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10 Anime Characters That Are Basically Invincible

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SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD People love to compare their favorite characters to each other. That’s why the idea of something like Batman v Superman was exciting, even though the film flopped. It has been happening for decades or dare even since different stories were even able to be comparable to one another. Anime has been constantly working to earn full respect amongst American audiences for years and it should because it produce awe inspiring characters just like we Americans do. Sometimes, those characters are insanely overpowered or invincible...like Superman. Well, we want to let you know some anime characters that deserve to be recognized for their loads of energy. It takes a lot of work to be an alien, demon, superpowered human, warrior from a fictional land or even a God. We want to do some of heavy lifting for you, so sit back, relax and give and subscribe to CBR for mor anime content. Featuring: Entry 1 - DIO BRANDO Entry 2 - KIRITO Entry 3 - ZEN-OH Entry 4 - NARAKU Entry 5 - ALUCARD Entry 6 - WHIS Entry 7 - OROCHIMARU Entry 8 - BEERUS Entry 9 - RYUK Entry 10 - SAITAMA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/CBR https://www.facebook.com/ComicBookResources https://plus.google.com/+ComicBookResources Our Website https://www.cbr.com
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Text Comments (1884)
Jk Jko (5 hours ago)
Ok let's finish these fan boys reason 1. Saiatama is not strong he is simply a joke character just like arale hese not limitless he just has plot armour to make it funny that is why you people are so into him and it's also what makes him strong reason 2.hese not strong it's just the people around him are so so horribly weak that he doesent have a challenge to finish them off this is also another reason why goku would win because everyone in his universe are just as strong if not stronger than him making it hard to beat them but he finds a way tip.1 just switch the characters saiatama goes to gokus universe and goku gos to saitamas universe saiatama would be at a disadvantage because being strong and fast just makes you a superhuman in his universe goku would have little to no challenge in saiatama universe he would be the one punchman there, saiatama one punch power would not work since everyone has ki control if not krillin would be a god this is where plot armor comes in making saiatama weak but goku would be OP now switch back, reason 3.saiatama did 100 reps for 3 years that is a great reach for any human but goku did a trillion but that's not surprising considering hese an alien his muscles probably work differently reason4.one punchman can't one punch everything if you read the manga you'll find out in the fight with boros it took like 50 punches and boros was meant to represent goku as you saw with the transformations and he did die but that's the joke reason 5. Saiatama can become stronger in the opening his fists were charged up to the max which they turned white and he only used 000000000000000000000000.1 percent of his power and I could probably write zeros until I'm tired in all his fights but he still won't be strong enough because in the end hese only human and gokus is pl is past QL reason 6.nothing is limitless even a saiyen exclusively a human if saitama can beat goku the plot is messed up because base form goku would destroy saiatama this is not even an issue and last and not least saiatama would lose anyway to ultra instinct i mean saiatamas fast but goku is faster than time itself in ultra instinct xD why do you think the God's haven't unlocked it do you think saiatama would win against the power of God's ? Xd now try to prove me wrong oh and I forgot xD saiatama is planetary level goku is past multiverse
faith bautista (6 hours ago)
Wheres yamcha, sakura, goku, lucy, and yui komori? x)
Jk Jko (6 hours ago)
Xd this is retarded
D W (10 hours ago)
Why not goku
gucci (10 hours ago)
can saitama destroy a universe ? Can saitama travel through universes in 2 hours? Can he even destroy a planet ?? All this fan boys need to chill thou
Cameron jz (11 hours ago)
all i need to say is.............TF IS ZENO
Dann Pro (13 hours ago)
Orochimaru. For this one where going to konoa.🤔🤔⁉️
Where's meliodas he can't die
Gene Gu (13 hours ago)
not even zen-oh can erase saitamas blank look
user (13 hours ago)
Bearus can be killed esly
Me hoi Me noi (13 hours ago)
I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS! SpongeBob is the strongest anime character
ViiZiiN (14 hours ago)
but isnt super shenron basically invincible?
