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Red Dead Redemption 2: Official Gameplay Video

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Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay in 4K. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming October 26, 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. Pre-order now at rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/order
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Text Comments (44410)
Yousif Abdullah (4 minutes ago)
In 2:54 The guy wearing black looks like Trevor from gta 5
agoatwithahat84 (2 hours ago)
Will I be able to buy opium from a China man and ruin my life?
wu binhao (2 hours ago)
Tis game look borijng fornite is better
NabilRider555 (3 hours ago)
2:54 Trevor's ancestor? lol
Faiz Shaikh (4 hours ago)
20 sec of silence For Those who Think He can play this game in Andriod 😂😂😂
Kyle Smith (4 hours ago)
Looks like Fallout 76 is going to have to wait a couple months now. Gonna have to buy this one first.
Nathaniel UncleDrew (5 hours ago)
for me that cannot afford a PS4, I play SIX GUNS on mobile :P
First Last (6 hours ago)
2 more weeks... See you on the other side guys.
Mark Clotworthy (7 hours ago)
You know I'm really hoping that somewhere in the game there will be a scene from Back To The Future 3. That would really "make my day." (No pun intended)
GAMINGCESAR (8 hours ago)
i’ve been waiting for game that will let you go to surrender and go to jail god I’m loving this already
Ashkan F (9 hours ago)
This game is piece of art, but at the same time to me it is scary!! The way I see is that games becoming very close to reality and it can take people away from real life. People will prefer play games rather than living their lives!
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
i have no doubt that there's already a lot of people who prefer the life within a game over their real ones
Alex King (9 hours ago)
So far exceeded my expectations
RZ Nb (9 hours ago)
GTA but with cowboys looks awesome
Olympus Healer (13 hours ago)
Depends on online gameplay quality otherwise its a rubbish
Happy Hoovy (12 hours ago)
This game ain't rubbish partner
Jollu Pollu (13 hours ago)
I Will buy this game 100% no matter The price
Lucifer Morningstar (13 hours ago)
Please Rockstar bring this game to PC.
Liquid Pixels (13 hours ago)
but....PC? :(
Phoenix Grimm (14 hours ago)
PC. -Nod.- PC. 6 months after console release? PC. Take my money. I never say this, NEVER but I'll -sigh- even buy the DLC's that add like 2 new things and an animal. Just this one time. For this game only.
elrox 918 (16 hours ago)
0:40 got me hyped
Cant think of a name (16 hours ago)
Please say you can swim in this game
Luis Torruella (14 hours ago)
You can actually
saad bashir (16 hours ago)
Dislikes are all the PC gamers .. BTW i am a pc gamer too i dont own a ps4
Motorcycle 90 (17 hours ago)
I’m getting this and Soul Calibur VI 🤘
Cameron Meadows (17 hours ago)
I hope the bounty hunters actually have to find you unlike the cops in GTA V that just magically know where you are.
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
when you have 3 stars in GTA V and all seven cop cars full of police just HAPPEN to check one particular rooftop where you're hiding out on, what a joke
Mike Hunt (19 hours ago)
Please release this on PC, I would enjoy playing it too :(
Mike Wilson (19 hours ago)
As if I booked an exam for the 31st 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s gonna be the longest 5 days of my life until I can play this
Cooking Sauce (20 hours ago)
this wait is really killing me
Cooking Sauce (18 hours ago)
+Zoo Hair oh stfu you bot
Zoo Hair (18 hours ago)
Join islam you'll find peace you also will learn sabr.
j0nes (20 hours ago)
I can´t wait!
callofdutyguyb57378 (23 hours ago)
My word, the detail put into this game is rockstar's signature!At 5:22 , the guy getting shot fires off a round as he hits the ground.
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
Looks great
hyde8998 (1 day ago)
Ov3rshot (1 day ago)
12 days!!
secular artist (1 day ago)
After so many days I'm watching this trailer still now everyday , so hyped for this game
hayden skied (1 day ago)
damn in Arthur handsomer then me wtf! maybe?
hayden skied (1 day ago)
because the fat man said pretty boy lol 0:44
BBL • IceMan (1 day ago)
I hope there are Girls =_= To keep & pets Or else cow boy is just now my think but I just can't stop Buying rock star games . Hope we can buy mansion & body guard feels very lonely sometime playing Gta 5 .
BBL • IceMan (1 day ago)
Bull 2 online With luxury life be nice
AL RA7B (1 day ago)
"Either we get paid or you get shot, I'm happy" lol
Raoul Pinkett (1 day ago)
Im your huckleberry thats just my game
Erick Aldana (1 day ago)
This will be an experience for all to remember! Words can’t explain the excitement I feel!
