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Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin Gameplay Trailer ( Upcoming Action RPG 2D game )

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The New Gameplay Trailer of Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (11)
Priest Morrison (2 months ago)
2D!!! i always KNEW you had it in you!
M Dunce (11 months ago)
Lol it's like someone misspelled Sakura
furyberserk (1 year ago)
When the gameplay consists of tech skill beyond the average players who will never get close to that level. It's like the perfect trailer....
Sandro Solórzano (1 year ago)
nintendo switch version pleaseee
DisconnectHack (1 year ago)
What a violent farm girl...
karbazz (1 year ago)
I played this at E3 and was blown away, never heard of this game just went up the booth and had a blast. Reminded me of Muramasa, the combat was smooth and fast and juggling enemies was so much fun. Definitely keep your eyes out for this one.
Muramasa? say no more im buying.
karbazz (1 year ago)
I was referring to the combat reminding me of muramasa. Looks wise this looked great especially the giant frog boss but Muramasa is on another level, probably still to this day the prettiest game I've ever played.
ngap wei Tham (1 year ago)
This game looks great, but it do not give me impact like Odin sphere and Muramasa. Odin sphere and Muramasa graph make every frame a work of art I want to hang on my wall.
Xavier Lett (1 year ago)
switch come on man , missing so much extra money
Alpha Nibba (1 year ago)
How was this not on my radar? I'm ready to put that hoe to work!

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