I_Am_A_Master_Of_Time (18 hours ago)
5:27 "in fact it's whis who teaches the ultra instinct move to Goku AND Vageta." 😂
SUSHIMASTER (19 hours ago)
The strongest is dragon ball
Daniel Margo (20 hours ago)
Wtf the sannin lost to hanzo he just let them live bcs he thought they were strong
MekhiH1217 The Awesome (23 hours ago)
Did this nigga say kirito it’s pronounced Kidito
Joshua Lee (1 day ago)
Naruto is kinda invincible also goku is my favorite
Johan Arva (1 day ago)
Its (sai-ti-ma) not (sai-tama)
Henrietta Adeny (1 day ago)
Goku ,Ichigo,Naruto and Luffy the mystic four are the strongest
Louis Banks (1 day ago)
SandrX (1 day ago)
This moron really put Whis above Zen-Oh tf is wrong with this channel
ian valadez (2 days ago)
I was expecting Levi but okay
kinglyfe da p (2 days ago)
Yo whis didnt teach goku and vegeta ultra instinct goku learned from obsorbing the spirit bomb and vegeta has not learnt it yet second u said every 🇯🇵 japanese word and name wrong
seth stevens (2 days ago)
Where's madra???
seth stevens (2 days ago)
Kakashi is my favourite
TheTimbaWolf (2 days ago)
sanin is pronounced sawneen not how you said it...
RoGuE Kurama (2 days ago)
Such a shit list how the hell is kirito on here never make a anime list again
TheCactiFrags 123 (2 days ago)
Melin from seven deadly sins she is invincible
Eli Delatorre (2 days ago)
TheOrangeNinja (2 days ago)
Zeref from fairytail should be on here
Nepthali Uchia (2 days ago)
Emely Milar (2 days ago)
#This person ain't an otaku
Justexotik (2 days ago)
Keneki ken?
Zero Donorose (3 days ago)
idk couldn't sit through the butchering of all the names didn't make it past naruto
Daggerduck 69 (3 days ago)
Poppyc0rn2 /dramabomb (3 days ago)
Ok the thing with whis is so wrong literally the gods of the destruction can just say haki and immediately kill whis. Also whis doesn’t teach goku and Vegeta ultra instinct also it was only goku who ever reached ultra instinct
FallsHD (3 days ago)
where the hell is Garlic Jr. from Dragon Ball Z? he is literally immortal
FallsHD (3 days ago)
Ssj4 EliteFighter1206 (3 days ago)
Where's Farmer With Shotgun???
Kyle Hughes (3 days ago)
False beerus is easily killed
Raul Israel (3 days ago)
Kirito gets raped by a lot of anime characters
Superstorm200 (3 days ago)
In whis didn't teach them UI he taught them good ki
jesterhype tech (3 days ago)
Why does it say that saitama is 3 on the Thumnail
Mr. Popo
Emn 93 (3 days ago)
I thought Anti Spiral would be on this list, he just only loses if want to lose.
EKG LEGEND (3 days ago)
Escanor The. One mode is invincible but where is he
Victor baller (3 days ago)
Ban in seven deadly sins
A Boof (3 days ago)
What about The Seven Deadly Sins.... sir Meliodas is more than invincible!!!
