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DRAGON QUEST 11 - 95 Minutes of Gameplay So Far (PS4 PC) Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age

115 ratings | 4555 views
Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Trailer - Developer Gameplay Walkthrough 2018 (PS4 / Xbox One - 2018) This video includes every piece of gameplay released so far in a gameplay compilation for Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age. Official website for more info- https://www.dragonquest.com/xi/en-us/ Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. An entry in the longrunning Dragon Quest video game series, it was released in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 in July 2017, and will be released worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in September 2018, as well as for the Nintendo Switch sometime beyond 2018. By the end of 2017, the game had sold three million copies across the PlayStation 4 and 3DS.
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Text Comments (79)
Robert Williamson (2 days ago)
why are the comments for this video so fucking terrible? the music is fine. yes, it sucks its not orchestrated. if you wanted action combat play the other 99% of rpgs that are action now and leave us just this one fucking turned based game please you fuck faces. what does 'this looks like a barbie game' even mean?! really? your complaining about a victory chime after combat thats been the same since 86?
Gustra88 (4 days ago)
Wtf whith all these comments, never played a dragon quest game before?? Omg this saga is a legend, too much call of duty fans this era...
si tre (6 days ago)
Drangleic Lord (9 days ago)
Aye why stop at 95 mins show us the full walkthrough :)
ACID DRAGON (9 days ago)
Spotify is definitely going to be my best friend while playing this
Righteous1 (9 days ago)
Dragon Quest stories seem dull to me. The environment is great tho. But not enough for me to play their games, I tried 8 and didn't like it in the past.
Tj Coley (9 days ago)
People who dislike the music must've never played an old school game
Tj Coley (5 days ago)
Hailey Matthews haha savage Hailey
Hailey Matthews (5 days ago)
Hey I'm not a lesbian! You're such a loser it's too bad your mom didn't abort you
Drangleic Lord (5 days ago)
Stfu faggot go hide yourself in your tranny mom's fuck hole.
Hailey Matthews (6 days ago)
Drangleic Lord calm down now, you dipshit!
Drangleic Lord (9 days ago)
Yea an old school game with old school music makes sense not this you fucktard!
Patrick Wise (9 days ago)
Why are you saying it's "every piece of gameplay released so far" when, as you acknowledge in the text, it was released in Japan almost a year ago? There's literally thousands of hours of gameplay, including complete walkthroughs, already on YouTube.
Ryan Forsyth (9 days ago)
All I want to know is will the characters appearance change when you get new armor??
Christina Becker (8 hours ago)
They do have costumes that change their appearance during the game. You either buy them or craft them. Veronica has a cute tiger one.
bob sanders (12 hours ago)
Ryan Forsyth sadly no, only dragon quest i played that allowed that was dragon quest sentinels of the starry skies on ds best one in my opinion and best story as well
J Li (9 days ago)
Can’t wait for the PC version hopefully a good one.
Gotti Get It (9 days ago)
Tha fuck am I fighting blue Hershey kisses for? 0:25 Nope I'm out smh
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
the shitiest game ever!
Hailey Matthews (6 days ago)
The shittiest opinion ever!
jason X (9 days ago)
Beautiful game but shitty combat oh my gosh why it could have been so much better.
Robert Williamson (2 days ago)
go suck on niers tits some more and let us have this one single turn based game.
Hailey Matthews (6 days ago)
Beautiful game and combat! It's perfect already and couldn't possibly be any better!
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
totally agree!
Funky17 Panda13 (9 days ago)
Ps4 and pc....Thats totaly shit...what is with xbox?! Pc have windows...thats a dislike. Sry für that
Fullmetal Gamer (9 days ago)
People who hate on turn based combat are likely the ones who don't know how to use their head. And I like both real-time and turn based combat.
Hailey Matthews (6 days ago)
Fullmetal Gamer You must have found yourself then, because YOU are the dumbass.
death tool (9 days ago)
Fullmetal Gamer welp i found the dumbass, so because i dont like boring and easy combat i dont use my head yeah try playing Martin Gardner's Hardest Puzzle and you will see who dont know how to use their head. Also not saying turn base should be forgotten but it really poorly executed here if this was persona then thats a perfect turn base but not this
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
I hate the battle system sooooooo much! I need an updated battle system!