KaZoO (1 day ago)
I was wondering, is John Marston definitely in RDR2? Everyone is saying he is but i'm a bit confused whether he actually is or not.
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
2:24 if you want to see him that badly, he's the one sitting on the same log as arthur
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
He is
KaZoO (1 day ago)
+Cooking Sauce Oh.
Cooking Sauce (1 day ago)
they've shown him multiple times
Cooking Sauce (1 day ago)
he is
Ra Ge (1 day ago)
what About with the pc Players?
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
You get to curl in a ball and cry while console players enjoy this masterpiece
Tim Brodd (1 day ago)
Please don't make it pay to win like gta V
Tim Brodd (1 hour ago)
+this Bubbly Goodness yes it is 😂 wtf are you talking about?
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
MTs are a problem but gta online is certainly not pay to win xD
Tim Brodd (4 hours ago)
+Ryder Barton yeah but it's still going to happen
Ryder Barton (12 hours ago)
Tim Brodd it’s GTA Online you talking about.
Yasin Köklü (1 day ago)
lan koskoca rockstar'ın 4m abonesi var aq
J & J J (1 day ago)
Absolutely buzzzing my. Xbox is like feed me RDR2
Jay Tee Kay (1 day ago)
Can we still pick flowers?
toddyballer21 (1 day ago)
Can’t wait to shoot someone in the face with an arrow 🤩
Alex Trevino (1 day ago)
1:46 Landon rickets
Hurricko (1 day ago)
It’s still won’t be as popular as Fortnite. I’m sorry but it’s true! I hate Fortnite :(
Ibrahim Ali (1 day ago)
I swear I dreamed about playing the game but when I woke up I forgot everything that I saw, it seems that Rockstar protecting the game from my own personal dream.
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
i had a dream i was robbing a gun store in RDR2 like last night, very disappointed when i woke up
Brian Darty (1 day ago)
Not exactly Westworld...but I'll take it.
arshia jafari (1 day ago)
rackstar thank you
WarriorofSparta (1 day ago)
5:24 😍😍😍
Brad (1 day ago)
this game or black ops 4? what to buy...
Ryder Barton (12 hours ago)
Brad get this. Simple.
rohit dubey (1 day ago)
Blackops is nothing compared to this
Lance Storm (1 day ago)
it shouldn't be that hard brad, think
reji 12 (1 day ago)
shut up and take my money
Timotius Aditya (1 day ago)
when will it release in pc?
Almighty (18 hours ago)
Cooking Sauce (1 day ago)
Rosegold Beats (1 day ago)
0:03 when you swear in Ubisoft games
CHRISPLAYER95 (1 day ago)
I bet the train mission its gonna be difficult
William Doyle (1 day ago)
I'm more excited for this game than for Christmas
Mark Riggelink (1 day ago)
Yeah grand theft horses
bish0p2004 (1 day ago)
I really hope those wolves attacking the bear are a normal thing in the game...including the animations
SkI0wA (1 day ago)
Wow, for the first time I can say with all honesty that Xbox One X is better than a Ps4 in these next 3 months.. because you guys have to admit that THIS is going to look soooo ridiculously Gorgeous on native 4k.
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
yeah i have no doubt that it'll look ridiculous in 4k,hell it'll look great on standard platforms too but is the xbox better tho? when it can't even run some of the best games that's been coming out this year, not to mention the fact that ps4 goers get a lot of RDR2 content 30 days earlier then xbox users too, but to each their own, can't wait to play the game
DiD You KnoW (1 day ago)
ah this was what it was like when trump was not pres
Grey (2 days ago)
Really annoyed PC players can't play. :(
jožo opačný (2 days ago)
Guys what do you think? I knoww that you can shave and be fat etc. But i wonder can you excercise? I mean if u can do some push ups at your camp and by the timr you could see differences on your body like muscles. I know it sounds maybe like i want too much but i just wonder..
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
Walking and running probably have an effect on how quick you gain and lose weight, or how much you eat. Rockstar said, however, that this mechanic is not designed to be a hindrance and won't be like a babysitter
Operation Bugs (2 days ago)
Maaaaaan this is crazy. Been playing fortnite non stop for a year now. And I can already tell this game is gunna have me struck for months. Then I gotta catch up on assassins creed. This really has been a damn good year for us gamers❤️
misno sino (2 days ago)
that in carifonia or texas
Brylanbbab - (2 days ago)
Just had to come back for my daily dose of amazing (only 2 weeks left guys!)
