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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #2 - Geralt of Rivia

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #2 - Geralt of Rivia (Exclusive Track) Composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Percival. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Official Soundtrack - http://youtu.be/ckxd7HKhD54
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Text Comments (353)
UltimateCowGuy (2 days ago)
*aggressive bagpipes intensify*
Geralt of Rivia (10 days ago)
that's my favorite song..
Trọng Nguyễn (12 days ago)
i love u geralt, no homo
MERICA Is Great (12 days ago)
57 drowners disliked
Geralt of Rivia (14 days ago)
Thumbs up
Daniel Fernández (15 days ago)
From 1:33 reminds me of Wild Arms, lol. It's similar to this theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9VCHy4xLuI&list=PL6EA21F036760F38B&index=17
xhandxofxhonorx (30 days ago)
THE STRONGEST TRACK EVER. Im addicted to game soundtracks since 25 years and this one is BY FAR the best. nothing in this world has more power!
Horhaj (1 month ago)
Illetrate people who said its just a Game!
Roller Cinematic (1 month ago)
Everyone commenting about 1:28 which don't get me wrong is insane, but I can't stop replaying 0:28 - 0:40 it is so emotionally powerful, almost put me in tears lmao. Fucking beautiful composition by amazing developers. What a masterpiece of a game. Goosebumps every time I hear this.
Drew C (1 month ago)
I really really hope they use this song for the opening credits in the pilot of the witcher Netflix series
Yiğit Efe Yüntem (2 months ago)
I just finished the blood and wine dlc. I will never play a game as good as this again...
laabitres (3 months ago)
This theme envelops how amazing the game is
Sergey Zacepin (3 months ago)
This is purely GREAT and AMAZING and INSPIRING!
NTH 9 (3 months ago)
they say is just a game...
Guilherme Rodrigues (3 months ago)
The best character ❤❤
bfmvr onnie (3 months ago)
sooo fucking epic. hands down best soundtrack of all time
Agart Roby (3 months ago)
galih firdaus (4 months ago)
Winds howling
Lilianah Martinez (4 months ago)
1:28 - 1:47 best part
Thomas Bernhard (4 months ago)
Hands down the best character theme ever made.
Frédéric Lessard (4 months ago)
"Is that the music when you kill the final boss?" ... "No... it's the main menu theme..."
Abhigyan Tyagi (4 months ago)
the nostalgia from the first game just hit me
el santuco (4 months ago)
esta es la musica de mi tema de ps4
Kamer Soydemir (4 months ago)
Mousen on stage (5 months ago)
I'm wondering if it's just my imagination or some drum parts in this track really remind me of the Vaal Hazak theme
Spoder Man (5 months ago)
Best video game soundtrack no doubt.
Severin Dahl (5 months ago)
1:49 and onwards reminds me of Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Armistice (5 months ago)
When the bagpipes or whatever hit, I fell out of my chair... Literally.
MrDrancur (5 months ago)
Gosh I wish they could make this track a trademark for all Witcher franchise. Netflix series included! (something similar to Star Wars theme)
Mr Gaudy (6 months ago)
0:45 - when you see the Gwent deck sticking out their back pocket
Геральт из Ривии,Ведьмак
GnomeK (6 months ago)
Netflix should use it for the credits at the end of every episode
Efekan Ormancı (7 months ago)
0:27 That's Why I've come.
Ahmet Furkan Balcı (7 months ago)
ulan oynarken hiç şaapmıyordum muhteşem oyunmuş ya..
Bultovo_Doupě (7 months ago)
nostalgia <3
H. Gökhan Doğan (8 months ago)
citizen: -my wife died in a horrible accident and my son was murdered by a ghost geralt: -how about a round of Gwent?