MICHAEL NEGRON (3 days ago)
Where's natsu and kanike
Pulkit *_* (3 days ago)
Please dont say those names like wver again 😰😰😰
Can't keep calm gamer (3 days ago)
Krillen should be in this
Orient Sun (3 days ago)
He couldn't pronounce Kagome correctly
kvk_frostbite (3 days ago)
goku should have been up here
When you said alucard i think of alucard in mobile legends
Hardik Nepal (3 days ago)
Btw if itachi meets that death not guy he can just use a mate ra su on his book
Hardik Nepal (3 days ago)
When did orochimaru defeat hanzo?It was pain.FOOL YA YOOL
shahmeer natasha (4 days ago)
What about yhwach aizen and ichigo
Super Boomerang (4 days ago)
You forgot immortal being natsu
Michael Mcall (4 days ago)
you cant put beerus on this as he can be defeated by quite a few characters. firstly, frieza as in his golden form he can take the GoD of destruction power. next vegeta as he is able to defeat toppo whilst he is a god of destruction. next Jiren, i know hes not a main character but beerus doesn't stand a chance against him. and finally Goku as MUI is hard even for a god to achieve and not to mention, whis the grand priest and Zeno can defeat him with no problem at all that being said i think he hardly qualifies as invincible
Madara Uchiha (4 days ago)
Goku MUI would body Saitama
Gai Sensei (4 days ago)
How about rem
Sp Shipon paul (4 days ago)
Haiske (4 days ago)
You forgot shaggy
It’s Right (4 days ago)
This ain’t numbered right? Because it is... wtf
Ender Man (4 days ago)
Naruto is literally the strongest Jonin are Genin I can't remember.. He killed all of the Akutsuki ( although he used toads).. He helped fight Orochimaru with Jiraiya and Tsuande. Defeated Neji, Gaara, Zabuzu, and Akimaru. Although he learned the rasengan in five weeks.
Ender Man (4 days ago)
Orochimaru.. I can here for the thumbnail.. Anyone? Just me?
Pramod Kumar (4 days ago)
Saitama is number one
HamPlayzYt (4 days ago)
I knew One Punch Man is NUMBER 1 :D Didnt disappoint me
Zeno is the cutest 1 on list
Malcolm Jenkins (4 days ago)
Meliodas where is he
Amari Williams (4 days ago)
Kirito #1
Reptile Crew (4 days ago)
Naruto and sauskey should be here
Charlie Snyder (4 days ago)
This list is totally fake it’s not the strongest oil invincible people in any anime world
MarkGaming (4 days ago)
where is Mr.satin?!
Itz R4PT0R (4 days ago)
who else cringed at the wrongly pronounced words(Sani=Saa_Nee)?1
Purple Ponies (4 days ago)
Naruto or saske ocheha
Mirela Blazevic (4 days ago)
Where is kami tenchi ?? They say he is omnipotent.?
TheOrdinarytomtom (4 days ago)
why the freak god isn't on this list
J2tekkers456 (4 days ago)
What about goku With ultra instinct goku is basically invincible
Jaylinz BTW (4 days ago)
You forgot the farmer with a shotgun
kartik prakash (4 days ago)
Bro EVERY and I mean EVERY main character should be on this list.
Hayden Pyne (4 days ago)
Where's Hisoka?
DeadlyBoi 86 (4 days ago)
Belmod is stronger than Beerus ............... Why isn’t Jiren or Goku in this
DeadlyBoi 86 (4 days ago)
Vados is stronger than whis (whis’ sister)
dabigumeh kamara (5 days ago)
The strongest character is Backstory
did he actually called dragon Ball super. dragon Ball Z
i love Goku but one punch man can't just get beaten up
Galaxy (5 days ago)
Goku mui
Fher Ivan Angelo Bas (5 days ago)
Before I watch the video, I’m guessing that Escanor is on the list.
Rouge Anarchy (5 days ago)
Colin Mccann (5 days ago)
Where’s Cory from Cory in the house
Nick Pham (5 days ago)
I cringe so hard when he mispronounce s the names
Jeremiah Martinez (5 days ago)
7 deadly sins meliodas
death bread (5 days ago)
Shouldn't the omni-king be the strongest but I am not too sure if the omni-king would defeat saitama in a battle WAIT I know who would win KERMIT THE FROG
Majora Uchiha (5 days ago)
The number of mispronunciations in this list disgusts me.
Shamarion Myles (5 days ago)
Did he just say zeno was a low rank
Shamarion Myles (5 days ago)
Reeeeeeeeeee what is this
KILL3R KLONE (5 days ago)
Zeno is the strongest ever
xFairy Tail#1 (5 days ago)
you forgot Natsu from Fairy Tail
Nadia Ramirez (5 days ago)
Dragon ball super SON GOKU 😎😎😎😎😎

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