Shadow (2 days ago)
Is this after or before John Dies?
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
Shadow, then it wouldn't be a cowboy game would it?
Shadow (11 hours ago)
Wish it was after
Ryder Barton (12 hours ago)
Shadow it’s 12 years before.
Alvaro Avina (2 days ago)
It's before they begginin
Ryan Carter (2 days ago)
Hello RDR2 bye bye Atari pong
Ryan Carter (2 days ago)
Will this be available for my Atari ?
Samuel Reid (2 days ago)
Ubisoft really made a mistake releasing ac odyssey so close to this game
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
i've heard a lot of good things about Odyssey, but i'm tired of the franchise now and this just makes the AC franchise look like a fart, and this is coming from a pretty fair AC fan
Samuel Reid (8 hours ago)
+Toorch yeah but they released it in between spiderman and rdr2. Two of the most anticipated games of 2018. So it didn't get all that much attention
Toorch (10 hours ago)
Naw, atleast they didn't release it after rdr2 was released. It would've set too many expectations for Odyssey and probably gained not as many sales as it did.
Beata Parda (2 days ago)
Even though the game comes out in two weeks its to long of a wait.
It’sTevye (2 days ago)
Westworld the game
Fahad Farrukh (2 days ago)
Well I can't wait for this anymore release it now plz
FuegoLord 666 (2 days ago)
Can we start bar fights though. Always been my dream to start a bar fight. Might as well do it in a video game
Somebody Kill Me (2 days ago)
When is it available for Wii
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
StreetMoneyPuzzles32 (2 days ago)
Multiplayer is where its at
Arthur Morgan (22 hours ago)
November this year
Brady Davis (2 days ago)
I became single just in time! 😂
Crack Superman (50 minutes ago)
Dude same
kurn doge (3 hours ago)
Phoenix Grimm (14 hours ago)
Hooray! -Flags down a prostitute in the saloon- Give my buddy a good time.
FrequentFantasy (2 days ago)
its highhhhhhhhhh noonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
I tink therefore I am (2 days ago)
just go to sleep for a few weeks and then wake up and start playing the game
Frost Wolf (2 days ago)
Will, there be a.... werewolf.... this time ...cause last time I wasted a whole year looking for it in the ....freking tree lines..!!
this Bubbly Goodness (1 hour ago)
there was never any werewolves in the first one, probably won't be in this one either, it's fictional not supernatural
Andy Bar (2 days ago)
Für alle die Online MitstREITER suchen! PS4 Community = RDR2-Platinjagd
iWonaMathDebate (2 days ago)
Thank man kind for gaming, spray can deodorant and 24hr Uber eats
BORBA IS A RAT (3 days ago)
It just dawned on me why they are releasing the game on the 26th of October... The OK Corral gun battle happened on Oct. 26 1881.
Noah Kristoffersen (3 days ago)
Give us a mother flipping PC version!!!!
II_Karma4You_II (3 days ago)
14 days left CANT WAIT!!!!!hdbbyctflitgi7rtg vuertv lbuctilct irwe
i’m gonna die self if it’s not released on pc at the same time of xb and ps
Happy Hoovy (12 hours ago)
It will never come to PC Not even kidding Rockstar said it
Dark Revelations (3 days ago)
Can´t wait for the pc version, it looks AMAZING! I also loved the first game on Playstation, it was one of the best for the console, but now i really want the 2nd edition for pc! I am sure it will be AMAZING!
Somebody Kill Me (3 days ago)
I pre ordered today
sjhmagic1 (3 days ago)
I can't wait to be a black hat
reggie salt (3 days ago)
this is the first time im mad i own a pc instead of a console in 2 years
TheeRickestRick (3 days ago)
Glad someone is still doing things right! Fallout 76 really let me down. Can't wait to give Rockstar my money!
John Martson (3 days ago)
Just 15 more days
Supreme Memes22 (3 days ago)
I’m gonna get when all patches are doen
Charlie Hart (3 days ago)
Treyarch, Activision and Infinity Ward need to take a serious leaf out of Rockstar Games and Bethesda's book. Quality over quantity.
Dark angel (3 days ago)
What a game!!
Kierre Halbert (3 days ago)
When I get this game, my PS4 gonna tell me "I don't feel so good."
In Love.....
minari99 (3 days ago)
This is gonna be the first game I'm going to buy at launch
Metal Head (3 days ago)
To much Potential on this game to much. And that's good .
Zeke Wilson (3 days ago)
I can't wait to take down a Emmy gang base I'm gonna do it siliently.

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