Aviroop Das (8 months ago)
not everyone deserve a happy ending.... some deserve more.... some deserve their ending to be epic...
ken kaneki (8 months ago)
That's why geralt is my hero
bobocpe (8 months ago)
41 Bethesda's employees disliked this...
Xerone (8 months ago)
James Shepherd (9 months ago)
I swear to god they better use this in the television show on Netflix
Jolly Roger (9 months ago)
1:25 ok.. the time has come to replay it from the beginning again
Francesco Raffa (9 months ago)
Goosebumps every damn time
luffy Ali (10 months ago)
We need a hero like geralt of rivia to solve are political crisis, i don't know, atleast a hero to step and save the world, but since geralt saw the world, he said "if that's the world we need to save, it's not worth to save it"
Nightcore Mongolia (10 months ago)
this soundtrack is best than other i love all time i hear this cuz i feel the Vesemir death
Kallrog (11 months ago)
-Geralt!? -Of fucking Rivia
Harith Azmi (11 months ago)
this music gives me goosebumps
Some Random (11 months ago)
33 dislikes Nilfgardians Crones Monsters
Jake Willson (11 months ago)
I'm curious everybody talks about how amazing this game is which it is but has anybody read the books because there just as good if not better in my opinion
GAMEOST (11 months ago)
May the Book be with you.
Vim and Friends (1 year ago)
I always associate this track with "The Protector of Both Worlds" Geralt. Just a cool dude doing what needs to be done and doing the right thing, for both monsters and humans.
Balkankerverkoper (1 year ago)
Just by hearing this song in the main menu I knew this was going to be a great game. I was wrong, it turned out te be the best game game ever.
Csongor Szaniszló (1 year ago)
2017 and...I’m still getting goosebumps...
almostagod (1 year ago)
i have to admit it took me a while to actually like this game but now that i do its one of my favorite
Chef Dam (1 year ago)
People are saying “game of the year” more like game of the rest of life! Farewell witcher 3been a epic dope journey. Witcher will always be the best game ever! Thumbs up for ps4 pro update in this game after 3 years pass!!! Love you CDPJR
T_TaMiM 76 (1 year ago)
Game of the century !!!
Nadia K (1 year ago)
StingingRogerM8 (1 year ago)
Ophidian93 (1 year ago)
1:25 - the moment I cried
Watatsumi (1 year ago)
I literally cried at 1:27 ; Epic on another level
GiermoWizard (1 year ago)
One of the best themes in gaming to match one of the best characters
LuuRRnn (1 year ago)
bad music
Nam Nguyễn (1 year ago)
I heard Gothic II theme in the very beginning of this Soundtrack.
sinkiy (1 year ago)
is there anything better than witcher 3 soundtrack
RR114 (1 year ago)
yes...its called more witcher 3 soundtrack
AueR (1 year ago)
Hunt is completed :(
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[Deus] (1 year ago)
0:35 That transition ;O
Commander Maltix (1 year ago)
game of the century
Crash Overide (1 year ago)
For those times you can't be bothered to find the mp3s on your computer there is always youtube.
Mohammed Abdullah (1 year ago)
21 witch hunters disliked
Achintya Upadhyay (1 year ago)
only strigas disliked
Ian Ferry (1 year ago)
That dulcimer in the beginning really evokes the first game. Then it all picks up and you really get a sense of the scope here!
ELiTE SHUFFLER (1 year ago)
I don't know why but between 0:24 and 0:39 it gives me goosebumps on a whole new level
philipp plein (11 months ago)
ELiTE SHUFFLER i know right ! Sounds very smooth and touching, thought I was the only one who thought that
erhe etrherh (1 year ago)
This brings tears to my eyes.
Aleksandra Olszok (1 year ago)
It is like the witcher 1 soundtrack but extended and better ❤
alan weaver (1 year ago)
The first part of the track is filled with a beautiful orchestral sound that is bittersweet. It is as if you were celebrating the memories of someone you lost. It makes you feel like you are beginning a new journey to somewhere unexpected yet you are carrying around a lifetime of baggage. As the theme progresses, there is a growing sense of hope intermingled with dread. The notes grow darker, foreshadowing that something threatening is on its way. The noises grow louder and start to sound as if there is a battle about to begin. This battle would only bring chaos and you are about to be caught in the middle of it. Suddenly, the track pauses then opens up into an energetic melody that replaces the darker tones with an uplifting one. You feel invigorated with a sense of courage that allows you to take on the world.