Gustra88 (4 days ago)
It's the same style for all dragon quest, why they have to change only for u, stupid faggott
Mr Irrelevant (9 days ago)
Hmm what to get first? Ni no kuni 2 or wait for this?
Mr Irrelevant (9 days ago)
Fullmetal Gamer Ohh ok! I though it was end of June or early July. I can finish ni no kuni by September! Thanks!
Fullmetal Gamer (9 days ago)
Dragon Quest isn't coming out until September. So you have plenty of time to get both.
bob sanders (9 days ago)
not even gonna lie this music slightly makes me wanna kill myself
bob sanders (12 hours ago)
Gustra88 not exactly it got way worse
Gustra88 (4 days ago)
Is the same music for all dragon quest...
Ser Josh (9 days ago)
I hate turn based stuff. But I like Dragon quest as a series and yes I know they have been this way but I'm had to push myself past that so I'm gonna get it even tho I hate turn based and prefer free form ACTION combat
Ser Josh (5 days ago)
Hailey Matthews well actually the only thing I don't like is the combat. I've always been in love with jrpgs and regular rpgs. I love open world and questing so I'm gonna get this PERIOD. It is for me they should just change the combat it's 2018 not 1995
Hailey Matthews (6 days ago)
Ser Josh then mainline Dragon Quest games aren't for you. It's for people who like turn based combat and fortunately I happen to love both action and turn based fighting.
Ser Josh (8 days ago)
nastycanadian1975 I have :) I like those
nastycanadian1975 (8 days ago)
then you need to just play Heroes/Heroes II solves your issue.
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
yes the battle system is outdated
Jermichael Richards (9 days ago)
It's been 13 years since a Dragon Quest game was released on a home console. Can't wait to play this.
death tool (9 days ago)
Why turn base : l
death tool (9 days ago)
Fullmetal Gamer stop fighting damn yall act like a bunch of babies over a dumb comment damn get another hobbie instead of fighting on which style of game is better i dont like turn base so i commented if you dont like it move on
Fullmetal Gamer (9 days ago)
Josue Corella Lol. That's the best argument you got? No wonder why your homeschool taught you to be mindless.
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
enjoy your shitty game, ill keep spending my money on mindless games like Final Fantasy XIV and shit and all the rest of my mindless games hahahaha
Fullmetal Gamer (9 days ago)
Josue Corella By your logic, pressing the same buttons over and over again just by doing an action is outdated since a lot of action RPGs are mindless. Good job proving my point.
Josue Corella (9 days ago)
lol completely the opposite, you call clicking on the same shit over and over using your head? this old outdated battle system requires NO SKills whatsoever, strategy level 0!
LENNON WILSON (9 days ago)
Will you have subtitles in Portuguese for Brazil?
Greyfoxdbz18 (9 days ago)
I really hate that battle theme tune. I don't think i've ever hated music in a game before.
Gotti Get It (9 days ago)
Tha fuck am I fighting blue Hershey kisses for? 0:25 Nope I'm out smh
Gotti Get It (9 days ago)
Some weird shit coming outta Japan all the time lol
so★ (9 days ago)
its like a cheap cartoon theme
Greyfoxdbz18 (9 days ago)
after watching more of the video, I actually don't think this soundtrack matches what's going on all that well.
Juan Martinez (9 days ago)
Dude the sound it makes when you win a battle is horrendous
TheGallantRayku (9 days ago)
Juan Martinez thats how its always been though
Neo Green LiFe (9 days ago)
Looks like a barbie game xD
Guilleux Ken (5 days ago)
Neo Green LiFe the art style is from dragon ball
Pyra (9 days ago)
No info on the Switch version yet?
Micahl Taylor (9 days ago)
Pyra far off release for the Switch sorry for you if you have Switch.
Jay t (9 days ago)
When are they gonna annonce a collectors edition i hate square enix for making us wait like that
HECTOR HERN (9 days ago)
i must say thats another succes nice done good work 🎊
scuppo (9 days ago)
This's the reason HunterXHunter is on HiatusXHiatus
scuppo (8 days ago)
death tool mine too. But the Author's always taking breaks to play Dragon Quest or for health related issues
death tool (9 days ago)
scuppo that sucks one of my favorite animes
scuppo (9 days ago)
death tool yep
death tool (9 days ago)
scuppo really
Kev Lar (9 days ago)
I CANNOT wait for this game!!!
??????? (9 days ago)

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