago)
DynamicHunter I know right I hope Nintendo works in it and adds Rosalina too with her Lumas to play with her. 🤣

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