TheBaconPig (1 year ago)
Who else has the start of this theme played repeatedly in their PS4 menu?
Vojtěch Lukavec (1 year ago)
2:00 is the pinnacle of gaming music for me
Jorge Fierro (1 year ago)
GvendyCrap (1 year ago)
I really wanna to fall in love with this game, but when i play it... i can't
Shaftell (1 year ago)
Anyone else's favourite part between 0:26 to 0:45 ?
Solid Snake (10 months ago)
Kingston Law (1 year ago)
This game has good quality gameplay and soundtrack
wArrior (1 year ago)
Yk, usually when ask people what their favorite game is it's something that blew their mind when they were super young. I was 16 when I played this game and already had played many amazing games before this one. And this one still managed to blow my mind away with how unbelievably good it was. Best game ever. It's so good that every single time I hear about it, play vid of it or listen to the wonderful and in my opinion best soundtrack in any game ever it just makes me want to hop into it again and experience it all over :3 I so wish they could continue the series. I miss Geralt ;~;
Giacomo Fagni (1 year ago)
Game of the Generation
Don Sai (1 year ago)
2015: the witcher 3 and bloodborne! two masterpieces, what a year!
Don Sai (1 year ago)
+Chanka​ i don't like multiplayer only games, i haven't played overwatch yet and i don't want to, so i can't say if it's bad or good... But this year had uncharted 4, dark souls 3, dishonored 2 and they gave the game of the year to overwatch.
ThisIsKiwi (1 year ago)
I don't believe this game ends. There's no way it can.
Alan Partridge (1 year ago)
ThisIsKiwi I can't find any other game as good as this. I miss playing it for the first time so bad.
Snubmeister (1 year ago)
This feels like a superheroes theme song
LightGhillie (1 year ago)
1:28 - When I click Purchase on Steam for Witcher 3 Game of the Year edition.
Benji_Skywalker (30 days ago)
Lol, i bought the goty edition one year ago in two weeks, i got it for 1 dollar
Ashish Rajpurohit (1 year ago)
LightGhillie I was listening to this song when I bought the goty edition on steam xD
Jeff Galef (1 year ago)
What part of the game is this in??? A true masterpiece. One of the best themes of all time.
Jeff Galef (1 year ago)
Awesome, thank you.
Wolf Wenzel (1 year ago)
Jeff Galef It's in the Vanilla Main Menue
Riquinni (1 year ago)
Amazing theme, perfect for the White Wolf.
Kronos camron (1 year ago)
instant Goose bumps
Vergil (1 year ago)
0:27 😍
Anuojat (1 year ago)
Hannu Suoniemi (2 years ago)
This song sounds Majestic! Absolutely amazing!
oguzhan kurt (2 years ago)
I'm not cry . Powder escaped in my eyes.
cooperclan13 (2 years ago)
Doesn't matter how many times I listened to this, I still get goosebumps.
jaja1818 (2 years ago)
1:28 and onwards..hearing it for the first time!!it was like the entire franchise flashed before your eyes if you have been following the series from the beginning..that score was like the epitome of all versions before it!!fans must have had an orgasm when that part blew up the tempo
NothingHere (1 year ago)
I can relate to the orgasm part lol
karankenZ (2 years ago)
And not just that, it also felt like an epic beginning of the final adventure. This is gonna be good!
Baggelis Nick (2 years ago)
they say is just a game...
Younes Hussen (8 months ago)
They say .
Ulaş Ayçiçek (8 months ago)
Baggelis Nick they are wrong...
Bartosz Ligęza (2 years ago)
The best main theme of all time!
Stingray Charles (2 years ago)
Bagpipes have never sounded so good
Baggelis Nick (2 years ago)
so damn true...
No Lollygagging (2 years ago)
6 members of the Wild Hunt disliked this video.
Timmoc Edicius (1 year ago)
13 water hags now.
Connor Mac (1 year ago)
10 drowners now
Maxim T Potvin (2 years ago)
But, there is only 4 members. unless you count Geralt.
7 now buddy

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